Powerful Roar Of A Majestic Wild African Male Lion

Powerful Roar Of A Majestic Wild African Male Lion

hello alright ill do it just once. come on now guys this isnt funny! im trying to take a nap. no flash photography! ugh! something in my throat! hey you! you over there! now im mad. forget you all. People with cameras these days. tuttut alright im leaving im really gonna leave elvis has left the building dont photograph my behind.


  1. Lion is clean best different brave highest king . far better than nasty ugly killable burnable hellish hateable tigers yeck gth emen

  2. Go all the lions kill all the tigers then all humans kill all harmful carnivors beasts then leave harmless tiny nice animals only wow no danger on earth then heaven yay emen

  3. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj jab ghussa hote the tab unka bhi aavaj Kuch aaysa he hota tha 🚩🚩🚩🚩 jay jijavu jay shivray jay shambu raje 🚩🚩

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