hey actually easy Boober alder level 68 volatile that out a minor dude nice built tiem wasn't too hard yeah there we go hey guys and welcome to a new video today I want to show you a kind of yeah very very interesting and mechanically 200 IQ mining like not mining in terms of Bitcoin like mining mining the mines like out to minor like detonate mines like yeah I I never played his trap and mined builds I was never a big fan of those because I am this kind of super super lazy player as you know me usually one button characters maximum two button characters is fair enough for my type of place down okay I want to make it as easy as possible and that's why we're gonna play an outer miner it's a volatile that outer miner and as you saw in the intro clip this character is at the moment level 68 and has already killed the uber elder and the full clip the full uber elder kill is at the end of the video as an additional show cast footage show Kass Kass case ok showcase footage okay so I'm here to just want to give you my first opinions about this build it's actually the second time I'm playing that the first time was in 3.3 3.4 somewhere at that range so that was super at the end of the league so I didn't really bother to bring another video at that point like 2 weeks until next leaks out and so on so I'm here to just try it again making another try on this one it has gotten some nerves I'm gonna talk about that one a little bit later it's about the immortal called change but yeah how does this build work and why the hell yeah that's it work the way it does okay so basically we have three different Cosman image taking setups so the usual thing that you have to do is in one hand spawn corpses in the second hand don't worry about that that's the trigger addictive tempest on hit the gloves here that just doesn't matter the one hand you have to spawn corpses in a second and you have to spawn your minds right and in the third tenth you have to detonate those to actually spawn your volatiles okay and they are doing a certain amount of damage and it's pretty nice boss DPS so what you have to do basically is just spawning corpses spawning mines detonate mines spawning corpses mines and you keep on going like that okay so when we're using the scolds berdal brittle this is an item that has a very specific unique term which says your skills deal four hundred percent of mana spent on skill mana cost as physical damage and this is one of the few variations to proc yourself cast an image taken setups right so there's another one with these what they call this fire amulet like I of innocence or something where you get fire damage and so on that's also a way to do it but I thought like I want to have a good amount of damage actually one or one-shot bosses or at least like one tapped bosses with this built at a certain stage usually not on 68 but somewhere later and yeah I think like going lowlife for this cause all of these skills like well until that is a spell so we scaling spell damage and so on so how does this work so as I said every time we're spawning something you see that my and that you she'll tear is dropping because we get 400 percent of that damage from our mana cost I'm currently having like 99 mana cost that means about like 99 times four which is about 400 damage that I'm getting every time I'm casting my minds okay and as you see I'm actually probably would kill myself at some point so what we're gonna do is we have one cast one which take a setup that goes into an earth brighter multiple projectiles and volley support the thing is here on earth just spawns corpses right with GMP and volley support we have additional projectiles and since as the unearth is actually projectile we're just spawning more so we're gonna get the first calcium which take a set up into here so as soon as we spawn our minds we also gonna generate some corpses here as you see the second cast one image take a set up is going to be desecrate still skin and increase duration this would have actually been a more to call at a previous stage but I'm going to explain why it is no more so here is desecrate it's another corpse generation so we are using calcium is taking desecrate and Castle image taking and earth to spawn a big amount of corpses every time we're triggering our minds the next thing is we have our detonate minds linked with a Cosmo damage taking as well so now my spells here my volatile that well in one hand spawn corpses in the second plays the mines and in the third just detonate those mines and this is how it looks like when I'm just holding down my volatile dad here right I'm just spawning corpses spawning volatiles and just detonating everything over and over again this is especially quite nice cause if it would do this with arc or any other kind of mind scale it would detonate those so let's say the map device is our boss in this case right and he is like in his face like uber elder we're just talking at the moment you know you cannot really prepare those you really need to set your minds and as soon as they're active detonate mines you know this way they're just talking and you're just standing there relaxing you know and just spawn your volatiles and as soon as they're getting active there is I don't know like 30 40 balls that are just hunting down the enemy and this is a pure one button build if you don't count in flame – as a movement scale because usually you're just running and just do like this you know and the balls will just hand down everything that's in the path right okay this is from the playstyle how does the mechanic itself work so I actually wanted to do ooh BRR alder at level 65 but the damage was not enough at that point so I decided to take this usual Aaliyah's extra chaos damage when's that we are used to play with the winter orb for example remember everything like with eternity shroud but the alias extra chaos gives you a lot of damage right and this could also be played with the Eternity shroud on top of that to make like a really really insane damage but this is something futuristic okay so okay these are my winds here they're just spell damage I used to have these weapons on level 64 I think these were my old weapons for discharge you know they are just having crit strike chance which just doesn't count for the spells this is a base crit for the weapon that's a melee attack crit then we have lightning damage this bells is not too notorious since where a fire built it's still a little bit damage attack speed doesn't matter hits cannot be evaded doesn't matter so the only thing that here counts is the a little bit spell damage and some lightning damage to spells that was using those at level 65 trying to kill Ober alder but after like five sets I was like you know the longer the fight lasts the harder it will get because there is so much detail on the floor and so on so I just thought like let's just create the weapons that we're going to use at the end of the build which is spell a fire damage spell spell damage extra chaos alias chaos and so on so this weapons here compared to those weapons gave me more than twice my DPS and this is what this character is doing already a quite amount of damage at level 68 there will come a lot more DPS at the end of the stage because I'm using bullshit items to be honest right there is a lot of other items that would that I would like to use like a mark of the shaper for example a crystal belt some better gloss maybe fingerless silk gloves some better boots you know rings like there is a lot of stuff that I would like to use especially with higher levels more skill points more hours more damage in general right okay there is another thing that I wanna mention here cast when image taking triggers at 528 damage so the problem here at the moment is since I'm using 99 like 396 them and 96 damage that I'm getting at the moment means I have to cast it multiple times to spawn things the thing about the trick about this build is you needs to get your energy shield region as high as possible so we have the ascendency here that gives us a 1% life regen per second for each of your mind steps nated recently that's a lot up to 20% so you're gonna see as soon as I start I'm dropping live over and over again but once these stack up I'm starting to regen faster and faster and at some point I'm actually gaining life although I'm actually hitting myself over and over again okay and this is the point where I'm reaching this 20% and the next thing is you need to have a lot of regen the easier thing to make this build possible is to stand in your hideout and really check your H your energy shield Baro here can be played as a live build as well and just thought like the energy shield like the low life version makes it better so that means you have to check if you're spawning mines continuously continuously are you actually regen or are you dying okay this is a fact that you have to take care of and that's why I'm using a bunch of this regen stuff right here like the the belt here has increased energy shield recovery rate that's that our energy shield recovers faster than usual this doesn't even have a perfect implicit I'm a noob holy shit okay the other things here this is just max yes here then we have sin tracks with a region if you've hit if you've been hit recently right and since I'm hitting myself with this at this boots and chant the two percent live region are active all the time okay so then I have region where is more region you know some more yes so I can regen the problem is I did have here we have some more region here we have some region although this is mana regen doesn't matter the thing the problem here is that I'm low level that means I cannot really take full advantage of my whole region that I would like to have and this is why I won't I will finish this build like level 90 and just make it more insanely stupid so the reason why I'm actually want to do have more region is this one the fevered mind so as I said I'm dealing myself 396 damage at the moment and caspo damage taking triggers at 528 means that on the first couple of things it's not always fracking you know sometimes only corpses sometimes only volatiles and so on it still was enough damage to kill the uber outright but if you're taking this one now a hundred percent increased mana cost of skills if we put this over here for example now my volatile that cost two hundred twenty nine percent mmm on alright so two hundred twenty-nine times four means I'm getting nine hundred damage per second rate or at least per cast and as you see here there is no freaking way that I can region that in one hand I'm having too much mana cost to actually keep my my mana pool high enough and in the other hand if I'm just spamming this one I would die because I have too much mana cost at a certain point at a certain level I will have enough region to take care of that enough mana regen enough energy shield enough basic region that I'm can can actually proc all cows with image taken setups every time I'm using my volatiles right that will just boost up the DPS because the volatiles will be more frequently and just more volatiles in total so that's the reason why I'm not using that kind of chill right now so perfect let's go over the gear real quick path of building link as always it's an inscription below so let's take a look it's Colt Bertil as I said if you can or if you can't have it is the volatile that summon up or at least uses up one more corpse so more volatiles more damage you have the first castle in which take a set up with a detonate mines then I have discipline and Herald of ash then we have our two weapons they're pretty much the same early damage multimode that you're just gonna spam your alterations then rego and you're on the multi model here we have flame – faster case casting and arcane search every time I'm using my flame – I can actually get my arcane search so we're dealing more damage on the off end I have anger with blood magic it's in a kind of low state since I'm level 68 I cannot use level 21 gems or anything like that means that these gems are most in level 70 here and this soaks up like how much percent 97 percent of my life okay so I'm having actually three percent life just to have like more damage here right god my PC is so bad if I scroll in there is just so much stuff going on that my FPS just goes down the roof okay so clarity because of my watchers either I will go over in a bit then we have our shafts so Chevron's wrapping is mandatory in this belt because in it it enables us to run low life without a big deal cause chaos damage does not bypass your energy shield so you have life and you have energy shield as based on your life pool right but chaos damage does ignore the energy shield so I have basically 18 life against chaos damage so whatever does chaos damage will instantly kill me right that's why am I using a shaft some chaos damage is not bypass energy shield and here I have volatile death trap and mine damage support remote mine mine field support conk effect and combustion support for the damage here right so out reppin mine remote mine those kind of stuff is just to throw more traps more traps more try at once then on the presence of Chula as the amulet I have mine with discipline increased our effects on having more energy shield but this is mandatory for 20% max life compared to energy shield stand immunity chaos resistance over all shafts with a presence of Chula goes hand-in-hand in quite a lot of builds for the rest of the items this just like energy shield resistance energy shield resistance and a to shield resistance and a to shield resistance it's great to have energy shield recovery here that's a shape to base here and sync track is a pretty cheap boots for a lot of energy shield they can have up to four hundred and 150 max energy shield and energy shield on the base of that so it's actually a lot of energy shield that I'm getting here if I'm unequipping dose I'm losing like six seven hundred energy shield just by the boots I mean at the end of the day if you're having like really good items your high level oh come on it's always a little bit nasty if you're having to equip your items before so do we have anything with dexterity at the moment probably this will fix it wait a second remove one two one two ah shit I don't get that anyways goddammit okay you better check that you have enough dexterity because these boots give dexterity so how much am I missing for dexterity maybe it maybe actually wait a second if we move this one for now and don't just put anything dexterity like where do you have the Xterra T here so equip this one put this one in remove the point again oh god the skill tree shenanigans here Wow but as I said these boots give you a lot of energy shield they are pretty cheap and with the enchant I think I paid like less than an axe or maybe an axe for these boots so that's pretty affordable here as well so gloves have customers taking desecrate steel skin and increase duration support and the boots have caster damage taking an earth GMP and volley support for more projectiles for a flask it's serious promise extra Elias chaos damage some leech then we have a bleeding applae team unity with sulfur flask for more life region or at least energy shield read because the social files gives you consecrated ground and consecrate ground gives ya think 6% live region and since we are using cells earth we have six percent energy shield region then a Diamond flask with freeze immunity because we're a crit build so the base create the creature strike chances luck is pretty good and wise oak for a damage penetration that is mandatory like if you you need to check that your fire resistance they want and the brackets here is the highest among all your resistance so you're getting the fire penetration since this is a pure fire build right and then a quick silver flask just move faster so one thing I wanted to mention about the immortal call immortal call made you immune for a certain amount of time this was actually mandatory in this build at some point because you used to have Kozma damage taking blood rage desecrate immortal call what that means was you are having blood rage and autocast so every time you prop your minds you're gonna get the blood rage effect so you're getting physical damage over time and with proc in your immortal call that stopped the damage over time for a certain amount of duration and then you got basically the self or Akali the second step 50% increased recovery of life and energy shield if you stopped taking dime damage over time recently means practing immortal cocking blood rage getting physical damage over time rockin immortal calls stop taking physical damage over time and procure our Akali upgrade so you're getting a bunch of region over here this doesn't work anymore because the immortal call doesn't make you immune to physical damage anymore unless you have like I don't know how many endurance charges right because you're just getting a less physical damage and the more endurance charges you have the less damage you get so at a certain point you should be immune but it's like six or seven endurance charges which is something we will not get as a saboteur here right alright so the next thing here Pantheon's let's talk about those real quick as i said this doesn't work anymore maybe i'll find another way to practice because this will actually make us use the fevered mind to get more damage to proc more volatiles per second and get more damage but at the moment i cannot survive that and then i have soul of youghal at the moment with the upgrade for reduced call damage take if you've been hit recently which means that I'm just having an easier time and not getting like easily one shot by the elder spikes right okay let's talk about the skill tree real quick I'm using the pyromaniac this is the most important thing here because of the region then a second and third lap is the mine notes that we're getting more mines and damage here and then born in the shadows because the the blind also helps the survivability cell it pretty much usual trap and mine skill tree going over here taking the trap and my notes here some more energy shield leech coming from the spell damage mana reservation more and more nodes at the moment running 60 plus decks and 60 Plus strength because I cannot wear any of the other items at the moment because my items are just shit it is like it is level 68 what do we expect although for level 68 the items are good but would have been like level 90 or something that the gear would be definitely different and I'm going to upload the upgrade of this build with some boss killing clips at like in like two or three days once I'm done leveling up and gearing this character alright so one thing that is super important here is the Watchers I I'm having a triple clarity Watchers eye which is completely not necessary there's only a two mod watches I that you actually want to have and this is chance to recover maximum mana if you use a skill while affected by clarity and damage taking game this mana over four seconds when you're when hit well affected by clarity holy shit so okay what does these two mods do basically if I'm not having clarity you're gonna see that I'm dropping my mana after four spell's five spells I'm out of mana the thing is with these two mods I'm getting damaged all the time right so I'm getting a percentage of the damage that I'm doing back as mana and also randomly like 10% or 15% chance 15% I recover 10% of maximum mana when I use a skill so I'm basically always using skills so based on the damage that I'm getting as you see my mana pool I'm actually having absolutely no trouble spamming that away this would also come in handy when I'm using the fevered mind at one stage because I need to have a helluva mana regen to as possible to cunts constantly making those volatiles right so the to mod as asset damage taking gained this mana and the chance like I would say first hand is the damage taking gain this mana second is the chance to recover mana when you use the scale okay the third one that the increased mana recovery rate is something that is not necessary but I got this one for pretty cheap based on like a triple clarity should actually be fifty sixty exalts I got this one for twenty or twenty five exalts and as a triple mod I thought like yeah let's just buy it I don't really care because I'm having absolutely too much currency to just like you know just use it but it's not mandatory for the build at all okay um okay so what else do we need mana reservation I'm using here double energy within one with corrupt blood one with silence well the silence is not here anymore reap I wanted to use that actually what's around on the market I don't know doesn't matter okay corrupted blood is actually kind of fine to have especially for mapping and this transform all of these notes into energy shield notes don't forget to use pain at human when you're a lowlife so you get the 30% more spell damage that's actually a big chunk of them it should be actually so let's check here I'm having 37 damage and here I'm having now 48 so that's a bunch of damage that I'm getting more here hey wait a second it 30% so perfect then some more trap and 9 my notes damage damage energy shield life blah blah blah and sellouts oath to have the region on energy shield instead of life alright we talked about the gear the flasks the skill tree as a set path of building link is in description below Pantheon's as a set I have here Solaris at the moment and you go this is not even upgraded so I didn't really care about that one and for the bandits I helped a Lyra because we're a crit build energy air like crit multiplier and all resistance which is quite fine let's talk about the cosmetic real quick the full infernal helm infernal body armor infernal gloves and boots and we have ultimate chaos character fact infernal footprints that was serif dagger with cult of Darkness effect and I'm just wondering why I'm actually not wearing any kind of cool fancy wings maybe this one maybe Phoenix maybe yeah Phoenix looks quite fine perfect okay now the the MTX is complete I'm not using ball to that because it's a fire bill and then like the fire volatiles more than the stygian black wallet Alice okay then flying a dragon flame – then we have betrayal our effect carnage automaton Herald effect lava all right effect and yeah nothing for desecrate top okay I think I'm done with this I'll give you now the full uber elder run that I've did like yesterday on level 68 uber elder down which is quite nice I did not expect to pull it off that fast it was a couple of sets to be honest but not too many so I'm now leveling this build up to probably like level 90 ish and so on and then we're gonna get some really good gear in here I do have from other build some some nice shields here like this one for example a lot of energy shield crit double resistance then I having my gloves here that I crafted for my I think the discharge was it or something damage good resistance and yeah so I have some some gear prepared here that I used in other character so I'm actually looking forward to get this one up and then just equipping those and see how fast can I kill shape or how fast can I kill Guardians will it be within one second because I think I'm probably gonna scale this one up to about 250,000 shape or damage per shaper ball carb all right and if we're just saying here like how many balls will I have quite a lot so if everything hits together it should be a couple million damage within a blink of an eye okay that's it for today guys thanks for tuning in thanks for watching and see you next video you know the key in this fight is just dunking it easy to the abyss well that that slow was nasty there that smell was actually nasty he's still slowing shaper slam free – how we go to the base a degen is so nasty here when you're bound on your regeneration itself hey actually easy Boober alder level 68 volatile that out a minor dude nice built tiem wasn't too hard yeah there we go easy clap okay now give me a triple something good hatred race haste what the fuck is this shit a lot of grace movement speed is not that bad but actually hey I did it that was not too hard actually with the right amount of damage and you know just don't get it you know so you


  1. is that still going on???? leveling???? i`m waiting for this when lvl over 90!
    so i started as scion , i didnt like the 25% less mana cost

  2. This build is definitely nice, but it is not a unique idea, build has been done before 🙂 Good video though!

  3. why do you always play so many exhausting builds? remembering here your vaal blight farmer too…too much skill rotation stuff. builds like these are draining brains in a couple hours

  4. Hey man. I was done with the league and now you reignited the fire for me. VD is my all time favorite skill. Since I'm a noob that just follow builds, when you make the complete guide for this build will you also add a leveling session so we, noobs, know how to level it and stuff? Thanks in advance. o7

  5. im trying to make a life based tree, trying to find a good balance to make this as a starter, but i fail miserably xD (srry for my english)

  6. You can't be immune to physical damage with immortal call despite how ever much endurance charges you have, because %physical damage reduction is capped at 90%

  7. 1. Could I use a RF gear setup with this build? Seems like it would work…. coob, Phoenix shield, shavs, chayula, sin trek, shapers glove, etc…
    2. Could this be done with an occultist?
    3. Replace conc effect with energy leech? It does support it.

  8. Hey mbx, cool build as always, i have a cyclone build you might like, i wanted to do a cyclone that doesnt use slayer, cheftain, or champion. And i thiught about it and came up with berserker, since no one is using it really. Here is the thing about it. I have 10 mil shaper dps, and i am using kaoms heart, kaoms boots and a stankonja helm, with a pretty easy to craft 2h sword without the chance of double damage mod (ill tell you in a sec why) and basically only need to worry about 1 six link and 2 4 links, its super easy and fun. See the thing is we basically use berserker but also basically have champion ascendancies as well as getting double damage but at 50%, heres how. The 2 handed weapon will give us perma fortify (champion ascendancy) the tree will give us more damage when have fortify (champion ascendancy) the weapon will also give us enemies cant evade attacks (champion ascendancy) so now that we have basically the juicy champion ascnednacies for free lets see how we get the chance of double damage without having it on our weapon. Well thats where berserker comes in. Not only to you get 40% more damage with ascendancy (yes more, not increased) we also get rage stacks which stack up to 50, which after a few mobs, you will be dishing out 50% chance to deal double damage, which is way more than you get from any weapon mob. What even more crazy is you can use berserk skill to trade in those rage stacks for some really crazy buffs, aoe, AS and more, its really fun and you should check it out. Plus its super easy 2 buttons at max. I did t even go into blitzing, ill let you have fun with that 😉

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