National Kit Car Motor Show Stoneleigh

National Kit Car Motor Show Stoneleigh

hello can you see me I suppose you can right this is the GTA it's my car my self built car so I've just got mr. blue sky playing on the radio is one of my favorite songs so that's pretty that's pretty cool and the sun is shining and tomorrow is a stone Lee kick car show so although this isn't actually a kick car it's a self built car I don't think anybody cares so I'm trying to get it all up and up and done and running and happy and ready to go to the Stoney car show it's about a two hour drive so it's yeah it's quite a long way my bonnet is it's just the sheet of aluminium really nothing fancy so this is an over center catch they're pretty good I do use an R clip in all of them just so it it doesn't accidentally come undone right I am on I'm on the a got what a racket I'm on the a14 as a cat coming up man there that's better so I'm on the a14 just coming up to Kettering and after that I've got to go onto the m6 I'm gonna turn left at some point to get to stone leave right so we're here with the dirt on the camera right anyway I did film the car coming in the entrance but I run out of memory in the camera so install it so I cleared the memory and I'll film it driving l when we came in we got a pretty cool show guys so I'll take that home and have a reading do like reading the showing here now I didn't know where to park when I came in so I just sort of abandoned it in the middle of the show right next to the burgers and pasties man and right next to where they're running the West fields around which looks pretty cool and really stinks of burning rubber there's little 12 year old kids going round in those cars and the smile on their faces is just fantastic I think a couple of them had a look of sheer terror these Altimas are pretty good I do like them you could almost use it as your daily drive to go to work the beach buggy is always good for a laugh especially when it's sparkly green I do like that that is a mythic photo below these are the Tigers so it's another Lotus 7 inspired car which are pretty popular these are the Stratos cars actually one of my favorites I just like them wouldn't mind one myself I've just had a closer look at this MINI Countryman quite nicely decked out inside looks a bit low on the back though and having a look in the back I don't even know what engine that is but it's not standard austin is it I think the Cobra replicas are nice they're a bit too plush for me and I couldn't afford one the exhaust on this car cost more than my entire car did so these are the buggies that I saw outside so if I your body than you boyish I see you bolt it all together I like that oxy acetylene welding stuff's made into a lamp that's lovely I want and he wants that even it is I just want it it's it's an autumn there you go with a visa engine okay nice still want it and it's not hard to understand why I like the dance more [Applause] a good day now I've got my really handsome I really didn't need this it's overheated because the the top radiator hoses come off it's due free so the radiator hoses come off now that's hot and it's lost all its water which is a shame but I have got a screwdriver and I have got a bottle of water so we'll see what we can do to fix there I've fixed the hose and I'm just filling it with water now so hopefully we'll be okay nice and slowly that's not very good it actually caught fire my exhaust system was on fire and I had to pour a whole shed load of water over it to put it out that's not very good at all in fact that's really really really bad I've taken the exhaust rap hopefully we'll be okay so what's happened is the pipe underneath the engine where the oil cooler used to connect to it's got a loopback in it so it loops it straight back into the engine which has never caused me any problems ever however what's happened is that pipe is broken and it's been spraying oil out the side the oil has gone over the exhaust and the exhaust caught fire so this whole lot is now seeped in engine oil and the engines clattering because it doesn't have any oil in it the good thing is that the water is okay it's full of water and there's nothing wrong with the water but it's got no engine oil left in it and the engine all that sprayed out is catching fire on the exhaust so I've had to bite the bullet and call the AAA


  1. The drive up and back to Stoneliegh is always peppered with cars that didn't quite make it….better luck next year. I hope to be making the journey myself for 2019.

  2. Good luck with the repairs you at least made it to the show my car broke down on the way there so I was on the back of a transporter and home by 2.00pm

  3. hello, do you remember the name of the brand of the buggy? looks interesting with this unusual chassis , transversal engine mounted . You're lucky with this fire, not too important. EDIT: I've found :
    The Pie Valley Buggies version six (!)…
     Midmounted Golf 20V turbo engine
     Optimised suspension geometry using bespoke
    wishbones and uprights

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