Porsche Macan Turbo vs Cayman GTS – is the SUV a sports car on stilts?

Porsche Macan Turbo vs Cayman GTS – is the SUV a sports car on stilts?

I could drive this car all day long. Porsche’s
range is bigger than ever, and we’re testing two of their newest and most exciting models
– the Macan Turbo and the Cayman GTS. Now, clearly they couldn’t be more different. The
Macan is a sports SUV that occasionally has to cope with this sort of surface, whereas
the Cayman GTS is a more powerful version of the lovely Cayman S and comes with sports
suspension that should make it right at home on the track. Given that both of these very
different Porsches cost just under £60,000, people in the Auto Express office started
to wonder just how different they’d be on the test track. So, to find out, we’re going
to put both of them through an Auto Express track battle. The Cayman GTS has 340bhp and
380NM of torque. It’ll hit 60mph in 4.6 seconds and weighs just 1,345kg. WHen it comes to
price, it’s going to set you back just over £55,000. The Macan Turbo has 400bhp and 550NM
of torque. But, it tips the scales at 1,925kg and will cost you just over £59,000, but
it’ll still hit 60mph in just 4.8 seconds. OK, so the Porsche Cayman GTS. I’ve been looking
forward to driving this car for a long time. The Porsche Cayman S is one of my all-time
favourite cars and on a test track like this its just sublime, the Cayman S. Mid-engined,
beautiful, beautiful balance so, can the GTS really be that much better? So, there’s a
little bit more power, and this car has got the 20mm lower stiffer sports suspension,
so it hasn’t got PASM active dampers, but its 20mm lower, sports suspension. So, let’s
find out what sort of lap time it does. The Cayman S is already one of the quicker cars
we’ve ever recorded so just how quick can the GTS be? Its exhaust sounds absolutely
gorgeous, so second gear out of the last corner and accelerating hard over the start/finish
line, changing up to third gear about 7,500, long gearing. manual gearbox obviously, so
second gear now through this left/right/left change of direction it is absolutely sublime.
Just a whiff of oversteer on the exit at about 80mph up to third gear, just gorgeous that
change of direction. Fourth gear, just over 110mph, hard on the brakes, hard hard on the
brakes, standard brakes on this car but still mighty mighty brakes – so much stability.
The traction out of that hairpin was just incredible, absolutely amazing. Third gear,
sounds epic, long gearing so down to second gear into here. The turn in through those
high speed corners is just mental. So much precision on the way into the corner, little
bit of oversteer, and maintaining the oversteer with the throttle. Beautifully balanced up
to third gear, through these high speed esses, I could drive this car all day long. Hard
on the brakes- the gearbox and pedals are perfect for heel and toe, it’s just awesome.
Mega in the quick stuff and it’s so agile in the low speed corners. traction again is
mega there, and across the line. The Cayman GTS was an absolute delight to drive around
the circuit and set an impressive lap time of 1:10.5 seconds. That’s 1.2 seconds faster
than a Cayman S. How will the Macan Turbo get on? OK, so I didn’t think I could be any
more impressed than a Cayman S, but I have to say on track, that the GTS just polishes
that almost perfect car even further than I thought was possible. So, how does this
car compare? How does a Macan Turbo compare? So it costs £4,000 more, it’s got a twin-turbo
V6, but it weighs over 500kg more than the Cayman. Obviously, you’re comparing a mid-engined
sports rear-wheel drive sports car against a four-wheel drive SUV, so how is going to
compare? Well, I have to say I drove this car up here very gently on the road and it’s
a sublime road car. It’s beautiful cabin is really refined, effortless performance ,great
car – but what’s it going to be like trying to set a lap time? Well let’s find out. Second
gear, we’ve got everything in the sportiest settings. This car’s got the optional torque
vectoring as well, so on the throttle, third gear – that twin-turbo V6 sounds lovely, it
really does. When you get on the brakes, obviously there is a little bit of dive, but it’s well-controlled.
When you’re in these changes of direction, you really have to work on not getting understeer
so, if you go in rally hard it will turn but you get a lot of understeer and that kills
the lap time. So we’re trying to keep it really smooth, about 110mph, braking into this chicane,
so just a fraction slower than the Cayman at that point – it jiggles and hops as you
get on the throttle. The traction is obviously really good with four-wheel-drive. It does
feel a heavy car, but for an SUV, it’s pretty impressive. I’ve got to say this hasn’t got
the optional ceramic brakes. If you were going to drive it hard on a circuit all the time,
you’d definitely want them and there, just a little bit of understeer, you can see a
dial here on the dash showing the power transfer to the rear. Quite good through that high
speed change of direction, but a bit of understeer on the exit. Trying to keep on the throttle
to get the power transfer into the rear, hard on the brakes – quite a bit of grumble from
the brakes now. A bit of understeer there. It’s not in its natural environment doing
this that’s for sure. it’s a very good road car, a very good sports SUV, but what sort
of lap time is going to do? Across the line. OK, so the end result wasn’t much of a surprise
– the Cayman showed a clean pair of heels to the Macan around the test track, but there’s
more to these cars than racing against a stopwatch. The Cayman GTS is simply one of the finest
cars I’ve ever driven on a circuit. It’s beautifully balanced and an absolute joy to drive. The
Macan isn’t as at its best when it’s chasing a lap time, but it’s got lots of grip and
a very smooth, powerful and refined engine, and it’s one of the best sports SUVs you can
buy. So, in our minds, both of these Porsches are winners. If you want to see some more
Porsche track battle action, click on the video windows to watch the Porsche Cayman
S take on the Lotus Evora, or watch the Cayenne Turbo take on the tuned Cayenne Turbo S. And
to watch our latest video, click on the play icon and don’t forget to subscribe to our
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  1. Perfect garage right there. Macan for the day to day grind and the Cayman for the fun times. And for less than the price of an optioned 911 turbo. (Based on Australia's inflated luxury car pricing)

  2. brilliant edditing … 2:10 inside the  cayman  getting ready  for the left corner 2:12  left corner but in the Macan 2:16  after the left turn back in the cayman :))

  3. Such a pointless review, I always like AutoExpress but I feel like they are getting cars every week randomly and testing them against each other… This is another example, all what these cars share is a badge and price tag, 2 seater vs 4/5 seater, previous review was RS6 vs Ducati… Come on AutoExpress, you can do better than that!!

  4. Thank God that the monstrous Macan was humiliated. It's a shame that Porsche has to build such rubbish but the revenue does allow them to build proper sports cars I guess.

  5. All I want is to drive a cayman with a manual gearbox!!!! I just want to experience a flat 6 engine behind me! Who would like to lend me theirs???

  6. Track Tests are so Passé !!!
    Here's an idea, actually test them on our rough British Roads, radical I know ?? !!
    You're Dutch Sister Channel is so much better and they even do English Subtitles for us on Dutch Speaking viewers, perhaps have a peep and get a few ideas ?? !!

  7. amazing times where a Porsche GTS coupe has the same price as a compact SUV. I know which one I'd chose, given I'd spent this shit load of money on a car…
    I'd just buy a skoda or whatever to haul my family around and enjoy every minute of driving for when I have a car all for myself.

  8. I'm not 100% sure, but I think this Macan had Sport Chrono (I can see clock on the dash) pack which boosts its' 0-60 from 4,8 to 4,6 s. 

  9. What a stupid test.
    A Purpose built sports car with manual box and rear wheel drive against a mini SUV with auto and 4×4.
    A playday for the tester maybe but absolutely useless comparison.

  10. !! WHY !! must these asshole editors cut off every interesting driver's view scene prematurely? We want to see how these cars drive, dumbasses.

  11. How can the Macan be one of the best sport-SUVs out there (by the way, know what the 'S' in SUV stands for?) when it massively understeers on the limit? How?!

  12. LOL at 2:15 they cut to the Macan interior – I was like WTF? did the GTS get an upgraded steering wheel and dash? Nope… an editor got carried away 🙂

  13. Macan Turbo has gone along way. I used to think that Porsche SUV's look like gay trash (no offense to any gay people). This new one looks furious as hell. I want. 

  14. I think Porshe could make the Macan a supercar of sorts if they give it the "Juke GT-R" treatment like Nissan did. Drop it down, give it some fender flares, and some nice wide wheels and it will go from looking like an SUV to a hot hatch, just like the Juke GT-R. A stock Juke looks like a regular, biggish SUV, but after the GT-R treatment, it looks a lot smaller and like it was meant to be a hot hatch from the start. I think Porsche could definitely pull off the same effect with the Macan.

  15. The Cayman would have done a couple seconds better with PDK and probably 5 seconds under even that in sport plus left in full auto. Reviews love to paddle shift though 😉

  16. Wirklich Schade das  Porsche von den VW Zuhältern dazu gezwungen wurde sowas zu produzieren… Porsche würde wahrscheinlich die besten Autos der Welt produzieren wenn sie nicht die NUTTE von VW wären…. der schlimmste Fehler der jemals passiert ist in dieser Hinsicht….

  17. I definitely agree with him when he said he can drive the Cayman GTS 'all day long'. That's b/c I have driven the RUF 3400S the most with my Thrustmaster T500RS on GT6 winning the most races.

  18. I'd have them both if money wasn't an issue. This GTS will be my next car. I'd prefer the GT4 but can't stand the wing. Anyway…..

  19. 2:13–2:15 u can see its the automatic, plus… another body color… hahahah and the review is on a blue manual…

  20. just look at who buys the BMW's, people on budget some of them do not even have money and who buys the Porsches, people with the businesses. Good bless Porsche!!!

  21. JUST ONCE, will someone please test the Boxster/Cayman on YouTUbe with the PDK/Chrono launch control option.
    It is much, much faster than the manual and would have achieved a much faster lap time. There are many tests of Boxsters/caymans on YouTube, and virtually every single one of them pits the manual against dual clutched spec'd opposition. Please -especially when comparing drag times or lap times, start comparing like with like – IE dual clutch vs dual clutch, not manual vs dual clutch!! It makes a huge difference to the performance.

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