Never Use This Type of Engine Oil in Your Car

Never Use This Type of Engine Oil in Your Car

Rev up your engines,
zolton says scotty what do you think about switching to thicker oil for older engines,
high mileage, that’s ok on older engines, when I was a younger
mechanic we did that all the time, let’s say somebody had an old chevy 350 v8
and it was burning a quart of oil every 300-400 miles, if you put a thicker oil it would burn
less oil, those were simple engines they were v8’s they had pushrods they didn’t have overhead
cams, it’s alright to do that, you can’t do that with real modern ones that
have variable valve timing and cam phasers and all that stuff,
because you got to have the thinner oil for all that stuff to work or it won’t even work
right, and you can wear the engines out early by putting a really thick oil, but for the
old engines we were always doing that, and if you’re talking about antiques like the
ones that aren’t even overhead valves that have the valve in the block yeah everybody
always puts thicker oil in those things, scotty I got a 03 malibu with a loud noise
in the front end, is that a bearing sound, well you got to figure out if it is, and here’s
a pretty easy way of telling most of the time, your driving down the road say going 40-50
and do it early morning Sunday or something when there’s nobody on the road, and you hear
the noise and gradually drive to the left, and if you gradually go to the left and the
noise gets louder it’s the left front wheel bearing because your loading it then, now
let’s say it kind of gets less but then when you steer to the right the noise gets louder
then it’s the right front bearing that’s going out, and if it’s in the back you get a little
bit of that same thing but for that you really need 3 other people in your car, roll all
the windows down and have them all stick their heads out and if somebody says it’s louder
on the left rear then you know it’s the left rear, usually it is bearings that are making
noise, but by turning it going at a higher speed
you can really tell, because let’s say it’s a bearing going out on your water pump or
your alternator, turning it won’t effect the noise, but turning it will effect the noise
when it’s a wheel bearing because then it loads the wheel more to the side your turning
to and it will make more noise, Ruben says is paying $90,000 for a great condition
1969 dodge charger worth it, your getting to a different level there,
now if you want to get a 69 charger and pay that kind of money you want a guy like me
to check it out first, because it’s got to be all original, it’s got to have all matching
part numbers, can’t have any frame damage, it would still have to have the original paint
job on it and look good too, because when you’re paying that kind of money it has to
be a unique car, I’ve got a friend that’s got a 1957 Chevy Bel Air it’s worth a fortune
because it’s still got the plastic cover for the rear seats, now the paint is original,
some of it’s a little off but it’s still original, the chrome on the windows that go up and down
on the top it’s still there, and it’s got a little bit of corrosion on it but it’s original
and for that kind of money you got to have everything original, if the engine has been
changed or the transmission has been changed it’s not worth that because it’s not original
anymore, now some guys when they swap them out and
they keep all the original parts like the original engine and transmission, hey then
you could think about it because you still got all the original stuff that could be put
back in it if somebody wants to do that but if you don’t have all the original parts it’s
not worth that kind of money, anthony says scotty huge fan, me and my wife
have a 2016 vw beetle, we’re thinking about adding some lowering spring what’s your opinion,
now I’m not a fan of the later model beetles they had all kinds of problems and they don’t
make them anymore, they stopped making them, if you want to do it, do whatever you want,
what the heck play around with it that’s what I say on that, you know it’s virtually worthless
car, they don’t make it anymore so if you try to sell it your not going to get anything
for it, so if you want to play around with it and lower it, go ahead and do whatever
you want, you know I mean if you want it as a toy, keep
it as a toy and do whatever you want because it’s not like the car is ever going to worth
any money, because they stopped making them and when they stop making them the value of
the car goes down, it was a mass produced car, it wasn’t like a car that they only make
800 of them and one day it will be worth $100,000, that’s never going to happen, so why not you
want to play around with lowering it, just have a pro do it, just don’t you know guess
with stuff, take it to a pro who does that stuff all the time and they’ll know which
kits to put in it, how to set the front up with the rear and how to align it correctly,
because it will ride like crap when you lower it, but it will handle a lot better and if
you want better handling go right ahead and do it,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!


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  2. Scotty on your bearing diagnosis – if you steer LEFT and it gets louder, it's the RIGHT bearing because the weight of the vehicle is shifting to the right front wheel (and vice versa). Just like when you turn left you lean to the right – inertia is trying to carry you straight while friction of the wheel is turning you left, so all the weight shifts to the right. The weight shifts in the direction you're turning away from (because inertia wants you to keep going that way).

  3. Hey Scotty –
    I bought a 2011 gmc terrain from a Gmc dealer, used, back in 2014. Before buying it I was given the carfax and verified the information, among other things.
    Now it's 2018 and thinking of selling or trading in. NOW the car fax shows that the vehicle had been an accident that required repairs severely dropping the cars value.
    I feel like selling me a car based on a clean car fax was part of the plan. How could I have prevented this?

  4. Scotty my friend has a 2015 bmw 328i. It has 52k miles, and sometimes the transmission slips when u floor it. Most of the time it’s fine. Any ideas?

  5. I disagree Scotty, the opposite side should be loaded more in turns as all the vehicles mass/force is resisting the change of direction therefore the opposite side will be louder in 9/10 cases.

  6. Hey what type of oil do y'all recommend for my truck I use rotella 15 40 I have 450xxx miles on it should I go thicker I have a 2002 7.3 diesel ford

  7. My uncle had a 1957 bel air 210, australian delivered, which still had the original spare tyre. With the label on it. Had 10,000 miles on the clock. Tiny bit of bubbling on the chrome of the horn rim. Otherwise it was a perfect one owner deceased estate.
    Beautiful thing it was.

  8. With modern new engines you can use 5-20 WT when it states 0-20 WT . Toyota says on the DL that 5-20 WT is acceptable ! They also also said using 0-20 , actually makes your engine wear out faster . The only reason they went to 0-20 is to reduce engine clatter in cold climates and to help little with efficiency . ( but not much ) Anyone that knows that anything about engines and oil viscosity would know this on there own !!! Also that gives you a lot better of range of oil brands to chose from 5-20 than the 0-20 . Just a little FYI for some of you sensible logical guys ! I am sure there are a lot of uninformed you tube followers of some of the hype they here from some of the videos they watch would want to argue ! I DON`T WANT TO HEAR IT …

  9. BS, I have never had a problem using higher viscosity oil in late model cars and I have fleets that use 15W40 in all their vehicles so they only have to stock one oil.

  10. I been using only 20-50 oil just after my car reached 50k now is 398k and still pass smog check no problem today's cars using 5- 30 only and hardly reach 100k and con- rods knocking

  11. no u dont we have fleet of fords 5.4 4.6 6.2 all vvt the put 5w40 in all thats what they use in the big diesel trucks no problems some have over 350000 mi

  12. you can go to mineral oil 5W40 instead of full synthetic oil 5W40 the mineral oil is thicker always. but it needs to be replaced within intervals.

    best thing to do is to go for full synt always tough much better. benefit is less thickness change when it is getting hot.

    in fact full synth is the best

  13. I'd strongly recommend a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, and walnut oil. Blend in equal parts. As an option add a dash of 3 in 1 household oil or a little squirt of kerosene, and top it off with a wee bit of WD-40 for that extra pleasant aroma. I guarantee your engine will NEVER again suffer from the ravages of high cholesterol! 😉

  14. how about just jack the car up and wiggle the wheel and if the wheel moves up and down and side to side the wheel bearing is bad, safer two

  15. Are 3rd party replacement parts in Professional Grade (not Service Grade), really all poo now? I cant find a ball joint that lasts more than a year or so. Even Moog is poo.

  16. Scotty, I have 2009 Jetta with 2.5 L it makes a whining noise from the right side of the engine and I hear the same noise on other 2.5 vw jetta what the hell is the noise, I replaced the alternator and the drive pulley and still makes the same noise I got the with 35,000 now it has 96,000 miles.

  17. Scotty what's the B S about U made a live video and it comes up a blank saying it can't be seen what's the story with that I'm sure everyone wants to know why don't you make a video on that .

  18. Scotty, the wheel bearing issue is just the opposite. Swerve left the right wheel bearing noise will increase due to the loaded bearing if it's the right. Swerve to the right will unload the bearing noise goes away. Just the opposite 4 bad left wheel bearing.

  19. I need help idk what’s wrong with my car, my cars defrost vents aren’t working but the the other vents are, it’s making my windows really foggy to the point I can’t drive at all

  20. Tooooooooo much talk!!!!!!!!!! Direct to the point….. Lot of wasting time!!! Your a good mchanic o what the prob is too mch talking…. 😥

  21. I doesn't matter what configuration your engine is you should use the thinner oil because the tolerances are far closer these days. Thicker oil would take too long to lubricant on startups. Closer tolerances could make it a full minute before all parts are lubricated. Add up all the cold starts and that's a lot of wear on usually the valve train since it's the farthest from the oil pump. If the oil pump case is aluminum then thicker oil can put more stress on oil pump wearing it out.

  22. There 1970 Challenger 440 orig motor not working for Sale on Facebook yesterday fri Dec 21 2018 sell or trade it red RT 1970

  23. Wheel bearings have been a joke for the last 20 years. Since then, wheel bearings have been nothing but oversized skating rink bearings. Lol.

  24. I used fully synthetic oil from day one. Thick thin as long as I keep using it no problem 210.000 mile still going strong 2004 Pontiac grand prix super charger

  25. "Original" doesn't include tires, battery, coolant hoses, rubber parts, wiper blade squeegees, light bulbs, the stuff that deteriorates despite always being garage kept and carefully maintained.
    Exact duplicate of original parts are available from restorer suppliers. Tires that are exact appearance duplicates of original but of course with DOT numbers, date of manufacture like all tires are required to have by law.
    Battery covers that are exact duplicates of original cases but have a modern battery inside are available.
    Modern electronic ignitions that directly replace original points & condenser type are available that do not require any permanent modification. Put originals in storage for the auto show.

  26. Mr. Kilmer,
    I just want to inform you that I have some much respect for you. Reason is, you share your knowledge with other and that alone makes you a better person and a better place on earth to live with each other. God bless you!!!
    Thanks for what you share.

  27. If you steer left and noise gets louder, ITS THE RIGHT BEARING. If you steer right and the noise gets louder, ITS THE LEFT WHEEL BEARING! The noise is from the outside force put on the bearing in a turn. C'mon Scotty you should know this. Great channel.

  28. I use pure extre vergin olive oil. The H D L keeps the oil passages and entire engine. Free of crud while at $75.00 a quart. It makes all the fanboys of synthetic oil very jealous.

  29. My old 53 Ford (my first car when I was a kid in 63) straight six used SO much I used to run it on almost pure Casite Motor Honey. Hahaha.

  30. Thicker oil! Yep, when I was 17, I had a 1964 Jetstar sport coupe 394. It was eating oil around a quart every 200 to 300 miles. Skelly gas station owner told me to switch from Pennzoil 30W to Havolin 40W. He said because of the thicker oil but also because Pennzoil hadn't changed their blend due to living off their brand name while Havolin (Texaco Havolin) had. Sure enough. I went from averaging 1 quart every 300 miles to 1 quart every 750 miles. It used premium gas and got 9 mpg. Eventually had to put new heads, gaskets, and seals in. My first car was a 1952 Chevy sedan 6 cyclinder, 3 on the tree. 19,000 original miles and paid $150. In 1970. Traded it even up at the dealership when Grandma traded in her 1953 Buick Special straight 8 automatic. Then the Olds and my senior year got a 1967 Chevy 2 door 3 on the tree 327 for $750. Back then, if you needed 4 tires, it was cheaper just to buy an old car.

  31. Depends on which part of the bearing is worn left or right turning sometimes doesn't work. Some sealed bearings have an inner or outer bearings and races,rack it and break out the stethoscope and hear it

  32. The left wheel bearing gets louder when you turn right and the right wheel bearing gets louder when you turn left (when they are bad). It gets louder when you load it, not when you unload it.

  33. Scotty have you ever thought about selling cars that you fix, beaters and what is your advice for a new mechanic that is thinking of doing that?

  34. Turning to the right gives more pressure on the left one, so i think you are wrong. LOL
    Still loves the channel. Oh yes, advising the Honda with the 1.5turbo and some time later speaking about oil dillution?????

  35. What constitutes an old engine I have a 2000 celica gt with 190,000 miles and I use 5w30 synthetic. It burns a quart every 2 weeks should I bump it up to 10w30

  36. them MK2 beetles were one of the worst cars ever made, hardly ever see them on the roads now, they all been junked,

  37. I just viewed your video on “don’t buy an old car” because you have to spend time working on it. But now a flathead you can put in natural lubricants with higher viscosity to keep them running 🏃. I just don’t like a computer-controlled modern car 🚘.

  38. Since you suggest to use the same oil that's continually being used in your vehicle throughout the years, if you've had no problems with it. wWhat's the difference between a 5w 20 and a 5w 20 high mileage oil? Thank you for your input…. I really enjoy your YouTube channel!

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