SECRET VEHICLE BUFF!? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ground War)

SECRET VEHICLE BUFF!? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ground War)

It’s currently Friday and Infinity Ward added ground we’re back. So let’s play host on 64 player Oh, no, I missed the 64 player lobbies on quarry. It’s not gonna be as crazy Oh, my whoa where the texture is what’s going on? Hey Okay, they’re back One thing I did notice from the private capture event is that it seems like they kind of toned back ground war a little bit I think we might have only played 64 players on one map. It also seems like the respawns aren’t instantaneous anymore And from what I remember, I think the vehicles spawn less often too. So it’s definitely toned back a little bit That’s not gonna stop me from loving ground war. It is great. I mean a 1v1 with this dude who’s sniping right now Come on, peek back out. You know, you want to come on. There’s two people there. Oh I’ll get a hitmarker on one of them. But most of people though. I’m out of ammo great You know what? I’m gonna have to do now I did all that and I could just spawn here and then kill them like this. Oh There we go I’ve been playing so much hardcore in this game that I don’t really have any classes that are made for ground war when I’m playing Ground war like this which is a stopping power rounds. I like to have to see force for vehicles and a launcher as well I need a crown more class I like to do is I’d like to put to see fours on the ATV and then just run It into a tank and blow it up is by far the best way to deal with enemy tanks You do have to sacrifice yourself, but it’s a sacrifice worthwhile. As long as he doesn’t suspect us. This will work perfectly Check it out. I mean he just wants I camp here Nope, why I don’t know if they buffed the tanks health, but that would kill them in the beta Maybe I didn’t have the C Force completely on the end They basically have to make direct contact if you want to take down the tank on trying to road them over. Come on I Think someone shot him before I could blow it up. Ah, damn Wait, oh I killed someone the fuck. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I’ll take it up. Oh Wow, I’m not happy about how that went he’s shopping for hits go girl, we’re so much fucking fun No, this is definitely a game. Oh that I have a lot of fun with I don’t think it’s seriously at all I just like to blow shit up Once I unlock the RPG in the javelin Oh, I’m gonna be going for coffees with those and ground where I’m pretty sure. There’s just so many more people There’s gonna be some pretty good opportunities Son of a bitch. It is not a smart idea to spawn me in groundwater. I’m probably doing some stupid shit There’s some legendary corpse launches that happen in this game, it’s great. Oh, we got 64 player Wait, it looks like I’m squatting up with God and doodoo, man saying oh It’s gonna be a good Lobby divorce divorce divorce such a hard word to say divorce District is such a good man It really reminds me a siege of Shanghai Except without the liver douches mostly because it has so many buildings that have so many stories I think one of them is like over 18 stories. It’s ginormous It really is huge though, and it’s a lot of fun to play on. I’ll reload now. Oh No, they got two tanks and they’re digging each other’s wait up now Fuck this is how it’s done when I take care of both of these vehicles. Hey there, buddy I know I didn’t kill you the first mega count what? Okay, my c4 tactics are not working like they were before oh those textures though No, I’ve been getting fucked over so much today I’m not I’m gonna just throw and see for people now I have given up need to get all the way up there. That’s where the fun is. That’s where everything’s awesome. Oh Here we go arrey They blew themselves up how I shot three rocket launchers at it and it wasn’t enough to kill him I’m pretty sure those shortcuts to get to the top But I’m going up all the stairs if I run into a fucking Claymore, I swear This has been my biggest fear playing this map is you go up all these flights of stairs Just to walk into a claymore if it ever happens. I think I might punch something There will be a hole in my monitor. There we go at 15 almost there, dude. Oh my god 16 and There we go get some spaghetti Snipes look at me people are over there. Oh my god There’s so many people across the way what what is happening? Back up now you want to Oh Pop it out. Pop it out. There we go. Wow, dude, I’m liking this right now I’m calling an airstrike right on top of them any more ammo those there’s a is there a resupply up here? What what where did that die from what happened to the map? I? Look so stupid though. So if you’re playing ground war and you lose all the flags It goes into DEFCON. If you don’t take any flags back, the enemy gets the nuke and they win So yeah, don’t let the game get the DEF CON. That’s bad Oh get new sexy tixi. Oh, it’s a gloss Okay, we’re how did you get to this building? What? Oh, this is nutty Oh, come on I want to go in the helicopter I want to shoot him out of there so bad. I want to slap a pilot. Come on look at me That should do it. I’ll take him down I am recording this on a Friday and I’ve been waiting for like my dark edition of call did it come so badly if you Guys didn’t know if you get the dark edition of modern warfare. They actually give you some night-vision goggles. Oh No, that is not going to kill me something else is gonna have to Fool claymores go figure. I think I’m losing my mind. I think there is a shortcut Yeah If you go over here you can ascend you don’t have to run into a claymore because you can just take this thing up you Don’t have to go like up all those stairs. It is way less depressing guys. It’s so much bit Okay, thank god, that’s a teammate. I’m about to say I can’t handle all this screaming My voice is already starting to go a little bit. I can only get blown up by a claymore so much I see it fucking see it Nope, not today Stop it. I saw you. That’s why you put that one down. You’re that person blowing you up blowing up all your friends Do we take this roof enemies? Oh my why is that helicopter up set up what? What’s what is going on? I love grow more. It is so chaotic. It is so much fun Sometimes things don’t always make sense, but that’s okay. I’m gonna be worse than a claymore player. Look what I’m doing. I Got to try that shit again Yeah, someone’s trying to come up here with a shotgun. There’s so many people trying to get into this building right now It’s unhealthy but a lot of teammates dying down here Nope, just cut it out. Stop it. We’re about to lose this. Anyway, let me offer some Diagnostics Come on you can’t shoot when you’re pairing them. Oh, there’s so many people here though. Oh my god. Oh, My god, let’s get behind all of them and shock on them. Oh No, come on. Oh No, so many people. Whoa, this is crazy. We’re gonna be don’t figure once the game ends I start popping off and just start destroying everyone with a shotgun. Oh my god. That was awesome That’s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed some ground war on modern warfare I do apologize that the last video I did in this video are short I’m just trying to grind out some videos so I can no life the game over the weekend But I’m gonna do my best to grind this game and grind out as much content as I can for you guys and with that Being said I really do Hope you guys enjoy this ground war video on modern warfare If you guys did it and you want to see some more modern warfare stuff, make sure to drop a like see you guys later


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    What do you guys think about Ground War at the moment?

  2. battlefield gameplay on cod engines? id rather try for a 1000m headshot with a mares leg

    its genuinly hard to watch beta level bf4 gameplay on cod and seriously c4buggys? thats so old i feel 40 years old BuT iTs NeW tO cOd So ItS bEtTeR

  3. I don’t think it’s possible to nerf camping, they fucked the maps and tbh most if not all need to be scrapped, too many corners and buildings and peek spots that give u views of too much of the map

  4. COD players using Battlefield noob tactics….. Goddamnit the plague is spreading. Actually this entire game is legit just a down scale of Battlefield….

  5. M3RK needs to play the Pacific Theatre when it's out in Battlefield V, its gonna be a true battlefield experience, and he used to love Battlefield 3 and 4.

  6. I was sweating in the beginning and now I'm a level 17. So now I just play casually with my P90. P90 nerds unite!😂

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