Lit Motors C-1, fully-electric, self-balancing, two-wheeled vehicle at Gigaom Roadmap #roadmapconf

Lit Motors C-1, fully-electric, self-balancing, two-wheeled vehicle at Gigaom Roadmap #roadmapconf

here at the Giga ohm roadmap so my name is Daniel Kim I'm the founder president and CTO of Lin motors and what we do is we take the romance and the efficiency of a motorcycle can we combine that with the safety of the comfortable car so behind us is our first alpha prototype right now if you get down low you can kind of see that I guess you want to hear what's passing Boosh it's not gonna fall hey is it always going to balance it's not going to fall what are you going to do – so what about how steady is it right and so what's in there all get all the other so yeah they're too large gyros on the inside well if IQ a stand up there where I can show you gyros and what's it what's in here behind the electronic so this our processors yes so we're basically developing this like a rolling smartphone rolling smartphone so what kind of ARM processor to use so right now Andrew would better know that better that guy's an arrow yeah he's our lunch budget here so here what ARM processors are in here there's no ARM processor sort of this board and then oh the next one the next one next one what they going to use probably an arm nine or nine yep I'm pretty scaler should be rescale Atmel any of your favorite or will have some system-on-a-chip who knows what do you have right now in here right now there's a there's a lot of you over there right now there's a National Instruments box in there as an i5 and a very large FPGA yep and how much power does it consume processor in one system the whole system that's the range is that range the raggedy right work uh yeah the range of this thing somewhere over a hundred miles at this point but this is a prototype 100 miles prototype the first part attack where do you make this where do we make this yeah San Francisco San Francisco I run here 7th and Folsom 7 Folsom is fu headquarters as the headquarters world HQ three-story lit motors back three laboratory so you are engineer engineer and how long does it take you to make this oh this has been a couple of years on the works but it's been incremental you start small and get bigger and bigger and bigger so I look designed it how do you design this we'll come over here yeah it's a mixture of industrial design engineering human factors basically all the process you go through to make a product if people love alright so what is it going to be mass manufactured what's the plan we got it we got another couple of years of engineering one before it's really really ready to go into small-scale production by couple I made a year two years or so and then another couple years after that to scale it into a big Navy veteran alright and do you think billions of people are gonna use this millions what would tell us I hope no it was maybe billions billions sounds a little bit aggressive though yeah millions sure for sure this is reminds me of Batman with the Batman there's there's people that have sent us like themselves like in Batman costumes requesting the car already yeah yeah right how soon can people buy it you say you can reorder it now you can pre-order but there's only two years it's going to be a little oh and what does estimated the price the first round the first thousand we're targeting a 24k alright cool just electric all electric what's the sound coming out of the drain that's the gyroscope spinning but that's because there we've made no attempt to make it white this is just the LAN sound where is it there under there under the sea under the sea and that's the big red button that's the key that's the switch it never falls and never falls only if we do something stupid like I don't know and it doesn't break if it falls out of it no there's there's landing gear if something goes goes terribly wrong as prototypes go some things break and periodically we lose lose stability these landing here come and save it from falling which is why it doesn't look all beaten up at this point when you have it like this it's been running it's been running and driving this limited driving state since about since early September and we did a hardware revision sometime in the middle of September and now we're actively working on these set of controls algorithms to make it super stable super drivable so we can let people like you driving nice well what are the big motorbike and car companies saying about this they've seen it on the paper I guess I can't tell you what they say that they stated for sure they think it's cool oh they think it's cool for sure how about that even musk has he seen it I know I hope yes all right if you are going off from a personal invitation to come the lab right now and it sent him the link okay okay


  1. One should not make the interested people from the beginning a mouth watering with such a really good vehicle if you can not even meet the sales start.

  2. Lit Motors – 1086 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103
    NO LONGER THERE …building has sign on it "FOR LEASE" / 415-539-1121 and 415-539-1103 – website is in a effective static state.

    FORBES article – Lit Motors CEO, Danny Kim shares details
    on his motorcycle testing accident at Laguna Seca Raceways, his road to recovery and his experience with immobility.
    Apparently, the creator had a very bad accident while testing, and possibly is now crippled. (I have not read the article)


  4. If it gets made in a bright neon color then it'll be alot easier to see in the dark, even if there are no lights.

  5. This dumb shit cannot drive a Ducati and wants to largely contribute to closing track days because his riding skills are crap and lawsuit happy shit for brains!

  6. This guy doesn't take responsibility for his own actions he is blames others for his mistakes. He should ride this on track so he won't crash and sue. Boycott this lame product, or buy one crash and sue him

  7. T ….agree and also that " engineer" don't look or talk like one…almost like bragging with someone else's coulors…. he a dumb junior ass …nice concept though

  8. ye bike japan ne bunai he but is bike ko india me banwana caho to me ye bike 2 lack rs me istype ki bike buna sakta hu watsap +918109663757

  9. the Japanese have a much simpler version of this, where the front forks extend to keep balance. much nicer and dead silent.

  10. The main problem with the prototype of this electric motorcycle is that it is too large, and in order to maintain stability, it is necessary to turn and consume too much energy. The mileage is bound to be very short, and the speed will not be very high. And to maintain a stable way through the mass of the high-quality gyro, the constant rotation will consume a lot of energy.

  11. Even though this looks cool but it is very impractical. Those gyros are constantly needing power to balance the damn thing. That is unnecessary power consumption for an EV. They are also late, they still haven't made this yet for consumers and it is mid 2017! A freaking Tesla is gonna be $3500 before incentives. People who pre-ordered this for $25 K, I feel bad for them.

  12. Ar Europos Sajungoje prekiaujama siais dengtais motociklais? Kokia kaina? Buciau dekingas jei informuotumet sioje reklamoje lietuviskai. Pagarbiai – D.Milkus. Vilnius, Lietuva ( Lithuania )

  13. they had a big dream about this thing…. but keep running into fundamental flaws they cannot resolve… i think they ll go bust before bringing this into market.

  14. One thing troubles me about the design… suspension? It looks like if you went over deep bumps the fairing would get smahed against the wheels.

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