Professional Auto Detailing Tips: 3 Important Final Steps!

Professional Auto Detailing Tips: 3 Important Final Steps!

in this video I want to share with you guys a couple of the final steps that I do before I actually officially finish detailing the car now let's get straight into it what's going on so glad you guys are here and welcome back to the Wilson auto detailing community if you are a professional auto detailer wants become more successful and profitable in your business or just a car enthusiast wants to improve your detailing ability then definitely consider hitting that big red subscribe button right below this video so I've been on location all morning detailing this big white Tahoe and I'm actually finished detailing it now but I want to show you guys a couple of the kind of more intricate detailed things that I do before I actually officially start packing up all of my things and actually start getting payment and all that sort of stuff there are a couple of things in a couple areas that I treat that don't necessarily have to be treated but that I think give a level-10 service and so let's go ahead and look at the first one so these running boards down here that are on a lot of trucks or SUVs especially Tahoes and Suburbans and sequoias that help you actually step up into the car they often fade very very quickly because they're black trimmed or that black porous trim so when you're detailing a lot of times they look very onion they can have just kind of an odd appearance and even though you've cleaned them they still kind of have that weird on uniform appearance and it's not necessarily your fault they're faded or whatever but when my customer is not actually paying for them to be restored of course I'm not going to go into the time and effort and money that it takes to restore the black trim there is still a couple things that I can do in order to improve it at a pretty dramatic level and protect it from here on out so rather than just leaving this clean which I totally could do I've scrubbed it already scrubbed it with some all-purpose cleaner a wheel brush so soft bristles hosed it off and it's definitely clean but rather than just leaving it clean I'm gonna take some McGuire's synthetic Express spray wax and spray it all over the running board and then just kind of work it in now this strategy does not work every time because a lot of times with trim that is extremely faded it's just gonna have the same appearance that it did before because the Maguire's ex wefts it doesn't actually restore anything or necessarily deep in the black look it just kind of protects and so in this case because of the nature of the beast and the condition of this specific black trim the Maguire's ex wax would work just fine rather than just having a clean running board and clean black trim that's kind of splotchy and spotty and even had a little you know a couple like freckles from the tire shine on it now it's a much more uniform appearance you guys can see though it's not 100% perfect because it has to be restored it's dramatically dramatically better and it's just one of those things that takes such little time and it's going to help the black trim not just last longer but it does just give the entire overall look of the car a much better kind of visual appeal and especially first impression because you're dressing these things that are fairly obvious now the next thing that I'm gonna address are these front grilles here so this is a chrome grille and of course as I talked about in many of my videos you can't it's difficult to get brushes in there it's difficult to get your fingers and microfiber towels in there to clean it all and so the strategy that normally I take with these is simply taken like a long bores hairbrush to these with some all-purpose cleaner and then hosing it off and really just letting it air dry but the problem is when you let it air dry and you get really close up in here no there's not a lot of water spots or anything but there is just kind of settled dust and it's not very shiny and so is my customer gonna get up here and look at it and inspect it and say why didn't you do this no they're not but because I want to give that level 10 service and I don't want to kind of cop out with anything I want to make sure that this is brought to perfection as well and then not only up here but also down here we have black trim pieces same thing on the other side as well and I want to make sure that even though somebody's probably not going to get down here and look at it this is something that I'd like to address before I officially finish detailing the car so what I'm gonna use is a product by show car it's called ultra shine detail spray and technically this is an interior dedicated product but it works very well on these chrome pieces on the exterior and so I'm just going to dress the whole thing with this here so now you guys can see I don't know how well it actually shows up in the camera if there's a huge dramatic difference in the camera but I'll try to get close in here you guys can see the dust that settles kind of gets blown out and then there's this kind of kind of like shiny sacrificial barrier on the chrome pieces kind of like tire shine protects the underlying rubber this is kind of something that's very easily to wash washed off and then the next time I come to detail this vehicle now that this kind of protective layer is on there the bugs come off much easier the dust comes off much easier all that sort of thing and it just looks very very very shiny now and so it looks just totally waxed and so I'll try to get a different angle so you guys can see and then also of course down here this black trim though probably never going to be seen that's dressed as well and of course this is all about the details now the very last thing I do before I actually pack up all of my things and start talking to the customer is I leave a little kind of gift in here so you guys can see this is my business card wrapped or kind of in the pocket of a wrapped up microfiber towel and two little lifesaver mints now why do I do that because this is one of those things that's like no it's not necessary but it's one of those things that kind of pushes people over the edge so not only is the car just incredibly clean and yes it's a very intensive detail it's it's what I would consider better than the other guys in this area then you step in and you see this on top of all that and it's like oh my gosh man this is an awesome service and I'm always thinking about things how can I do a step up how can I add something else with with little time little effort but just those small things that kind of push everything over the edge and this is one of those things so it's just kind of one of those free little gift things I actually order these microfiber towels they're pretty cheap they're just kind of dusting towels I order about 50 to 100 of them at a time on Amazon very very inexpensive like 20 bucks for the whole thing obviously the mints are very expensive and then I just put my business cards right there and it's one of those things that's just like man this is so awesome so now just so you guys can have kind of a final look I'll take you around the whole car so you guys can see what it looks like and this is a fairly new vehicle so it is in super good condition didn't take a ton of effort or a ton of time this is one of those vehicles that is getting maintained from the get-go and so is going to be maintained throughout its life and look pretty much just like this at all levels you guys can see the wheel wells are done tires wheels are done these little running boards all that sort of stuff so if you guys liked this video make sure to hit the thumbs up button and if you have any questions comments concerns so couple all that stuff in the YouTube comments below cuz always read those and I'm sure to get back to you guys as fast as I can and if you're new to the Wilson auto detailing community then definitely consider subscribing because I come out with videos all the time just like this on products tools strategies communication skills business skills and so much more all in an effort to help the pro Detailers become more successful and profitable in their businesses and I share the same strategies that turn my business into a full-time income with part-time hours so if that interests you definitely subscribe once again thank you guys so much for being involved here and as always from Luke here at Wilson Auto Detailing keep working hard and I'll see you guys in the next video


  1. I don't understand why you didn't finish the running boards? Great job on the whole vehicle except for that. Wouldn't a quick treatment of VRP take care of that? I'm not bashing but things like this stick out to me.

  2. I recommend to everyone the "Quickshot aerosol dressing" by Hi-Tech.

  3. Hey luke i am a mobile detailer in florida! Thank you for the great idea! Great channel 😎👍🏼

  4. Have you ever used bumper coat by showcar. I found that it would help restore back to black finish after it has faded!! Keith

  5. Buen video. Creo que es muy buen detalle hacer algo extra de lo usual para que el trabajo sea "level 10" y gracias por responder a mi pregunta sobre cual es el detalle que dejas en la guantera. Excelente detalle.

  6. Appreciate that little towel business card mint idea that is awesome totally gnna start doing that lol

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