Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Motorcycles

Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Motorcycles

Okay, folks in this clip I’m going to show
you how to draw a motorcycle. Now what I suggest you do is get a good pencil cause a motorcycle
is a very complicated piece of machinery and you’re going to want to, definitely, sketch
the first initial drawing in as oppose to going over the final thing with a marker.
I would suggest sketching in the design that you want to first and then, once you feel
comfortable with your design, then you take it and do what ever you want to. So, what
we’ll do is we’ll start here. I’m going to draw the outer wheel first, obviously, since
we’re using pencil, we can always come in and make this big or little as I want to later,
and this will be to the actual bike itself. Now, I apologize, in advance, again for you
connoisseur’s who know the exactly the names for all these parts are. I just go off of
what I see, so I am not, by any means, a mechanic, so, I can’t tell you exactly what each part
is and what it’s for, but I can definitely draw what it looks, so, that’s what we’re
going to do. I’m coming up here to the handle of the bike, the handles are important, you’re
going to want to make these stand out. They almost, I would say, the most important part
of the bike. So, come in and really clearly define those handles, give them the look that
you want exactly. Next, I would come down, start to draw the frame that the bike rest
on and where the engine would be. Again, I apologize in advance for not knowing the exact
term, the other thing about this, the other thing I notice when I was drawing different
types of motorcycles is, you’re constantly adjusting these. If you take a look at it
you’ll see, okay, I kind of wish I’d made that a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller
and I wish I’d added more detail here and less detail there. So, what this allows, it’s
kind of sketching obviously, it allows you to go in make a rough design, not be committed
necessarily to any thing in particular, and have the ability to go back an adjust things
as you need. So, I’m going to move my way over to the back of the bike now, so we draw
the back wheel, again, we’re drawing in perspective here, so the back wheel will be smaller than
the front wheel, as you can see. And I’m going to draw sort of the big pieces that you’re
going to want, like say, the exhaust pipe which will come right along the base and then
come up and out. Over the back wheel, give it a nice little effect, a nice little cloud
behind it, just like that. Then what we’ll do is focus on the bike itself, come in here
really start to add the detail and clearly define the lines of the bike starting with
the wheel. Really give it a set wheel with some clear cut definition. Now, the other
thing about bikes, is obviously, people who know motorcycles, and want to draw motorcycles,
have a very very specific look in mind, because they, obviously, have their favorite types
of bikes, so they don’t want some guy coming in here, hey, that’s my definition of a motorbike,
obviously, you’re going to want to add your own flavor, which is, absolutely, I say do
it, make it your own, custom, this is your own little custom shop. Make this thing exactly
what you want it to be. One thing I would suggest doing though, unless you’re just an
engine fanatic, the engine portion, which usually rest underneath the seat, make it
as vague and ambiguous as you possibly can, because you do not want, unless you’re trying
to design the look of an engine in which case I say go nuts, but, unless that’s your objective,
do not go into much detail with that because people will be so distracted by what it is
they won’t even know what to look at, honestly, they’ll be very very confused by it. The biggest
thing when drawing motorcycles make sure to define the overall shape of it, and make sure
people also understand your dimension’s. And one way you can help them with that is once
you’re done, say this is sort of a pre- visual sketch and you’re trying to show them, roughly,
what the bike will look like once it’s in motion and once it has people. Draw a, obviously
once you have to bike looking, roughly the way you want it to, draw an ambiguous, sort
of a stick figure person to sit on the bike and show these people, roughly, what it’ll
look like to have a person riding on the bike. Now , obviously, if you wanted to have a person
on the bike from the get go that’s what you would have done, but since we wanted to show
what a bike would look like adding a ambiguous looking, temp figure is a great way to show
people what you were trying to do. Obviously, you can add as much detail to this figure
as you like, but, this roughly shows how big the bike is suppose to be in relation to people.
And give this guy some goggles and some sort of helmet situation, have fun with it. But,
basically, there you can have you motorcycle.


  1. fuck this drawing you dont seems knwo what youre doing hahaha! no perspective no guidelines no sketch fucking hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Dying2reachU Yesterday, August 13th was International Left-Handers Day to celebrate all lefties. I was so proud to celebrate my specialness. You know the president and lady gaga are left-handed!

  3. do you call yourself a designer?. … a cartoon artist ?//…. I feel like crying when I watch your videos. Anyhow is a good example of How not to draw

  4. I'm sorry man, but you need to know what you are doing before you upload a drawing video, especially a motorcycle sketch. Foundation and construction is key, everything in this video is incorrect.

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