Inside The Team Sky Bus

Inside The Team Sky Bus

– [Matt] Obi-wan, we meet again. Here we
are, straight away, no expense spared at all, and this is essentially the benchmark
that all other world tour team buses are measured by. The Death
Star is fully operational. Straight away, real big attention to
detail and split into two distinct parts. Most team buses are the domain
of the riders right the way through, but the first part of the bus, as you can
see here, set out with reclining leather seats, purely for the riders. So,
a grand tour team has nine riders, so basically a place for each and every
rider. And apart from popping to the back occasionally for meetings, the back
entrance, which we’ll look at later on, is essentially for staff only.
Let’s have a close look. To this recliner, otherwise known as the
droid chair, again, absolutely everything a rider can want. First and foremost, it’s
comfortable. They’ve got lots and lots of space to get changed, swivel round.
They’ve even got, let me find one, a little table which, when unscrewed,
clips on here. Laptop etc., each rider’s got one of those, but the
seat reserved for king of the team, really, Chris Froome, is just here.
So, this is Froome. Here’s his bag, fully logoed up, so I guess he just likes
to sit back here and survey all of his teammates, so he can keep a
good eye on what’s going on. Deflector shields on.
Deflector shields on. And here, Chris’ got his race
manual, laminated parkour cards, selection of helmets. There’s his
vented helmet, for the climbs, and a choice of aero helmet here, should
Chris choose it. “Froome” on the side there. Still in the rider’s area, little
kitchenette area here with a sink, and most importantly, and I haven’t
seen one team bus without one, it’s the ubiquitous coffee machine.
So we’ll just stick one of those in. Just let that go. As I sip my rather tasty
espresso, I’m going to have a glance through the Sky Rider Rules. “We’ll
communicate openly and regularly. We’ll be on time. We’ll respect team
equipment. If we want our helmets cleaned, we’ll leave them on the
team bus.” I like that one. Lots and lots of space for storage
underneath the work surface here. Let’s have a little look. You got your
sauces, you got all your tea and coffee stirrers, etc. You’ve even got your fly
spray here. Chicken breast, tuna, some nice sauces. Peppery
Jalabanero, good selection. Lovely fridge just here. All the official Team Sky
energy products, hydro juice from CMP there, lots of supplies there. Second two
layers, just chilled water and lots of it. The bathroom area, lots of nicely branded
Team Sky towels hanging on the wall there. So just on the left here, we have
a double shower with folding door. Frosted for privacy, very good idea there,
but you can see who’s in it and have a bit of a neighborly chat, if you fancy. The
lavatory, frosted glass for privacy . Oh, they must’ve seen toilet gags and kept
it locked. Wonder if R2-D2 can sort this one out, wouldn’t you reckon?
Definitely a job for a droid, ain’t it? Now, this is where things completely
change. This is the border line. Obi-wan, we meet again. So as well as
being a sliding door to separate the staff from the riders when there’s important,
private team meetings go on, they even have this. Unfrosted
or frosted. Very, very cool indeed. I can actually play with this all day.
Unfrosted, frosted. Unfrosted, frosted First and foremost, I’ve just walked
over two enormous storage areas. We’ll just lift those up, so really making
the best use of the vast volume in this giant bus. And this is essentially a
larder packed with food very popular amongst teams. Corn niblets, there’s
rice in here. There’s chicken curry, tomato ketchup, lots and lots and lots of
carbs. This is essentially the hub and the nerve center of Team Sky where all
the tactical decisions are made and, of course, decided upon. Today Brailsford
will sit across this very table with Rod Ellingworth and plan all
of their racing strategies. Yeah? Hi, Rod. Yeah, I can’t speak right
now, mate. Yeah, I’ve spoken to Dave already. Yeah, yeah, I’ll get back to you.
I’m just in the middle of a meeting. Yeah, I’m on the Death Star.
Yeah, okay. All right, Rod. Cheers. See you later. Cheers, mate. So, CMP products, all your flapjacks, all
your energy bars. Lots and lots of gels, too. So, these are laid out by the
soigneurs for the riders to come and select what they need just before
a race. All your suntan products, all your chamois balm, again, more
wet wipes. Again, just so the riders… Even shower-in-a-can,
for podium moments. Ah, as we can see, Team Sky are
big fans of smoothies or shakes, pre and post-rides. So a couple of these
in here to make sure the riders get the energy they need, especially post-race.
They’ve even got a laminator, or maybe it’s a droid. No, these
aren’t the droids I’m looking for. As you can see, through this tempered
glass table, lots of power points, USB, loads and loads of access via cables.
It’s got a Wi-Fi hub in here, too, so full internet access. And if you
could just pivot round, Mike, nice big video screen there. They’ve
even got a rather nice Dyson hoover here. That just comes off. This is
called the wand, or is it a saber? Lots of more spare towels here, a
couple of helmets, actually Kiryienka’s, and there we go, Mr. Froome. Spare
visors here for the aero helmets, for the Bambinos. Lots of spare jerseys
here, and tops. These casual t-shirts for staff and riders alike. Even
a pair of raffia underpants. Now, this beast of a bag, that I can
actually hardly lift up, is a spares bag for the team. Every rider will have
two race bags, one in team car one, and one in team car two, of course. But
quite often, kit gets mixed up and lost, so at any point, should a rider need
something, this is the go-to bag. Little bit of worry in there, I’m
just hoping when I unzip that, it isn’t actual legs and arms. Let’s
see where it goes. Thankfully, it’s arm warmers and leg warmers, but,
again, everything the riders should need, and that’s what it is, extreme weather
bag. And that really is an extreme bag. Now, the original design for the back part
of this bus, was so it could be a therapy area, so riders could actually lie down
prone and be looked after by the soigneurs or the phileos, but actually
wasn’t used too much for that, and that’s why it’s now been
adapted to be used purely for staff. And it’s even got lovely mood lighting at
the top, just changing now from purple, into orange, and then red. I
tell you what, I feel like a nap. Very, very calming,
that’s the Team Sky bus. – [Alberto] If you want to
subscribe to GCN, click here. – For more Vuelta
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