Live PD: Motorcycle Madness (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Motorcycle Madness (Season 2) | A&E


  1. get him the medics get him the medics. handcuff him through him around pulling around in case you have spinal injury head injury back injury yeah you guys really give a s***.

  2. One good thing may come from this… He might finally take a shower while in jail. It appears he has not bathed in forever.

  3. He might have a broken back… quick let's pull him up in the most awkward fashion and see if he can do the worm!

  4. It’s weird people rather run for something as dumb as no motor cycle license then just pull over and deal with cops makes you wonder why people hate cops??? 🤔

  5. Im sorry, that was bad police, the guy fell from bike at high speed… LETS DRAG HIM UP AND PULL OUT HIS HELMET * i understand the bike was leaking, but the *pulling the helmet off just made me mad!! You dont do that! You're supposed to check if his neck is hurt first… and how he was wobbling his head back and forth when being carried just made me worried…. i know he was putting other peoples life in danger because of the speed, but really?

  6. Even if the kid on the bike was a poor driver, i think the cops did a good job and good coordination, especially with these big slow trucks. Glad that they took this selfish public danger out of the streets now!

  7. In all honesty that cop should’ve been way more careful with taking that dudes helmet off. I’m unsure how he fell but nonetheless, that could’ve been a really bad idea.

  8. It's fun playing GTA San Andreas, but even more fun to watch GTA SA. Umph, smoking weed safely at home watching these videos is where its at… ima create the ultimate prodigy in avoiding all traffic violations safely while driving impaired… I'd say illegally, but that wouldn't do no justice.

  9. They handled that whole thing wrong.he just wrecked his bike they picked him up with the weight of his helmet pulling his head all around he could have had a neck injury he had a little neck!! the bike wasn't on fire I think they should have just left him until the ambulance showed

  10. 1: Don't take a helmet off after a crash (I hope they learn from this and don't do it again)
    2: I'm pretty sure from the angle we got that was coolant not gasoline ( Yes coolant is flammable it has glycol and yes it was very nitpicky to point it out)

  11. If u ever wanna feel good about yourself or your life just watch a bunch of these and see how many people are much worse off

  12. All these people saying it's a slow 250 lmfao, it's a 600cc ZX6R. It's the rider that's slow. This is why you don't get a supersport with 110 horsepower for your first bike.

  13. HE WAS IN THE INTERSECTION WHEN IT TURNED GREEN are people that stupid 😂😂😂 he did run the red light.

  14. Couldn't see how he went down. 🙁 lol. But also that first officer should probably brush up on basic EMS training with bike crashes. No yanking someone's head an neck around taking off a helmet like that.

  15. He doesn't have a motorcycle license. Well, I can see why. He speeds, he rides recklessly, and he crashes. He failed his driver's test.

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