ROUND 13 ☆☆☆ Anti Mage Thanks Teammate! | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 111

ROUND 13 ☆☆☆ Anti Mage Thanks Teammate! | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 111

so you're going hunters maybe yeah if I'm not getting debated I have marked in the mask so you have it's right okay two people are going Assad is already two people are going assassins I wanted to do slark but I can't win so many people will go for it maybe I'll play Knights we'll see what happens or demons Knights or demons we'll see but I wanted to do slark sad day it's my music off there's no music in the mode of chess I can't hear any music magic so I got the rubic I don't know if I go good what do you think yeah draw is really good with gods it's the best it's really good ability that she's bumps with cooldown reduction she she has the silence in this new patch right yeah okay one guy is not building assassins anymore maybe there is hope for me I got tango okay I got tango – and the hardener mask I'm put it on Mars mask of madness Mars did anyway right okay my intimate upgraded and I am do you wanna I have a thinker and a dimmer confirms and bounty I can send you know I do cost too much you're gonna ruin your game again I think I will win like this I think I'll win the first round are you strong or you got Mars to star that's good yeah yeah yeah yeah okay I shouldn't have sold out morphling my bed you lost what do you lose two Assassin's when you have to start and they have his work killed my morbid mask P drow Ranger how many ant images are there in the enemies none okay nice I'm gonna have to decay sin to see case to decays around five by the way nice baby Mike nice you're winning too Wow your drug hit so hard man yeah check the wife's to 5 every hit she's gonna get rocketed three times look Oh what Mars de lo Mart is it oh nice your thinker is my thinker is 9k he's a better player oh actually upgraded the timber what do I do you can go dim I like when I get an NIH prison to go Duma that's why I have 98 trying to force the month I need slark to hit oh yes good guy slark hit timber oh yeah if I go demons will you help me with terrorblade yeah sure I will make a level three and send it sure okay I can go Knights I can go goblins I can go demons I want to forest lark but that's probably impossible this game okay I'll level up here oh yeah actually I think this might be better we have tree got three three nights with a.m. – and timber – I think timber is super good stand alone without goblin bonus can have him with anything that 15a that 10 HP regen he is gonna get or 15 it's not that big of a deal he can potentially get the nanobots I guess and then he's on kill of all but I also have a young mother burning these okay I'm gonna sell this lark I have one try once work for you not gonna play it now I'm not gonna force it it's it's it's not gonna happen I'll do it whenever but right now it's not gonna happen I can't find a third hunter after the contrary okay I don't find next round I'll send you windranger I know not no need no need I think I'm the first to have a 6i interest maybe I can get it myself you shouldn't rear although no I want how do you how do you get wind then check this I will I mean how do you get hundred I will call gave it and did it work yeah gonna need it maybe thank you go gaben two thinkers do you what one is okay go go go I made space okay that might help me win keep my winning streak action nice you helped me keep my winning streak this may ask you how Monica sniper it helped me keep my losing streak doing it have chewy M's for you you can keep them on the bench but no need to send me yeah yeah I would like to go demon but no terror blades so far I'm getting some upgraded goblins though three upgraded goblins I have a decent build that will win early to mid-game but it cannot be like this later on I have to transition it into something either full goblin full night or demon goblins or Knights no matter which one of the two I get I go they are very strong both builds are super strong holy my treasure gave me the the worst ever yeah I can go troll night maybe mmm I saw the witch doctor though where do I put this Omni I want to keep a em I'll play this instead or that because I have items for him as well this treasure is really nice don't you think yeah if you are a red chip right here I'm never lucky the worst part is you have to beat the goal and to get the treasure around then so if you're doing open for it you're very very weak last game I was doing open for it I couldn't beat them and I didn't get treasure so all game everyone had super good items and I had nothing so actually helps building troll a lot more because he's pretty item dependent they're very item dependent so the new treasure loot system is good for that and check my March family Danny Mars family yeah you had the large the medium and small one nice okay so he could be going demons I mean Knights he's facing me time for you to lose boy can I lose to anyone right now I think I'm strong the strongest by far I have D psi cap tank I have so much okay I'm gonna eat my tango to life okay I have one as well yeah I know eat it five okay got another a.m. you know I can have a three-star am right now for this master restaurent image around 13 oven Khalid before dinner here thanks Fred Oh cute red I'm just kidding Thanks oh and we're gonna hit the TV exactly you trying it yep Danny Bennett with the jungle yeah so how do I go demons when I don't have TB you get Arabic the other demon what's the name what do you mean why do I need wizards you had to make your demon strong what oh so there is one guy with a 2-star TB because oh my god these guys are dead he has to because demons without antimage man he doesn't have the demon Boris enable okay if you see if you see terrorblade please save it for me okay okay I have to go for it I think yeah you need God are you going to keep the problems I have a shadow fiend how much is your is your economy good 31 yeah same for me why is cacao so angry yeah my my wife is kinda playing with her and she doesn't like some some kind of place yeah but that's not cacao and she's another one is for porn popcorn yeah it's to pakka in Portuguese I don't know if you have the the same word in Spanish no no no I don't remember how it's in Spanish I don't speak Spanish how is it in yeah how is it in Portuguese pipoca de pakka yeah it's very similar yeah I have a clockwork do you want to make goblins or not clockwork yeah I'm still trying to find out what to do now can send me there Mars if oh you're gonna lose interest no no I want you take it take it and play it play another two star instead of the wind Ranger but that's not a two star you didn't put the other two oh it didn't combine no you have to know about it have time anyway okay the first day of the day it won't be the last save the clock for me you've had the clock right but it's gonna cost you one interest okay do you need another Mars I will send you know the Mars yeah to make it 3 stars but don't need to be now I'll send you next time I think I have to go demons I'm going goblins and I have a 3/7 image goblin demon if you see ck by the way I want to 3-star ck okay I have a terror plate do I buy it yeah please all I'm gonna need to sell the Knights I think maybe I will roll for it maybe I will robot 7 instead of leveling I need to sell something I'm sending your clockwork okay why okay okay no problem they called Anita good okay okay I didn't defense I rewrote something I saw a light that means I had the unit already it was something I had but I don't know what it was can you give me the the TV if you find out this master xandred is there everyone I'm actually so rich you know I haven't ended my streak yet I'm still on a streak since the beginning of the game another to be oh I have another to be yeah please mmm yeah we need to keep your streak right do you need sniper yeah I need this master more windranger Mars oh yeah go hunters maybe hunter and that did you get baited by hunters uh yeah but I'm pretty lucky with the tide hunters I don't know I get them always Webber wait Oh terrorblade one star got nanobots Oh should I lost it's okay history can go forever ah what level are you okay if you get to eight if you ever get it a kiss please thank you Edge's thank you and if I get a tidehunter I want to give you you give me that kiss I don't give you yeah oh thank you yeah you need one more than three star yeah I have a bounty no need no need really wait don't send me see case I told you about CK but no me okay I was not going to send you anyway did you find the bars no I'll find the timber you didn't find them are Thank You Danny and at the crystals in the ice Knight fern oh I have diamond edge send me in the Mars I I can't no I'm kidding I already put it in on the TV now I would send you actually sometimes my terrorblade has more damage from items than from being a demon what are you gonna do hurry robot level 8 or them away yeah I have good economy I think I will try it tonight go tonight I will go to 9 because I need the spend and takis yeah I need to do maybe I can't do doom either and I'm just debating myself so 6 goblins and then I need three demons and antimage so terrorblade Sven and shadow fiend I have to get get rid of seeker yeah ah what got a news van no just kidding but his work do you want it it's lark now I got a shadow demon for you sure we have to try to free India we met each other they made this game look you can be a demon but there is so many demons now if you find the TV I really needed Oh antimage is carrying this okay never mind the assassin beats me now but it's okay I'm not in my final form did an alchemist yeah I don't have one yet I still don't have clock world by the way okay I have to play em really you have to play yourself yeah I have to yourself yeah I want both of them and I don't have clockwork still holy this guy has two terabytes to star we need him to die we need that team to die but they are actually they're gonna take them which I think one of them will take damage okay both of them would probably take damage actually if if both players have priests what do you think it's very good to go for that's sorry okay I found Alchemist I need the Tara blades now I have shadow the shadow fiends I need another play the second sniper and give me a self it has to be on your bench to send me it's okay I'm sorry I found it it has to be on the bench I knew you were gonna do that I recovered independence no it means a lot for me I have to have a way to record if you find thinker I need two more for three star and I'll try to look for a draw maybe okay I think I'm going to sell this CK now I will eventually replace him anyway and III don't want to lose that interest right now it might make me a bit weaker though CK – better than thinker – but I'm sure wait I'm level nine look at my thinker family oh there's a beautiful day they're dancing together they are playing with Kakao Talk do you know there is a another synergy if you have three of the same what bonus [Laughter] that's a nice synergy yeah wow this game with that do you need and challenges to make with imagine make withdrew it itself that's the next level day that's actually the next level team play shadow fin terrorblade I can't afford yeah yeah I mean not right now but the I need lady I found spin up lucky you think yes you see I think I'm lucky no imagine you're not you are never look player give them its van give damage AeroBlade go you you you can't imagine what I have tidehunter Oh Danny thank you so much why what didn't I do I'm trying my best okay I will have to play level one weenie windranger but yeah I'm rerunning to zero why I need techies now okay I have to Oh what is this guy thinking the shadow fiend well wait no need shadow fiend no need no sorry never played yeah therapy is fine do you want me to make them level two I have an IO but that means I will need two more after that no one more no wait what the if you give me a two star I will need two more to make a three star yeah yeah so you can just give me that right now the other guys who had their blade are dead now so I need this Alchemist for our world looks oh I have battlefury I just realized on terrorblade okay your farm I'm farmed yeah oh my god he takes on kid how these guys are hurting like a tractor Martha doesn't know where to face he's just spinning around oh okay I'm lucky I found techies I'm lucky she another another TV oh I can't right now okay okay I have I'm sending you have a 3 TB make space make space okay made I got space on the bench on the bench now you carry me okay dude that's team play that's quite big play there I need let me tend oh I need this aisle for my we're not playing the level 3 a.m. yeah for some reason I'm not playing 6 Coblentz either no wait I am T because the bonus yeah you have TB and shadow shadow Finn how do you keep the bonus no I mean that goblin bonus I have ok they don't have yeah I don't have a type I beg a little bit a little bit I need to take out the fan I guess okay so our level to 10 now i guess so i can play sven okay i need one sniper sniper okay I'm gonna I need one thinker – Timbers for three stars yeah if I take war SF I don't have warlocks it's complete Oh what does my TB have what does two boosters make the husk no but you need river I have laboratory sniper nice yeah a javelin is the best probably I could put some armor on him since there are assassins and a troll so armor will be very good against this this team specifically hyper thinker for you Terra blade is huge my suit should be me surprise terrorblade with battlefury is so broken he actually hits once and gets metamorphosis into saying these guys are gonna die dude remember the first video uploaded i uploaded when we played the team game we got we were so close to first place maybe we'll get it this time one person that was actually the second video no I mean not not game that we played with video I uploaded a blow that one do you want the clockwork yeah yeah I got one star I have one star twin two Ranger okay you have one star windranger next round you will have to start ed tied oh thank you and you can put the blink on him I will send you my blink to two blinks for sorry sorry bill yeah he can choke hitting team people go down here and get ripped out but I don't need the blink so yeah but I would see two bricks I wanna see I need that material to maybe do this quite dude I got another tidehunter I'm getting all your units sent me how the support which doctor beat your TV again you're a sniper how the support beat carry oh I didn't put the blink on it you cut your neck no but it should have been Sorry Sorry send me in a1 cost yeah you still have to double blink if you have double blink you get more man region more money gained from taking I hope will be nice and they still did not have the active area and Alchemist under an alchemists clockwork not so much easy we did it nice man it did it oh I got Bishop 1 you have to get top 2 that makes sense to get rank you have to get top two yes yes yeah it's the same wage great yeah if you're solo its top 4 and here it's dope too you know but I I know you know that I should do it more MMR than you because I gave you all your three stars yeah if I didn't give you tied you wouldn't have six countries forever and you would lose the game nice you got another game yeah okay


  1. Guys relax, I have been playing with uhtred for years and he always wants to "support" me, he keeps saying he will give me stuff to make me strong, he is a nice dude. I also did give him some units. He just wants me to have a good game before anything. Also if 1 person is owning hard and the other is doing just fine, everything is good, you are winning.

  2. Omg what a bunch of cry babies on the comments section tonight. Danny sent enough stuff to Uhtred..
    He is making a fucking video, streaming on Twitch so checking Stream Chat on top of that Playing the game for himself and checking his friend's board too, also chatting with his friend on Voice chat..
    When you people are able to do 1/10 of these as Multitask, half as good as Danny come and complain then little turds..
    I am not a fanboy or anything, I criticize Danny where it is due (maybe a little too hard at times, you can ask him lol), but blind and utter nonsense like these comments are just stupid..

  3. Dude dont play double if you are bad teamplayer you skip Beastmaster, Wr, Mars….i mean…just play single…

  4. I'm no expert, but you really needed could've helped your teammate more. So many units you could have given him in this game, BM, WR, Tide (second one you saw would've 2 starred him much earlier) were ones I noticed. You were strong all the way, he needed the help more than you did for most of it.
    Easy win in the end though.

  5. Dude dont play double if you are bad teamplayer you skip Beastmaster, Wr, Mars….i mean…just play single…

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