Osaka to Tokyo by Bus | Japan Travel Vlog

Osaka to Tokyo by Bus | Japan Travel Vlog

Good morning world! Good morning. Today the travels in Japan continue. We’re leaving Osaka behind. So we’re saying goodbye apartment. You’ve been great. Yes, it has been a great apartment. And we are going to be traveling to Tokyo
by bus. Yes. So we are going to show you the budget friendly
option because the bullet train was not cheap. And the other trains were not cheap. Yeah and we booked it last minute yes so the
bus was probably a third of the price of the train. Yes. Literally. It really was. Literally. So yeah let’s go. We’ve got a metro to catch and then a bus. We’ll show you the journey. Now the fun part going down with all of our
luggage. So when I said we were here bright and early
I was not kidding. What train are we catching? The 533. It is the first metro of the day and we are
here waiting for it. I think we’re the only people around here. Wow. A moment of zen in a Japanese metro station. My goodness. Update! Update. We are now transferring to the red line to
Midosuji. Let’s continue. Let’s continue. So we made it to the bus terminal. What is this right here? So apparently these are sample seats. Sample seats. The ones on the bus should be just like that. So let’s test them out. Alright try them out. Oh check you out. And there is the little something something
behind your head. If you want privacy. Privacy. Privacy. From you? Hahaha. No from sunlight. Anyways these are comfortable. I have a feeling I’m going to be catching
up on some sleep because we woke up at like what four something this morning. Yeah. It was early. Yeah. Tired. So I hiked over to the 7-11 and grabbed us
a little breakfast. Breakfast. Want to show us what I got? We have bananas. Bananas. We have a chicken avocado sandwich to share. What is this? This is bread. Japanese style I think it is sweet bread. And we get one little each. Like pineapple cake? One little bun each. Oh okay. Thank you. So that should tide us until lunch. Hello time for an update. We made it to our first stop. Yeah. We’ve been driving for an hour. Now we get a 20 minute break. 20 minute break. Grab some snacks. I know. There is a restaurant. There is a neat food court in there. There is a 7-11 but uh yeah we’re still pretty
full from breakfast so I think we’ll wait. I still have bananas and leftovers. I think we’ll wait until lunchtime to get
some more food. Ho ho ho what do you got? Lots of bread. Lots of baked goods is what we went for. Show us. So Sam got some kind of tart. Cheesecake-y thing. Yep. I got some kind of bun with cheese. Bun thing. And then in here we have some stuffed pancakes. One has red bean paste and the other one has
red bean paste and custard. Going in for my bun. How is it? That is great. Yeah? It has caramelized onions so it is a little
bit sweet. Yum. Lots of cheese. Gotta like that. Nice little snack. Moving on to mine. And this is this looks just awesome. This is a thick pancake. You can’t believe how much red bean paste
they’ve stuffed in there. This is actually heavy in the hands. Oh I think we had this in Nara. Oh yeah. Right. The stuffed pancake? Oh yeah. That is so good. I think I’m like I’ve always really liked
red bean paste but I think I’m growing even more fonder of it now that we’re in Japan. It is 12:30 this is what our 3rd stop. Yes. Wow. This trip has gone really fast. And it has been a lot more scenic than I expected. Yeah. Like I’m not sure why I didn’t expect it to
be that scenic. Mountains. It has been gorgeous. Forest going through these quaint little towns. We’ve also gone through cities. Yeah. It has been an incredible journey. We’ve had nice weather. And these stops have been really cool. Like these I don’t know what you would call
them. These rest stops. Yes. Are massive. And there is just so many things you can eat
and snack on. And each time we were given like 20 or 30
minutes yes so I think we’re going to grab another little snack. More food. More food we’re just eating all day today. So what did we get? We got more food. More food. This is a convenience store lunch. I chose that one. Matcha ice cream. I think this is some kind of tea. I have no idea if it is sweetened or not. And some sushi. Sushi. Woo hoo. We’ve got the bus within view. Yeah. So we can see once they start loading up. We have about 12 minutes to enjoy this. There you go. So quick question. How much were the bus tickets? The bus tickets I believe were about 55 bucks. Yeah. So 5,500 Yen approximately. It was about a third of the price of taking
the train. A third of the train. Yeah. Yeah. So we’ve been enjoying it so far I’d say. In we go. Sushi time. How is that sushi? I have to say convenience store sushi in Japan
is pretty good. Huh. It is pretty good. Yeah, it is definitely better than convenience
store sushi in North America. Haha. The wasabi is potent here though. Wow. You put a lot on. Mmmm. Oh wow. That is so cool. It is even green on the inside too. Oh, so it is like a wafer. Yeah. I thought it was going to be vanilla in the
middle. But that is awesome. Double matcha. That is double matcha. It is a mean green. Well. We are here. We arrived. We arrived early. We did. So yeah. It was a wonderful surprise. Like 15 to 20 minutes early in fact. Yeah. So pretty good. And the nice thing is the bus terminal is
right across from the train station. Yes. The train station is right over there. So let’s go see our new home in Tokyo. Womp diddy womp womp. Tell us what happened? Oh my gosh. Spill the beans. We need to lose our pro traveler status because
seriously this has been a rough trip. You need to. What happened? Now we’ve just arrived in Osaka. No, in Tokyo. We’re in Tokyo. I’m unpacking. I can’t find one of my packing cubes that
is like full of socks, underwear, bras, bathing suits. It is all gone. All? I thought it was just underwear. No. All my undergarments. My bathing suit. Oh my gosh. My socks. None of it made it here. Hahaha. And this is crazy because I’m so good at checking
apartments to make sure nothing is left behind. Yeah. So okay so tell what you like what you’ve
tried to do to problem solve it. I’ve emailed our host on airbnb to see if
she is going to mail it to me. And we did like that place so we’re actually
thinking of staying in Osaka for a couple more nights maybe staying there when we fly
out. So hopefully they can recover those but in
the meantime. My favorite bathing suit we need to go shopping. My bathing suit. Well at least we’re not going so sad. I don’t see us going to the beach anywhere
so. No but like the springs. I know you are supposed to go in naked but
maybe we can. I don’t know. I really don’t know. It is just I can’t believe this happened. I should have checked all the drawers. I had a feeling I should look once more. It happens to the best of us. Like no matter whether you’re a traveler or
not. Or just in everyday life people lose stuff
all of the time. So we’ll get you some new stuff. So now guys we are on our way to the metro
station to meet up with a friend. A friend that really we saw 3 weeks ago. It hasn’t been that long. But we’re meeting up in Japan. Going to be hanging out. Sam is super pumped. Walking like a man on a mission. Man on a mission. So here we are. Okubo Station. Hey hey. Hey hey. How is it going man? Good how are you doing? Good. Roberto Smooth back in action. It feels good to be back in action. It feels good to be back with you guys and
it feels great to be in Tokyo. So cool to be in Tokyo man. So good to be in Asia. And we haven’t mentioned this but we’ve got
a month like adventure together. The three of us are teaming up and we’re going
to be shooting so many videos. On our channel, on his channel. Which is Stop Having A Boring Life by the
way. And on our Spanish channel too. Hello. Awesome. It is going to be a really good time and to
say I’m excited for this. Understatement. Well let’s get you checked in man. Let’s do this. So Rob our first meal together. What are we having? We are having conveyor belt sushi here in
Shinjuku Tokyo. And I’m excited. I know. I’m ecstatic. The three of us have brought our appetites. Have I ever. We’re being tempted by all of this stuff coming
by. Everything. It is good. it is hard to film and not eat so let’s just
get to the eating. Let’s get involved. Let’s get involved.


  1. The night bus is also great went with friends for some good food and a few drinks got snacks for the bus and then slept most of the way not scenic but fast and rested when we got there

  2. That bus journey looked great – especially the forested area. And the food looks so futuristic…I'd buy it for the packaging alone. Be interesting to see the dynamics with your friend – he seems quite lively 😀 Really looking forward to seeing Tokyo with you all.

  3. I don’t know if you heard Japan Rail Pass, it’s a great value. You can take many Shinkansen as much as you want in the validity of the Pass.

  4. I don't understand you two. You have apsolutely no connection. While one of you is speaking – the other just keeps saying "YES, YES, YES" and waits for it's turn to speak. You are just competing who will talk more.
    But Audrey is worse than the guy. She is totally bored when he speaks and can barely wait for her turn.

  5. Love your video!! I’m starting a travel Chanel if anyone wants to check it out that would be amazing!!!! I have a lot of travel planned for the future and travel story times just started show some loveeee

  6. I hope you have enough time planned for Tokio. It’s so huge and so great. Probably you can visit the new location of the fish market

  7. Your uploads always make my day.. I just hit the notification bell.. can't believe I didn't do that before lol
    Always positive vibes from you guys and great content! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! 🙂

  8. Kon nichi wa! Hi, I am Japanese living in the States. I just discovered your channel and I am enjoying them sooo much!! The tea you chose for lunch on this episode is barley tea. Did you guys hate it? or like it? Most of Japanese/asian tea are unsweetened and teas that could be sweetened are mostly black/English tea. Audrey, you use chopsticks them beautifully, maybe, better than most of us, Japanese! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the trip and I will be enjoying the your trip whenever you post a new one!! Thank you for letting me travel Japan vicariously. Oh, I miss it! P.S. Audrey, I hope you could find your undergarment bag. I know how sentimental it makes you feel to lose a favorite swimwear!! crossing my fingers!

  9. Love the scenery on your bus rides but was surprised you didn't pick a Low Cost Carrier like Peach Airlines that costs the same and is much faster. Just checked now and a one way flight was about 5400 yen.

  10. welcome,Tokyo. Around Shinjuku,if possible, visit Nakano, Koenji, and Asagaya, where have many small streets with cozy shops and izakaya .

  11. Really looking forward to seeing Rob with you guys .as he is my favorite. You Tube creator! So its really awesome when he teams up with 2 more of my you tube favs Sam & Audrey! Oh I know how frustrating it can be to forget items when packing when traveling! I am 100% sure that Audrey is not alone in this situation. I am really looking forward to your videos from Tokyo to hear what you thought of it! Take care safe & great. travels to you both!

  12. I loved the bus seat with that cover part! It is awesome for sleeping and avoid sunlight. I've never seen it before! Too bad you forgot clothes in Osaka's Airbnb! Did the host mail your stuff afterwards?

  13. Saturday afternoon, what a way to pass it with your entertaining video. Love it. ❤️❤️ The scenery and the stops and food were great. Sorry about the loss of your packing cube. My husband left one of his camera chargers in Osaka. The hotel said they would ship it to us in Vancouver for 2000 yen. He also left the lithium battery in it so of course they are unable to mail the battery. This is the first time we left something behind. So it happens to all of us. My brother-in-law and partner arrived today in Tokyo and are very excited.

  14. Didn't look like a too bad travel day👍 Some nice nibbles you got in there – 7 11 to the rescue🙂🙂 Hope you get your clothes back Audrey😕

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  16. Are you going back home after finish the trip in Tokyo ? it's a pity to leave Japan , because there's still a lot more to see in Japan . I have been to Japan for almost 20 times , form the southern part Kyushu to the northern part Hokkaido , it's really worth to visit Japan again to see the beautiful landscape and the amazing Japanese culture .

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  18. I´m so sorry you forgot you packing cube, Audrey =( Sam is right, it happens to the best of us but I know that must be so frustating. Hope you were able to get it back =)

  19. Hey Samuel and Audrey….. Leaving a link of my latest single….. would love for you to use it in your videos if you like. Always love watching your videos.
    Thanks and be awesome as always!!!

  20. Did you get hepatitis a shots for traveling the world or any other shots to keep you healthy? I know the a shots helps in case you run into some spoiled food of some type….stay safe an healthy..enjoy your travels.

  21. Now that looks like a nice way to get from Osaka to Tokyo , and a third of the price of the the train. I am thinking maybe do Osaka for 10 days and day trips from there to Kobe and Kyoto , bus to Tokyo before we activate the JR Pass …. just thinking out aloud 😉

  22. Do you feel out of place or get looks for being white in a (mostly) racially homogeneous nonwhite country? I have a great deal of generalized/social anxiety and self-consciousness and am worried about feeling “alien” or “other” (an experience I had in Europe last year despite being around more English-speaking whites).

  23. oh・・・・
    Welcome to Tokyo .
    My favorite and recommend city is Kichijoji .
    There are delicious food and plenty of nature

    Have a nice trip. 😊

  24. Sam, that tea was mugicha. It's barley tea.

    Audrey, they have a cash on delivery mail service in Japan so you can pay for the postage when it arrives.

  25. man that Bustrip must have taken for ever! i used the the shinkansen last time!
    Tokyo is seriously one of the best places in the world i enjoyed every second there!
    thanks for sharing this with us really enjoyed watching this.
    P.s. i have just been to japan, if ever you are interested in watching my videos 🙂

  26. This is a different topic but if you go visit Japan for sight seeing, you should definitely look into bus tour if it's available.
    Hakone(national park) for example is a very old resort since the time of samurai period famous resort both for onsen and historic sites(old check point to restrict the travelers from going out of Edo, mostly targeting the daimyo family from escaping.)
    The bus drivers and the attendants are very professional and in knowledge of the sites and entertaining you while on board.
    Look for the company called "Hakone-tozan" when you get off the train at Odawara station.
    They may have English speaking tour guides at hand. Just ask at the front counter.

  27. Where do the Japanese put all the throw away packaging you guys generate? Recycling doesn't seem to have a Japanese word equivalent

  28. If I had known you were going to Japan, I would have suggested that you take a 2way plane ticket from Osaka (Kansai airport) to Naha on Okinawa island, and definitely visit Churinami aqarium…The 2way plane ticket Osaka-Naha-Tokyo would cost around 90 USD per person and it is so worth it, and better option then travelling by bus to Tokyo from Osaka. The flight is short, just around 2 hours. The island is something totaly different, sea is beautiful and very good for swimming, and you can book excursions for snorkeling and whale watching into protected areas off the island.

  29. I remember carrying our 3 luggaes down the stairs too..but I tried to look for the elevator..theres always an elevator. May I ask what happened to your missing luggage?

  30. Hello, just have a few questions.
    Can you tell the specific bus station name or location you depart (Osaka) and arrive (Tokyo) from? (Many people said it’s really hard to find the Willer station)
    And, is there any difficulties during the ride?

    I’ll take Willer night bus in September from Osaka to Tokyo too. It’s my first time strolling abroad by night bus, so i’m a lil bit nervous.

    Thankyou so much!❤️

  31. If you plan on going to japan for 3+ weeks and are going to multiple cities. Get the unlimited rail pass for $550. It is super worth it. I would have spent $800+ easily without it.

  32. the willer express website is showing as not secured and I'm afraid to put in my credit card details. do you know if they sell bus tickets for walk-in passengers at the terminal?

  33. i tell you even though you took the budget option you look like it is more fun and all that. you seen so many 7 11 stores to explore I like to investigate those they are all different

  34. We used Willer Express when we were in Japan. We bought the bus pass, 15000 yen for 7 days, 12500 yen for 5 days and 10000 yen for 3 days non-consecutive up to 3 buses a day, during two months. It was such a good deal, their routes are pretty expansive as-well. This helped so much with our travel from Fukuoka to Osaka and Osaka to Tokyo, those two alone almost made up for the pass. We also took overnight buses which saved us money from paying for accommodation. You can easily book the bus tickets online and plan ahead of time. The seats were not the most comfortable but it was decent, clean and a fun experience. I plan to do this again when I go. Although I have seem some Osaka to Tokyo flights from Jetstar for under $50 but fly into Narita so you would have to pay that extra $11 to get into the city. Just thought I would share my experience.

  35. Hi!! I'm planning travel to Japan, I have two questions, first: at the moment when I buy the "Japan Bus Pass" online for 15000 yens, how many times can I take the bus through the day?
    And second: this bus takes me from Narita airport to Tokyo? I mean because I'm afraid to buy the ticket and the bus could has only some "routes" I would like to know if I can take the bus from the airport to Tokyo later from Tokyo to Kyoto so on and so on, Thanks in advance, Nice video!! Sorry for my english, I'm Salvadorean

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