Running Out Of Fuel AGAIN! – Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Rogue Mode – Part 8

Running Out Of Fuel AGAIN! -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Rogue Mode - Part 8

all righty hello guys welcome you faces back to this mess we are in a bit of a sticky situation here so as a few of you guys have already told me I need to set this to neutral otherwise it won't work properly which is fine we need to swim back over there though we need to outfit our boat we need outfit our boat with a fuel connector winch and then we can connect to this and we can drag it all the way back over there and it'll be fine we do need to do that really soon because we are freezing so uh yeah off we go on a great adventure it isn't actually that far away so we should be good um yeah you know we can have a few problems anyway because we don't have any fuel storage there so if I put this inside of there we lose a whole load of fuel like a whole load of fuel unless we can get a brand new one of these that's the only thing that we can probably do unless we left that bobbing around the ocean for a little while and just did some missions that would be okay let's do that okay so we're inside our boat let's go ahead and turn on this go ahead and turn on in fact you don't need to start the engine yet oh we need to see what we need to do so White House like White House delivery lighthouse delivery we can totally do that it's only at 24 minutes I only got 24 minutes we got to get from there all the way down to here we probably can't do that you know what let's just sleep let's just sleep and we will probably get some new ones here you go sleep all the way through the night and leave a little bit more there we go good deliver equipment to power station I'm not actually entirely sure what that one is I don't know what that one is all right hold on where is it there it is uh okay right we could totally do that let's do this all right cool Ken Starr engine turn the lights on let's go we're revving go all right nice yeah so we're gonna leave our helicopter just bobbing around the ocean for a little while until we have the means to rescue it you know what actually we haven't actually had a look at this island and also we're gonna go ahead and scoot over here a little bit once you scooted over here we might be able to find some crates possibly and if we do find some crates then we are good to go now someone did suggest that we use the camera mode to find the crates I kinda feel like that's a little bit cheaty but um that is a good idea you know it is definitely a good idea yeah right we're gonna go ahead and I don't know whether we want a beach we don't really want to beach it we're just trying to get very close and then stop next to it here we go like this good and then we'll turn this up as well fantastic we can turn the lights out it's the battery okay batteries okay as well fantastic get outside and jump aboard nice okay so we could actually buy this island I don't think we should buy it right now so I'm not going to but like we could actually might if we if we really needed to we're gonna go ahead and open up the door oh we can't we can't open up the door damn it alright well that's all I really wanted to look at I guess the only other thing that we should do is go up here and have a little look at this thing which is uh yeah where you spawn normally on this island I don't want to die on the way down though because I know that that might happen and that would suck I would suck a lot but yeah if we climb all the way to the top of this we should be able to see all the way around the island and oh we can't go up we're not even allowed up alright whatever well we'll do that whenever we buy this place but um I'd imagine that's not gonna be for a while I think that's pretty much perfect parking right there as well look at that beautiful you look so good little boat you look so good I actually really like the way this thing is is actually working and looking at the minute it's super cool super super cool we got this little thing right here let me go ahead and jump on the ladder ladders I don't know it might not be a good thing to use ladders in rogue mode because they seem to cool it show maybe a little bit so um yeah I don't want to die to a ladder that would be awful anyway let's go there we go turn around Friday are we good we did it we did it alright let's get out of here let's skedaddle oh man something's telling me that I'm not gonna be able to get back to base to be totally honest with you look at this we started with 1500 now we're only down to 870 and we are not gonna get home so yeah there's a little bit of an issue there we're gonna go at the power plant probably anyway but um we need to find a fuel source around here this one only does crude oil ah that's no good it's actually a really bad thing is a really really bad thing what's this that's the other boat place okay we're gonna run out of fuel uh-oh do I really have to turn back I feel like we have to turn back and go home alright yeah we're gonna turn back and go home I mean I'm almost there but we do have to I'm gonna go back oh Jesus is really annoying actually that is super annoying but it's something that we got to do alright okay I took a little bit of a detour so I feel good I would stop here where we sell the fuel I'm not gonna sell any fuel of course because I need it but um I wanted to take a little look around so that's what I'm gonna do we're gonna have a look around the fishing island see if we can find any crates here and if we do find crates fantastic if we don't find crates it's okay because it was kind of on the way home so that's okay we do have a lot of fuel at home as well so we're not we're not completely destroyed but you know things are looking pretty bad actually unless we start making somebody did suggest the other day actually that we made like a like a little barge to pull around that could carry fuel or carry crude oil or whatever that is a good idea we could also live in the helicopter on it if we needed to that is smart and whoever said that good job I guess okay so that doesn't appear to be any crates in the buildings but there is one right here so um we'll quickly grab this here we go BAM there we go beautiful 3420 that's no bad some research points some small spotlights mounted and that is it I don't think there are any other any other things I don't wanna be climbing mountains or anything like that because that's what the helicopter is supposed to be for so we'll do that when we get a helicopter yeah all right jump aboard the boat yeah there we go good we're gonna get inside are we gonna get out of here let's get out all uh there we go there we go and there we go oh yeah all right cool the hydrofoil idea as well might be a good idea because that would I don't know there'd be less strike so uh presumably we'd be a little bit more fuel-efficient we've only got 350 left and we are oh oh this might be difficult we'll see okay right we have 20 fuel left and we are very very very very very very very close but not close enough let me do this real quick I think yeah we got four there we go we go not point six we've got less than that now oh Jesus okay right we need to get a new boat did you get a new boat again alright let me sleep so we get to daytime here we go we seem a little bit low there we go alright kids luckily though I built these things so that they would work to tow each other around which is exactly what we're gonna do now also with that being said what we could do is we could tell around an extra boat so you can tell around this fill that with filled and fill the other one with fuel and then we would have two boats right and when Ron Rudin yeah when one runs out of fuel we can use the other one yeah and we could just tell them both around let's try it so it actually looks like I didn't save the boat when I ended them things on to the side however oh I didn't save it when I had these either alright we need to put a little bit of fuel in this go get the other one then take this one back take the other one back and save the other one and then will spawn in two of those and things will happen I think yeah that's a good idea right maybe okay great this morning let's go ahead and fill it with fuel and let's get going alright that's probably enough fuel we got like 500 filled just to go a few meters so we're go ahead and check that in the water beautiful go ahead and close the door hopefully these electrical connectors work and we can just do things here we go let's go turn this on let's go go go go alright beautiful so all we need to do is attach to the front or the back of this one and then drag it back home all right well we should push it I think pushing it's probably an okay idea let's do that okay we're turning around we're gonna go ahead and attach to your butt okay we're gonna attach straight to you but here we go turn around a little bit more beautiful right we going straight in for the but now are we going straight in for the butt here we go they should just connect on straight away yeah alright go heck yeah I like this this is good it works I don't think yeah we are not going anywhere near as fast as we were when it was just us but um yeah we're pushing it along and it seems to be working just fine just just fine there we go alright so we literally just need to return it back to the shop and then we're good to go all right catch up throttled up there we go good good good good good good run on to the other boat and take it in how much fuel we're gonna lose a lot of fuel if I do on this one so we go over here we'll grab this way I can return that one I can't return this one why why can't I return this boat that's so weird how do I detach it as well that's gonna be tricky to do it's gonna be very tricky to do uh I didn't think of this hey idea how do i i can't detach it I can't actually like grab this Oh y-yeah alright let's push your phones a little bit more okay it's basically touching the wall is it can I do it now I can't I can't do it now why I can do it on this one but we're just gonna have to all right you know what let's just pump out the the gas and then it doesn't really matter which one we do it on it's fine okay there we go we are empty so we go ahead and do that all right and then we see wait a minute that's the wrong one that was the wrong one okay wait a minute wait I can't do it with this now why why God I do with this I'm so confused I'm very very maybe we can do it from the bench okay we did it we did it we have we got our boat that's fine what if I mean we can't do it yet I was gonna say what if we actually did go like selling and buying fuel or whatever but we can't because there's we don't know where the refinery is we actually don't know where the refinery is at all I don't think that refines anything that's a chemical storage yeah so without actually knowing whether refinery is we were a bit stumped we can't we can't get any fuel anyway we're gonna go ahead and fill up our boat again here we go we're actually gonna fill it up to full and we're gonna do some missions okay so we can actually hold a lot of fuel like this won't even be halfway I don't think let's go in the inside never little oh I know it is it is it's all the way at the top almost all right we can open a lot of fuel anyway so you got like 5500 on board already let's just go ahead and check this into the water because you don't need any more and I guess we need to do a mission I could do that one now but we've already traveled all the way down there and it didn't really go too well so let's go to sleep see if we can get more missions okay here we go toe to toe tanker oh we totally could tow the tanker but alright let's see where it is and see where it is first M no N here we go tow tanker there we go and if we do actually end up towing the tanker or that is a big old distance to tow it though that would take in a turn right we're not doing that we're not doing that not with this boat no right now okay right go back to sleep we'll get more missions keep sleeping dude do all right we can't sleep again medevac ship worker we could totally do that one all right where's that it medevac ship worker we've gone too far north we have we've gone way too far not it's the same ship is it the same is there gonna be two tankers there when we get there I don't know right let's go here we go clutch in beautiful lights on might as well put the lights on every time because our generators row is generating so there you go we got 6,000 fuel yeah we should be to go all the way around the world ten million times all right so here we are here I ended up turning off my boat but that's okay Jesus all right I was wondering whether we could like I don't know take this to a wreckers yard I guess that's why the wreckage wreckers yard is in is in the Arctic so you can you can tow this all the way up to the Arctic and sell it I don't know if that's what the records thing is for but I think it is it's something like that anyway that would be interesting does this carry fuel as well is there a lot of fuel on board oh we wouldn't be able to get it out anyway there's no fuel on board oh there's no fuel all right whatever we're gonna rescue this dude what is this there's nothing in it interesting all right get back on my boat here we go this is my little boat right here wait there we go go ahead and put you inside of here doo doo doo all right stop Mangin let's get out of here let's skedaddle there we go good all right we're already at the hospital good job everybody it took you actually quite a long time to get here but um we're here now so that's good um I think in the next video we'll probably have enough money to start I don't know trying to get the helicopter out of the water and fixing it because it doesn't need fixing and then we can just fly it around do some little missions with that that would be quite good anyway I'm just gonna stop I guess around here somewhere I don't know is there a way up is there a way up right yeah yeah there is all right cool we did almost beat ourselves there too all right we got a reverse so we can literally just don't shove ourselves right here that's fine gonna turn off the lights gonna get the dude can they go upstairs and we're good to go nice okey-dokey we're here hello how much money are we gonna get for you Pam we got 7,000 that's not bad that is not bad to go throw show gate 9 research points so we get a research points we do need to actually select something and well I think we should select is probably fire extinguishers well use the fluid cannon to pop out fires that's a good idea that is a good idea now but anyway for right now I'm gonna go ahead and stop the video yeah thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video if you guys have any suggestions on what we could do next let me know in the comments down below but yeah for now goodbye


  1. Hey frantic did you know if you jump into the propellers you get infinite money!!1!!!1!1 (totally not a scam)

  2. I was wondering if you would like to check out some of my Rolling line maps I personally recommend the Stan Valley Railway because it is my highest detail map and every building is custom made with an interior.

  3. Thanks for replying poo? On your 747 jet video , love the videos keep up the high quality content and keep building random things!👍❤️

  4. The original engine was more fuel efficient. More power does not always translate into faster. Maybe a gearbox and a good ratio could fix the fuel efficiency.

    Once you have a tanker you will have as much fuel as you need – and a great way to make way more money than missions. Buy crude at cheapest place, sell at refinery, and can buy/sell diesel as well. Just need pumps on the tanker or it takes forever ;P

  5. What if u extended the back of the boat a little longer, it could hold more cargo and look a little more proportional, plus u could put a ladder that's not as close to the propellers

  6. Please check out my ship on the workshop it is called arctic research catamaran. It is the orange and white one

  7. Fuel efficiency has been tweeted so by running engine at full throttle is why ur using lots of fuel best rps is 7-8 so I surguest rework driveline with two gearboxes and a rps dial (great series keep it up)

  8. you ahre using 2 extra uselles seats. maximum persons you can get from missions(accept from coustom missions) is 5 and you can put npc's in to bed too.

  9. Frantic, just make numerical switchbox microcontroller and use it to switch between cruise clutch (controlled from lever) and manual clutch (controlled from seat). It'll be really easy to control your boat

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