No Success without Sacrifice.

No Success without Sacrifice.

I was talking to my friend about it the other day or yesterday
and I was saying, you know, like when you’re that focused on your
vision, it’s like it doesn’t even matter. I mean, I haven’t had, I haven’t had cable television seven
and a half years or whatever it’s been. I haven’t had, I haven’t paid for Wifi
in my house for seven and a half years. And I’m like, because all I did was I got up in the
morning early after I did my quiet time. I left the house and I worked all day
and I came back and I went to sleep and none of that other stuff mattered. [inaudible] what’s up? What’s up today is Tuesday, September 17th. And uh, I’m on my way to the airport and doing
my blog now because I didn’t do it last week. I’ve just been busy and um, honestly I just haven’t
really been into the, uh, haven’t been into the
content creation mode. It’s almost like you’ve
got to get into [inaudible] this kind of frame of mind to be
creating as much content as I have been. I don’t know, I just had gotten,
I got out of it a little bit, so just trying to stay
consistent. Um, but yeah, I’m on my way right now to pick
up Nicole, uh, Richard who is, uh, the Houston’s CityFam Houston chapter
lead and she is actually officially today taking over the executive director
role of CityFam. So really exciting. Um, she is got a very high capacity.
She’s a very strong leader, very smart, great people skills.
Everyone loves her, tons of experience. Um, she is sacrificing. She’s coming
here. Um, she’s accepting the position. She’s not getting paid. Um, she’s uh, staying at my mom’s
basement in a, uh, a room, a finished basement at my
mom’s house because that is a, the most cost effective thing to do
just because she believes in CityFam and believes in the mission.
She’s seen, um, you know, results down in Houston and, um, you know, people’s lives impacted and we’re just
really believes in what’s going on and wants to, you know, be part of it
and it has a longterm vision. I mean, I really can’t say enough about her. Um, the last time she came to
Baltimore, uh, she spent, I think it was two weeks,
two weeks here, and um, stayed again at my mom’s place and was
riding around with me in my borrowed a 1997 Toyota, Purcell and the the dead middle of summer. We had no air condition. And you know, we’re driving around going to the
office, going to meetings, you know, and she just believes she believes in, in, in what we’re doing and
city fan and um, you know, we’re really blessed to have her and
there’s a lot of people like that in the organization that, um, that sacrifice and give and
um, but she’s one of them. And Anyway, I’m on my way to pick her
up now. And, uh, very excited. I made a, I made a blog the other day. Um, I actually just shot up a
lot of video when I was a, I’ve put the, I’ll put it, the posit in for Dru Hill for a show
that I was doing at the casino that I’m doing on December 7th with Dru Hill.
It’s called home for the holidays. Really excited about it. And I was just
having a thought and being like, man, if I, if I hadn’t done this, if I
hadn’t jumped, you know, when I, when I saw the vision for my life and
if I hadn’t been willing to sacrifice at the level that I was in, all these, all
of these things wouldn’t have happened. You know, all these things wouldn’t
have been able to come into play. And I want him to elaborate a little
bit moral, not today. And, uh, cause I had a friend reach out to me
yesterday and he was, um, he was like, hey man, I saw your video. Um, you know, I’m really trying to build my business
and I wanted to talk to you about it. Or He’s like a really, you know,
impacted me. And, and I was like, I’m thinking about, you know,
cut my cable and, you know, trying to see where else he could
sacrifice so he can put money into his business of being a realtor.
And I was like, you know, encouraged them to do it and kind
of gave him the tips and that I, you know, learned along the way.
And I mean, at the end of the day, like it takes time to chase
your dreams, you know, and you know, every dollar
that you make, right it, it is an employee and it will
work hard for you if you make it. But most people don’t
make it work for them. They just make the dollar and then they
spend it on things when comforts or whatever. But if you’re serious about
pursuing a dream or chasing the vision, you know, number one, you have to either take the dollars that
you’re making and start putting them into a business or into yourself to
learn a new skill or to, you know, learn a new trade or whatever to better
yourself in some way or stop chasing money all together, which is basically what I did so that I
could spend all my time focusing on my dreams. Um, and you know, like it’s something that I don’t regret.
You know, it wasn’t hard. Hell yeah, it was hard. It was very hard, especially up until recently when
things started to turn. It was, it was really hard. It was, you know, I was to the point where I was depressed
and disillusioned because I was like, you know, wasn’t sure if it was going
to happen and I given so much. I mean, I didn’t really have a backup plan.
It was it 46 years old, you know, like I put everything into this and
if it didn’t work, like, I mean, I don’t even know what I would’ve done.
I hadn’t even thought about it. But, um, you know, we’re always talking to my friend about
it the other day or yesterday and I was saying, you know, like when you’re
that focused on your vision, it’s like, it doesn’t even
matter. I mean, I haven’t had, I haven’t had cable and seven and
a half years or whatever it’s been, I haven’t had, I haven’t paid for Wifi
on my house for seven and a half years. And I’m like, because all I did was I got up in the
morning early after I did my quiet time. I left the house and I worked all day
and I came back and I went to sleep. And none of that other stuff mattered.
You know, like even not dating. It really didn’t matter because
I was so focused on my goal, my dream that I just had to get
there. It completely consumed me. And, um, which actually made it that
much more painful and it didn’t happen. Um, but you know, if
anyone’s out there, you know, and there they got something that they
want to do, I would encourage them to, you know, be willing to make
that temporary sacrifice, be willing to cut some things out so
that you can have what you want most. You know. And the other thing
that it did for me too is it, it helped me regain my
sensitivity because I had, I had fed my flesh a lot. Um, you know, when I was promoting and when I
was making a lot of money, I mean, I had the money came easy and I pretty
much had everything I wanted it to the point where I didn’t appreciate a lot
of the things that I had because I had numbed myself so much. You know,
I dulled my senses to a point. Now I’m like, I could go to a movie on a Friday night
and get a little popcorn and a s and a soda and I’d be the happiest person in
the world because it just doesn’t take much to make me happy anymore because
I’ve done without for so long. So it’s a cool place to be,
you know, like, um, anyway, I don’t know, that’s all I really had
to say, I guess about it. But anyway, one of the fill you guys in on some
other stuff. So I got a new whip. Um, I’m actually driving a 2016
Toyota Rav four right now and um, picked it up yesterday. Really
grateful. I got a car payment, which I wasn’t what I was
trying to not do, but, um, I’m happy to have a reliable
ride because my last vehicle is, was ended up costing me more time
than it was really worth. And I, and I had had to put a value on
my time, so I went and got a, uh, a car yesterday and I’m, um, I’m
driving it now, so very excited. I want to give a shout out to Brian, to Freudian National
Motors for hooking me up. I was able to get in it with no
money down, which was a blessing. Um, so that was, that’s good. That
for me is uh, something that really kind of helps my frame.
My, my frame of mind. Uh, my, my mental state is like
having, um, you know, when I’m working as hard as I am and I
actually have something to show for it now, you know, like something
good starting to happen. I picked up a few new marketing clients
over the past couple of weeks and that, uh, really made the decision
a lot easier for me. So, um, I booked Dru Hill, like I said, at
December 7th at the Horseshoe Casino. It’s something I wanted to talk about.
How can we leverage the show to, you know, do more. So
December 7th is, is the show. It’s a Saturday. It’s at the
casino. Tickets will be up soon. Probably Friday we’ll go
live with the tickets, but December 14th city fam is
having a blessing bags event. And that’s what we’ve done the last
two years where we basically collect, you know, toiletries, gloves, hats,
you know, shaving cream, razors, all that. And we put them in bags and we give them
out to the local homeless population or we can drop him off at shelters.
It’s been great. It was Tamar, Mar’s brainchild, uh, you know, two
years ago, I think it was our first year, last year, Morgan took over and she
did a great job with it. So anyway, we were thinking about,
or like what can we do, how can we tie it in with the concert?
So what we’re going to do is at the, with the concert promotion, we’re going to put something
about blessing bags at the
bottom where we’re going to say, Hey, uh, you know, bring
some toiletries to the concert. We’ll have bins there, uh, to collect
the toiletries. DTLR may get on board. Downtown Locker Room may get on board
and also put collection spots in each of their stores. But what we’re going to do is we’re going
to have Dru Hill from the stage on the seventh shout out and say, hey guys, thank
you for coming to the show. You know, for those that brought
items for the homeless, Hey, we’re going to come
back here next Saturday, December 14th at the casino right there
and hopefully in the ballroom and we’re going to assemble the blessing bags here. And then we’re going to give them to
you guys to distribute through, uh, throughout the city leading up to
Christmas. So Horseshoe is on board. We called down, they were like, yeah,
we would love to do that. And uh, now it’s just working out the details. Hopefully some of the members of Dru
Hill will be able to come back for the actual event on the 14th, and, you know, assemble the bags with us and we’ll
invite the press out and maybe some local politicians. And it just makes the event
a lot bigger and sexier, which, um, and this was all kind of like part of, um, part of our dream and an division when
we started city fam was to do big, like volunteer events and make it
real, make them really sexy, you know, so that more people got involved because
when you volunteer on it just changes you. I don’t even know how to describe it. If for me it was once I started
volunteering with my church, I just, I liked the way
I felt so much that I, I just didn’t want to create problems
anymore. You know what I mean? Cause I went, I liked
being part of the solution. Not that I was intentionally
creating problems, but you know, I think when you’re living in a way
that focuses on yourself in some ways, you kind of know that you’re creating
problems. You know what I mean? Um, so anyway, that’s what it
did for me. And I just went, I want more people to experience
that. I want them to, um, to feel that way about themselves
and become addicted to, to that versus addicted to feeling
good in a different kind of way. In addition that when you volunteer on
it also gives you a bond, like a strong, a very strong bond with the people
that you volunteer with. One that I, I’d only, I can’t even
explain it completely, but I
just know when I’ve been on, you know, release trips with people or are done
different volunteer, it’s like you get a connection to those
people in a way that you can’t get in any other way. So
blessing bags December 14. Um, they’ll, we’ll be doing
it at the horseshoe casino. You’ll see more information
about that soon. Um, September service project, just to
mention that while I’m on the subject is September 28th, we’re going to be
doing a happy helpers for the homeless. We’re going to be putting together, um, food bags for the local, for
local homeless teenagers. So I’m, if you want more information
about that, it’s on the city fan website, but what else? Going back yeah. To Romania and five days. The Sunday
I leave for Romania for a month. Um, so I am a, I’m excited to
go back definitely. Um, for the first week that I’m
there, I’m going to be in Greece. I’m going to Mount Athos.
You guys can Google it. It’s the headquarters of the
Orthodox church worldwide. So, um, that’s kind of part of the people that
brought me over to Romania were part of the Orthodox Church and um, they have arranged for me to go to the
Mount Athos to some monasteries there. So I, you know, I don’t
really know. I just, I’m just saying yes because I
don’t know what God is up to. Like, am I supposed to be someone there
am I suppose to learn something? I’m not really sure. It’s,
it’s, it’s an interesting, it’s interesting because I
look at myself and I’m like, I’m obviously a Christian.
I’m a follower of Jesus. I know he was the son of God,
but I liked the least religious fundamentalists that I know, meaning like I believe that what the
Bible says and I follow it to the best of my abilities. But I’m
not religious, you know, obviously I do three years eve
parties. I cause I, you know, I just haven’t Dru Hill hell cause like
I just don’t think any of that stuff matters. You know what I mean?
To me it’s everything else. It’s just though there’s a lot of
religious bull crap that don’t, that really doesn’t matter. And, um, so I feel like I’m like the
least religious person and
I just had so happened to be going to the most religious place
on earth. You know, this mountain, um, Mount Athos where no woman
has been for a thousand years. No woman has stepped foot on this
mountain for a thousand years until legal because they don’t want the, they don’t
want the women to tempt the monks, but I don’t know. It’s going to
be interesting. And then, um, the rest of the trip, I’m going to be speaking at a bunch of
different schools and community centers talking about waiting and sex and just
sharing my story and breaking it down for them. Why, why it makes sense and
it’s in their best interest to, um, you know, abstain. Um, the other night we were at the office
and one of the cityfam members, uh, had a movie called, um, unplanned and, uh, we watched it there and it was
about, it was about the, um, planned pregnancy and kind of some
of the truth behind all that. And, and, uh, you know, learned a lot
of stuff that I didn’t know. Um, and it really helped me realize the
gravity of what I’m involved in because, you know, this whole pro-life
thing was not, um, you know, part of the plan when I wrote
the book or part of my, you know, idea for how my life would
go, but it’s really important. It’s an important message and, uh,
I’m understanding that more and more. So anyway, I think we’re
speaking out 16 places, um, over the course of about two and a half
weeks. So, uh, we’ll see how it goes. And my thought is, is, you know, if, if that is really the direction that,
that God’s taken me with this pro-life, um, you know, the pro life movement,
working, working in conjunction with them, I can, I can literally reach out to
pro-life organizations all over the map, all over the world and do the same model
where I allow them to translate my book and, um, you know, sell some copies and
then use the money to bring me over, do a speaking tour, do some
press, uh, press appearances, radio or television while I’m there.
And um, and then, you know, of course, sell the book in that language and see
how far this goes. To me, the book is, is the best. Um, not only
it’s a win on so many levels. It obviously shares the message of
purity, of waiting and wanting to, just the practicality of it. Um, you know, I feel like people are going to have a
real hard time soon when they see my life and they see the fact that I’ve waited
and what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last several years using that
energy and that clarity and you know, ultimately God’s blessing
because I’ve been, you know, trying to be obedient to him and in what
he’s been able to do in my life because of put that on the alter. It’d be real
hard to deny that that’s not true. So I feel like the book
does a good job of, of, uh, of explaining the practicality. But what it also does is it shares the
Gospel and shares the truth about Jesus. And then it, it tells,
it talks about cityfam. It actually kind of lands on cityfam.
The whole book lands on City Fan. So, you know, as we start to
get our systems in place, we have so many sharp people
involved in the organization now. So many talented people that
are believing in it and, and giving of their time that
when you look at that map, there is not a doubt in my mind that we
are the beginning of what’s going to be a worldwide movement.
And as this book sells, it gets into people’s hands more
people are gonna realize, wow, I should really wait. And if I wait, I need a city fan because I need
some friends to hang out with, cause I won’t have sex as a
crutch anymore. You what I mean? And we’re going to start more cityfams
they’re gonna pop up and my, and, and what I believe in
every city in the world. And we’re gonna start this
massive movement of people
that are becoming the best version of themselves and have a
support system to do it with it. Go through the wilderness with the, so they can get to their promised land
so they can get to the things that they really want most. And they stopped. They, and they’re willing to sacrifice
the things that they want right now, which is sex a lot of times and
lots of other things could be, there could be their comfortable
job, could be, you know, cable television, whatever. They might have to put all that stuff
on the altar to get to their promised land. I did. So, um, yeah. Anyway, I don’t know how I get started going
down that tangent with Romania. I leave on Sunday night. I’m very excited about Sunday
day while we’re talking about it. Is the Epic church picnic.
Always wanted my best, but my favorite events
of the year, open to all, it doesn’t matter if
you come to Epic or not. If you just want to come out and
be around some really good people, enjoy some food and take a beat and that
Cornhole by me and rob car come out on Sunday, I’d be happy to give
that beating to you. Um, so what else is going on? I wanted
to give a shout out to BJ daisy. Uh, BJ is on the cityfam board of
directors and today’s his birthday. VJ, I just want to tell you how much
I appreciate you, um, spending time. I know you don’t have a lot of time and
you take time away from your family and your job to give it to cityfam. And
uh, thank you for believing in us. Thank you for letting us have our
Halloween party at your house. Again. I can’t wait. That guy, that was also
one of my favorite events of the year. If you don’t know about that, we do a contributing members
only Halloween party for cityfam. So if you’d like to come to that,
uh, become a contributing member, you can do that on the website. I think it’s going to be
October 19th or the 26. Not sure we’re still
working out the details. Um, jetset mafia reunion. Uh, I thought I would mention
that because I saw Bobby, my old business partner put up a post
about that the other day and apparently he’s going to have a reunion
party sometime in November. I think he said it was the
ninth, um, at Safari Club, the new club, the manages. So that will
be a, that will be funny. That’d be fun. I would see who comes out for it. I told
him, I said, I wouldn’t expect, I said, those people are all old now,
so we’ll see what happens, but I’m going to come through
and uh, you know, I don’t know, maybe we’ll put some old pictures up or
whatever and make ourselves look like complete recharge for some of the things
that we were wearing and doing back then. So, um, I think that’s about it. Uh, working on my sales funnels for my book, basically getting all set up so that
I can run, start running ads for that. I’m pretty excited about it. Um, New Year’s eve and working a lot on
the new year’s eve of that charm city countdown. Um, that’s about it. So
everything has been good though. Like mood levels significantly improved
and doing a lot of work on myself through landmark forum, working
with my therapist and, uh, of course the circumstances changing,
um, really have, uh, have helped. So that’s it. Anyway, talk to y’all later.


  1. It does not matter.. He says come as you are… Allow Him to use you.. that is what you bring to the table to bring back to us… You have came a long ways and as a follower of Christ one can see your light shine your path is a testimony…
    Remember the story of Saul to Paul. Keep up the momentum 🤗 it is encouraging as well needed.
    "No Success without Sacrifices"
    so true
    Thank you

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