Machine Vision & EV Battery Manufacturing

With more and more electric cars on the roads today, manufacturing these vehicles fast, efficiently and safely has never been more critical. Electric vehicles present new challenges not seen in conventional automotive manufacturing, especially when it comes to the assembly of sophisticated and unique EV battery systems. But Cognex’s flexible machine vision solutions are up to the task. Gauging, inspecting, guiding and identifying parts every step of the way. So why is inspection important? During the electrode manufacturing process, Cognex’s industrial smart cameras and machine vision software can inspect copper and aluminum sheets, measuring the widths of various coatings and ensuring they remain at the right specifications. Properly gauging parts is equally crucial. When components move on to the assembly phase, for instance, vision systems can measure the distance between poles on anode or cathode cell sheets, verifying they’re in the right position and configuration. Code reading and part identification ensures quality control and traceability. During cell formation, image based barcode readers easily and reliably read 1D and 2D codes on deformed surfaces like codes that are inkjet printed on cell pouches. Machine vision guidance is used throughout the manufacturing process, including the module and pack stage. Smart cameras can guide the automated assembly of modules and cable connectors into a pack, preparing the entire battery system for final assembly verification. These are only just a few examples of how Cognex helps EV battery manufacturers adhere to the highest quality standards and ensure optimal performance and traceability. For more information, visit

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