Mini Stirling Engine – MAX RPM (Blow-Up Attempt #1)

This is a Stirling engine a miniature version
of the real thing to be specific and I’m not just showing you this engine to show you this
engine I actually have a plan in mind if you’ve seen any of the previous episodes you know I like that I like pushing things to their limit and this is going to be no different I want
to see what the maximum rpm is that I can get out of this engine with the intention
of blowing it up but before I do that I want to show you how this engine runs the way it
comes if you buy it and then move into the high RPM runs right after that as you can see this engine is pretty cool
and functions perfectly it runs it’s a real engine in my opinion this is an awesome little
engine for the price because it’s literally a miniature version of the real thing I think
a lot of people will enjoy this engines so I put a link in the description below if you
want to buy one and I get credit for every single one that you buy so by as many as you
want and the way these Stirling engines work is you have a hot piston here a heat exchanger
and a cold piston here it takes the heat that is created by the flame at this hot cylinder
and converts it into rotational ForceI did a little video while I run this engine non-stop
for 3 hours straight now that you see how this engine runs normally and we know it can
run for at least 3 hours I want to see not how long it will run but how fast It can run
and the way I’m going to do that is by turning up the heat I’m going to heat it up with the
MAPP gas as hot as I can get it and see how fast I can get this thing to go right away
it started moving here we go maximum rpm oh yeah geez practically melting the glass and
still nothing’s happening all right well that that answers that question looks like I got
about 4000 RPM out of this engine but who’s number which doesn’t sound like a huge number
but if you think about the fact that most Stirling engines run between 400 and 600 RPM
with certain designs getting up to 1,200 RPM 4000 starts sounding pretty impressive this
is kind of unfortunate I mean we have some damage but not the amount of damage I expected
the whole engine is pretty hot this whole thing is hot but the weird thing is that the
cylinder isn’t damaged but the Piston has melted if you look inside their the Piston
is melted but the cylinder is undamaged I’m telling you this really surpassed my expectations
I think it’s definitely worth the price that they’re selling this thing for because if
it took that I mean man definitely worth its weight in gold that’s a little bit exaggerated
I can’t believe the Piston inside Melted but the cylinder is still intact it’s the strangest
thing I’m not sure I’m going to actually try to take this apart and see how this thing
oh look at that it’s like loose what the heck oh goes the weasel look at that there’s little
o-rings in there oh look at thats are damaged oh man look at that piston looks like a little
icicle I think this would have stood running a little bit longer but it definitely melted
the Piston inside of there I want to open this up and see if we can somehow just take
this apart crazy look at that this is just like a steel piston inside of a piece of glass
that fits inside of another glass tube which is the cylinder that’s crazy it fits so tight
in there wow how they get that to such a fine tolerance is beyond so now I’m going to take
this little retaining ring off of the connecting rod and I think this whole piston is going
to slide right out of that cylinder oh yeah it comes right off that’s kind of cool you
can take this whole thing apart with no tools oh there is goes I can just slide this whole
piston right outoh that’s pretty cool this is super simple look at that thing it’s just
this piston this steel piston inside with a connecting rod it’s attached to this glass
piston it looks like you can just oh their you go and this piston slides inside it all
comes apart with no tools that’s pretty cool so I guess all I need is this glass piston
right here and I’ll be back in business so maybe I should try that and try this one more
time let’s see whats inside there it’s just like a little glass tube such a simple engine
it’s just a hole in the heat sink and a little vent hole here 2 Pistons 2 connecting rods
and a flywheel and a counterweight I wonder why this engine never made it that was pretty
uneventful I didn’t even get to do any of my load test or my second idea because the
engine didn’t make it through the first idea but I told myself if something is intended
to be a full episode And it doesn’t work out I’m still going to post it because sometimes
things just happen but they’re still cool to see thanks for watching don’t forget to
subscribe check out the notification Bell because there are some options there and that’s
about it see you soon

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