INSANE Japanese Cars Leaving a Car Show – July 2019!

INSANE Japanese Cars Leaving a Car Show - July 2019!


  1. I like everyone its talkin' about the civics with redline bounce 10293 times but no one spotted at 18:50 that red Supra has a V8
    That guy should be in prison✌️

  2. well 4.21 I made longer than I thought I would on this , bit pissed though considering ruddy Fiestas etc got longer . Did think it was you as I left

  3. These guys need to watch more American car vids to learn how to properly leave a car show…

  4. 6:45 This would go perfectly with the Max power civic you found, it looks like a car i'd make in NFSU2 aha
    Edit: and cuz i was bored, i later created it in the game:

  5. “Insane Japanese cars leaving a car show”
    So which ones were actually insane? Them modified Miatas that sounded like a pissed off bee? 😂

  6. Why do (mostly Honda) jap car drivers like bouncing off the limiter so much? Or can they not change gear for shit?

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