Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
[Robot beeping] – What’s the story with
all the elevators lately? -I heard Kylo Ren destroyed
the one over in D sector. -If you ask me, who’s ever in charge of
this place should be transferred to Hoth. -Ahem.
-What? ♪ Imperial March elevator ♪
-Whoa. ♪ Imperial March continues ♪ ♪ Imperial March continues ♪
[Heavy footsteps] [Doors close]
[Siren wailing] ♪ Imperial March continues ♪
[Elevator engine whirring] [Stormtrooper straining
and groaning] [Doors open] – Hmm?
[Other Stormtrooper sucks in air] [Captain’s footsteps fade]
♪ Imperial March continues ♪ [Relieved sigh]
♪ Imperial March continues ♪ -You think she heard us? ♪ ♪ -Yeah, I think she heard us. -At least we blend in for once. [Wild animal howls]
Both Stormtroopers: [Gasp] Huh? Both Stormtroopers: What? ♪ Drum beats ♪


  1. Looks fantastic but Phasma isn't scary idk why those troops were so intimidated. Just toss her in a trash compactor, or fight her for 1 minute and toss her down a burning ship. EZ

  2. Need 60000$ to reach that level of so-so realistic quality with simple objects? I will wait peacefully until 2024 then…

  3. Imagine you run real time ray tracing under water in games:D the truth is that most games especially gta have no underwater life in games and i think it will take 20 years for developers to make real ocean in games

  4. Is real-time ray tracing going to make developing lighting systems in games easier/less work intensive to accomplish for developers on Unreal Engine?

  5. 번역

    엘리베이터가 이렇게 늦는 이유가 뭐야?

    카일로렌 그자식이 D구역꺼 하나를 부쉈댄다

    내 생각엔, 여기 책임자를 호스 행성으로 보내버려야돼.

    (책임자 등장)

    우리얘기 들은거같냐?

    응! 들은거같네!

  6. So fucking obvious that they could let people test that with ANY graphics card. But they will only allow people to test it with 2080. This is bullshit.


  8. Big news! Just confirmed that unreal engines is going to be the game engine for Star Wars Fallen Order. This game is gonna be awesome!


    It'll be even cooler if we see scenes from a previous Star Wars movie from a trooper's perspective.

  10. as long as there are cinematic 30fps medium settings console consumers technology will stagnate no matter how good will be PeaSantry5 compared with PS4 we will be again stuck for 5 years or so like now. 1st and 2nd year will be amazing compared with what we have then all after that just meh.

  11. Cool
    Now what ? Should we really pay that much money for just 2-3 optional technologies, just about graphics ? When I see this I'm obviously amazed by such images, but hey any regular people buying this ?

  12. See, this, THIS is the funny things that could make Star Wars short stories better. Forget the lightsabers and the force and ultra powerful characters, I want to see the silly happenings of storm trooper buddies

  13. It would be great to have the same video without the Real-Time Ray Tracing to compare how important would really be for a videogame. I mean I maybe don't care that much about this massive reflections while playing…

  14. This Video makes Ray Tracing even more confusing, [email protected]

    I thought Ray Tracing allows Lighting to pass through Objects like Glass, & such…

    Where as Reflections just reflect off the Glass but does not Pass through…

    This video shows nothing like that at all, which makes Ray Tracing even more confusing, [email protected]

    I wanted to know if Reflections & Ray Tracing sorta bump heads with
    each other, like if they conflict with each other… in a bad way… That is what I wanted to know,
    but after watching this, i'm even more confused, lOl…

  15. I still can’t get over how good this is! The sound effects, the reflections,the jokes, the music, the voice acting. This is incredible. Good job guys!

  16. I can't use this even though I have the latest version of windows and video card drivers for the 10 series cards which got dxr support in may

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