Mark Scott’s Santa Cruz Hightower | GMBN Pro Bikes

Mark Scott’s Santa Cruz Hightower | GMBN Pro Bikes

– Alright, today’s your lucky day! I’m dwarfed by this
Santa Cruz Hightower here in some crazy colours. It’s Mark Scott’s World
Enduro Series bike, and it is nuts! I love the colour, the colour is the World
En. Series colours, and it’s got a seat to match it. (energetic techno beat) We come down to the heart of this bike. It is the Santa Cruz Hightower. It’s a specific 29 inch bike. It’s a thoroughbred when it comes to the race scene. Front and rear triangle, full carbon, and in the middle here, we’ve
got a RockShox Monarch Plus. It’s a 135 mil of travel. And when you go to the front here, he’s got a RockShox Lyrik. This time it’s 160 mil of travel. That’s a big difference in travel! When it comes down to the
greasy, oily, grinding bit of the bike, here’s the drivetrain. He’s running Sram Eagle. He’s got carbon cranks up front, and on the end of those, he has the Crank Brothers Mallet E pedals. When he comes down here,
he’s running one by 12. He’s got a 50 to ten cassette, it’s nuts for them crazy ascents! So this full Sram here is bolted to this wheel build. Full carbon rim, with an
Industry Nine green hub, and then for stopping power he’s got Sram Guide
Ultimate skidding power. Because he has a 200 mil rotor here, full stopping power. Right, the rubber, it’s
a Maxxis Aggressor. It looks like a fast rolling tyre. Right in front here, it’s exactly the same wheel build, same brake setup. But, different tyre, more aggressive tyre. This time it’s a Maxxis Minion DHF 3c. 3c means it’s three different compounds that make this tyre up. On the forks it’s some RockShox Lyrik, and it’s got his name on it! Running the Union Jack, but I’m guessing you’d
prefer the Scottish flag for that one. The cockpit of this bike,
it’s an aggressive cockpit. He’s running the Truvativ
Descendant bar and stem combo. Super wide bars! I keep saying super wide, but these are, these are 800 mil I’m guessing. He’s got some nice rubber
grips here for him, Santa Cruz grips. On the brake setup it’s the
Sram Guide Ultimate brakes, front and rear. And he’s got the new Rockshox Reverb dropper seatpost lever there to go with his nice dropper
seatpost right there. And, he’s got a nice, cool
little docking station here for his little computer
to save all his times, see everything: his heartbeat, whatever. But that’s enough of me
talking about his bike, let’s get the man in himself. Right, we’ve got Mark himself,
the pilot of this bike. He’s gonna help me, he’s gonna give you all the information that I didn’t give you. First off, this colour? – Yeah. – Is this your doing? – No, it was a surprise for us, the whole team actually. It’s a full EWS logo, you can see it here. – [Blake] Oh yeah, no way, that’s it, it’s the whole globe!
– [Mark] An enlarged version of that. – [Blake] Yeah, yeah! You’ve got Fabric. – Yeah, I’ve got the white version, Loosedog’s got a black one, and Iago’s got a blue base. And Fabric’s hooked up the saddles too. – [Blake] Look at that! You lucky guys, eh? – Yeah! – Nice! Another question is, 135 mil of travel there, and 160 there. – [Mark] Yeah. – Do you like riding on your front? – I ride back a lot. I don’t know. We tried 150s and stuff. – And it just didn’t work for you? – 160 was sweet. Just run it.
– Perfect. You’ve got a full stack here, that’s sick. – [Mark] Same again, I just tried it. I always cut my steering longer, test it out, figure it out. – That’s a good tip. – Yeah, I got happy with
it up there and it’s sweet. – So your cockpit, I said 800 mil. – Yeah. – What is your bar length? – 760. – 760! – I’m only little. Little shoulders. – Yeah, a bit like me as well! – I can’t hold on out there! [Blake Laughs] – Okay, so now pressures, what are you running in this rear? Is it like, super volumed out? – Yeah, it’s really volumed out, I’ve got about six bars in there. – Wow! – I think it’s six out of eight. – Okay! – And then I’ve got about 170 psi in the back.
– A man after my own heart with hard suspension. – Yeah! – Give an all out pump. In the front, is that the same? – That is similar, it’s
70 psi and three Tokens. And I’ve cut all the low speed off, I don’t run that. I don’t know why, I just feel it’s good. – Yeah, it’s the best! Okay, right, number 12. Is this your number 12 bike out there? So you’ve got 12 bikes, or is this… – This is not my 12th bike, I’m actually ranked 12 from last year’s EWS standings. – There you go. – And we run that number all year. – Okay. – A lot of 12 stickers on this bike. – Yeah, there’s one there, there’s one there, frame. Okay, so they’ve put the 12, so you’re 12 in the EWS. Why is that? – So in EWS, in the
whole race you get five, I think it’s five stickers. – Okay. – Wheel well, fork, front
triangle, and rear triangle. – Okay. – And those are the parts
you can’t change in the race. – Okay, so it’s an indicator on the piece that you can’t change. – And you get checked in the race and at the end of the race. And if you’ve changed any part that’s got a sticker on you get penalties. – No way! – So you’ve got to survive the race. – Well yeah, you don’t
want to crack a frame, crack a wheel, snap a bar. – You’re gonna get a big penalty. You’d probably lose a lot of time anyway if you break one of those parts. – Penalty, is that
timed penalty or points? – It’s time. – It’s times. – So, I think it’s a five
minute penalty for any of these. – No way! Well that’s a lot of time! You really don’t want
– Yeah, you’re pretty screwed to do any damage there!
– on that one. Okay, and then tyre pressure? – Yeah. It ranges between… – Different courses? – Yeah, 23 psi in the front up to usually 26-27 in the back. – [Blake] Pretty good. – And tyres change a lot, too. – Yeah. – Quite a fast rolling
one on the back there with the Aggressor. – Yeah, yeah. – If there’s big steep downhills
I’ll put two Minions on. – Oh, no way. Okay, cool. When it comes to different courses, different tracks around the world, do you stick with one bike or do you go to another bike? – No, usually, apart
from CR, CR is special. The Enduro is more of
an XC, I use a Tallboy. – You use a Tallboy, okay. – If you ask…
– It’s this. – It’s always this. EWS are really gnarly, so. – Yeah, I’ve seen some stuff. – Yes. – Looks gnarly! – This is the bike for it. – Thank you so much, Mark, for letting us get involved with your pro bike right here, I love it! Definitely one to look out for in the EWS, my eyes are going to be on you for sure! – Sick! And if you want to see
another video of me, click down here. – If you want to see another pro bike, click just over here. Don’t forget to click
this globe right here, and you won’t miss another
video just like this one! – And if you really like this bike, give it a thumbs up! – For sure!


  1. Ridiculous how capable short travel rear shocks are with spacers now. I run 140mm on my Mondraker Foxy and it chomps through anything.

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  3. and in some places of the world they dont have drinking water… awesome society we live in. enjoy YOUR ride though!

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  6. You think that's a big difference in travel my dad has a Rocky Mountain instinct 29r and he is running 130 to 170

  7. please don't put blake on the bike checks. it's obvious from other videos that he knows nothing about tech, and is just a good rider

  8. Probably the reason he only has 135mm in the back is because santa cruz doesn't make a long travel 29er

  9. So I just got some sram cranks and I realized the drive side has a open hole to the other side were there is a cap. I saw an old bar end fits there and I was wondering if I should put it in there to prevent rust or dust getting in thee or if it is fine

  10. I'm searching for a dropper seat post but I don't have the budget for a reverb. I'm 203 cm so i think i need a 150 mm or a 170mm any suggestions?

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  12. What's the song name from 0:16 till 0:29 ? Also in the previous video from Santa Cruz California you have an awesome tune but no link to it. If you could post them in description or here that would be awesome!

  13. I took up mountain biking for fun and to lose weight, not for trails or anything hardcore. I live in a very hilly area so I went for 3×8, which is perfect for me. I spend 80% of the time in 2-4, making it very easy to shift up or down quickly, depending on the upcoming terrain. I still can't climb all the hills in my town with this setup, so anything less and I'd spend most of the time walking the bike.

  14. How tall is Mark Scott? I was expecting some 190+cm dude for this bike, but he seems about the same height as Blake.

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