Mock Theory Test – Class 3-5 Heavy Vehicle – NZ Road Code

Mock Theory Test – Class 3-5 Heavy Vehicle – NZ Road Code

We’re going to look at class 3-5 heavy vehicle
Road Code theory using the free mock theory quizzes at
Let’s take all 19 questions. What is the maximum forward distance for a
heavy motor vehicle with a tow coupling? The maximum forward distance is 8.5 metres.
For a heavy full trailer the maximum rear overhang including its load is the lesser
of: It’s actually 4 metres or 50% of the wheelbase.
During the hours of darkness when the load you are carrying is up to 1 metre wide and
extends from the rear of the vehicle by more than 1 metre, what warning devices are required?
It’s not A because flashing orange or orange and purple lights are for pilot vehicles.
It’s actually B: one red rear facing light positioned in the centre of the rear overhang.
What is the maximum distance a load may extend behind the body of a trailer before an over-dimensional
flag is required? It’s actually less than you think; it’s only
1 metre Between which points is the forward distance
of a semi-trailer measured? The distance is between the rear axis of the
semi-trailer to the centre of the kingpin. And you can see in this diagram here that
the forward distance is 9.2 metres between the rear axis and the kingpin.
What class of licence is required to drive a combination vehicle that has a gross combined
weight of 25,500 kilos? Class 6 is a motorcycle licence. The other
three are heavy vehicle licences and class 5 is the one that you want.
You see this sign but you are travelling in a heavy motor vehicle pulling two semi-trailers.
What’s the maximum speed you can travel in this area?
The answer is still 50kph. There’s no reduction in speed just because
you’re pulling two trailers. What’s the maximum permitted forward distance
of a semi-trailer? Don’t get confused here and click 8.5. It’s
actually 9.2. Where must the road user charges for a heavy
vehicle be displayed? Select all that apply. They’re always displayed inside the windscreen
on the passenger side, but they could also be displayed on the front left side of the
trailer. Where on a heavy trailer should a warrant
or certificate of fitness be displayed? Check all that apply.
At the rear of the trailer near the registration plate or on the right hand side near the back
of the trailer. From what distance must the rear red light
of a heavy goods service vehicle be visible? Note, this is not an over-dimension load.
Now, if it was an over-dimension load the answer would be D, 200m, but because it’s
not the answer is B, 100m. What’s the lowest class of licence required
to drive a combination vehicle that has a gross combined weight of 14,000 kilos?
The answer is class 3. What is the maximum overall length for a truck
and semi-trailer combination including its load?
Don’t be confused here and click E which is 20. The answer is actually D.
What is the maximum overall length of any heavy motor vehicle towing two trailers and
including their load? We saw in the previous question that with
a semi-trailer the maximum distance was 19m. But the actual maximum overall distance for
any heavy vehicle with two trailers and including their load is 20m.
What is the maximum speed limit for a heavy motor vehicle towing a semi-trailer or semi-trailers?
The limit is 90kph. What is the forward distance of a full trailer,
other than a pole trailer, the front axle of which is steered by a tow bar?
The forward distance is described in D: The distance from the rear axis to the front of
the trailer excluding any drawbars or the front axle set.
What is the maximum height of a heavy motor vehicle from the ground, not including straps,
lashings and coverings? The maximum is 4.25 metres and you can also
have another 25mm for strops and lashings and so on.
What is the maximum distance a load may extend out from the side of the body of a trailer
before an over-dimensional flag is required? The distance is 200mm.
What is the maximum width permitted for a heavy trailer (other than an agricultural
trailer) from its longitudinal centre line? The maximum total width is 2.5 metres. Therefore
if you take the longitudinal centre line — that’s the middle of the truck — it’s half of 2.5
metres, which is 1.25 metres. Once you’ve finished your test you’ll see
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  1. Might seem like a dumb question, but I genuinely don't know. Are these the question that will be in the test? or just similar examples?

  2. Respected sir

    I have observed that all heavy vehicles are creating a lot of pollution.

    In general all vehicle's silencers are horizontally arranged 2 feet above road level.

    So the exhaust fumes are directly pointed at a person's height. This is effecting both the padestrians and two & four wheelers.
    And road side dust is also thrown at the people and plants.

    My suggestion is all heavy vehicles silencers to be orianted vertically, (similar to tractors silencer), so that smoke is exposed to the open sky, thereby padestrians and other commuters are not affected by dangerous exhaust fumes.
    Kindly research on this issue.

    Thanking you

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