pendulum combustion engine – patent

pendulum combustion engine – patent

classical engine vs pendulum engine classical engine the same capacity the same powerOVER QUADRUPLE DIFFERENCE IN SIZEclassical engine 2000ccm, one blade 2000ccm, two blades 4000ccm Induction stroke Compression Induction stroke power stroke compression Exhaust stroke power stroke


  1. this will not work, the force on the drive shaft being used at the bottom of this design either wont turn because it is not free enough, or it will just break.

  2. @pcenginejg provided the blade doesn't snap in half, and the linkage at the bottom doesn't get mangled, I'd consider adding another blade at the back and moving the exhaust/intake valves or making it a two stroke, because right now the two power strokes in a row will vibrate the thing to pieces.

  3. The air intake ports (plural) should be at the base of the pendulum. The exhaust ports should be on the outer edge to ensure as much exhaust is pushed out as possible.

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