Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Guide at

Metzeler Motorcycle Tire Guide at

Anthony: Hey this is Anthony with RevZilla
TV where you can watch, decide, and ride. Welcome to our Metzeler Tire overview. [music] Looking at Metzeler if you’re new to the brand
they make a tire for just about every type of bike. What you need to know at a high level
about Metzeler is they’ve been making tires since their inception in 1892. As a company,
they are older than Harley Davidson at this point. Pretty amazing stuff. Up to World War
2 they were making tires for different applications from aviation, for motorcycles across the
board, post-World War II for the last 60 plus years all they’ve been doing is making motorcycle
tires. Still based in Germany really, really some of the highest quality and most well
adopted tires within the motorcycle market place. Now, if we look at it, we know there’s
a few different styles of Metzelers and I have some that aren’t on the table today.
But what I want to do is I want to focus in on the three key sets of Metzeler Tires for
just about any type of riding. The first one I’m going to home in on is pretty
easy. That’s the Tourance family of tires. You have the Tourance and the Tourance EXPs.
Pricing starts at $130 on the fronts, $150 on the rears, ball park, and really what you’re
looking at is adventure bikes here. So, BMW 12GS this is the OE tire that’s come with
that bike since its inception. The KTM 990, think V-Strom 1000, bikes in that ballpark
this is a 90 or an 8515 tire for the Tourance and then a 95 Fire for the EXP which is a
different compound you can still take off road on the fire road, but it’s a little bit
more sporty for those applications. And again, you’re going to have rim sizes for the front
and rear and different widths to accommodate those type of big heavy but also some times
nibble and off roaded dual sport bikes. Moving to the center is the ME880 by far the
most popular and one of the longest running Metzeler tires. Over 10 years in the making,
over 100 sizes at this point. They call it the marathon, because for bang for the buck,
dollars per the mile, this guy really holds up. It’s built for metro cruisers, Harley
Davidsons, and big sport touring bikes, like a Gold Wing, and what you’re going to have
is a tire that, really based on the OE fitment, it’s going to be an upgrade to what typically
came with a bike like that. So we have tire sizes that go all the way
up to 300 rear widths, but it’s an upgrade your ride type factor. Five different areas
you can improve the ride on your cruiser or on your Harley Davidson or Gold Wing by looking
at it and saying, “Okay, the ME880 is going to upgrade my mileage. It’s going to upgrade
the comfort. I’ll get better dry grip, better wet grip. I’m also going to have no nibbling
because there’s no circumferential groove on this tire, so it’s not going to track on
you while you’re riding.” So again, mileage dollar per dollar it starts at $80 on the
front or $80 to $90 for front tires and they go up from there and the rears are going to
start around 130. Again the ME880 marathon we have a full video breakdown on it. make
sure you check it out. Is the tire typically from Metzeler that most people know. Moving on to the left side of your screen
here. This is going to be the Interact family of tires. There are three tires within Interact.
One of them is fairly easy to rule out for most riders right away. That’s the K3 Racetec.
Which is really a tire built for a high performance race bike and a racing application. Now the
other two tires, the Road Tech Z8 and the Sport Tech M5 really kind of go neck and neck
and they depend on the application for your tires. This happens to be a Sport Tech. The Sport
Tech is an aggressive high powered sport bike tire that’s going to be great for on the road
aggressive riding or off or on the track aggressive riding. So again, you’re going to have five
different tension zones in this tire. It’s going to be just as happy leaned over dragging
a knee as it will be straight up and down going 168 plus miles per hour. Again, it’s
going to be set up for the race track, so the longevity is still going to be a bit diminished
because you need that grip, but it’s not going to be like a complete one and done tire like
something like the Racetec . Now if you’re a sport rider who’s not looking
to take your sport bike to the track. If you’re really looking for potentially some spirited
road riding but you know you’re never going to be dragging a knee on it. The Roadtec is
probably the better tire in the Interact family for you. You’re still getting the benefit
of a sporty compound that’s going to offer great grip, that’s going to offer a great
wet grip, tread pattern. But typically you’re going to have your hardest belt in the middle
of the tire and it’s going to go softer into the shoulder. It’s simply for a heavier sport touring bike.
So think FJR, VFR, BMW-ST. That would be the Roadtec bike. You know jokingly, internally,
we typically have a more mature rider who’s done with his track day years. Who’s coming
in looking for a Roadtec, while the Sportec is you know it’s somebody on a BMW S1000RR,
on a CBR1000. On a bike that is really, really an aggressive ultra or hyper sport bike. So, knowing that and breaking it down into
the Metzeler family a little further, you know you have your Laser Tech for your vintage
bikes there are some other tires that play there. Really these are the three main families
of tire from Metzeler. Tourance is adventure ME880 Marathons going to be your cruiser and
big sport touring, heavy bike touring, and your sport bike is going to be your Interact
family. You know they’re going to go up again…a lot of… they’re going to go head to head
against a lot of the tires we see in the market place currently from some other manufacturers,
but we’re happy to talk to you a little bit further about them if you need any help. So
shoot us a line. See us at or 877-792-9455. As always, they are over $39
bucks, they will ship for free, exchange for free, no restocks if you need to send them
back to us, and they’re certainly going to allow you to earn Team Zilla cash to be applied
to your next order. And lastly, whether you’re seeing them for
the first time, have some questions about them, or you’re currently riding them, leave
us your feedback. Facebook, on YouTube subscribe to us at RevZilla TV on our YouTube channel
and you can always interact with us there. We want to know what you think and we want
to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest video reviews that we’re rolling
out from I hope you learned something today. I hope
you have a much easier time looking at the Metzeler family, as compared to what you ride,
and you can immediately home in on type of tire that’s going to be best suited for your
application. I’m Anthony and I’ll see you next time on RevZilla TV.


  1. You guys are great! You make it very easy to figure things out quickly, I just wish I found you guys awhile ago.

  2. 5000+ miles on M3 and no groans, just keeps on gripping, in the corners knee down and wet traffic light GP's

  3. Same here. About 5000 miles on my M5's bought from Revzilla as well. Great tire in all conditions, especially dry.

  4. I've bought 2 R1150 GS's that both came with Tourances on them. Both rear Tourances squared off really badly. I've since gone to the Anakee 2's, which are dual compound tires (rear only) which seem to last much longer.

    For more aggressive dirt, I just ordered some Heidi K60s for an Alaska trip.

  5. I was on the M3s very stick !! was ment to get M5s last week but my local bike dealer put Z8 on!! did not notice until 600km on them, rode them pretty hard & am realy impressed with them had no Oh Shit moments!! still have M3 on front.
    08 CBR1000rr

  6. I've had great luck with the Tourance on my GS and one of our avid track riders here at RevZilla has been loving the K3's. ~Ali

  7. Great Metzeler reviews! I bought my rear ME880's from you guys, now to order the front! BEST prices and BEST and quickest shipping to my home, thank you guys!

  8. Awesome. The ME880's are one of the best tires of that genre. I've also had great luck with the Tourance on my GS and one of our avid track day riders on staff swears by the K3's. ~Ali

  9. Okay m8s I just received my first bike a Honda 400cm 1981 and I'm having a really hard time finding parts for pls help and sorry if I messed up the name thnx

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