Rebuilding Herbie the Love Bug! – Volkswagon Beetle – Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Gameplay

Rebuilding Herbie the Love Bug! - Volkswagon Beetle - Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Gameplay

and when there's a racetrack from some other game or what have you auto oh not that and we got it stuck in the fence hello everyone I'm cryptic Fox and welcome back to our auto shop it's been a while since we've been here but we're back to work on another car that I mentioned to haul out of the junkyard today we're working on the Volkswagen Beetle now this is something that I was really hoping they would add into the game mostly because of novelty I mean it's obviously not gonna be any kind of a high powered machine and it's not any luxury deluxe car you think it's coming neat you know it's got that Mastandrea factor and I also got my hands on a mod for the Volkswagen van so hopefully we could find one of those in the junkyard but this is the first one I found and you could find it in the Steam Workshop now this one was done by lits and I believe the Volkswagen van that I downloaded was done by lit as well although full SiC did one also I think they just sort of got our wires crossed they didn't realize that each other was doing the same vehicle nevertheless let's get this on the lift and we'll see what we do to get this all ripped apart now I'm not anticipating this is gonna be a really long rebuilt because there's just we not all that much to this car got the engine in there back of course you know what I can't even go to the engine apart before we do that let's uh whoops didn't mean to sit in it but I mean the interior doesn't look that bad considering got it out of a junkyard feel like it's almost come back that classic kind of beat-up Volkswagen bug and have a look oops come on remember doing that back to normal mode all right let's get this on the lift – we need to get this over the part we have some glass you should probably take out as for most of the vehicles we get from the junkyard this really doesn't have a lot left on it I mean a couple of body parts a little bit of glass we're happy the fender is no hood I mean the body and here looks a little funky but again this is a mod so you know it's not necessarily gonna have all the potential design but this is where like the trunk would be up here in the front give this up a little bit higher we get underneath this thing rip off well rip all the suspension and stuff first in the wheels off and then we'll get into the engine compartment he'll take that all apart once we get it all ripped out we can get them on the little engine stand over there we'll see what we can do to get the doll ripped apart fixed and hopefully we'll be able to fix some of the part so you don't have to buy everything brand new now I have I am relatively flushed with cash right now we weren't a million's earning but couple hundred thousand is a fair amount of work within this game I had a Mustang that I had completed on stream a little while ago and I decided to sell that off so we get a little bit of cash just to make sure I had enough to buy what I needed to in the junkyard because I was actually getting pretty low and we're down under a hundred thousand dollars in cash that expensive to buy stuff in this game you wouldn't get in the junkyard anyway and the parts and things behind all that expensive either but it seems a good idea to just make sure that we had everything covered I can't get to that right now all the way to the back here this looks like a weird oh you know it's part of the look just a weird part of the body phantom in there looked like it was still stuff that was actually visible and in place this hour here now I don't know whether this has any any livery or anything for it a check and see I think I better look beforehand I probably should have I don't like a make it look like Herbie the lovebug or something I think that'd be pretty cool here the suspension here is pretty complete we are definitely have to buy things like Thai romance isn't there never fix the bowls I think there's a mod that will actually make those kind of parts fixable but that just kind of seems counterproductive you behemoths I'd rather just play it the way that it's supposed to be for the most part the mods that I've downloaded are different vehicles and then now they also have this option where you can download player created tracks and that's pretty cool we did try one of those out on a stream what I see was the last time we streamed and 100% sure I think that was the case and at the time there really wasn't much to pick from in the the Steam Workshop but now looks like a bunch of other people have kind of jumped on the bandwagon there's a few more maps in there so I'll have a couple more of those see what those tracks look like so one of the things I actually was really looking for in the game when I started to play it was that they didn't really have a whole lot of map variety I mean you have like your basic testing track and then and then the other race track that's really winding but there wasn't anything else to pick from so it's nicely they've actually added in Steam Workshop support for that so other players can get that certain built those it looks like there's a little bit of variety there too which is good the one thing I do notice though is when you're playing on the player to find tracks seems like the visual quality goes down quite a bit I suppose that's alright small sacrifice I think to get a little bit of variety suspension arm this knuckle out of here all right that's it something for the engine compartment let's get out of here lower this down we'll get in the engine compartment get that ripped out looks like I was gonna say it looks like there's a fair amount of the engine here there she is wow that's unusual so normally when uh normally I find when I'm taking cars into the junk here what is going on here the clips Wow the clips we get on those then it like ever happens I think every car gonna get into the junkyard the air filter is always missing the top nevermind the clip sister Wow actually they're almost the whole engine suite okay let's cut the engine crane over here we want to send this over of course to Bay one if it's over here to do battery charging we need to clean the interior of course and we'll need to weld the body to get that fixed up – oh we still have that pickup trick there we need to finish also there's another one that I grabbed it with a junkyard now this is from the Ford update I've done that yet all right let's clean the inside first I guess this'll take care of and then we get this out of here fix the body I wonder if I leave these things sitting here if they'll just let them stay here so I never have to move them thank you just sort of I guess that might be the way if I'm running back and forth whatever all the ins and outs all right I think that's it so the Bobby actually looks pretty good now that it's all ripped apart anyway put the engine I'll pull the part great you know what I just realized too as per usual I've completely forgotten to empty out all the junk in my inventory so I have a ton of junk there I think I gotta wait three while we're fixing this miles unit spark plug in here not a good plug but it's there that's a usual more often than not when I get something at the junkyard there's almost nothing left on it this thing's almost complete I think I'm gonna put performance parts of this I mean normally obviously little Volkswagen Beetle you're not gonna have a whole lot of performance out of it but just for novelty sync I think we'll put some performance parts and see what happens one ignition coil all right where we left some Pistons and stuff oil pan on there crankshaft can take oh just yeah it's okay this little spin wow it's not the oil pan on it I don't remember the last car that I got for the junker that had the oil pan on it that rollers on the ruler gone and honestly I think I think pretty much every car I've ever gotten to the junkyard of this game I had to buy an oil pan for weird lucky this thing didn't tell me if we have to drain the oil it's not a habit I never do it here oh three cylinder nice all right Kristen's ODEs frankish amps still can't come out what's going on here what am I got on the way oh you know what the flywheel everything smell on this thing that's funny it's good thing I can take this on from here cuz then be really awkward otherwise I mean I'm doing a through solid steel but you know we got superpowers it's fine mega mechanic how many of you see me do rebuilds in this game before you probably don't ever want to trust me with your car but that's okay you know still use those superpowers a little bit all right lots to repair buds through this and see how much we actually managed to fix all right there's a lot of parts I think I only heard a couple of them break those who might have been a good look and we many of you will get to not have to buy so many parts of the shop maybe the one thing on right off the bat the engine block the one thing I find frustrating a little in this game is constantly having to go back and forth the shop to buy parts see we need engine block looking for three-cylinder there is a line three Frank chefs we fit nope didn't took that either alright succuss there was some things they just couldn't fix at all never mind breaking them down in obviously we didn't fix the Pistons and things crankshaft bearing caps we did fix those how about that feel that or I just have some leftovers cuz I do have a tendency to sometimes buy one buy parts yeah that's what it was coz there's only two there alright so we can get that's a regular alternator on there so that's good water pump is not something we get performance parts for let's see what we have performance parts wise maybe we can get something in here that'll be fancy now there's also like custom gear boxes you can get for these things we can get a custom gear box right in line three I'm gonna grab this now there's there's gear box Tooting and I have no idea how to do it because I'm really not that mechanically inclined I mean I've done like a little bit of working stuff on the car I can do basic stuff for the most part if I know what the problem is I wanna have to swap out I can do that but otherwise what you called quasi incompetent performance air filter program that's from its alternator I might even have one of those still camp sheffrin in line three yes thank you out of all the Carmen's stuff clutch plates Squatch pressure plate won't get Phyllis performance-wise engine head in line three yes thank you what else we got should be able to get some Pistons and things er I think exhaust manifold for an inline three no matter where we're gonna need that so we'll grab it to flywheel yes sir I don't know what we're going for exhaustion something I have to take a look at that being a modded stuff you can't really be certain what's gonna be in it ignition coils we definitely are going to need let's go for three of those fuel rails No not so much it didn't notice if nobody didn't we definitely didn't take the distributor off of but I'm gonna wait and see now we're gonna need this tribute let's grab this this is not gonna help me though this is like 600 8 cylinder that's obviously not gonna be will get the rotor wires they don't have here so that's solves that problem ooh intake manifold yeah I definitely took that off pistons will grab a couple of couple E's else what else power steering pump for an inline 4 I didn't notice if it have the power steam come on you know what I think it did but I don't remember what it was this I suspect is gonna be what we need that I'm gonna wait to see probably to come back for that we got three these those already throttle for an inline three yes sir and a turbo now I don't know that this has a turbo on it bool let's see what the deal is here anyway all right oh you want to forget to give like the basics w oil pan piston rings all right let's you know get the base you know actually not gonna buy the oil pan just yet cuz we might even fixed it but we're definitely going to need piston rings 3ds we're also gonna need some bearings oh no clutch release bearing I don't think is something that we got in the performance parts and I don't think it's something you could fix either will have bearings at least two of those and some brake pads we're here again I'll actually know what I can't remember this performance brake pads and we'll take a look go back for it any time was good as this all stuck in here and assembled and I just realized I forgot to get the rod caps tip you fix them hey we fixed them nice save me a tiny bit of coin you know fit coin and all that but whatever come on thumbs if you click on the right parts here yeah thank you all right well pan tell me we fixed it no we didn't of course not Oh pan pretty in line three and probably forgotten they like the will filter and stuff while those in there too I guess alternator is good oh no no no no you know what the performance over here that's don't know we want uh water pump was not an option I don't think you could fix either rollers now you can't idler roller a we need a water pump gosh which one was it I think it's the inline four because there's no option for didn't line three yeah I already have one oh man alright I'd say I could use that on a different car but I mean the reality is I'm gonna forget the next time to this just what I do alright let's get out of here flip this over all right we got now nice engine head we did snag performance part wait a minute and just ahead B oh no I grabbed the performance part and I can't even use it no duh man all right so somebody's other parts I grabbed that may not be able to use either I guess if it's not gonna be an option wasted cash intake manifold we can use though thank you so he's gonna be like Herbie the lovebug at least performance parts on it it's like a racing car now camshafts we don't got one actually need another one I know this one everything come on all right spark plugs and we'll throw the ignition coils on here that we got oh yeah this is X it looks pretty nice by the time it's done a sporty little thing a little red and stuff a red accents and things feel real for high three where's our fuel rail oh no Camp Chef camps no we didn't fix any of those actually have like a hand out of you so that's all right we got six camshaft caps camshaft caps eighty-six bucks it's not too bad I guess I mean it's a pretty small part to gossip which might what camp chef champion line three of course of course is a special part that I didn't know they're there all right so now those $186 Camp Chef camps are actually 360 bucks you know what's a good thing this isn't real money I might be really disappointed a potato am on the camshaft caps it's not just for tonight folks I get his name on this two takes lots of skill and practice to be that good at it all right Hoss manifold yes thank you shiny and fancy that is gonna be the best Volkswagen bug around all right cam gear for the i3 with you to those I'm also gonna oil filter as well cam here for in line three okay we'll need a time to change this up to you I guess well I use the timing belt Superbad don't a when I 3 G's can't even type now hopefully it fix the the timing cover no of course with me did I fix anything I swear there was all kinds of parts that I fixed it's not really looking like it now that I'm actually going to the part of like reassembling everything I think maybe it must have been like suspension pieces and things I fixed because honestly nothing else out here was really good so we needed an either R or a we need to crank F belief or an eye for chef will the eye for every Oh almost done well with the engine anyway this will be where the serpentine belt B goes on and that's pretty sneaky little belt alright so serpentine belt be for an i3 that's funny it actually narrowed it like right down to the one that I needed you mean to tell me there are no other serpentine belts or to just recognize that I've been buying all i3 parts huh all right weird belt tensioner of course of course we need one of those why would you take what is left on this thing are we I left I missing something because it's not let me put the cover on this thing yet unless for some reason is just not gonna have the cover which would be really weird we do need a fuel filter at the back of course I guess I mean while we're here we could put the flywheel and stuff on those you know our clutch parts on here for a gearbox again very weird actually I mean easy time assembling right through the metal you know cuz it'll it'll let a little things like steel stand in our way I need a fuel filter no we should actually have performance parts of the fuel filter I think he'll do there we go now again being a mod I'm not entirely sure oh there we go thermostat wow that's something happened to put in one for all right that is not going to be a performance part fancy little spring basically where's that I had to thermostat stick on me once in my car what I was commuting back and forth to the University was like an hour drive each way on the trans-canada highway in the middle of winter freezing cold – 30 something like that and of course my my engine starts to overheat and I see why this is letting me I didn't even Upham shout caps there we go I just starts to overheat I decide you know I'm just gonna keep driving to school I'll figure it out so I continue to drive to school and it's just it's overheating like every 20 minutes turns out my my thermostat was shot so the spring obviously you know when you put it into the way the spring works is when it's in hot water it contracts it opens stuff up or whatever now if you're familiar with cars you probably know how old that works better than me whatever the lasts wasn't like the water flow through properly so was getting all the coolant and things to keep the engine cool it's like an hour drive normally normally to school than like an hour drive home and when I decided you know what I got I got to school and did my classes and stuff and then when I had to go home it took me like four and a half hours to get home I had to drive it like 45 or 50 kilometers an hour along the side of the trans-canada highway I don't know what I'm looking for tell you I didn't have cover there he'll bring like a sieve I felt like some sort of horrible tourists like trolling on the side of the highway 45 kilometers an hour with my blinkers on not my favorite day fortunately was an easy fix but man what a nuisance all right engine appears to be all finished that's kind of cool-looking not a lot of power in an i3 but you know we did what we could with it anyway we put some performance parts in it maybe that'll help get that back in there this out of here no that was really dumb let's just put that back in the car and get this outta here all right the engine is in place and I already been used so this can go to this is why I don't leave things here and I'm tripping on them all right what else can go in here break so ro do we fix that we did is there other performance brake servos I've never even noticed if you like maybe absolutely not definitely no performance right part funny he gives you tab so like brakes and suspension and stuff but there really isn't anything there maybe one day they're gonna add them I don't know the battery is still in the charger the gearbox is in here I can't get to that unless I'm under the car the brake servo back in here air filter base new now the air filters there we can get the actual filter as a performance bar but not the base air filter base you just put an air filter an air filter oh my gosh I did it twice there we go good lord darn rental fingers all right we need the cover we're gonna need a couple clip bees cuz they never get fixed oh my gosh you know what I I swear I took typing class glasses it's boring something that's like in high school but also the most useful I just apparently don't know how to use it alright face performance filter cover and look at this I'm man that of course it did fix the cover I I'm even gonna remember these are clue Bay's of course they are all that trouble that's a big clip be and it's not even the right part there we go a couple extra pieces there anyway alright that's done so for the engine compartment we pretty much just need who actually know can you do that from underneath I just did battery go grab that off the charger should be all done by now I would imagine survey says yeah good all right and York apartment is done we'd even put the the body part on here because I think it did fix the Trump I did look at that now let's get this thing up get underneath through here and see what can do your box there's our fancy performance gearbox now again this is the one we can tune but not really all that knowledgeable about like ratios and stuff to build a tune these things I don't think I have a start of course the starters gotta be done for the engine bay not that I don't have one nice those are fixed wheel hub yes thank you I love what the parts get fix because it saves me a lot of time going in and out of the store he's freak shoes oh yeah even those are pristine the drum however I don't think ever gets fixed now no such luck that's all right it's a minor thing I mean it's not really even any suspension this thing rear muffler v8 man V ain't mufflers we also need middle mufflers mostly was two of those there are no performance marks for these we're gonna grab those exhausts where's our middle bufflers muffler Mustang it realize that specific ones here I don't remember what their party forgotten I know I need the middle muffler where are those they're there root properly v8 overhead valve I think it was a B though isn't it I don't know it's not alright nice grab these their exhaust in place sometimes the angles of this with the cameras little waggy oh yeah that's sweet front exhaust section a4 a3 for an exhausting day for an i3 perfect nice we're gonna bail exhaust all chromed out this would be sweet it kind of goes nowhere again sort of one of the tricks of the mods is that we don't necessarily connect the things it's more just for the looks what are you do we fixed one of the knuckles what to buy the other one on the other side same thing with this what oh no there we go now we have to buy like everything videos out here I already got the bearings so those are good rig this meta slated of course we can't fix those I just can't type today I shouldn't even try that like go for long words I are not brains we love camp you can't fix those I need those it's been a while since I've like rebuilt a car in here so I can't even remember all the parts I'm gonna need as a consistent basis then I start to get them all in one fell swoop in the store and then I have to worry about it brick pads ibop oh I bought those already but oh you know what it is I thought there might be performance parts for the brake pads but there aren't because they don't have any performance brake pieces my bad we got one caliper but we're gonna need another one for the other side we got to get bushings always need bushings bushing uh I'm stuck up let's get like a bunch of them I don't know forgetting the small one finger grab a few anyway there's like almost no suspension to the back end of this thing I don't know but that's because that's just how it is in reality or if is just for the limitations of the evident like – this is a mod kind of thing and front cross suspension front suspension crossmember which should one was it though he it's an E which means can't go wrong with bushings I also get all these bushings in now before I forget inevitably if I don't put the bushings in right away I'd leave like one side of them without the bushings in when I get around to doing that side I'm gonna forget just get those done right away steering rack I couldn't fix I need to get over here I'm gonna need more bushings I don't have enough through the other side I don't think double wishbone shot comes over anytime rods no it'll take care of both sides of that but I don't have an option to put them on yet no cuz they haven't done the steering rack rides steering rack we don't need to steer that's optional this cars not about going places it's about just looking neat in your driveway you know front sway bar bu we never fixed those either so I just buy it right away sweet barbi I suspect we the links as well because I don't think I generally can fix them if I recall correctly anyway no we're good all right this side is done aside from the shock absorber we need a fuel tank though there should be a performance fuel pump we can get fill bumps you'll filter fuel pump thank you down there he'll come there nice just look good anything over here I'll be over knows where we have served body parts front steering knuckle sea front steering knuckle see first press the butter burger and a kid type what steering knuckle see thank you front axle knuckled cover c4 nice and up whoever thank you front wheel up that's toast also pan you know you would think with a little skill that like my guy has in this game oops we hit a much higher repair rate or something I got hubcaps already we got pants we are I think we're gonna need a caliper well we did have one ah I need a cylinder that's what it was silk and they're all right that should be all good to go ice I only have one bushing left oh I think we need a couple for the bottom no I don't even have that all right give me bushings I bought enough give me bushings are give me Deb it's good there tie rod on here I'm actually looking forward to taking this out on the track I mean it's obvious it's not gonna be the highest-performing car the head city the Dodge Viper over there which I just insane amounts of power I think we should be fun to tool around with um all right so it looks like we're down to I'm still gonna be the side my bad forgot I was only on one side of the car yeah we got lucky parts are all fixed that's good man all right like drop my already had so that's good to go it's like no suspension back here there's gonna be a rough ride I would not want to ride in this thing I don't think all right so we need double-wishbone shock absorbers for the front and wish the bush motor shock absorber for the front we're going to need front shock absorber caps I need front Springs let's got that covered I should actually see if I have a starter my inventory on but no if I do I can't be bothered searching we're gonna lower this down we'll take a look at the engine compartment the trunk no starter man all right easy enough that's done so we're pretty much down two wheels shocks and body that's not bad looks assemblies well that's assembling come on continue over here get some tires disassembled come on click that button that's funny I'm not even max level on this game yet for all the repairs and stuff that I've done in here seems kind of funny to think that I still have a max it out but it's how it is right shocks are good let's get the car raised up when I'm doing the next tire I can go back do a shock at a time while we're still taking these apart are we here house weird these shocks do I have a inventory that's insane I do both it's got both lower here no I see well this broken shucks I seriously need to start to remember to clean up my inventory I know I know I say that like every time I stream the game and I never remember cuz you know brains in 11 okay what are we looking at tire wise inventory hopefully it sticks them like it down the bottom yeah there we go Rimbaud and 13 inches standard tire these are 195 oh my god I came to see it's at 65 our Thirteen's alright SEMA gonna fix the rims at least cervesa one of them and I broke it alright yes we're just gonna buy it that's a right we're made of money anyway right ah rims rim boin boin are you alright before you signs 13-inch a little tiny and then we're doing some tires of course we'll go with racing tires on it I have use standard tags whatever was already on it you know wait let's go sport tires feel the need for some sport tire obviously these are 13-inch so good on that width on these is 195 crank a little bit wider though tricky results of extra traction to fifteens and 65 alright 20 160 bucks worth of rubber that's okay hopefully it holds the road alright I should probably assemble them before I try to balance them because not really the nicest looking grim but I mean it is a Volkswagen Beetle those on there these balance so close we need other thing all right well that's working uh let's lower the car down here let's see we need for the body of this thing we're definitely need doors uh actually if we just go right into are we community cars body shop that's what we want this is gonna be for the beetle okay now oftentimes there are options in here so we can see this is the standard standard bumper but we also have a bumper B option like we've only got one option for the hood all right so let's use front window – all right I guess it's like that let's quote the with the ultimate bumper I guess left door windows fender right door window right fender there's the front window there so there's two different front windows on it I'm not sure what the difference is Bonnie window headlight left side mirror left tail light rear bumper ring with the alternate one for a window sure when I'm just take it all and the trunk we actually fixed so we'll keep that obviously all right is that all over together now it's all right good well that's working let's get the body on this thing uh see for your window fender like a two-tone kind of thing going on this actually this like kind of greenish color with the flat black I kind of like who actually fixed one of the vendors – and a real light apparently we are still going to get license plates to ever get those it's looking pretty good I mean doesn't have wheels or anything yet but for the most part it looks good so it's something still assembling for the windshield in yes I did not oh oh I didn't even notice that one comes with a roof rack you know I believe that on there why not so that's the that's the alternate option for the windshield gives you the roof rack with it like weird a one colored fender one not colored but that's alright we're gonna paint this thing up anyway nice oh yeah he's styling with that roof rack oh come on I can't even walk past iron get all these on here now all right one down yeah there we go two down whoops probably just stayed in the view I was in my cell my pattern happens at least once every time all right last tire and then we'll take a look at the condition on this and hopefully I actually got all the parts cuz you have a bad habit sometimes of missing pieces and having to go back and figure out what I messed up and for those of you who like to watch the stream I'm even gonna remember to put in the oil to be entirely honest with you I almost forgot but I just thought of it now something to remember while I'm thinking of it aren't you proud of me I put oil in my car without somebody throwing something at me okay I think it's all together we're looking at here Oh six per so the license plates we still need a spot check to make sure there's not something else I messed up I think it's just the license plates oh and the interior I guess yeah Woody's in interior oh come on this open we're going to need two seats and a steering wheel like us two seats and a steering wheel or interior oops again typing not my forte apparently I don't want something looks a little bit older see regular seat typhoon I don't know what kind of seats were in these I only took one out already but I don't remember what it was specifically CD Atlanta ah whatever we'll just take these in our tent look at the interior of the car so much anyway sir will yeah and I don't think there's any beetle options in here specifically but let's use the string wheel for the relay takeoff steer wheel bullwhip huh alright whatever and the seats that I had in here would I guess we're seat relay that must what was in here already that's fine we'll put these in make it look all fancy it's hard newly redesigned oops come on keep doing that our newly redesigned Volkswagen bug now we do also need license plates so let's grab those weights let's go with uh I don't know ba Florida plates why not Lauretta my name is Florida let's see cryptic c-arm in the art looks like an A I don't put enough okay let's do cryptic bug cryptic bug there we go perfect no man the boys are running for Portugal all right there's a pod turn it off okay there it is it's funny I like of all the other parts if they give you like that like crazy like Phantom look oh right through the bumper now that's how you mount a license plate don't use bolts just like thread the bumper through and then I'll hold it on okay show me 100 percent 95 oh come on you're killing me here oh wait right body window eh that's funny window eh aha anywhere I got you now we're a hundred percent across the board it's not worth very much thirty one thousand 553 I mean that's way more than the car would have been worth initially let's send this off to load that set this out of the paint they recolor it see what kind of livery options we have now typically what these and just occurred to me typical delivery options that they give you you can't generally access them unless you move them to the correct folder when in oh it does have hurt oh my gosh no way there is a hurry option yes I didn't even look I totally should have that's absolutely what we're gonna paint this car as hurt me the lovebug wow that's amazing they must have they must have fixed it because it you said you know I need to change the bumper on this if I'm gonna have heard Love Bug we can't like we can't have this roof rack on here it's got to got to go so that was the bumper actually um let's see oh my sorry filling to it run buffer snag this one here that over there I'll hit the blade the license plate back on me and make her do double the work front over no no it was aa it was the windshield but I think I think this might be the right bumper anyway no whatever I think that's actually the right bumper for it anyway but it was the windshield that that did that now that I remember cuz they had like front windshield – and it didn't show that there's a rack with it but it's actually this is the one we want here pull that up yeah that's the ticket front window okay that looks better much better Oh with license plate went back on with it no it didn't the phantoms are too clear on the plates it just looks like it's actually there all the time so I throw me off oh my gosh Herbie the lovebug that's amazing hundreds across the board this looks great let's get this out into the dyno no it's already in use what what are we gonna die no oh right we got KITT sitting in here alright we move this out to a lift I guess move this to lift look three we got Herbie the lovebug in here that's amazing honor me I'm so glad they have that livery option place is already used what Oh was it the paint Bay Oh Dino there we go yeah ray no work oh my gosh does Herbie even have a license plate I feel like we need to get the right plates on this so Herbie has California plates so we're gonna go with those it's not the same coloring or whatever but that's okay and then the license plate is ofp eight five seven if we're gonna make it look like Herbie we've got the right plates on a California man I can't tell was the kit plates there we go get that off of there but these ones on the hair we go now looks like Herbie was he missing a beer no no one said a hard percent all right let's do a dyno test see what this shows us from the nine oh please now I have no idea how to do the tuning on this I didn't get oh I didn't get a gearbox we get tuned I just don't know how to do it so pretty much the waste of my money for the most part oh yeah let's go to me 146 horsepower at the letter B factory gauges 100 horsepower we got on 246 so that's good some good improvements there alright good sweet okay let's take this up to a track now so easiest way to do that I guess is just to get in oh yeah this is awesome alright we'll take this up to a test drive go to the workshop Maps now here are here are the maps I've downloads so far I can't remember which one we did before but I down with Japanese in any West city Battersea Power Station mazda Raceway I think autumn ring might've been the one we did before then I had downloaded and then Martinsville Speedway I can't remember which the two of these I already had I feel like it might have been autumn ring but I'm not really sure let's take let's take this to Battersea Power Station see how that looks alright the lighting in here is super weird again any time we have like these player created Maps you know they're not necessarily gonna have the same level of like lighting quality and detail and stuff and it's making it hurt you look really weird he's like super washed out that's okay I guess but there's our beloved bug I don't think this is a defined track this was like it's just like an open space oh my gosh okay that's the problem traction is not my friend in this car oh my gosh otterby I needed with different wheels on I've decided pretty much I need to buff slicks on everything otherwise I can't control it now if I could just pop wheelies with this to be great oh good job Ruby I'm gonna choose my camera angle here it's driving me nuts there we go Luke we do jumps no way ah well you could do jumps theoretically if you can actually drive properly but you know me being me that's not really happening it's a couple of years try doing it to your review that's really hard to see this is cool this is one that a player redesigned out of something else I'm not sure what they got it from exactly but whether it's a race track from some other game or what have you all know oh that and we got it stuck in the fence all right good job oh well I didn't realize I could freewheel of the camera that's a little weird oh look at this there's a fair amount of detail here they must have scanned this from something else because there's quite a bit here like I don't I don't think they did this all themselves I apparently have gotten myself stuck research let's try that again I want to go back through the building again that was pretty cool for the ramp there see what this ramp takes us and you just I'm pretty second that I was stuck at the boxes all right clearly I don't have enough power to make that kind of a jump but this one free here I think we can do this we already did it come on army make that jump you can do it oh come on we got up there once I know you can do it buddy I got faith in you oh we did oh oh I'm a cleaner than last time all right the post rated me up now is all kinds of rams the stuff in here oh my gosh this is a tunnel tell me we can go in the tunnel and do like crazy loops and stuff was all gravel it's a terrible traction I bet you if you're going fast enough you could you could do loops Nick oh my gosh hold on all that I left let's set this up now steer properly okay we're not gonna be a lot of speed off this gravel unfortunate but if we get enough come on no no we can do this we gotta do this we need to do at least one loopy thing of this thing I'm just I'm not gonna feel satisfied otherwise I pulled an Austin Powers I'm stuck in here hey chef I have the drive wheels off the ground so we know we can move it well there it is that's our fancier B car right B the lovebug looks pretty sweet let's take this back to the shop alright well there's our Herbie the lovebug I think that's gonna look pretty nice sitting next to our Knight Rider car a little bit of 1980s nostalgia kind of thing actually that hurt me was was think about 1870s nevertheless pretty fun to drive around in I obviously need to do something about the traction that same as all the cars in this game they're just like traction is a real problem anytime you're steering anything if it has any kind of power it just sort of spins out as soon as you hit the gas that's terribly conducive to a whole lot of fancy driving and stuff but it was fun to put back together and this would look great in my garage as I said sitting next to KITT now thanks everyone for coming out to check out the video if you don't currently subscribe to the channel go ahead and click on that subscribe button and then make sure you hit the notification bells you get notifications for upcoming streams and videos and stuff as well this was fun I'm as always cryptic Fox I'll see all of you next time you


  1. Nice. The weird look for the maps seems to be a problem with light saturation. Maybe they got the wrong UV map? Anyway. Just gonna ask you this. Yesterday, why didn't you stream this and make a vid of Fortnite instead, as when you play Fortnite on streams, you get distracted by the chat and you're not as good as you are when you do Fortnite vids? Wouldn't it have been more logical to inverse as I said, so that people could help you with that VW instead?

  2. one of my friends said that Xbox One is better than Xbox 360 and my other friends said that Xbox 360 is better than Xbox One

  3. All you need to know about the gearboxes is that moving the slider(s) left essential reduces top speed & increases acceleration. Moving them to the right will reduce acceleration & increase top speed.

    Also the Battersy map looks to be taken from Dirt/Dirt Showdown

  4. I wonder if you could do a blue beetle? Will it let you replace seats with plywood and milk boxes?

  5. I'm completely lost when it comes to cars too but I think I just found a perfect present for my fiance to tinker around in. We are living in Alaska and renting so he has no tools. I think its bothering him that he cant even change the oil in his own car while we are living up here. Thanks Cryptic

  6. Yay a CMS video. Thanks Cryptic. Good to see the desk set up as well, was wondering how you were going to sort out the power cables

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