1. Thanks for the tips. But wot type of oil ? I got hold of some anti fling oil from tool station. I know its for chain saws, but it was cheap. Is it OK ? Anyway please let us all know…

  2. Thanks for the tip guys, inherited my Scottoiler with the bike so now I am going to try it over the length of my ownership. I must say the chain looks good on my 12 month old V Strom 650. So proof of the pudding and all that !

  3. gonna try this now. Didn't think the scottoiler would be worth it really but i've really noticed my chain and sprocket dry up and gather rust since the fluid ran out! Quick and clear video, thanks guys!

  4. Hi I need help I no nothing about bike. I have a scottoiler fitted to my
    bike the problem is I have air bubbles in the tubes as I forgot to fill
    it up. How can I get rid of them and get it working again. Is this
    something you could help me with

  5. Very good video. Thanks.
    One question: I always follow these instructions and they work perfectly. However, this time, I've allowed the reservoir to empty and the clear tubing has around 6" of oil remaining to the nib. I have now filled the reservoir, but after turning the dial to the prime setting and attempting to prime the clear tube through the priming tube, the oil is coming out of the reservoir filling hole and not pushing oil into the clear tube. Any ideas?

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