PilotsEYE.tv – PVG | Shanghai A340 SWISS “Engine Overheat” – Trailer

PilotsEYE.tv  – PVG | Shanghai A340 SWISS “Engine Overheat” – Trailer

Swiss 188, Wind 210 Degrees, 6 knots,
Runway 16, cleared for take off. Flight attendants,
take-off in one minute. Delivery good day, LX1056, Info “L”,
Airbus 320 A04, ready for Hamburg. Welcome on board of our Airbus A340 for
the flight LX188 from Zurich to Shanghai. My name is Thomas Frick,
I am the captain on this flight. I am teaming up with two
colleagues today first officer Manuela Durussel and
first officer Hans Conrad Stamm. Runway 16 to Shanghai,
“Deges1S” departure Ladies and Gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking, unfortunately I do not have
very good news for our flight to Shanghai. We had to shutdown
the engine No. 3. A very unusual and uncomfortable
situation: one engine out. Off, Master Caution … engine shutdown
… checked! So, that makes a lot of sense
to turn back now. Do you declare
an emergency? Negative! Our status is “pan-pan”.
(Possible Assistance Needed) Zurich already prepared for a replacement,
what leads to a good connection time. which is the best solution for the passengers.
Great, if everything runs that smoothly. Ready for departure. Guys, we have the knack! ATC: Servus Manu Patrick? Alex!
Salut Alex. Have a Good Flight.
Thank you, you too. Never fly with girls…
they are immediately flirting, with half of the airspace,
aren’t they? What about a “Schoki” a little “Zuckerstoessli” (fast energy) ?
Yes, Thank you Today’s route over the black sea,
Caspian Sea, the entire china,
over Beijing to Shanghai. Welcome to Shanghai. That’s what I like, an ocean liner
on a lush Swiss meadow. Isn’t that the perfect interaction,
between the town and the country? Wow, that’s breathtaking!
You’re Right! Let’s clean up:
This is an A340, all systems ok, ILS present
activate approach phase, please. There is a plane
4000 feet below. We are passing Beijing,
very cloudy today. Glideslope!
Swiss188, clear to land. Clear to land
All lights are on. Flaps full
Gear down Autopilot off
(one hundred) flirting with half of the airspace
aren’t they… ?


  1. Now before you take off remeber the following
    1 There is nothing wrong with both engines
    2 the plane has enuff hydrolic fluids
    3 The atificial navigator is working
    4 and last of all the plane has the right fuel in it
    Because there has been so many crashes due to all above and last of all the Captains ego has also caused many crashes this is serious as passengers are putting their lives in your hands compare Air Crash investigations oh and dont fly through thunderstorms!

  2. Yes, of course. Despite all the security checks, it is possible ,that an engine in the air goes down unexpectedly . Even the pilot said in german, that it was a rare and unpleasant situation.

  3. You can clearly see that they are pro's. Both the pilots as well as the crew that filmed. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us, amazing job!

  4. A call of three repetitions of pan-pan is used to signify that there is an urgency on board. Next step would be "Mayday", for real trouble and real danger.

  5. I bought the DVD and I have to admit that Mr. Frick seems to be the coolest person I've ever seen xD The candy bar right after shutting one engine down and his beautiful accent, that's just amazing! I already own three other piloteye.tv DVDs, but I have to admit that this one is by far the best one! BUY THIS DVD, PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!! YOU WONT REGRET A SECOND!!!!

  6. This looks like the shows my daughters use to watch on mtv. It jumps every second or 2. I don't like. You never get a real feel of what is going on. Not my type of video.

  7. Swiss Air is awesome, I've been flying it since I was a child to visit my cousins in Swiss and business flights to Delhi. "Anything" Switzerland is awesome!!!

  8. Good seeing Capt Thomas Frick again. I remember him from his MD11 days with SWISS. To the PilotsEYEtv team … you guys (and that includes the ladies) are the "gods" of aviation videos. Absolutely STUNNING. I love love love your videos!!! 🙂


  10. hes the denzil washington of pilots eye tv,cool calm and collected.the pilot you would want on every flight you go on

  11. Wird die 14er Bahn nicht für Landungen der A340 genutzt? Für das Landen braucht man doch weniger Strecke….

  12. Thank you very much for offering me your assistance to a truly great field!!!!!!

  13. I just love these videos, thanks for sharing. As a private pilot you've got to respect the calm professionalism of the airline pilots 🙂

  14. 1:38 Lucky he is not in America, lest the Jews abseil through the cockpit window and arrest him for a hate crime.

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