Lightest Vehicles – GTA 5 Vehicle Facts Countdown

Lightest Vehicles – GTA 5 Vehicle Facts Countdown

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this video I’m going to be showcasing the lightest vehicles in GTA 5. These values all come directly from the handling files used by the game code and, to put what we’ll see into a little bit of perspective, the three lightest regular supercars are the Tyrus, X80 Proto, and the RE-7B, which all weigh around 900 kilograms each. Now though, it’s time for the top five overall. The fifth lightest vehicle in the entire game is the Cruiser, weighing around seven times less than the lightest supercars, at a tiny 120 kilograms. The Scorcher is up next – five kilograms lighter than the Cruiser – at one hundred and fifteen kilograms. We’ve got a three-way tie for third place, with the Race Bike, Fixter, and Faggio Sport all weighing in at 110 kilograms. Yet another difference of five kilograms, as we see the BMX come in second place, with a weight of 105 kilograms and it’s kind of no surprise that we’ve seen all of the Bicycles in GTA 5 feature in this list. What is a surprise however, is what we have tied for the number one spot although we did get a little bit of a hint of it earlier. The regular Faggio and Faggio Mod are actually the lightest vehicles in the entire game. It’s only another five kilogram difference over second place, but both weigh just 100 kilograms each. It’s interesting that Rockstar decided to programme these bikes to be even lighter than bicycles but their 100 kilogram values mean that you’d need two and a quarter thousand of them to have the same weight as the heaviest single vehicle in the entire game, which we saw in the previous episode. And if you want to keep watching you’ll see what the most common weight values for vehicles are but also feel free to subscribe for more videos like this, and let me know down below what you’d like to see next. So… bonus fact time! The most common weight value in GTA is 2,400 kilograms with 33 unique vehicles having that exact same weight. They’re all listed on the screen now, but it’s worth mentioning that a close second is 1,400 kilograms, which is shared between 30 vehicles. For those who like their stats the average weight of all vehicles in GTA 5 is around three-and-a-half thousand kilograms and if you put one of every vehicle in the game together on one big-scale, they’d weigh around 1.8 million kilograms. So that’s pretty much it for this video – remember to read the description for more info, comment with your thoughts, like the video if you enjoyed it or found it helpful, and subscribe for more. Thank you all so much for watching I really do appreciate it and I’ll see you next time.


  1. We've had two episodes so far, basically acting as a scene setter for this series, with heaviest and lightest vehicles. There are plenty more to come, but keep your eyes peeled for episode 3 in particular. We're just getting warmed up here! As mentioned in the description and episode 1, massive thank you to neutreN for the amazing visuals throughout this series

  2. Never in my life would I ever have imagined Broughy making a list of the lightest vehicles in GTA.

    I know he did the heaviest vehicles, but this one was unexpected for me

  3. I highly doubt the reason for so much weight is because it includes both rider and vehicle, the reason I say this is because that's suggesting the rider weighs over 90 kg considering bmx and racing bikes don't really more than 10-20kg. Now the problem is the moped in first meaning it would weigh 10 kg, less than 10, or nothing at all; also if the people in the game did weigh 90 kg or more, then their muscles must have be some of the most mass heavy muscles or fat cause they don't really look 90+ kg. This also means that the female and male characters all weigh the same even though females in the game are skinnier looking and it also means that children in the game weigh the same and babies.

    I suspect that it has more to do with gravity being light enough in the game for the vehicles to fly off over the crest of a hill if they weighed a realistic amount of weight.

  4. These weights are the way they are because the player/npc is not counted for as a seperate entity. The weight of all characters in GTA V is around 80-85kg.

  5. I LOVE THESE!! I did think what was the point from the first one, but it has grown on me. Impressive visuals and facts to go with. I think as this is the last year of GTA5, this is an excellent way to go out, as well as a similarly formatted MCEC 5, graphics and all 🙂 Please

  6. I'd like to hear from R* why a racing bicycle that would probably weigh 20lbs in RL weighs well over 200lbs in game.

  7. So what your telling me is that 1. a moped it is lighter then a BMX bike. 2. A BMX bike weighs at least 230 pounds. And I thought the top speed on the cars were out of proportion, but this is ridiculous

  8. how the fuck does a bike weigh 240 pounds

    actually probably because the handling would be fucked if they weighed a realistic amount.

  9. Seven times less than 900kg is negative 5,400kg. You mean one seventh as much, not seven times less. Even one time less is zero.

  10. Hey guys I need some suggestions for sports and supers that are good for mountain street races / "concrete Hill climb"
    Thanks in advance

  11. Hey, i would like to see what vehicles combine laptime speed with weight. I find high weight vehicles useful for missions and to defend in races. So a list of the – say – three fastest yet heaviest vehicles in each class would be very interesting to me 🙂 keep up the good and honest work!

  12. Can you do the fastest hill climb? Up Chiliad on the hot route. Possibly use stock vehicles. It might be too much of a time commitment.

  13. We'll id like something about helicopters I guess… Like the actual engine power stats, weight, other cool details, etc…

  14. Damn, you can work out your legs AND arms with those bikes. Holy shit.

    Weight is probably the weirdest shit to make videos on, but I'm down. I like oddball stuff.

  15. man i have to say your thumbnails are getting really good and nice to look at. I dont want to leave this unnoticed. Your quality in general has gone up quite a bit so it really is a pleasure to watch.
    I always loved the attention to detail you have put into your facts – into the testing behind a video, but the production value is up ontop as well with your current videos. Keep up the great work!

  16. I worked in a bike shop that sold bikes that weighed less than 15 pounds but the lightest bike in this game weighs as much as an overweight man.

  17. Sorry dude but why the fuck are you making a video on bikes 😂 you’ve still got cars to test mate, stick to what you’re good at bro 👌🏼

  18. Congrats to the cameraman and editor again! Well done.
    And of course, what a surprise regarding the Faggios 😄 Sounds logical … 🙈

  19. For those who wonder, bicycle weight = player weight + bicycle. I think there are not set value for player's weight so instead of coding it and how it applies on vehicle physics they simply set combined weight numbers.

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