July 15, 2019/166 Trucking, catching fuel Fort Chiswell,VA

July 15, 2019/166 Trucking, catching fuel Fort Chiswell,VA

[Applause] this long-haul Larry big blue it is July 13 2019 we are on our way up to the atl yard to deliver this load we have ourselves 286 miles to go first we need to get some fuel on so that's what we're gonna do all right guys go pump 25-year eight nine seven five three four put in our feeling code [Applause] there we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] pretty uneventful day just rollin down the road [Applause] something is going on is this thing about this my daughter was asking me so about John or jibiji travels and she said she's been getting a lot of emails from people saying oh here's my entry into John's design she called me up and she's like what's going on I said I don't even know because I've been getting emails to some people saying hey I got a design for John here's my entry or whatever and I'm like I don't know what's going on well I kind of hold it back at any question well in John's videos I found out what's going on he's having some kind of contest I guess where he created a design or something and the best design is gonna win a free t-shirt or something and that'd be sure to be for sale some that's all good I mean he wants to run and run that contest oh yeah that's good idea you know it gets people to you know come up with some cool designs or some put that work together you know their effort together for making it cool so I'm cool but I have nothing to do with that that's John's contest and my daughter has I mean so you kind of need to send those designs to John dad Davey D travels I had no idea what's even happening so if you've sent some design or something for John or whatever and sent it to me or my daughter you kind of need to send that to John he's the one doing the contest now at us [Applause] but I guess he's doing something like that for myself in the future he did that on something else Rory it was uh yes I've got a contest and it was and then I was kind of put on me it's like do it I'm not part of your contest through your own work so send those to John he can do the picking of the winter and all that stuff and then he'll send the design to my daughter or send it to me and get that going let's kind of fast [Applause] we're going to add a little coolant I'm hoping I don't have a leak spin all that time in a shop getting that fix but I saw it's just a little bit low should be just a little bit higher him I just had a burp in might had some hair and a line or something [Applause] hopefully this is the one that's open I think it is yeah let's drop a cap [Applause] honey you guys gonna say it's orbital lying if you look it's actually tip backs it's lower in here so when it gets straight it'll be right about there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this guy gonna actually stop thinking we had three somebody's to come roaring three here not even stop for nothing scuse beat his driveway here no it's not that [Applause] [Applause] there we go almost 150 gallons [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Fastlane [Applause] as fast [Applause] I don't think that was right only one of them half gallons they find out I had three quarters of a tank I think at least [Applause] [Applause] guys skateboarding [Applause] [Applause] I don't know what it was but uh oh it picked up this load and this thing was running this reefer has been just screaming to get it to zero it's been warm over in Arkansas and all this stuff Tennessee it has been warm and it's been 90 plus but seems like it's been running an awful lot so editing all the way full in its it was below half it just got loaded yesterday got a load of sheep so I'm not really sure if the product they put in there maybe it wasn't all a pros yet or something maybe that's what happened so it seemed like there we go with 25 gallons of reefer [Applause] anybody need a Hilton hotel room key there's one laying on the ground all right well I'm gonna pull up and go use the facilities and get out of here [Applause] hey guys we are actually a lightweight foods and mum Crawford was guy and when Crawford Virginia sorry wrong state it is Sunday I ran up last night delivered a load up to two yard and then do some recording going up go through scales and stuff but some reason that didn't record sure I know what happened there probably user error but we dropped a load at the yard and then we headed on back down here and I've been on here all night long I was supposed to have a tanning i'ma play man and I got up at 8 a.m. and they were checking you can check it to our support and I was getting dressed and I got a text message from the boss man Oh appointments would change 2:14 honored so here I said so I just went in and checked in and they gave me a door bugger down up curtsey on the other side his trailer sitting out here so they got me he said back into the door but leave you doors closed and I just left my trailer on – so so they'll come out here in a little bit open the doors but I heard him talking and they said that there was two products missing or some on we're gonna cut on whatever so who knows what's gonna happen here so I'll let you guys go I hope everyone out there is having themselves a great day a great night under watching this here video if you're not certainly just try that all over again tomorrow I don't know what it is you guys can see this over here this lime green truck I really like the color of that truck I've seen a few trucks like that new seems to be like a new color I like it I'll catch you guys later see ya


  1. I have really enjoyed the video. Keep up the good work. You are A-1 in my book. I enjoy my shirt and I get several people stop and ask about it. Keep safe. God speed.

  2. Do you ever get your leg on those sharp nuts on your wheels???? Would be a waiting to happen wound getter for me.

  3. 🤣 😂 Johnny B didn’t let you know about the contest. That is hilarious 🤣, I think he wanted people to send the drawings to your daughter.

  4. since I commented on your video about you not smoking I quite next day and its feeling good so thank you larry..

  5. Yeah . . . that 'User Error' keeps messin' with MY stuff too. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    I can't find a product to fix it or remove it from my devices, though.
    ( I suspect it's to get $ $ $ from us ) 😉

  6. Good video again it rained all day here in Arkansas on Monday that’s all we need is more rain need to stop be safe on the road

  7. Hey, the skateboarder could have been SuperTruckerDan, lol he has a skateboard. Maybe Johnny the Chicken could a little of that to curb his, er… addiction🤪

  8. Hope one of those Internet idiots don't get all butthurt over the Vertical Horizon song playing at the fuel pumps lol.

  9. So I was flagged for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea…just because my BMI was high aka overweight. Im so pissed off, how does a persons weight have anything to do with their sleep habits?

  10. Larry, what Johnny's doing is running his own t-shirt design contest.
    Oh, he may have forgotten to tell anyone at lhlprinting about it, but by now, your daughter should know, as he's got her picking the winner.
    Even in a high tech business like yours, their should be some communication . Maybe time for you and your daughter to have a little chat with the ' Golden Boy. '

  11. Hey Larry, upon watching your refueling I didn't see your Air Horns. Do you plan on putting them back?

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