[S2 – Eps. 58] I’m LOST at 4,600 meters altitude in BOLIVIA

I don’t really know where I am, except
that I am at 4,600 meters altitude following this track Good morning Internet, it is 07:25 in
morning, and welcome back to the channel I am having my breakfast now here in the
Bolivian altiplano.. I am close to a lagoon called Laguna Colorado and
yesterday the weather turned really really bad.. so around 3 p.m.
it started raining and there was thunder, there was lightning, there was hail and
it’s rained until about 2:00 in the morning.. so yeah, there’s a lot of water. I
will show you when I go out. It even snowed on the mountain just right
here. So yeah, I don’t know what happened to the road, if it’s still okay,
if I can pass or not. There’s still a lot of dark clouds but I’m
hoping that they’ll just go away and it will stay dry at least in the morning
again. Yeah, I weighed my options a little bit. I thought: okay I could stay here
another day and then hope that it will all dry up, but the thing is I don’t know
how to road condition is. I also don’t know if there’s more rain coming. Maybe
this is the beginning of like several days of heavy rainfall, I have no idea.
It’s a pretty unpredictable weather pattern around here, plus I also cannot
check it online, like any weather forecast, because there’s no internet.
It’s pretty basic up here: there’s no signal, there’s no internet, there’s no
electricity. So yeah, I think I’ll just go ride and then see.. yeah if it’s really
really bad I’ll have to turn around but if not, I try to continue. I’m going to
try to cover about 85 kilometers today, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but at this
altitude, with probably really really horrible roads, it is going to be pretty
exhausting, and I’m going to try again to arrive before the afternoon because
then most likely it will rain again. I’m just gonna have my breakfast. The
people here are so lovely. Last night they also gave me dinner, which was the
same soup as I had for lunch but then without the llama, so it was the vegetarian option. I’ll also show you on the map kind of
where I am. You can’t really see it, but then at least you have an
idea. Okay so here is Argentina, Chile and this is Bolivia. So I left San Pedro de
Atacama in Chile and then I went like this, something like this. And I stayed
somewhere here, I think, on day one. Then on day two, I went somewhere here and
today I’m going to ride somewhere around here. So this is all the pretty
remote altiplano and so this is the third day and I hope to arrive somewhere
around here close to Volcano Ollague So as you can see there are still
some clouds but I see some blue sky coming so hopefully it’s gonna clear up
but up there you can’t see it because there’s a cloud in front but there’s
all snow on the top of the mountain. Oh you can see it over there. See on top there? That’s all snow that was not here yesterday So there was some snowfall Let’s see how the road looks like. I mean, here it’s gravel so you can’t really see anything, bu that
might change like in a kilometer from now it might be totally different, but we’ll see All right, let’s go hello. Ticket, please.. Yes. thank you This becomes pretty slippery now
I’ll just have to ride super careful because I’m trying to avoid dropping Dhanno, because at this altitude, picking up a 200 kilogram bike is really hard.. hello! the road to laguna hedionda is ok? –It’s very good. It’s dry? -Continue this way and you will arrive there Ok, very good. Thank you! Bye Well, he says the road is very good the last time I asked somebody that I didn’t quite agree, but let’s stay
positive. At least he didn’t say it’s horrendous See, there’s all snow on all of these
mountains here. Yesterday that wasn’t the case so,
there was a lot of rain and snow slowly but steady is key here, I think,
just take it easy See that’s what happens very easily I’m already out of breath just trying to
keep the bike upright and going and riding at 4400 meters altitude it’s really hard, it’s really hard work
to just, not fall down It’s just a very unpredictable trail so
I can’t really get enough speed because then you have a corner and then you have
suddenly deep sand or something like this so
the trail is not very consistent and then it’s difficult to to keep your speed so
again I’ll just try to take it easy and even then I’m out of breath! Today is
going to be the most difficult day of the Ruta de las Lagunas. I already knew
that but still It’s also very pretty, if I have time to
look up from the track, it’s very pretty oh this is nice little bumpy So this is the famous ‘stone tree’ or ‘rock
tree’ or whatever you want to call it and this is just a really nice example of
what wind erosion can do to rock and there can be really strong wind here and
the wind takes the sand and just erodes from the bottom of the rock outcrop to
create a “tree”. Pretty cool, right? Bye rock tree, stone tree.. Okay so I still have 72 kilometers to go I have absolutely no idea which
way I have to go. There are just tracks everywhere. I think this one.. I’m going to wrong way. It’s kind of hard
to figure out whe re I have to go Hello. Do you know for Lagoon Hedionda.. Hedionda? Yes. What.. Which road.. You can take that road.. all the way But.. there are two ways, right? Yes, there are many roads, so it’s a bit confusing What is the easiest route? That is the main road but you have to search for tracks because it’s very bumpy Search for a track, search for a track.. Everything is main road So this is the main road? And these ones go.. They are also tracks but they go to other lagoons There are many lagoons everywhere There are many tracks. – Yes, too many! When you go this way.. how many kilometers? Twenty kilometers You see those two mountains there? With snow? Those mountains at the end there You need to go in that direction You follow that track that goes in that directions And then you’ll get to the lagoon But I think I’ll go via the main route, that’s better for me You have the main track, and then another track that goes that way, to the left Ok, I’ll go and search for it Are you alone? – Yes, yes Well, there are too many tracks. I’m gonna
go with the main road road.. track. This is not what Maps.Me
indicates me, but it’s hard.. I don’t know where all those tracks go and maybe
they all come at the same place and maybe not. You just have no idea.. I am a little bit lost. It’s almost
impossible to keep on finding the right tracks, because there is so many of them so I try to just kind of ride in the right direction, I think.. I am riding now on this secondary track,
because the main track is just so so horrible.. such bad washboard, that I went on this one. It just started raining a little bit, so
I hope it won’t be too bad Navigation is super difficult there
they’re just tracks everywhere. I have to stop all the time to see where I am and
if I’m still going in the right direction and I think I’m on the right way now again it’s all sand it’s like stuff like this ..I have no way
of telling which one is the main track and which one is some sidetrack and some of them are on Maps.Me but then most of them are not, so it’s kind of a guessing game every time I have no idea where this goes.. I think
this is wrong I just go back.. Wow Sometimes going back it’s not that bad..
So you suddenly see this view! Amazing right? It is almost impossible to
find my way here, just with all these tracks and now I’m following this one
but Maps.Me keeps on sending me back Kind of sending me in circles.. so
I don’t really have another choice to try to follow this but every time I
think I’m on the right path then the track disappears or it just goes into
that direction.. it’s really difficult navigating. Then
you think: oh this is the main one, but then it just turns into mush I really don’t know I don’t really know where I am.. except
that I am at 4,600 meters altitude following this track Well none of the tour cars definitely
pass here I think nobody passed here for a long time
This better not be a dead end.. and I mean I have no idea how else to go.
I mean this is the track that Maps.Me is telling me to take. Oh and I’m sure
those cars take a different route, but yeah those are all unmapped tracks and I
have no idea where they go so.. Okay let’s see if I can stay the night here, that would be nice.. This is so cool! My room has this little seating area with view
on the lagoon I can even see flamingos from here.. super awesome, and they gave me two sandwiches. One with llama meat and one with egg, so that looks pretty good.
I’m super hungry because this morning that bread that I got was rock hard so
I only had like two bites and then I was like: okay I’ll just I manage until lunch,
so this is super nice. What a day, what a day! It was not easy.. the hardest part
was the navigation. I mean the tracks, okay, they were tricky sometimes but all
in all pretty manageable, but I just got lost all the time. And Maps.Me kept
on sending me to other tracks and kept sending me in circles and it was really
hard to find the proper one and I didn’t want to just follow any track because
you have no idea where they’re leading to and like a lot of these tracks, they
can just be done once by a car and the track is there you know.. and you don’t
know which ones are used more often and which ones are not and which ones are maybe a dead end. So I tried to stick to the main route but then, the one that Maps.Me was sending me through this gorge, through this river and
I was like: ah… So I think that was the the main challenge of the day I’m glad I
managed without much rain, just a little bit but not too bad. So that was day
number three on the Laguna’s route and I’m almost there, just a little bit more
and then I should reach I think some paved road again. So we’ll see that in the
next episode, so that was it for today! I hope you liked this video, if you did,
please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see
you in the next video!

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