Lamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari FF Drag Race

Lamborghini Aventador vs Ferrari FF Drag Race

We love a good drag race here at Auto Express.
So when Mercedes invited us to take part in Race The Runway at Edinburgh airport to raise
money for charity we leapt at the chance. In total, 25 cars took part in the race which
was held over a distance of 1350 meters to a back drop of passenger jets taking off and
landing. I’m going to be driving this… no pressure The SLS GT has a 6.2-litre V8 with 583bhp.
It might not be quite as powerful as the SLS Black Series, but less downforce means its
top speed is higher at 199mph. But how close could I get to that? Yes was a terrible start — but I’m claiming
the other car jumped the gun. But it wouldn’t matter anyway…. Actually I crossed the line doing 170.6mph
in 26.94 seconds. The C63: 27.27 seconds at 168.8mph. We managed to capture some of the other races
held that day including one against a Lamborghini Aventador and a Mercedes SL63AMG The Lamborghini crossed the finish line in
24.65 seconds at 181.6mph. The SL63: 26.94 seconds at 172.2mph. Next Race was a C63 AMG Black Series against
Holden’s version of the Vauxhall VXR8. The C63 recorded 28.77 seconds at 160.3mph.
The Holden: 30.71 seconds at 137.1mph Another race, another Mercedes – this time
an E63 AMG S Estate. It raced a BMW M3 GTS. The M3 GTS did 28.75 seconds at 145.6mph.
The E63S Estate: 27.77 seconds at 155.1 mph. The penultimate race we filmed was between
a Ferrari FF and a Porsche 911 Turbo. This, is what happened. The Ferrari recoded 25.82 seconds at 175.6
mph. The Porsche 26.03 seconds at 167.6mph. This meant that the two fastest cars on the
day were both Italian. The FF and the Aventador. And after a flyby from a Supermarine Spitfire
we got to find out what would happen when the Lamborghini and Ferrari went head-to-head….


  1. So why wasn't Audi invited?  What about the Audi RS7?  I realise that the Lambo is part of the VW/Audi/Porsche stable but the RS7 has great straightline speed.

  2. the drag race between the bmw and the E class looks fake. they started at the opposite lanes of the ones they finished at. FAKE !

  3. did anyone notice that in the race between the Mercedes E63 estate and the BMW M3 the Mercedes actually changes sides. i don't think the outcome was in favor of mercedes which is hosting the event so they tempered with it.

  4. The FF is not in the same level of Aventador, its kind of an SUV type but it could compete with it and didn't got too far. Ferrari is awesome!

  5. This is all just speculation but I believe the Ferrari would handle a track better. How many crashes have you seen involving a Lamborghini on a road

  6. 0:35 Liar, SLS GT is not Merc's fastest car. Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black series and Mercedes CLK GTR AMG is faster than it. So technically Merc's fastest car is Mercedes silver lightning which goes up to 410.9 Km/h.

  7. of course the Aventador cross the finish line first, you're using the heavy, underpowered FF, you just add fuel to raging Ferrari fan

  8. Put it up against what it's actually meant to compete against, a Ferrari F12, and not a Ferrari that is meant to compete against super 4 seaters. Then see who wins.

  9. That Ferrari looks like a malformed prematurely shat out deformed foetus – what the fuck happened to Ferrari???

  10. Holden version of the Vauxhal! You blokes are kidding yourselves.

    Some of these drivers have the reflexes of a sloth!


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