Lonavala By Pass | Full Marathi Movie

Lonavala By Pass | Full Marathi Movie

”Lonavala bypass. ” ”Lonavala bypass. ” ”Lonavala bypass. ” ”Lonavala bypass. ” ‘This is the famous
Gandhi square of Lonavla. ‘ ‘That means the name of this
place definitely must be. . . . Mahatma Gandhi Road. ‘ ‘Everyday thousands of
people pass through this. . . . Mahatma Gandhi Road. ‘ ‘That means they
walk through this path. ‘ ‘And Gandhiji with a stick in
his hand just keeps watching. ‘ ‘And these are the main
characters of our story. ‘ ‘That means our own kin. ‘ ‘We are going to watch their saga. ‘ ‘This one who looks a little
older. . with a pyjama and vest. ‘ ‘Bhau Tailors. ‘ ‘Now when you say tailor,
Bhau’s hands and legs. . . . must work on the
tailoring machine. ‘ ‘But what happened was,
there came a trend. . . .of ready-made garments and
thus the tailoring business. . . . lost market. ‘ ‘Bhau who is now
idle drinks liquor. ‘ ‘Even now he is eagerly
waiting for the liquor bar to open. ‘ ‘Once he drinks liquor
and he starts blabbering. . . .then there has to be a commotion. ‘ Come on in. Hurry up. Hello.
– Stop drinking. See, I have stopped drinking. For one hour and then drink. Come on. Siddhu ! Siddhu ! Siddhu has still not arrived. What a life he lives? Otherwise look at me. ”A little happiness. ” ”And ample sorrow. ” This song is absolutely fit for me. Ample sorrow. What a life I have. Stitch clothes ; drink liquor. Drink liquor; stitch clothes. Is this what is called as life? A dog ! The dog is
taking the police away. A dog is so fortunate. He
does not have to do any work. He just sits like this. . that’s it. But he is good fortune ;
he gets what he wants. If he wants mutton, he gets it. If he wants chicken, he gets it. That is called as lucky. If God asks me what would you
like to be in your next birth. I will say, a police dog. Hey you ; whom did you call a dog? I will call a dog, a dog,
what else can I call him? Who did you call a dog?
– That dog. . You call me a dog ;
a policeman a dog? You address a police man as dog? You had a dog with you
that is why I said so. You address a police man as dog? Beware if you say it again. I will call a dog, a dog,
what else can I call him? This is what happens with me. I get a beating whatever I say. I have decided now.
Henceforth I will not say anything. I will keep quiet. Whatever happens. ‘And this is the
laundry man, Kadam. ‘ ‘Bhau gets a beating if he speaks. ‘ ‘But Kadam suffers a
beating without saying anything. ‘ ‘Kadam’s is a neglected life. ‘ ‘He irons others clothes all day
and keeps crying over his life. ‘ ‘At home he has a wife
who keeps fighting. ‘ ‘And a daughter who keeps
returning home from her. . . . in-law’s place with
some demand or the other. ‘ ‘Kadam is always the
sufferer in the fight between. . . . his wife and his daughter. ‘ ‘Actually whoever may be
fighting but ultimately. . . . Kadam is the sufferer. ‘ Hello, Kadam ; iron this first. Kadam, urgently iron this shirt. I have to go for a party meeting. Today madam is
coming for the meeting. I should get the party
ticket just looking at my clothes. I came here first. And what are you going to
do with the party ticket? Is your party going to win? As it is your party is
going to lose. – Look here. . . . if you talk
rubbish about my party. . . .I will beat you with my sandals. . First see whether you are
wearing shoes or slippers. . . .then think of beating me. So what. I will take
Kadam’s slipper and beat you. Kadam, what do you say? You
will give it to me, isn’t it? Kadam. . and why will
he give you his slipper? He will definitely give. Kadam, beware. You
will have to deal with me. Kadam, I told you to remove
means remove your slipper. Kadam, once again I ask
you ; do you wish to do. . . .your business here
or not? No means no! Kadam, I told you to
remove means remove. Kadam!
– Kadam! I told you to iron my clothes
first. – I told you to remove. . ‘And this is Cable Pawar. ‘ ‘Actually his name
is Santosh Pawar. ‘ ‘But he has a cable business. ‘ ‘That is why all call him, Cable. ‘ ‘When fair means don’t
work he does not think twice. . . .to use unfair means. ‘ ‘When he sits with his friends he
starts boasting about his cable. ‘ ‘And then starts his dialogues. ‘ ‘And at such times Cable speaks
in his special English language. ‘ ‘He loves all the
English films shown on cable. ‘ ‘Especially the love scenes in it. ‘ Great! Baburao, did you see? Actually today’s young
generation has gone astray. See how cultured this boy is. Great! – Actually we
have to congratulate him. See how he has torn
all those vulgar posters. You old man, keep quiet! After seeing this poster
I went to see this film. But there was not a
single sexy scene in it. That is why I am
tearing this poster. ‘This is Siddharth ! ‘ ‘The hero of our story. ‘ ‘Clever and hard working. ‘ ‘An expert mechanic. ‘ ‘He not only repairs
cars but also his friends. . . .shattered lives. ‘ ‘See this. ‘ ‘It is Siddharth’s
regular job to save Bhau. . . .from the goons of
the money lender. ‘ ‘And did you see this?’ ‘More than Kadam and his
wife Siddharth is worried. . . .about Kadam’s health. ‘ ‘Who else but Siddharth
will explain the advantages. . . .and disadvantages
of marriage to Cable?’ ‘He is a hero amongst his friends. ‘ ‘But at home. . ‘ What is this? How many times I told you not
to bang the plate like this. In that way you insult food. Okay?
– Yes! Insult? Am I not humiliated when
you spend money on your. . . .worthless friends.
You lend them money. You spend money on their drinks. All the other ladies
call me a barren woman. At that time I am
also humiliated. Then? It is just five
years for our marriage. You will definitely bear a child. Look here ; as soon as
we save some money. . . .we will go to the city and
consult some good doctor. . . .and take treatment from him. Not us ; but you. I am absolutely healthy. Understood? ‘The doctor has warned
Kadam to go for a walk. . . .every morning. ‘ ‘And the other three
give him company. ‘ ‘There was only one thread
of happiness between them. . . .which kept them together in
the ups and downs of their lives. ‘ ‘And that was their friendship. ‘ ‘Only till this moment. ‘ Once what happened. Okay, that means in your youth. Why do you remind me of my age? Once what happened. . That means twice what happened. Once, sometime back and
once now. That means twice. Hey Siddhya, you keep quiet. Listen to me.
– Yes! – Yes! So I was going by train. It was night ; I fell asleep.
– Okay. I got up in the morning and
rubbing my eyes like this. How? How did you rub your eyes? Like this. I took out my
eyes and rubbed them like this. I am telling you a joke.
– Okay. Okay. I asked the boy sitting next to me. Which is this station? What a joke? Stupid joke. And
you say I will tell you a joke. Keep quiet! Keep quiet! He starts laughing
at the wrong time. What do you mean?
– The joke is not yet over. Okay, I thought it
was over. Sorry. Sorry. Then. .
– Accident. Not accident ; but I
am telling you a joke. See there ; an
accident has taken place. Oh, my God ! It is terrible!
How serious it looks. Oh, my God ! Slowly! Carefully. Slowly! Slowly! First see whether he
is dead or alive. – Yes. Bhau, wait. Go and see ; quickly check. What is it? Siddhya ! Bahu !
Kadam! Just look at this! Oh, my God ! Wow! Wow! Goddess Laxmi has
blessed us with fortune. Sit, sit, sit ; sit. Don’t touch the money. How will I count it
if I won’t touch it? Come, we will count it. Count it. Keep it here ; here. There is no need to count. There are hundred notes in a bundle. That means each
bundle is worth a lakh. Such a small bundle of a
thousand rupees is worth a lakh? Look here ; there is
zero rupee note in this. What?
– What? Let me see. A zero rupee note? Remove your thumb. How much?
– One thousand. They are too much. . Check how much it is. . So much money. I have never even ironed
so many clothes in my life. Yes. We have become lucky.
– Yes! I will change my life. I tell you ; I have never
seen so many reels of thread. . . . in my life. One crore ; two crores ;
three crores ; four crores. . . .and five crores.
– Yes! I will buy a very big iron. Oh, no. With this money I will get
married to an English girl. Hey you ! You will stain the notes. Oh, my God. You will marry a girl; I
will spend money like this. Hey, Bhau, Cable. What nonsense is going on? Be quiet for some time. Give me some time to think. This car was going
from Pune to Mumbai. And that too with so much money. Either a politician can
have so much money or. . . .an underworld Don. Once they realize that
their money has vanished. . . .they will not keep quiet. First of all they will have
a doubt on the local people. The people residing in Lonavla. By now their men
and the police both. . . . must have started
their search for the money. Yes.
– But Siddhya, what I suggest. What if we bribe the police
with some money from this. . . .and tell them to keep quiet. Yes? Keep quiet. Are the police and the men
from the underworld fools? Do you think that they
will search for a few days. . . .and then keep quiet? No, no, Siddhu, you
are right. You are right. What we will do is we will
hide this money somewhere. And take it out at night.
How is this idea? – Yes. Siddhu, tell us everything clearly. Seeing so much money our
minds have stopped working. Look here Bhau, the
police and the underworld. . . .will search for at
least two to four months. That is why we will not be
able to touch this money. . . .for at least six months. And the most important
thing is there should not be. . . .any change in our behaviour. Yes. Yes. If we blurt out
something from our talks. . . .and if they have a doubt. Then the police will
beat us mercilessly. Till then I will
keep this money with me. If we keep this money
with Bahu then he will. . . . remove a thousand rupee
not everyday for his liquor. Yes.
– Then what? No, no. Listen to me. We will not keep this
money in anyone’s house. Otherwise we will have
a doubt on each other. But where will we
keep so much money? In the square. There is a statue of
Gandhiji in our square. Today night we will dig a
pit under the first step. . . .and hide the money there. As the money will be in
the square all of us can. . . . keep an eye on it and no
one will have any doubt. After six months we will
remove the money from there. But this should be
done today night itself. Come on. Give it to me quickly. Take this. You come from behind me. Slowly.
– How big a pit are we going to dig? Be careful. Slowly. Just see if there is anyone around. Hey! Have you finished? Everything is ready, I think. No, I am still doing it. Go and get the bag. Go and get it.
– Come on. Come on. Come on, take the bag.
– Quickly pick up the bag. Come slowly. Come quickly!
– Hurry up. Pick it up! Pick it up! Bring it! Bring it! Come!
– Come. Come. – I am coming. Coming. Come in front. Come here.
– Yes. Look back. Look back.
– Yes. Yes. Slowly. Slowly. Come down slowly.
– Bring it quickly. What are you doing?
– It is heavy. – Quickly! Hey! Hide! Hide! Go up quickly. Quickly, go up. Come up! Come up!
– Come down. – Come down. Come down. Come down !
– Come quickly, upstairs. It seems he has gone. . Come on. . Where has he gone? There? Or here? How did he come here now? Listen. . It’s time to sleep and. . Go. . Okay, come on ; come on.
– Come up. Come up. Come up. Bhau ! Bhau ! Come.
– Tell them to come quickly. Come. Come. Come down.
Quickly, come down. You do one thing. You look there. I will take care of the rest. Come on ; go over there. Come down quickly.
– Very good. Come quickly. Take it on the shoulder.
– Come down quickly. Yes, I am coming. Come on. Come on. Slowly. .
– Come down quickly. Yes. But why are you pushing me?
You are also. . – Keep quiet. Slowly. . put it down slowly. Yes. That’s it. Come on now quickly
start putting the mud. Throw the mud.
– Throw the mud. Throw it here.
– Throw it on this side as well. See like this. There is no one ; fill
it up quickly. – Yes. Where are you filling
there ; fill it up here ; here. Yes. Quickly. Quickly. What are you doing sitting there?
Bend down. Bend down. Fill it up quickly. Why are you getting up? Sit down. Is that the watchman there?
– Where? No. I don’t think he is the one. What are you saying? -Both
of you finish it up fast. Fast. Fast. Have you eaten or not?
Put more pressure. Yes, very good. Very good. Fill it up properly. Quickly. That is enough now. Enough. Come on now that is enough. Take that. Take that. Keep it. Enough. Enough. Now listen to me.
– What are you saying? No one should speak about this
to anyone or anywhere. -Okay. Kadam, you should not speak
about this to your wife also. No. No. All of you go home now. Come on, we will go. ‘All three of them
should have patience. ‘ ‘Bhau is always in need of money. ‘ ‘Kadam’s son-in-law
is always demanding. ‘ ‘And Cable. . Cable is very greedy. ‘ ‘If all goes well only
then we will get the money. ‘ Here!
– What? Kamu !
– Yes. Suppose if we get a lot of money. What will you do then? I will keep a servant and take rest. No. We will go somewhere far away. We will build a small
house for ourselves. There I will start
my own big garage. Then Bhau will come to that
big garage to ask for money. Are you drunk early in the
morning without drinking? Kamu, today I am
in a very good mood. Do not get angry on me like this. I am telling you ; yesterday we
four of us. . – Sat down to drink. What else can you do? What is this? Why do you
get angry on me like this? Initially when we
got married you used . . . .to be so loving towards me. At that time you too
were not like this. I was mesmerized by
the dreams you showed me. But I am awake now. And now I have realized
that not me but your friends. . . .are more dear to you. Kamu, it is not like that. All the dreams that we
had seen will be fulfilled. First give me a child
then dream of other things. Ultimately the topic
ends on this child. Kadam! Kadam!
– Yes! Come on for the morning walk. Where is Kadam? He will meet you only if he
has returned home at night. That means. . he did
not come home last night? No. Where did he go? He has not come here also. Where have all of them gone? There is a lock on Bhau’s shop. Bhau ! Hey, Bhau ! Bhau ! Come down. Come down quickly. Yes, I am coming. Siddhu has come. Wake him up also. This is the first man I saw
who wears shoes on his head. Wake him up. Wake him up. Hey, Kadam, get up.
Come on all of you. Siddhu has come. Siddhu has come. Come on get up. Hey you, get up. Come on, get up ; get up. He is shouting from there ; come on. Come on, hurry up. Come on.
– Where are my shoes? What has happened?
Why are you shouting? Coming. Coming. Sampat! Four cutting. I am sending it. I am sending it. It will take some time. I
have just opened the shop. What is the reason
for me to get angry? There was a lock on Bhau’s shop. I went to your house
but your wife said. . ”He did not return home last night. ” She was awake all night. When I come here I see all
three are sleeping in his house. I had warned you that I
there should not be any change. . . . in your talks and your behavior. If you behave like this then the
people as well as the police. . . .will become suspicious. Then rot in jail all your life. But how loudly you were. .
– Speak softly. How loudly did you shout?
I could have died. I thought the police came. I too was scared. ”It seems you were scared. ” Wait, keep quiet. What? Our Raju. Why is our Raju angry? Hey, Raju ! Why aren’t you talking today? Why are you angry? You stole money yesterday, isn’t it? Hey you. How did you come to know? And whom did you tell this to? Raju, tell me. Who stole the money? Yesterday I had gone
to Bhau’s shop with tea. That time I had a five
hundred rupee note in my pocket. Every week I save five
hundred rupees in my box. Yesterday. . yesterday I had
taken five hundred rupees. . . .to keep it in the box. But when I came out
from Bhau’s shop. . . .the note was not in my pocket. Bhau has stolen my money.
To drink liquor. Bhau did not steal it. Yesterday you had gone to
Bhau’s shop to give tea? – Yes. At that time that five
hundred rupee note fell down. . . .from your pocket. And then you went away. The Bhau kept it safely. See this. This is your
five hundred rupees? – Yes. Isn’t it? Bhau did not steal it. Sir, here is your cutting. Hey lad, what happened? I found my five hundred rupees. I will go and keep it in the box. Very good. One minute.
One minute. Do one thing. Here. See these two cuttings.
– Yes. Go in that shop
opposite and give it to them. And come back soon, okay?
– Yes. Yes. Go now. Sampat!
– Yes. Today Raju looks very happy. Yes. Yes, That
poor boy is an orphan. But he is talking of building an
orphanage in his own village. -Okay. For that he is saving five
hundred rupees. – Great. Otherwise the children of
this generation. What. . – Right. But by just saving
five-five hundred rupees. . . .when will this child
build that orphanage? Whatever it is ; such a small child. But his intentions are very good. One. . one. . one minute. One minute. Yes. Yes. Yes. Let it go. Take it at the back. Take it. ‘Who’s mobile is this?
I will have to check. ‘ Yes, tell me. Did you reach? This is Inspector Shashiraj Patole. Inspector? This is Mohite. How come you have this mobile? Hello, Mr. Mohite. The
car met with an accident. And the driver has passed away. Mr. Mohite, does
this car belong to you? Patole, where is the car? And. . where did the
accident take place? Near the Lonavla By
pass early in the morning. Patole, listen to me. You complete all your formalities. What all did you find in the car? Sir, nothing else
besides this mobile. Patole, means are you from Solapur?
– Yes. That means you are from my village. Patole, now do one thing. ‘Tell me. ‘ In your report do not
mention the mobile phone. Think that it is lost.
– ‘Okay. ‘ And whatever we
have spoken just now. . – Yes. You must forget as
soon as you disconnect the line. What? And yes.
– ‘What?’ Take some time out
and come to Mumbai. I will definitely come. We both are from the same village.
– ‘Yes. ‘ We will have some personal talks.
– ‘Definitely. ‘ We will sit together.
– ‘Definitely. Definitely. ‘ ‘Definitely. ‘
– Is that all right? Rubbish. What a
card are you throwing? I will take the card that
is useful to me. -You play. Is this like ironing clothes? –
Take this ; I do not want this card. Play your game now.
– Are you playing chess? Siddhya ! Just look at this. The car that met with an
accident is coming here. The police too are there. Sit down.
– Take it there. Take it there. Take this car to the
garage that you can see. Take it there. Yes. Wait, wait, wait. Kadam, stop trembling. Keep playing ; do not get scared. The cards are trembling. Siddhu !
– Yes! The police are coming here.
– Yes. Okay. We will keep playing cards.
We should not get scared. Who is Siddharth amongst you? There is no one here. .
– I am Siddhu. My name is Siddhu. Sir, is calling you. I will just be back. What happened?
– He is coming. Hello, sir. Sir, what happened? Siddhu, there is a car
which has met with an accident. I want to keep it in
your garage for a few days. Only this much?
– Yes. Keep it ; no problem. Keep it, please. But. . who has met with an accident? On the highway people
drink and drive the car. . . .and give us a headache. Till the matter of the
insurance is cleared. . . . keep this car in your garage. No problem. Keep it. Please, please. Sir, will you have tea?
– Get tea for. . No, I do not want tea. I
have a lot many things to do. Salunke, come on hurry up. What are you just watching?
Hurry up. Hey you. Put the car down.
Come on all of you. – Come on. You come with me. You
loosen it from there. Yes. ‘Oh, my God ! Dubai. ‘ Hello! Sir, don’t worry. I will take care that no
newspapers print this news. Okay? Siddhu has come. Take this.
– What? Read the paper.
– Yes. Just see if the news is
printed in this. – Oh, yes. Take this. The first headline!
– What? – What? Liquor is going to be cheap. You. . I am asking you to read
the news about the accident. Is it printed? There is nothing. There is
only a small news printed here. Kadam, check in your paper. Now let me read this paper. No. There is no news
in both the papers. It is not there?
– No. Here also there is
news about a small mishap. Is there anything
written about the money? No. Nothing. Good, that there is
nothing written anywhere. Come on now we all will go
back to our work. – Okay. Or have you taken a holiday today?
– No, no. No, isn’t it? Okay.
– Yes, go. I am going.
– And keep this with you. Here ; no, no wait. I remembered. I forgot to give
you these medicines. Cable!
– When did you return from Mumbai? Just now. I had some work with you. What is it? No, the thing is you have a lot
of contacts in Mumbai, isn’t it? Yes. Then I want a
vacant space for a shop. Brother, how much
money will be needed? What happened? Cable, it is not your cup of tea. What? I did not understand? Okay, Come on go. You will need at
least twenty-five lakhs. Only twenty-five lakhs?
I will give you, so what? I will give you twenty-five lakhs. Cable, must have a office in Mumbai. How are you, Dagdya. Siddhu, see what he is saying. What? – He wants to buy a
vacant space in Mumbai for a shop. Tell him. Why are you laughing? He just talks rubbish.
– What? Most of the time in the
evening he goes hungry. – Hey you. And he wants to purchase a shop. He is just wasting your time. And you believe him?
– ‘Rubbish, is it?’ Come on ; do not talk rubbish.
– What are you talking? – But. . What is it?
– Keep quiet. But what happened?
– Do not talk like a fool. You are boasting
about twenty-five lakhs. Suddenly from where did
you get twenty-five lakhs? But we have that money. Oh, my God ! What did I
tell you sometime back? Do not do anything by which the
people will start doubting us. Please think before
you do anything. – Okay. Go. The Bollywood actress. . Welcome to the afternoon national
news. To begin with, the headlines. Governor S. P. Zameer’s sensational
statement. ‘The Naxalite movement. . . . is a result of resentment
born out of starvation. ‘ The way to map the readings when
the meter’s aren’t in use and. . . . in these times of load-shedding,
authorities are taking. . . . pictures of the meters. . Oh ! Listen !
– Yes! Why do you keep surfing
the channels all the time. You take the remote in your hand
and keep changing the channels. At least see one channel properly. It is a headache.
– Wait. I just want to see whether any
accident has taken place somewhere. What do you wish
for such bad things? You wish ill for others. No, it is not like that. Maybe possible that someone
has lost their two-four crores. Someone will lose their two-four
crores and you will find it. Is that so? You are also. . No!
– Now this is enough. This is too much now ;
everyday the same thing. My eyes have started paining. Oh, my God. Hey, Siddhya !
– Yes! Siddhya ! What is it? Today you are working so hard? I have finished.
– You have still not finished? I finished. This is the last. Okay. Come on hurry up. We do not have to work so hard now.
– Why? We have that. . Do you always keep
thinking of that? – What happened? Many times I told you not to
utter a single word about it. Even then you keep harping about it. When the people will start
doubting us and we will. . . .get trapped, only
then you will realize. Come on, hurry up ; hurry up. Can’t you think of something else? Come on, hurry up.
– What for? For that?
– Yes, you are immediately ready. Yes, come on.
– Come on. Come on, what are you doing?
– Yes. Should I not close the door? Yes, first close this. Brother! Where did you fall? You have wounded
your head and your hand? How did this happen? Brother, what can I do? That day in the morning I saw
an accident on the road. – Yes. And I immediately went and
informed the constable. – Then? Then in the evening
that constable called me. . . .at the police station and
beat me so much. . so much. That he broke my hands and legs. And he was asking me,
where is the money. Now which money, what money.
Only the Lord knows. Brother, never do a good deed. They beat me so mercilessly. They were saying that they
would kill me. Finish me. Brother, I am going. Greetings!
– Greetings! Did you see that man’s condition?
– Yes. Even we can face the same condition. We will have to be very careful now. Sir, I did not find anything
worth having suspicion on. Possibly the money is
not in this village. Yes. I saw two things. There is a man here
by the name of Cable. He has a small
shop in Gandhi square. Day before yesterday
he was inquiring about. . . .for how many lakhs would he
get a place for a shop in Mumbai. And secondly. . there is
a poor barber named Tipu. Day before yesterday he
solemnized his daughter’s. . . .wedding with great pomp. I felt both these
incidents quite suspicious. Otherwise there is nothing else. Look here, Cable.
– What? You are young and even I am young.
– Yes. You still have to get married.
– Yes. Look here ; if we are a
little more patient. . . .then there is only
happiness in our life. And if we make haste then our
condition will be like that milk man. Beatings. Don’t worry ; I will
take care of myself. You just give me my share of money.
– Oh, my God. I want to buy a place
in the heart of Mumbai. Don’t you understand what I am. . And why were you asking that man. . ”For how much will I
get a place in Mumbai?” Do you understand. . understand? What will happen if
someone comes to know of this? Do you understand that? So what? The news is not
even printed in the papers. I don’t think anyone
has gone and complained. My dear, the one
who owns that money. . . . must be keeping an eye
on this entire village. Who will keep an eye on you? What do you mean? If you elope with that
money on a motorcycle. . . .should I just sit
and gaze at your face? Hey you !
– Yes, what? Don’t you have faith ion me? No, no. You give me my money. Oh, my God ! – Otherwise I
will complain about you. . . .to Bhau and Kadam. And why were you asking that man? ”For how much will I
get a place in Mumbai?” I will not give you. Six months. .
I am telling you. Siddhya, I want the money. Look here. .
– What? Leave my collar. Give my money ; I
will leave your collar. I am telling you ; leave my collar. No. Give me my money ; I
will leave your collar. This is the last time I am
telling you ; leave my collar. I told you, no. Give me my
money I will leave your collar. When I told you not
to touch my collar. . . . means you must not touch it. I don’t like it. ”The days will wane away. ” ”The days will come back. ” ”The sorrows will wane away. ” ”Happiness will return. ” Oh, God ; please wane
away all my sorrows. They are going to wane away. Now only for a few days. Then there will be only money. Then forget about this shop. And that will be my shop. ”The sorrows will wane away. ” ”The days will come back. ” Hey you ! Leave me! Leave me! How did you enter inside? If we can enter your house
without breaking the lock. Then we can also
recover money from you. Have you understood? Tell your boss, I will repay
your entire amount in a few days. Is that so? Are you
going to win a lottery? Are you going to win a lot of money? Not a lottery but Mahatma Gandhi’s. . I swear on Mahatma Gandhi’s
statue that I will very soon. . . . return all your money. Hey you ! I have come here
to give you a final warning. I will come again next week. If by then you do
not return the money. . . .then you and your shop. . Think that you will lose both. Oh, my God !
– Come on. This is good. They beat me if I
speak and even if I don’t speak. Forget it. Has my shop opened?
– No. I must learn from them
how to go inside the shop. . . .when it is closed. It was morning time
otherwise I would have. . . .taught them a lesson. Bhau !
– Oh ! Why are you so scared? You? I thought
those goons came back. Goons?
– Yes. I did not understand? That money lender’s goons had come. They also
threatened me before going. I too fought with Siddhya. You?
– Yes. But why? Regarding this money. Bhau, we should do
something about this Siddhya. I do not have faith in him anymore. What is wrong with you? We have just seen the money. We have not even acquired it. And you have also started fighting? Bhau, how are you? Good, you came. Why do you fight
like small children? Come on patch up now. Bhau, not me but he fought with me. He caught hold of my collar. Tell me. Is this the way to fight? I am your elder brother, isn’t it? Then you must listen to me. Come on, shake hands now. Okay. That means no one
listens to Bhau anymore. Very good. Now cutting and in
the night meeting. Yes!
– Yes! Hello, sir. Sir, I did your job. I thoroughly
investigated the matter. But I don’t think any
member of your opposite gang. . . . in involved in this. No, no, they are already in tension. I don’t think they are
involved in any way. Sir, I think before
the milk man went there. Some other third person
already had reached there. . . .and he has taken away the bag. But sir, you do not worry at all. At no cost I will
allow him to go scott free. Sir, as soon as your work is
done I will inform you but. . At least shower some grace on us. Even I wish to see Dubai. Some time call me there. Bye-bye! ”Oh, God, open the doors. ” ”Oh, God, open the doors. ” Oh, God ; please
shower your grace on me. Kadmya ! Hey you ! What is it? You have still
not started ironing clothes? Has the charcoal
finished or is your money over? No! Nowadays I do not feel
like ironing clothes. – Why? I have the money ;
but I cannot use it. It is like that now. Though I own one and a half crores,
I have to iron others clothes. Our destiny is such. God has given us ; but not properly. And now you are
demanding the shop’s rent. Rent? I was a little intoxicated at
night so I was demanding the rent. Otherwise nothing else. True. A person always speaks
the truth after he is drunk. This is also equally true. You are also not wrong. To give me the shop free of
charge when you do not have. . . .any income yourself. Really, I did not have
any such thing in my heart. But Kadam, shall I
tell you the truth? – Yes. Now even I am in a
terrible condition. We must do something. We will do one thing. We will
explain everything to Siddhu. And we will equally
divide the money and take it. You said what was in my mind.
– Isn’t that so? Really. The police or
anyone else is not after us. Why should we unnecessarily wait?
– Then what? You do one thing. You go
and immediately bring Cable. We will finish this
matter just now. Okay? – Okay. Come on, go now. Come on. Brother Sampat!
– Yes! Someone’s wallet has fallen here. What?
– There is a lot of money in it. Let me see ; give it to me. We will return it to the owner. You first go and give this two
cutting in the garage. – Yes! Come back soon. The tea is cold. ”Who has ever
understood the play of fate?” ”Whether it is he, or
you or anyone else. ” ”No one has even
understood destiny. ” ”No one has even
understood destiny. ” Bhau ! What is this, Bhau? Do
not sing a sad song. Why? – Now all our
sorrowful days are over. And what is this?
– What? You are drinking cheap liquor? I have brought English liquor. What are you saying?
– See this. What are you saying? Even I have brought for you.
– What? Look at this. Glass!
– Glass. Throw this away ; now something new.
– New. Yes, new. Lovely! Bhau, shall I tell you a joke. When you sprinkle a
little water on old clothes. . . .and then iron it ; it looks nice. That is what is going to
happen about our lives. Yes, Kadam. But that Siddhya. . He is obstructing our path. On one side a bag full of money.
– Yes. And on the other hand our poor life. And Siddhya is standing
right in the middle of the two. Yes! Nothing doing. I have decided. We will make the decision today. Bhau !
– Yes! Today we will end this matter.
– Yes! Either this way or that way. Very good ! You go and bring Siddhya here.
– Yes! Either this way or that way. One minute. Go and
park this outside. – What? Throw it outside.
– Yes. We will drink only English now.
– Yes. Only English ! It must have fallen here somewhere. Sir, what is it? What
are you searching for? I had come here to
drink tea sometime back. I think I dropped my purse here. Yes, yes. What is the
colour of your wallet? You are cross examining me? No, no!
– I know you have it. While serving tea you
pick pocket also? – No. Come on. . come on give me my wallet. Sir, you forgot your wallet
here and you call me a thief? Shall I slap you? As
it is you pick pocket. . . .and you are back answering me? Some on is beating Raju.
Come we will go and see. You are pick pocketing? Tell me. Hey, sir. Leave him.
– Why should I leave him? That boy is not like that. I have not stolen your wallet.
– You have not stolen it? Brother Sampat, please tell him. Please do not beat me. Sir, that boy is
poor but not a thief. Sir!
– Sampat, what happened? This boy has stolen my purse.
– What is it? No, no, sir; do not beat him. He drank tea here and
left his purse here. This boy picked it
up and gave it to me. Here it is. One. . one. . one minute. He is trying to act smart. How can you prove that
this is your wallet? What do you mean? Why, is it not mine?
– No? Will you be able to tell me
how much money is there in this? Money. .
– No, isn’t it? Inspector, check it. No, isn’t it? Go from here. Look here, prove that this
is your wallet and take it. Otherwise the one who
found this will be rewarded. But sir. .
– No. No. – Come on go from here. Sir, what will I do
taking someone else’s wallet. Instead give it to the owner.
– That is also right. Did you see. How
honest these people are. And you even beat this child. You go from here now. Otherwise I will tell
this child to beat you up. Come on, go from here.
– Yes! Come on go from here. Sir!
– Yes! Even we have a case like this. Tell me. – Bhau, keep quiet.
You keep quiet, I will speak. You will have to give the verdict.
– Yes. We all four have. .
– Bhau, he is already troubled. Why do you wish to trouble him more? Nothing. He is a little
intoxicated that is why. You do your work. Come on. Come on.
– Listen to me. Listen to me. You just keep
blabbering all the while. That is why I always tell you to
drink less. Come here. – Let me talk. All of you go now. Do you
think that this is entertainment? Come on all of you go from here. Look here Siddhu. I am
fed up of my poverty. I cannot think straight.
I just cannot think. What I say. We will
distribute the money. – Yes, Siddhu. I say that we will
distribute this money. – Yes. Oh, my God now. . You will not understand what I say. And you will not
understand what you say. We will do this. We
will talk tomorrow. Look here ; I have more
experience than you. What do you mean?
– People call me Bhau ! Bhau ! Oh, my God !
– I can study people well. Your intentions are bad. Give me my money. You do not have faith in me? In me?
– Yes! Go! I do not wish
to talk to you now. We will talk tomorrow and that
too when you are in your senses. Not tomorrow ; say
whatever you wish just now. Speak softly. The police is outside. Then we will call the police here.
– Oh, no! That policeman is very good. We will ask him. Has
anyone complained to you about. . . . losing their four crores? If not then we four will divide the
money amongst us. What do you say? Do you understand
what you are saying? I understand but you
do not understand. I will end the
matter once and for all. Police!
– Keep quiet! Oh, my God ! Come. Do not shout. Do not shout. Keep quiet! You will ruin
everything in your intoxication. Oh, my God ! Police. Keep quiet.
– Siddhya, the police is here. Bhau, Bhau, the police is
coming here. Listen to me. You do one thing. You stop the police outside. Pacify him in some way
and send him away. Go! Bhau, keep quiet. Keep quiet. Bhau, please keep quiet. You catch his legs. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. The policeman has gone away. Has he gone?
– Yes, he went away. Leave him now.
– Thank God. Now shout as much as you wish. Shout as much as you wish. Oh, my God ! In his intoxication he
would have blurted out everything. Bhau, now shout. Bhau ! Bhau ! Bhau !
– What happened? What happened? Bhau !
– What happened? Why is he doing like this? ‘Two fifty rupees! ‘
– ‘So expensive?’ ‘Take two hundred. ‘
– ‘What is this? ‘ ‘Look here, not here ; we
will see in some other shop. ‘ ‘There are many other colours. ‘ ‘If you waste half an
hour in selecting a sari. . . .then how will we do the rest?’ ‘Reach quickly! ‘
– ‘Yes! ‘ ‘Brother! ‘
– ‘Come again. ‘ ‘Where are you?’ ‘Did you take
everything you liked?’ – ‘Yes! ‘ ‘All the shopping is done. ‘ Come on. Siddhu ! Cable! Cable! Kadam, what is it? What happened? Bhau, fell down.
– What? Bhau !
– What happened? What happened? Bhau !
– He suddenly fell down. Call the taxi. Taxi.
– Tell someone to call a taxi. Tell someone to get a taxi !
– Yes, taxi. – Yes, go. I will go and bring a taxi. What happened?
– What happened? The taxi has arrived !
The taxi has arrived. Slowly! Slowly!
– Inside! Come sit! Cable. Sit inside. You too sit.
– Is he serious? Driver, come on. Driver, come on to the hospital.
– Quickly, hurry up, come on. – Yes! Call me what the doctor says. Yes, call us.
– Call us. – Yes! ‘Suddenly what happened?’ ‘God knows what
happened to him suddenly?’ ‘He fell down suddenly. ‘ ‘He must have felt dizzy. ‘
– ‘Yes! ‘ ‘He was quite okay some time back. ‘ ‘Then I told him. . ‘
– ‘Come on. We will go home now. ‘ ‘I told him. . ‘ ‘Have you done it properly?’ ‘It was here somewhere. ‘ ‘Brother that. . ‘
– ‘Someone shifted it. ‘ ‘Sir, this is closed now. ‘
‘You go ahead and see there. ‘ ‘Yes! ‘
– ‘Let me see. ‘ ‘Now from here. . ‘ ‘Which is the road to the temple?’ ‘Okay, you wish to go
to the temple?’ – ‘Yes! ‘ ‘Look here ; when you
go from here. . ‘ – ‘Yes! ‘ Only we three know
what has happened. – Yes. Do not talk about this to anyone. Otherwise all your life
you will have to rot in jail. The money that we have
found will rot in the mud. But we killed Bhau, isn’t it? Kadam, do not talk like a fool. That was an accident. Cable and I tried to
stop him from talking. I had only caught his feet. Okay, so you wish to say that I
covered his mouth with my hand. . . .and so Bhau died
due to suffocation? Speak softly. Then why didn’t you admit
him in the hospital? Tell me. Why are you both
talking like foolish people? When we kept him in the
taxi he was already dead. But if we would have
told the people this. . . .they would have had a doubt. That is why. . that is
why I made a drama. . . .of going to the hospital. And tell me ; did I do this
drama only to save myself? I saved both of you
as well, isn’t it? Oh, my God ! Siddhya ! We have
not murdered Bhau, isn’t it? Oh, my. . I told you
it was an accident. Speak softly. Look here ; we cannot do
anything about what has happened. But we will repay all his loan. Yes. At least his
soul will rest in peace. We will repay Bhau’s loan. We will decide about it. But for that we will
have to wait for a few days. Okay.
– Okay. Okay?
– Fine. Come on. Come on.
– Yes. Yes. It was sad. I will
say that I am relieved. Always he would come and say. .
– ”Siddhya, give me hundred rupees. ” ”Siddhya, give me fifty rupees. ” And you would always
be ready to give him. Saying that we will
always keep this friendship. Forget it! Some people have
to suffer such conditions. When Bhau was earning
well he had given me money. . . .to start my garage. Yes. Once you help and then
keep recovering it all your life. Okay, what would he
do with this money? He would go and drink. He did not even have a
family to shed tears for him. Kamu, you must never
speak ill of the departed. Who else does he have
besides us to mourn for him? Then sit and mourn for him. And drink a few more
glasses in his sorrow. Kadam!
– Yes! You were supposed to
reach my clothes home. Yes! Yes! I lost my Bhau. That is why my shop
was closed for two days. What was wrong with Bhau? No, no one did anything. What? What are you saying? I mean. . no one could do anything. Take. Take your clothes. But you lost a good friend. Yes. ‘What must be the reason?’ But how did Bhau die? Siddhu must have closed his
mouth and stopped his breathing. Or was it really an accident? My brain has stopped working. Now what is the use of thinking? Cable! Cable! I have no time. I am very busy. I have no time. Hey! Have you gone crazy? Why are you walking
like a small child? I want to go to Mumbai, isn’t it?
– Yes. So I am practising how
to keep myself on my toes. Okay, do you have a
thousand rupees change? Thousand rupees?
– Yes. Hey, did you find this
in Gandhi square? – No. No, no. This looks familiar
that is why I am saying this. No! My master has
asked me to get change. If you have then give it
otherwise do not waste my time. Give it to me. Raju.
– I am coming. Coming. Yes. Yes, yes, I am coming. Oh, my God ! No! No! No, do not beat me. No. No. Please do not beat me. No, please do not beat me. You take away what is yours. Take back what is yours. Take it. Take it. Take it. Hey you ! Hey you !
– Yes! What is wrong with you? Why are you shouting?
– ”Do not beat me. Do not beat me. ” Who is going to beat you?
– Yes. And who is going to gain
anything by beating you? What do you have?
– Yes! Yes, you are right. I have!
– Kadam. Kadam. Here, I have brought
all your medicines. See, these are the tablets. This medicine is to
be taken just now. The tablets should be
taken in the afternoon. Here, take it. Have it. Drink it.
– Keep it there. Why, to keep it there?
You will forget later. Sister-in-law, get a glass.
– Yes. Quickly get a glass. You tell me to keep it
there and then you forget. Take this. – Yes. Look you
must take one dose of this. Oh, my. . have it. Drink it. What happened? Kadam does not trust us any more. I am feeling very sad about this. No. no. Once he gets his share
of money then there is no problem. Don’t worry. Siddhya, this bottle means
a suitcase full of money. Softly. Softly. Someone will hear. Speak softly. These are our four glasses. Oh, my. . why four? Our Bhau left us and went away. Even then we must keep Bhau’s glass. He was our elder brother, isn’t it? Yes, then keep it. Keep it.
– Yes! I will fill his glass also. Bhau left us.
– Yes. That is why we will
equally share his glass. This is enough for me.
Enough for me. I will not have any more. And you say that Kadam
does not trust us any more. . Yes, he does not
trust us. me. . on me. . He does not have faith in me. . . .That is why he did not
come here. Never mind. I will alone drink his glass. Mother, I have been here
for the past so many days. Tell father something. Did I tell you to leave
your house and come here? They threw you out ; but you
should have had some sense. And you talk. Listen ! Hey you ! How long are
you going to be quiet like this? Your daughter has come here. Try and do
something to send her back. You are just sitting idle like this. At least say something. Both of you do one thing. Kill me and end the matter. Then you will rest in peace. All day I have to
work in that rotten . . . . place and when I
come home it is like this. Look here ; let me sit quietly. Go. . go and do your work. Mother. . Suicide! Suicide! Brother, what is this suicide? What is the matter? Why do
you want to commit suicide? Uncle, do not ask me that. You will shed tears. It is a very sad story. There is emotion, drama
and tragedy in this story. Uncle, I was going to marry Basanti. But her old aunt became
an obstacle in our path. I cannot live in this world. Villagers! Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! Come down.
– Some one bring him down. You keep quiet. First get him down. Please come down. Kadam! Kadam, come down. This is my daughter.
And this is my wife. Listen to the saga of
these two ladies and me. Come down. First come down. Father, you come down. I will go back to my husband. My dear, come down. You will return to your husband? Yes, yes, really. ‘My dear, why are you doing this? ‘ ‘Each and every one has
to suffer these problems. ‘ ‘What is new about this?’
‘He is ready to kill himself. ‘ Today you will go back but
tomorrow you will return again. Great!
– ‘He has drunk too much. ‘ No, father. Nothing, once his intoxication
wanes away he will come down. ‘ Now my days are numbered. Mother, explain something to father. This Baburao Kadam
is a worthless man. Kadam, Kadam, you will
slip and fall. Come down. He will slip and fall. Kadam. Kadam.
– Be careful. Kadam, come down. Father! – I had given
him urgent clothes to iron. And he is sitting on top. Then go to his shop and
take your clothes back. How will I take it now? What do you mean how? He is wearing my shirt
and has gone on top. Hey! Hey! You will fall ! You will fall ! Father!
– You will fall. Come down first.
– Come down. See you will fall. I do not want money ; I want you.
– You first come down. I know ; when I come down
you will demand money. Instead I will give
you money from here. Let me see ; how much money I have.
– ‘What kind of a man he is?’ This is it!
– ‘That is mine. ‘ Take this fifty rupees. ‘Why are you doing this?’ Should I come down or
should I throw this money down? ‘No! No! ‘ Take this. Take this fifty rupees. Take this. No, please. . – I will give
you the rest of the money too. Hey, Cable! Hey, Siddhya ! ‘Come down. ‘
– Give my share of money. If I die. . if I die then
my money. . that money. . Give it to my wife. This foolish man is
blabbering something. ‘Mother, see what father is talking. ‘
– We will have to stop him. Yes, that we have to. ‘Come down ; at least come
down to repay our loan. ‘ Mother. – Keep talking to
him ; engross him in talking. I will see what I have to do. Wait. I too will come with you. You will not be able
to control him alone. Come? Are you coming on top?
Don’t come on top. I will not listen to you.
Don’t come up. You have my oath. You have my oath.
– Kadam, what is this? Kadam, get down. Why have you both come up? Cable, you are still not married. If you slip and fall you will die. Your money too will go waste. ‘Kadam, come down. ‘ ‘The police too is here. ‘ All of us would lose
money if they hear it. You are threatening
me with the police? Sir, listen. .
– Kadam! Don’t be stupid. Get down. Kadam only two months are left. Have patience. Everything will be fine. You will get the money but
just have patience for two months. Only two months. I want the money. I
want means I want. ‘Kadam, now get down. ‘ – Otherwise I
will jump down from here like this. Kadam, if you slip
and fall and die. . . .then your family members
will suffer all the more. Have you understood?
– Listen to me! What you said is perfectly right. I could do nothing in my life.
– Be careful ! I didn’t get educated. I did no job. I couldn’t make my parents happy.
– Call the fire brigade. I couldn’t give any
jewellery to my wife. My daughter is so talented.
– Bring Siddhu here. I got her married. But her husband turned
out to be such a person. Don’t cry. Everything will be
all right once we get money. Don’t worry. Please come down. No. I want my money. Promise me. Promise me,
otherwise I’ll jump down. Don’t talk like a mad man.
Don’t talk nonsense. The police are waiting down. If they here you, we’ll all be
in trouble. Do you understand? Come down. Listen to me, come down. Don’t come forward. Go back. I tell you, go back,
don’t come forward. Don’t behave foolishly. Come down. Somebody please tell him. Kadam! Call the police. What are you looking at? Somebody pick him up. Kadam!
– Dear, get up. Please pick him up. Why do you just
look on, pick him up. Mummy, why papa did this? – Siddhu,
could Kadam have told his wife? Please control yourself. About the money we found?
What I’m saying. . Sister, control yourself. I don’t want to say
anything to you now. . . . Naturally you’ll feel bad. You have the
responsibility of your daughter. You go now. I’ll talk to you later. Sister-in-law. . Sister-in-law, if you lose courage,
what will happen to her? What have you decided to do next? I’ll go back to my village. Village? Yes. What’s the use staying here? For whom should I stay here now? Rather I would sell this house. I’ll give money to my son-in-law. He’ll treat my daughter well. And I’ll go back to our village. All right. We’ll see
what more can be done. We’ll be back. We’ll be back.
– We’ll be back. Take care. Mummy! ‘Siddya, give my
share of the money. ‘ ‘If I die, give my. . . . Money to my wife. ‘ Money! My money! Dream! This unearned money came
in hand and my life got spoiled. ‘I shouldn’t have taken out
that money bag and hidden it. ‘ ‘It would have been better
if I had given it to police. ‘ ‘The money acquired
by dishonest means. . . .can be used only
if one is dishonest. ‘ ‘I lost two close
friends for money. ‘ And the third friend. . I
can see deceit in his eyes. He must be taken care of. Take this also. Give this also. This is how one
robs one’s own wife. . . .and then acts as if
one is very generous. Speak up now. Why are you quiet? Kadam’s wife is going
back to her village. Shouldn’t we help her? We’ll keep this
jewellery as security and. . . .give her as much
money as possible. Because. . Don’t give the entire money.
Keep Rs 10 for me. And bring poison for me with Rs. 10. Why do you get angry? Yes. I’m bad, but you are very nice. Everybody must say ;
look at that Siddharth. He used wife’s jewellery in
order to help his friend’s wife. Now his photograph’s must
be printed in newspapers. Have you finished talking?
Now listen to me. I don’t know whether I
should tell you or not. But I’ll tell you something.
You must have faith in me. We are going to get a lot of money. Then I’ll cover you with jewellery. Are you going to cover
my corpse with jewellery? She doesn’t understand. . He says he has lot of money.
Then why can’t I see it? Is it secret money? Listen everybody!
My husband has found secret money. But he is going to put it
on my corpse. – Shut up! He must have kept that money hidden. Or he could have given it to
somebody in order to help him. Go inside! Or he must have spent it for
serving drinks to his friends. But I’ll never receive it. But
he can take wife’s jewellery. Sorry! But, dear. . Hey, Cable! Who is there? Oh, you ! What are you doing? Nothing much. Look, there is
shortage of space in Mumbai. I’m practising to adjust
myself to stay in a small space. Oh, yes. You wanted a place
for a shop in Mumbai, right? Yes. I’ve come across one such place.
One which you would like. In the right area. In Dadar area. What are you saying?
– But money. . Don’t worry. Just tell me how much. Tell me the price. What?
– I mean, just tell me the price. All right. Nowadays the owner of
that place is in Lonavala. – Okay. If you wish, I’ll
arrange your meeting. But my commission. . You don’t worry. Do my job,
you’ll get your commission. Then we can go and
meet him right now. Yes. Go! I mean, both of us shall go.
– Come on. Sister-in-law, had Kadam
ever told you that he has. . . .to take money from anybody? He didn’t tell me
anything when he was alive. So how can he say
anything about what is to be. . . .taken or given when he died? Money! No.
– Please keep it. You may need it. I’ll get some money
after selling Chavan’s shop. I’ll send that too. If you need anything,
feel free to inform me. Some of Kadam’s more money. . I mean I’ll surely send
it if I get more money. Bye. No. .
– Let it be. You want to buy land in Mumbai? Tell me, where have you
brought the money from? Why do you hit me? I was joking. You dare do this? Tell me, where have you
brought the money from? You have the same style to
hit the criminals as ours. Generally we hit them with belt. Then they accept
their crimes immediately. Tell me, where you
brought the money from? But sometimes there are
injuries if belt is used. Their advocates put forward
the reason of those injuries. . . .and get them released. Do you have money to
buy land in Mumbai. So sometimes we have
to use rubber tube. Sir, no. He won’t say anything? Hit him more. Mr. Patole, just the
piece of the tube won’t help. Tell me, where have you
brought the money from? The tyre becomes necessary.
– Ismail ! – Yes, boss. Take care of him.
– Hey, get up. Two out of these four
friends died in accidents. I can’t believe that this
could be a mere co-incidence. We had to carry out the encounter. Boss, he wouldn’t accept. All right. Let him go. Hey! Keep a watch on him.
– Yes. You give me money right now. Shahu. . I’ll go from this
village today itself. Now only a month is left.
What’s the hurry? Cable, think with a cool head. Think? ! Look what they’ve done. They took me away
and did this to me. Who? Those whose money it was. Come on, let’s go and
meet inspector Patole. Inspector Patole is their man. What?
– Then ! Inspector Patole too! All right. Let this week pass.
Then we’ll take out the money, okay? No. give me my money now. Cable, I too will get
into trouble because of you. Do you understand?
They will follow me too. All right. Now I’ll do what I want. Cable. Cable! Siddhu !
– Yes. What has happened to Cable? Let him go. Are you there for Gokul festival? Then what? Who would
break the curd-pot if not me? Then you must come for practise. Otherwise you’d get busy with work.
No. I’ll come in the evening. Bye.
– Bye. – Bye. – Bye. No, nothing. . You are looking for a tiller
to take out the money, right? I had thought that you’d
do something like this. And so I was following you. No, I won’t stop you. You take out the money without fear. But look here and
there before you do so. Not now. After I go. Their men are following you. They are watching you. The moment you take out money,
they will shoot you. Your game will be over. Cable! Cable!
– Oh ! I must have dropped it
in the garage mistakenly. Please have it. Only one glass? Were you so confident? Cable, you must have
found it easy to kill Kadam. But don’t even
think of it in my case. You’ll be in trouble. You mean, it will be
more difficult for me. . . .than the way you killed Bhau? I didn’t kill Bhau.
It was an accident. Oh ! so what you did was an accident. But what I did was murder? Yes. I had my attention on you. Kadam lost his balance
when you pulled the cable. . . .wire under his feet. What could I do when he
had lost his mental balance? So you?. . I could have persuaded him,
you understand? Look, We did what we
could think of at that time. Hey! Not we. You did it. I did? ! Okay, I killed Kadam. I
pulled the cable wire under his feet. Tell me what to do. Should I only collect
cable money from people. . . .and get abused by them? I didn’t even dreamed
that I’d get even Rs 100000. But I got 10
million in my hand here. I’ve been watching
dreams since last five months. But Kadam was
going to ruin my dream. And so killed him. All right. Whatever
happened has happened. Now listen to me carefully. We’ll wait for a week.
We’ll not behave foolishly. You must understand. You
should not behave like a fool. If you show impatience,
whatever that we did. . . .so far will go in vain. ‘We should get the money. ‘ ‘Otherwise, all our
efforts will go in vain. ‘ ‘And you’ll have to
suffer all your life. ‘ Oh, cable! I’ll not let this happen. Analyse all the incidents properly. The accident occurs near the Bypass. The car driver dies in the accident. But the bag containing
50 million vanishes. But sir, what is the
connection of it. . . .with the death of
these three persons? Shinde, try to remember well. Out of these four people, Bhau
tailor dies of sudden heart attack. The laundryman Kadam
falls down from terrace. Yes, sir. And now this cable service provider. Pawar, the cable service provider. From among them only
Pawar was foolish and clumsy. So he got beaten by us. Right, sir. He couldn’t digest
the idea that he was. . . .going to get a lot of money. So this garage worker will take
the 50 million booty all alone? Correct. Shinde, you are correct. He has got rid of everybody
else who would share this money. Shinde, 50 million ! 50 million ! When one sees 50
million nobody matters. . Whether one is a friend,
husband or a wife. Today my wife seems very happy? To tell you the truth, today
you look just as you looked. . . .on our first wedding night. ‘ Today I’ll make you happy. I’ve a very fantastic news.
One which would change my life. I too have a news for you.
One which would change life. What are you saying?
Really? Tell me. You must tell me first. No. you must tell me first. No. you must tell me first. No, you !
– Oh ! You must tell first! Look, ladies first. I know
what you are going to say. But still I want
to hear it from you. A few minutes! Only a few
minutes are left in your life. Huh ! It seems my dear is
in jocular mood today? No! I’m telling the truth. I’ve mixed poison in your food. Poison ! Yes! Just see. What? What were you saying? But didn’t you feel
anything while you did this? I did. I felt very bad. But what could I do? You
couldn’t fulfil my dreams. I tried my best to stay with
you by making compromises. But you couldn’t
even give me a child. I’m not unfertile, Siddhant.
I want to become a mother. And so you killed me? No. For your Rs.
500000 insurance policy. You were of no use to
me when you were alive. I’ll get Rs 500000 after your death. Stupid woman ! You killed me for Rs
500000 insurance money. . . .and lost 50 million rupees! Siddhu ! Siddhu ! What has happened to you? There is so much blood on your face. Call Cable! And take me to hospital. But Cable is dead ! What? Cable died? ! Oh, yes, Cable is dead. I’m also going to him. What has happened to Siddhu? – You
want to build an orphanage, right? Then you go!
Surrender at Gandhi’s feet. He’ll fulfill your dream. You must have faith in him. You must do service to him. Real? Then my dream about
orphanage will be fulfilled? But how? Siddhu ! My name is Pawar. I’m
from the insurance company. Please sit down.
– Thank you. Tell me. Siddhu committed
suicide as he was depressed. . . . because his three
friends died suddenly. His wife has made
insurance claim at us. But we have found in our enquiries. . . .that his food was mixed
with poison and he was murdered. Okay. We suspect his wife. We too suspect that his
wife carried out this murder. We are following her
for one more case. Okay. You do this. .
– Yes. Make an FIR with us. Yes, sir. Even if I hide money anywhere. . . .somebody steals my money. No! so I’d believe
only in Mr. Gandhi.


  1. एकमेकांच्या सुख दु:खात सहभागी असणाऱ्या चार गरिब मित्रांच्या जीवनात होणाऱ्या परिवर्तनाचा आढावा घेऊया, "लोणावळा बायपास" या चित्रपटात. #MarathiMovie #SanjayNarvekar

  2. Bablu Dhage ( Shirdi ) , Lonavala khandala movie hi khup kahi shiknyasarkhi movie aahe & most important sanjay narvekar acting is so brilient , very very goooooooooooood movie  & SALAM , Sanjay narvekar & team . 

  3. Now why can't Hindi cinema make a thriller like this? If it did, it would corrupt it with item songs, action sequences, etc.

  4. nice movie i dont think this movie is thriller it just taught us to behaviour of people according to situation ….if u dont handle it then u must pe price for it……….sometime life also be gone

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