Indians In A Bus | भईया दादरी जाएगी? | The Timeliners

Indians In A Bus | भईया दादरी जाएगी? | The Timeliners

Hey bro! Hop on, hop on! Ashok Nagar, Surajpur, Dabra, the bus will go to Agra! Come quick everyone! Hurry up! Will there be any seats left? There is a lot of space, come! Hop on. Get up quick guys! Easy, easy, easy, bro. Five for one, ten for two cucumbers! Here’s your ticket. Keep moving ahead. One for Dadri Mod. Bring change for Dadri mod you people. You’ll find some. What a guy! 200 300 350 400.. 40 Done! Have it. Take it at the time of deboarding. Show me your tickets Good! Take your tickets. Sir, I’m a student. Student! Ticket for? One for Surajpur. It’s for 40. Money? Will you charge money from a student? Oh man! You don’t look like a student at all. What about you? Parola! Money? Student, bro. Dude! Pull over to the side! What are you doing? We’re students. Stop please! Somebody stop the bus. Somebody stop the bus! Please! Dude! Stop the bus! Thank you! You helped me catch the bus to Karnal. But this one is heading to Greater Noida. Who asked you to spread your arms like Shahrukh Khan? Made me hold your sweaty hand! You creep just need an excuse to hold a girl’s hand. Please stop the bus! Sorry sister! You shut up! Stop the bus! Stop it bro. Come! Mathura-Vrindavan-Agra Will it go to Agra? Yes, come sit. Yes. Start the bus. Son, this is a ladies seat. Please get up. It says Ladies. Yeah, alright. It’s Mathura Bypass, come forward. It’s the seat for handicaps. Get a side quickly. Move! Uncle, please let me sit. Why do you need a seat? Neither are you a woman nor a handicap. You should be ashamed! A kid is standing and you are sitting. Are you a man or what? Come sit, sit! Sit! Now you sit! It’s a kid or a woman or a handicap everytime. Pull over! It’s a 5 minute halt. Freshen up whoever feels like. And if anyone’s kid poops in the bus, the fine will cost Rs. 75. The gentlemen who love watching Hollywood movies. Don’t understand the English dialogue but only watch the kissing scenes. If your english is weak and your girlfriend writes I love you. But you always reply with just an I love you too. For such poor and fancy gentlemen.. Sanju company brings Rapidwax English Speaking Course! You’ll start speaking amazing English after reading this book. So get the Rapidwax English Speaking Course today itself! Only for 10 rupees, just 10 rupees! Shut up! It’s not true! I’ll only believe if your book can help fix my English. Give it to me. Whoever want the book.. Whoever amongst you want the book.. Shut up! It’s a lie! This book hasn’t make any significant progress in my English! Oh my god! Smack that all on the floor. Smack that give me some more. This is working mother****** Take my money! This book is mine now. Everyone buy it. Uncle! you also buy it, it’s a nice book. Don’t need no evidence. Hold it, hold it or you’ll fall. Hold the pole. Are you crazy? My dad has taught me! Just stand in the T shape, look. Baby! Lovely, lovely! Myself Lovely and you? Deepika! Oh Deepika? Didn’t you perform Jauhar? You still alive? What? It was Deepika Padukone from Padmavat! It was a joke! Mam, you don’t fight this way! Atleast use 3-4 more swear words for this asshole! Son! Plesse wake me up when Mathura comes. Because I get very sleepy. Yes definitely! I’ll wake you up at Mathura. I’ll stand right here. Okay. I’ll wake you up. (Sings in Hindi) It’s your turn to sing now! Your turn. Move! Ma’am just begin singing it’s your turn. It’s my stop. The bus always have stops never starts! No problem, I’ll hi-five myslef! It’s Mathura! Uncle it’s Mathura! Uncle it’s your stop, Mathura. Oh I’ve reached! Can I help you with the luggage? No, son! All hail God Banke Bihari! All hail God Banke Bihari! Wake me up at Vrindavan now, son. It’s the last stop. Everyone get down. Hey! You finally got a place to sit. I just fainted twice. I need my change back. Show me the ticket, I’ll get your change. Here you go! It’s too much really! I kept standing all the way. Give me 60 rupees more. I should pay you? Yes you have to, it’s due. Are you high or something? You have to return my 440 rupees. It’s even written here. The ticket to Agra is for Rs. 560. And you have the ticket till Dadri. I never wanted to viist Agra either! You didn’t get me change, that’s why I had to come along No problem! The bus will go back again at 7 We’ll drop you at Dadri! Go check out the Taj Mahal till then!


  1. Sahi bola Ek nikhil or bus conductor bhaisahab ki acting Achi lagi Par mujhe ye video utna laughter nahi laga Jitna main Socha tha ye video ko chalu Karne se pehle

  2. Learn English language bookseller was hilarious, the seats ladies and handicapped was just amazing satires…😂😂😂

  3. Once I was going from Allahabad to Kanpur in a bus and then it started raining very heavily on the bus, the water was dripping completely and I got soaked in it, I got very angry. But all the fun was also happening. Passengers were giving a lot of lane to the bus driver and the conductor. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Not sardars are like this Fuduu person
    No any sardar like this
    Patta nii .. sardars ko kuee joking part banyaa jatta hyy
    Otherwise sardars are well-behaved

  5. All is gud
    But turban man character is very wrong way are u represent . the turban man always help people in bus or every where . Who tie the turban whom not doing that shit. Be know turban man than play turban man character.

  6. The reservation of seats is a significant problem and should be only for senior citizens and pregnant women . We boys are also humans and our legs also pain. DO NOT BLAME AND DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ONE GENDER just because of the act of a few

  7. Thnk you so much for ds video… Our society will we struggle in bus…..
    N I requested to ds video To other one of my fav you tuber bt he disatisfy me bdw u did well I love u

  8. 1:25 Amrish is so cute n funny love him so much 😍😍😘😘 and 2:36 was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂mast video

  9. Bhiya paise throre jada lagte hai OLA,UBER me but sahi kisi tarah ka chuti**pa nahi karte wo.
    Ye video wali harkat 3 me se 2 bande pune wale karte hai.

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