Mountain bike surprise! – The first winner

If your watching this video, chances are you’ve been following the contest. If not click the link in the description for a playlist of this contest as it panned out from the beggining. Last time we got to see my favourite video entries, and you guys shared you opinions in the comments. There will be 2 winners and today I will reveal one of them. Let’s do a quick recap of the finalists. There was Ike, who volunteers at a non-profit bike shop and actually races a bike he built from scratch. There was Chris, who hosts community rides and wants a bike to lend out to newcomers. There was also Dan, who since last time has started posting more on Youtube. We saw him huck these huge road gaps on an XC bike. We also met Drew, who laid out a plan to surprise a local rider and film it. We saw proof of how Drew films things, so this was a story a lot of you wanted to see continue. And then there was Alex, a humble kid from NorCal who rides a bike that’s much older than him. He appreciates and cares for this bike, even though it’s clearly holding him back. So, who is the first winner? Today was a great day for Alex. To him this was a total suprise. I reached out to his family last week and gave them the tracking number. They cap the whole thing underraps to coordinate the surprise And alex could barely believe it He keeps saying thank you over and over and that gratitude is directed to all of you You guys choose Alex and now his story will continue Alex´s old bike had a head shock with probably under 50mm of travel Not anymore The dropper seat post, the sram 1 – 11 and the slack modern and geometry mean that Alex no longer be outgone no matter where he goes Alex´s friends were as excited as he was, and tag teamed the bike to get it assembled right New bikes take some tweaking and getting used to but I still wasnt surprised to see Alex taking fly almost immediately Is worth mentioning that Alex wasnt exactly prepared for this, when he woke up that day he wasnt expecting to win a bike Or filming it So this reveal is only the beggining Throught out this riding season we´ll get to see Alex´s story panned out And watch his riding style growing up all As he collects footage I´ll post his videos here but you can also check out his channel in the link below As for this contest is not over yet We still get to find out who wins my personal bike, the bike that has been a major part of this channel since last summer We will also check in with some other finalists and see if we can still make a difference in their life too Until then, thanks for riding with me today and I´ll see you next time

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