PC Auto Chess Beta Units Preview/Matching With Dota Auto Chess

PC Auto Chess Beta Units Preview/Matching With Dota Auto Chess

what's going on guys it's done here and this is a very early beta of the PC Auto chess standalone game by Jurado in this video I want to show you guys the units the heroes and we'll be matching them with the dota all the chess units the dota 2 heroes mainly doing this before I jump into some gameplay action mainly doing this because although the auto chess is what you guys that are subscribed to my channel have been seeing so far and we need to be able to recognize the heroes over here as well because this is the same game pretty much all the chess is the same as those auto chests except that different looking and different looking heroes and they also have different names most of them so let's go ahead and start with this we can also go through the races real quick because they have different names as well cave family this is the orcs beast glacier is trolls insomnia is undead ocean race is Nagas human dragon dwarf goblin demon feathered is elves and we have kira which is augur spirit is elementals and we have a couple of gods those looks pretty good by the way I like the Zeus which is called god of thunder the word the classes are pretty much the same warrior hunter knight assassin warlock mage shaman druid devil hunter is demon hunter and artisan is mix so let's get go ahead and get started with the units will be going through them one by one and we'll be seeing their ability and everything so first we have red acts chief this is acts with the ability taunt is a cave clan warrior we have unicorn with the ability cure this is enchantress I did not find a way of changing the language to English I guess that they will add this a little bit later for now it's only Chinese so we're gonna have to do it like this and another thing is if I click on two or three stars they don't really show exactly they do look different when they are two or three star units but they are not shown fully yet so we're gonna have to look at them as a one star as well ochre mage with the ability here it eight this is ogre Magi dusk champion with the ability arctic punch this is tusk a curse is the Ranger this is drow Ranger with the ability shooters will come on soul breaker with the ability shuriken this is bounty hunter overlord with the ability bad result this is clockwork markers be a cheap job the factor with the ability hex this is shadow shaman frost night with the ability bomb damage this is bad writer heaven Bombur with the ability tracing missile this is Tinker on the boom this one looks completely different taboo Witcher with the ability nullified this is antimage to mutant stones stone spirit with the ability throw this is tiny god of war with the ability shield crush is Mars the source with the ability awake this is crystal Maiden one I'd hunter with the ability willing access this is Beastmaster sward man with the ability blade fury this is juggernaut warp wood sage with the ability reaping death this is timber so fandom queen with the ability magic sound this is queen of pain signing dragon with the ability light and shadow this is puck desperate doctor with the ability bouncing medicine this is witch doctor he knew a Bissel guard with the ability corrosion this is slardar diamond Dark Knight with the ability dark arrow this is chaos night light blade Knight with the ability moon claves this is Luna profit with the ability nature's call this is Furion aka nature's prophet etiology water spirit with the ability wave slash this is morphling this is another one that's completely different a Bissell crawler with the ability stealth this is slark warp wood sage with the ability leech seed this is treant protector werewolf with the ability shape-shift this is lichen poisonous worm with the ability plague war this is venomancer can we talk to you our galley night with the ability purification this is omni night Thunder spirit with the ability light nobody sees razor wind Ranger with the ability power shot is windranger shadow night Walker with the ability critical hit this is phantom assassin Jo Jeeta Tillman cheat a little Goshen I'm a fan of this one I'm a fan evil Knight with the ability shield of skeleton this is Abaddon lord of sand with the ability borough – sand King Oh two armed sniper with the ability fatal shot this is sniper venom with the ability viper strike this is Viper shadow devil with the ability requiem of shadow this is shadow fiend flamming wizard with the ability desolation this is Lina fallen demon hunter with the ability metamorphism is error blade doom arbiter with the ability doom curse is doom pirate captain with the ability ghostly ship is conquer Berserker with the ability battle forever this is troll warlord or taller elder with the ability Kamehameha is keeper of the light I like this one as well Soul Reaper with the ability heart-stopper poles this is necrophos signing assassin with the ability ta field is templar assassin venomancer with the ability chemical rages Alchemist storm shaman with the build ecstatic storm is disrupter siren with the ability gaze this is Medusa Dragon Knight with the ability resonance this is Dragon Knight razor claw with the ability bear spirits partner this is lone druid and if you're wondering how the bear looks like it's a panda the Worf helicopter with the ability called down this is gyro copter with red master with the ability blighted orb this is Linda my stalker with the ability ravaging tentacles this is tidehunter dark spirit with the ability black hole this is enigma Devastator with the ability delayed-action bomb this is techies strange egg with the ability ever changing this is IO god of thunder with the ability Zeus as punishment this is Zeus and this is the last one so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will also upload a gameplay video the only thing I managed to play so far is against bots hopefully very soon we'll have more people into the beta and we'll be able to play games with other players but the very first gameplay I will make one with bots just to show you guys around show you the game and how it looks like inside of a game when you're playing I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did a like on the video would be appreciated and if you're new to the channel subscribe I upload videos every day I also stream on Twitch so don't forget to follow me on Twitch and check out the stream when I'm live thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video have a nice day


  1. "Kamehameha" AYAYA Clap

    Also I remember from watching Baumi's sponsored video about that mobile auto chess game it also has a slime unit that is the same as that Strange Egg.

  2. So… alche is venomancer now, but venomancer isn't alche…ok.
    Also omni has stolen disruptor's mount? lol.
    DK rides dota's viper, but this autochess viper is so fat, how is he even flying? Also looks like flying underlord, but how he can fly? lol.

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