Motorcycle riders be careful

Motorcycle riders be careful

[Music] Sunday sorry I missed everybody I didn’t have a topic all right my bad but today I do have a topic I work at a gas station if you guys didn’t already know and at the gas station I was working at I am the one that every time I hear a Harley engine I got a look Mike’s coming in and out like crazy filling up cars not paying attention and racing to the gas pump before the bike or pulling up to you closely behind the bike at a gas pump so they can be next at the poem I witnessed one of our regular customers pulling out out of the gas station and nearly got hit by a car because the driver was not paying attention you know it really doesn’t take much to your surroundings and watch out for these people that are on bikes now that it is riding season hope y’all are out there enjoying the weather don’t be texting and driving phone in your center console in your in your passenger seat in your purse wherever it needs to be so it’s not in your hands so you can pay attention to what’s going on around you now that the bikes are out we don’t need any more accidents on the road due to negligence of vehicle drivers because they weren’t paying attention check over your shoulder don’t always just depend on your mirrors check over your shoulder to make sure that there is no bike next to you when you’re switching lanes you I mean come on it’s all common sense I know some people just may not have common sense but you know bikers have families just like the rest of us to pay more attention to what’s going on we witnessed driving right in front of the gas station while I was at work a bike was turning to come into the gas station and a vehicle nearly hit the back end come on it’s one of the first days out and you’re already not paying attention we all know the riders were coming out yesterday I had the instinct the minute I woke up in the morning there’s gonna be a lot of riders out I seem dozens but it doesn’t take much to just a attention mention what if it was a little kid crossing the street not going to pay attention to that either I think ignorant is bliss I know the rioters pay attention hey I’m driving in my vehicle I go as far as if I see there’s a rider on a motorcycle behind me I’m a smoker I have the decency to actually open my window and flick my cigarette down to the ground instead of flicking it up in the air just so I don’t hit the guy behind me on the bike keep your distance I do mainly because I’m used to following bikers in my vehicle it doesn’t take a lot too you a half a car length behind a vehicle or behind a motorcycle so you don’t have the chances of rolling into their back tire because lemme tell ya that bikers gonna get hurt and we don’t need anymore biker injuries let’s see some of the bikers needs to be a little forward to because I seen some of these young guys out on the bikes mainly the crotch rockets though hey weave in and out of traffic and cut off the vehicles well guess what road road rage happens young guys not in the crotch rockets needs to be a little bit slowed down wherever you’re going is going to still be there I have an article that I was going to read for you so let me get to that the time of year when drivers and riders start sharing the road again motorcyclists are starting to bring out their bikes after being stored away all winter long Erie News Now talked with local bikers who wanted to remind drivers to be extra cautious now that bikes are out on the streets in large numbers they asked local motorists to stay back at a stop signs and lights to minimize the chances of rear-ending are knocking a biker off their motorcycle I was sitting at a red light waiting for the light to change and the guy behind me turns around to swat his kid lifts his foot off the brake and runs into me motorcyclist norm gate said gates experienced a experience is shared by many bikers my front tire got hit bike got taken out by a lady at a rut that ran a red light motorcyclist Zecharia poo pourri said to avoid accidents be sure you look twice before pulling out in an intersection use your turn signals and keep your car distraction free zone yes definitely the biggest issue local bikers are talking about is the use of cell phones while driving they’re talking on their phone texting as they’re inching up behind us motorcyclist William Slagle said the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows distracted driving causes nearly 35,000 crashes in 2016 alone because of those crashes more than 37,000 people died come on you know I see you all winter long the texting and the driving it’s usually the younger generation yeah I get it we all have MapQuest we all need to follow maps but hey you know if the radio is not cranked you know your phone actually will tell you where to turn so you don’t have to stare at your phone the follow direction I know it’s kind of crazy because like mine in a thousand feet you will make a left 500 feet you will make a left yeah we don’t know what thousand feet in 500 feet are while we’re talking but it does tell you at the next and next turn you will make it tells you it tells you where you’re going you don’t have to stare at the screen I know people have tried those vet clips for their phones out of them not a lot of them work if people did find ones that actually work you should let us know where you got them from I know the one that we actually saw one at work and people have been saying that when they put it on their vent a minute they put it in there guess what hmm the phone drops down and it’s not secure well how important is it that your phone is in eyesight view most people have a CD players radio what not do you really need to have a vision on that phone mine’s in my center console on my passenger seat or if my son’s in the car my son has my phone and he’s on my phone you tubing go figure I love it so all I ask and sorry for my rent today but I like to watch out for those on the road on two wheels and three wheels those with four wheels I’m one of those but please be careful please watch out for the riders let’s not have 35,000 accidents due to texting and riding or texting and driving or you’re beating your kid in the backseat because they’re screaming and yelling so you turn around and next thing you know it you’re taking out that bike in front traction free zone while driving watch out for those riders be careful out there we don’t need any more accidents due to negligence well thanks for listening to me rant I really appreciate it next week the show is gonna be sites from downtown Chicago as why taking my daughter down there Wednesday morning so until then please ride safe watch out for those bikers be careful don’t text and drive love y’all


  1. Have you ever had a close encounter while on a motorcycle with someone in a car not paying attention?

  2. Pushed me off the road into Norwood Motors 02888 1972
    . Jacked up on me to take a left from the right hand lane Rt. 2 02883 1974. Onectook my freinds leg while he was riding 1970. New element of drivers these undesirables have been driving only few months only they are old

  3. China you said you flick your cigarettes down I'm sorry it don't matter no cigarette whatsoever should go out of window the world is nobody's astray that's the way I look at it secondly I've had them bounce up and hit me so flipping them down don't help so get an old Coke can or some sort of container because I know newer cars don't come with ashtrays so get something to put your cigarette butts in not out the window

  4. Your so right theres alot of dumb F.. K on Them roads… ROCK'NROLL China 🤘love your taking this Being save thing really is cool, cause we could stop it just by looking, and look Hard and stop riding to fast… Peace&Ride🇺🇸🇩🇰✌️

  5. And lets not forget as bikes return to the roads there are cars and trucks that hate bikers are actually try to run them off the roads sad but true. Be safe to all on the roads and have a great first ride I know today its warm enough but its raining all day here in WI state usa.

  6. I am typing this from my hospital bed in a rehab facility. I went down on Oct. 26th. The bitch even seen me, but thought she could beat me and made a left turn in front of me. Just SOME of my injuries include a shattered pelvis, arm broken totally in two. Shattered leg below the knee. Broken ribs, etc. I will never be the same and so far have lost 6 months to hospitals and rehab facilities. Lost the nice house I was renting, my business, etc. Yeah, open your fucking eyes people! And do NOT try to out do a motorcycle or beat one like in my case.

  7. A girl blew through red light texting when I was in the turn green arrow. I got to walk away and she tried to flee the scene. Plainfield police was 4 cars behind me and busted her ass real fast. We can preach about phones and texting but they never listen till it’s to late and forever changes lives.

  8. We buried a 19 y/o & a 33 y/o here this week-end, so sad, They were somebody's son, brother, husband, fiancé,  father, Bikers and cagers Please drive as if your life depended on it. Get off the damn phone! Awesome message and video China. Peace Lady!

  9. A while back had a cop pull me over because at an intersection I pulled over and up so my front tire was between the two vehicles in front of me. He gave me the riot act about it being "lane splitting" (it wasn't). I tried to explain that I positioned myself and watched my mirrors so I COULD get out of the way if someone wasn't paying attention. He wasn't having it and explained, that for "Safety" I had to stay in my lane behind the car in front of me. Suddenly WHAM!, a car at the light plowed into the back of a pick up and shoved it into the car in front of it. We both stared at the mess for a moment and the cop said "You have a nice day Sir." and ran to help with the wreck. Hopefully Ossifer Friendly learned something that day.

    I had the same thing happen as they guy you were talking about. Luckily I was in a cage at the time. Woman stopped behind me, turned to deal with her snotsucker, lifted her foot off the brake and hit the back of my car. $1,500 in damages to my vehicle, glad I wasn't on my sled or it would have been much worse.

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