Live PD: Tummy Tuck (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Tummy Tuck (Season 3) | A&E

– All right, so we’re trying
to get a stop on this car. Officer Marshall observed it
fail to use a turn signal, tipped at a traffic stop. And now, the vehicle’s fleeing. So we’re in pursuit. [police radio chatter] – I think we’ve got it pinned
into this parking lot here. Yeah. – Recording. [beeping] – We got a pursuit. – 31’s with them. All call in pursuit. [sirens] [sirens] – 74’s third car. [sirens] – [inaudible] Get GO. [sirens] – Linsday, take her. I’m gonna stay with the car. 74’s with the vehicle. I’ll call pursuit northbound
through the parking lot towards Family Dollar. – Northbound through the parking
lot towards the Family Dollar. [sirens] – Unsuccessful pit coming
back out to Shadeland. Disregard, stand by. Pit successful. [sirens] – Get [muted] hands! Get out of the car! Get out of the car! Get out of the [muted] car! [sirens] Take your seat belt off! Take your seat belt off! Get on the [muted] ground! [sirens] [groaning] – 75? – What’s wrong with you, dude? – 75, does she have a 32 on her? – Negative. – Did you see one
get tossed out? He’s saying she had a gun. – You scared of that
little bitty thing? – No, she had a pistol, bro. What do you [bleep] me do to? – Come on, man. – Know what I’m saying? – You gotta be better
than that, dude. – I didn’t want to run, bro. – He was saying she
had a gun, put it to his head or something. It forced him to run. But I find that hard to believe. She got out and put her
hands up and didn’t give us any grief at all. And he kept running. So they didn’t run for nothing. So there’s something
somewhere that they either threw out or in this vehicle. Our driver here is
complaining of chest pain. Apparently, he’s got some
prior chest or heart condition. So he’s probably going to be
transported to the hospital. Why would your buddy say that
he was running, because you had a gun to his head? – I had a gun to his
head, are you serious? – He said you
wouldn’t let him stop. – I was jumping out of the car,
because I wanted him to stop. I was just– – You weren’t
throwing anything out? – No, I didn’t. I swear to God I didn’t. I just wanted out of the car. I just got out of jail on bond. I’m not trying to go to jail. I did not have no gun to
his head, are you crazy? – I didn’t say you did. – I’m sorry. – I’m just asking. – Hey, bud, we’re gonna cut
your shirt off real quick, all right? – Blood pressure is 140 over 90. – [inaudible] – Hey, listen, man, we got to. – We– we got to at
least get to your chest. – Your hand [inaudible]. – What’s his deal? Why would he run? – Did you see him conceal it in
his shorts or in his underwear? – Hey, uh, when you– when
you get to the hospital, she’s saying he was tucking
stuff into his fat rolls and like his waist band. – OK. – So do a real good check. K9 had a positive alert for
narcotics in the vehicle. So we went through it pretty
well and haven’t located any. So I’m pretty sure she was–
when she had this door open, she was tossing it out. It’s probably why
he’s smelling it. He’ll be under arrest at this
point for a felony evading. And if some narcotics are
located on his person, then he’ll face additional
charges for those. Well, right now, I don’t have
anything to charge you on, OK? – OK.
– So I’m going to release you. – OK. Thank you. – Pick better friends. – Yes. – And stop hanging around
people that do meth.


  1. I feel bad for the person that has to dig around his sweaty fat rolls to find the drugs. I bet they'll also find some cheese in there too. Yummm. 😜

  2. Let me guess….he wasn't using meth for weight loss 😂😂😂 gotta keep them nice warm wet hiding places

  3. WOW❗Imagine if he was black. Beaten and bruised, shot and killed , and not handled with care🤦🏾 SMH.

  4. She looked like one 19 year old chick who was sent to Bosnia from LA by her parents due to heroin addiction, she commited suicide here in my home town from huge hotel in late May

  5. I love it when a criminal runs or refuses to comply he/She is healthy, however when he/She gets caught then suddenly he/She suddenly has asthma, heart condition, epilepsy, claustrophobia, etc. Everyone should be a criminal because it seems it can cure anything (until you dont get caught).

  6. 1:40 Use of excessive force. The guy didn't hurt anyone, he didn't try to pull any weapons, he showed his hands and immediately put them behind his back, and yet the cop drops the full force of his weight onto the guy's beck / sternum. You can hear him yell in pain. I mean, the guy was running from police but unnecessary force is unnecessary.

  7. Like like that bro had a lot of welfare dollars to eat with. And look at him of course he has heart problems. What a couple. WOWSA!! Dumbass 101

  8. Have you noticed nothing good happens around Family Dollar, Dollar Tree or 99 Cents Only stores??? Never trust a guy who wears shorts that almost go to the shoes. Wise Chinese man say: "Wun with criminal, wun from popo, spend time inside for lon-lon time."

  9. Meth does weird stuff to people. Wonder if he stuffed Trojan condoms into the fat rolls? Remind me not to order a California Roll (sushi) anytime soon.

  10. Honestly I don't know how anybody could think doing meth could be fun you're wired you're up all all day all night long you're weird can't talk to stupid drug all drugs are stupid

  11. Why do they always have to slam their knee into ppls backs ? Doesn't matter if it's a old lady or a young dude . Is it necessary if they're already on the ground?

  12. The only Tummy tuck I know is when I see a hot girl and I have to squeeze the belly inside so I don't look like Jack Galifinakas.

  13. I was wondering why he didn’t run after they cornered him but when he got out the car I realized why lmao he’s huge

  14. So the dog alerted to the car but they found nothing 🤨 i still think most of the time dogs are bs ways for police to search

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