See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps) – Smarter Every Day 177

See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps)  – Smarter Every Day 177

I have been wanting to make this video for years. A see-through suppressor with a high speed camera COME ON! This is awesome! The problem is I didn’t have access to licenses or the equipment necessary to make it. All that changed when I met Steve. Hey it’s me Dustin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. I’m with Steve and Steve makes suppressors, right? That right. What’s the name of the company? Soteria Soteria Suppressors (Here to fire off suppression) Okay this is something we’ve been wantin’ to do FOREVER This is a Good old Boy Alabama deal i’ve contacted steve he’s contacted me he likes the high-speed camera i like the concept Of See-through Suppressors so we worked out a Little Deal Here when you Say all right so what are we gonna do We’re gonna fire our suppressors with Using a cast Acrylic as a Casing we Can Actually See What transpires Inside the suppressor once you know the Round leaves the barrel and The Compressed gases behind It you know come on a barrel Create pressure wave in the ignition of The gases? We get to see what Actually As the bullet comes Out from the end as It Expands So you Got this this Expansion coming Over Here towards Your microphone right right so what i i wouldn’t Expect This pressure field to be Symmetric or even Spherical it’S gonna be it’s gonna be like a Lobe Correct a reverse mushroom and You can See that if we Take The Muzzle brake off of It and you can Actually See When the When the Round Exits the barrel Within on course you can See that reverse mushroom Cloud oh? That’s awesome The moment we’ve Been Waiting for There we Go this is ptfc seal Steve Would like to say something I can Say full disclosure here we’ve never fired the 308 with a cast acrylic suppressor before I think it’s gonna break i do so But My guess is if It Does Fail That we’re gonna get a Failure right Here near the thread on the back? or the front and That’s because of the Stress Concentration What Kind of Thread did You use is a Sharp-toothed Thread This truncated Thread It’S a fine Thread Hopefully It won’t but if It if It does we’re gonna Get some Great High speed Hints the Lexan There we Go I think it broke Where i thought it Would Yeah My engineering professor Didn’t lie to me Have You ever Seen that? I’ve never seen that I’ve never seen anybody do that before I’ve never seen ANYBODY do that before! Munford People What’s Mumford People Mumford usa Mumford Alabama Mumford Us i don’t understand the reference We’d be recnecks. But we Design and Stuff The fact that It came off had to do with Axial stress like iF once It pressurized That Tube It’s pulling the Whole Can And Those Threads Just Couldn’t Handle That Right Right Okay so the one we’re about to do is something you Actually sell That’s right and you’ve Never Seen It like This? Never have Cool so this is a .223 and the idea here is to? Contain The Gasses in the back and Then Stop It from exiting with that Diamond Pattern in the front so if you think about What the suppressor is doing there’s two Stages to it the first one is the Capture of The gases on the inside of is Expansion volume and Then There’s This Restriction to flow To keep Those Gases Inside the can so you don’t let them flow out There’s This Really Cool Thing That happens when you Spend a Lot of time Designing Things Eventually You start to see things and you Just Kind of have a Gut Feel like engineering Judgment on this next suppressor Steve had that Gut Feel right before we Pulled the trigger he can Hear him yell out it’s pretty fun he didn’t want to shoot This i Convinced Him to do it Because It Was the prettiest one in my Mind i thought i could see more of the gases what steve? Didn’t tell me is that This Was one of the first conceptual designs Sotiria made back before They’d done much Research He also didn’t tell me that he had no Intentions of Shooting This one so he made it out of Thinner Acrylic As a Display Piece it’s got like This claw Built into it and that Claw Kind of Looks like it’s going to Grab Some of That gas and not Let It Go so I’m Pretty pumped about that You Ready Ready to fire! Why didn’t you tell me! I did it i said full disclosure and you went on with the test anyway I said it was my favorite Because This ones Got claws it’s my favorite design and you Knew it was gonna How did you know it was gonna fail in all seriousness? Well It Was a Smaller Diameter On that .308 It Works Well on the .223 but on the .308 we Need more capacity That’s a 30 That’s 35 millimeter Suppressor It Needs to be like 41 millimeter This Is a Developmental test so let’s see what we can Learn Instead of Using a segmented Baffle System This Type of suppressor Uses a Monocore Design so it can Be Easily Cleaned in the field We fired Another Round Through The monocle Without containment so we could see exactly What was happening as you can See these flat parts are flexing Out from the inside and They’re pushing on the inside of the sleeve Causing a Localized stress Concentration This is Called destructive testing and it’s my favorite Part of engineering Steve obviously Knew this was going to break if we Used a metal can and this Wouldn’t Have Shattered But What he did is he weakened one part of The system so that We Could See how strong the other Components were won’t you figure that out you can figure out How to tweak your design and you can make a Really strong Overall Product Without Making It Too Bulky This is Really Smart and it’s something That engineers do all The time and it’s one of My favorite Things in engineering ok That Was everything i thought It Would Be It was Rad i’ve Got a super cool Sponsor to introduce to you today This is not a normal ad This is a Really Big Deal For The Sandlin Household We Have Been hoping that hellofresh Would sponsor smarter Every day for a Really long Time I’ll Let my Wife who talked about This on the podcast i’ll let her Explain How our? relationship With hellofresh Started Would You like to Explain How this came about i Basically Bought Myself a Subscription for Christmas so i wouldn’t have to do as Much meal planning or shopping for the new year and other People have? 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I’m guessing you’re wrong okay you know i’ll bet you coke on It a coke? all right so it’s good bet ya a coke


  1. 1:30 No suppressor
    2:18 .308 Suppressed Failure
    3:37 .223
    5:19 .308 through first design 'display piece' 5:59 slowmo

  2. About that Hello Fresh,
    Q: Are you one of those Rich folks?
    I'm definitely not!
    I couldn't afford this,
    Even if you paid for it!
    Do you see my point?
    So, it's nice that you and your family are that rich, you can afford to have this food delivered to you, so you can make it at home!
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    I'm not like you are!
    I don't wimp out on going to the grocery, when I need stock for my meals!
    I enjoyed your video on suppressors though.
    Very informative!

  3. engineering great real lazy on the hello fresh!! the retarded way of cooking? can do the same thing plan menu, shop, prep pushed cook then freeze? can do two weeks time three(meals a day) do a month in two days. so what would I, or any member of my family want hello fresh we see it has an insult to cooking.couldnt you get a sponsor like Boston dynamic? or something. ya know something needed not a lazy way of doing something? Tell Steve THANKS! for the look at his designs. very helpful? Saw a better way due to his design to displace the pressure wave a little better, thanks again STEVE!! you are a good Oldboy, same here look up holly hill South Carolina Sweatman bbq! and of course your great camera work to where I could see the wave! only had taken once seeing it.

  4. WERE NOT IDIOTS. the tone is all explaining every little thing as if you where some dumbass, but instead, if someone is a dumbass, just let 'em go' theyre never gonna be engineers, jesus christ

  5. Always wondered what it looked like inside as the shot went and the gases escaped / suppressed, friend up home let me fire some suppressed weapons, he has a bunch, he's a Nam vet, was spec ops, last time I saw him, 25 yrs ago at his bar & grill, he had named some new dishes after weapons common in Nam, most of his customers are Nam vets and var retired military and some regional NJSP he gave free coffee and bagged lunches to.

  6. When you get views because people don't know the difference between feet per second and frames per second LAMO

  7. Um, help me out here, what is the purpose of doing this? So we can see what happens when bullets go through a gun? Why?

  8. In tip right corner does it say 110,000 fps? That the 308 round was doing? Haha ya right

    After finishing the video it says that for all of them…crappy editing…but cool video

  9. You look like the guy from the movie "The little Prince" the guy who always wants to admire himself !!! Even your voice sounds like him

  10. This was so cool. Thank you for doing it. I also tried Hello Fresh. Quality food for sure. I have a 16 year old boy so we cook rice to supplement the meal. Really good stuff. Thanks for that as well. Team Jesus!

  11. Actually, that is NOT called destructive testing. That is your design self-destructing. Destructive Testing is the disassembly of materials to determine the point of failure. For example, to destructive test a suppressor, you would fire thru it and then DESTROY the suppressor by cutting in to it to examine it. Having something explode, or melt, or otherwise destruct itself during testing is NOT destructive testing. I know as I work with all areas of destructive testing of materials and design. But sounds good on your video.

  12. You can put the Hello Fresh into an American, but you can't take the Coke (obesity, rotting teeth, brain function) out.

  13. You deliberately and knowingly tried to deceive us 3 times in this video all 3 times pertaining to suppressor and the way it was set up to boost the sales and reputation of his specific marketed version

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