Motorcycle Tip: Use of Hand Signals Along With Turn Signal

Motorcycle Tip:  Use of Hand Signals Along With Turn Signal

All right. In this video I want
to talk about a safety tip that I think is a good one to incorporate
into your riding habits on a daily basis. And it’s one that you don’t
normally think about, especially in this day and age with the bikes that are coming out with
more and more safety features, better lighting, with signals
and those sorts of things. So it’s hitting just on that which
is using your turn signal. I think we’re growing more and
more reliant on turn signals than maybe in the past. And the point of this safety
tip is just that we got to realize as always that riders are not very visible to the
general driving community, especially now with smartphones
and things like that. So anything else you can incorporate
to make yourself more visual. to other riders, to other drivers
is a good tip to take. And this is a simple, easy one.
It doesn’t cost anything. And so the more you can put
that into your habit, I think the better and safer
that you’ll be out there. The safety tip is using hand signals
along with your turn signal. And again, I think that’s a great idea. I don’t think we think about that very often. Anymore turn signal people should see it. But when you’re going off of the perspective
that you already are not very visible, if you can use a hand signal that it could catch somebody’s eye behind you or across the street, which
is the number one type of motorcycle accident,
which is someone turning across in front of you. If you can use your hands, that might add a little bit more visibility to
you out there on the road and you could avoid someone running
into you thinking you’re not turning, they’re not paying attention
to your bike itself, but the catch your hand signals. So try to incorporate that. See if it starts to work,
see if you can do it. Make it become an almost automatic thing
that every time your turning left or right, you’re throwing up your hand to
the side that you’re turning and see if that makes you
a little bit more visible. So I hope you liked this safety tip, I wanted to throw that out
there today in this video. Comment below. Give me some of your safety
tips that you like, specifically with regard to this video, which is safety and turning
and that sort of thing. I’d love to hear from you. And until next time, thanks
for watching this video.

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