If Loving You is Wrong- Chains Guns And Automobiles

If Loving You is Wrong- Chains  Guns And Automobiles

you previously on if loving you is wrong she knocking on your door I didn't even know he was out here I said turn around do you have any idea who my parents are when my partners at the firm reps his family and his church I can't wrap her man I'm sorry to use this gonna drive her crazy come on Travis let's get out of here Doug meet mark oh come on Marcy you've been through so much man and she's pregnant you really need to just just what what what did you just say what did you just say what I don't don't play it don't play me laughs about what you just said you just said she was pregnant she was he was talking about Marcy oh look man I am I am so drunk she was Alex was not pregnant she was you know we was talking about Marcy no I I was talking about Alex man is it Marcy pregnant oh you are seriously blowing my buzz right now she's pregnant with that bastard baby yes what are you talking about is she pregnant man you are getting working for something I didn't even say you playing with me right now the random huh you probably you know how might be played with you know that I know that get out of here yeah other than that you want me to drive drunk I drove here drunk oh come on maybe johast up my house Oh grand Oh get out of here look at me man look at me man look at you I'll get you to the other side of that door I didn't say that she was pregnant you said that's what you want to believe that's fine I didn't say let's watch you at the hospital as I see is there rain okay Liam get up come on you know listen to me brother this I oh I am not answering that oh hell hello may I help you yes hi my car won't start okay we have your location here okay thank you are you someplace safe yes I am okay we'll send a record to you okay how long approximately two hours two hours do you know what time it is I'm sorry but that's the best we can do you're in Maxine correct yes we have to send a driver from Cincinnati okay I'll take a cab well we need you to stay with your vehicle okay I'll wait thank you we'll see you soon thank you yeah oh yeah Oh I told you not to call him I need Brad and maybe you didn't hear me I told you not to call him again look at you getting all strong Marcy do you really want to do this I don't care you should please explain to me why I should care about your problem just put Brad on the phone no I'm not Alex I'm not kidding I'm not sitting here in the dark for two hours waiting for a tow truck call a cab again not my problem just put him on the phone go bye Alex marthy janna kappa if i have to get a cab i am coming to your front door and taking him out of your bed let me explain something to you bitch my husband doesn't belong to you you understand that well it sure felt like that when he was in my bed don't call him again Alan if you do not put him on the phone I'm coming over there I promise you oh really Alec put him on the phone goodbye he's gonna be pissed you two get on the phone Oh oh she thinks I'm playing hmm okay hmm yes hi I need a cab Maxine [Applause] [Applause] get off a Porsche I am just waiting for my car your car is right there man I am NOT driving make it show ass off my boss I'm serious here my to treat me like this man you can see once I played before a full were you going get off me man look I'm drunk you're drunk yes yeah were you going Randall go to Martha's no no you're not yes I am okay I'll get my keys back you have to take him from me she took our wall Randall softly well seriously anything erection no no no I'm serious I'm not playing with you man are you are you calming down are you pawning gas yeah okay okay I'm gonna let you go all right okay okay okay Braille you looking at huh oh this is what you want I know what you want huh look for us yeah but you see this haha yes what you want is that shouting i hear morena what's he doing now he's he's fighting what some guy well hope he gets his ass kicked reformer what is wrong go home I'm not going anywhere so you brought your toys yeah no wishful thinking you freak my love it sure you don't want me to bring anything sir was that it man you don't even today he tried it once in college okay as your friend Blair anything anything for you and it's mostly pregnant the hell is funny where you acting about it's not funny I forgot what a damned fool you are when you started drinking the hell are you going sleep it off come on oh man go home you want to bet hello Natalie is Kelly hey what's up I heard something in my back yard is Lucien there no you know what uh I'm gonna come over there okay hey-oh you stay right here okay you're going back there yeah now the bus sick of this bullshit all right he let his ass be back there and I'm gonna light him up you've got the hell you doing hey hey who's about to shoot us well shooting no but we doing that little toy gun how are you doing back there I'm minding my business what are you doing back here people are trying to sleep Eddy take your ass in there and go to sleep there you go case closed I was 80 yeah I know he was in Brad's backyard what was he doing back there I don't know but that's what you heard just take it take it take this and you pull the trigger okay a new light is there something he comes to yes awesome no Natalie look I made a mistake I should not have a gun girl he was trying to hurt you you kill that mother solutions no no no it's mine and this it's real nice it's got a nice balance oh hey what if you come to your house Phil I wish you would have to take of my brand-new pieces okay okay there you go and you rest in peace wish I could that'll give you some right here is that coming from our backyard no I fasted early what are you doing don't work you go home I don't have a whole Brad that's why I'm here what are you not sleeping here not even in your house neither you're in my backyard Alex maybe is there any one thing stay in the back – I have no place to go I gave you my credit card oh my god the hotel and I reaches limit it's got a $5,000 limit five cows but I'd like this Black Friday sales on hookers and cocaine I'm sorry about that you're not Alex Eddie you gotta go somewhere yeah I'm not even bothering you you're already gonna sleep here yeah Brad look around man it's a beautiful night out here nature got a blanket you know what I'm me the big-ass house you ain't got one blanket come on that's a friend that's a wife sleeping with the next door neighbor you can't let your best friend into the damn house is it what is this miniature ass pillow – you're a real friend man let me sleep in your backyard appreciate you buddy let's try to help you ain't never done a damn thing for me Brad good night see yourself like my egg scramble is he really sleeping down there yeah great yeah we got in the morning the things you do for him you should cousin no I disowned him any cell packs yeah he does that is something that you can't give him are still one day he gets it together O'Connor the who the hell is that blocking this length hi told you is it yes she wouldn't put you on the phone so darling you were sleeping I didn't want to wake you so what's going on my car I thought I hoped you think oh no there's sugar in the tank it ruined the whole engine well he would have done that do you have to ask Randall that guy's forgiveness can I borrow your car yeah thank you I have boxes in my car I have appointments at 7 a.m. and a client flying in from LA and what's wrong you can't go rent a car I'm not going into the city right now to rent a car Alex I don't need my godson Lloyd's okay thanks he needs to melt with the votes ease yes thank you it's gonna get some shoes mm-hmm see bitch he's always gonna come rescue me Wow you see as soon as you walk out that door I'm gonna walk on over to tell your husband that you're having his baby we'll go ahead because Oh that'll be yep about the time I'll be screwing your husband he loves me you know and just like it wouldn't go away for you it's not going away from me anytime soon because um you see when I screwed him I made sure he'd remember me ready yep I'll be right back okay I'll wait up no gun I know no wait up you should sleep you look tired we're gonna be a while who is it Kalia solution Hey how are you what happened they let him go what do you mean Lucien I couldn't keep him this man look Kelly Kelly we're gonna get him no no no you let me finish this man has done he's everything to me Lucien he's ruined my life and you're telling me you can't even hold him we didn't have enough to keep it yeah we'll find something we will it's just gonna take some time how much time I'm sorry I'll have the answer for that question sorry so is he gonna have to kill me before you all do something I won't let that happen I gonna stop it you didn't even know he was in my own backyard Kelly calm down yeah I wish I could my high you want me to do that Lucien huh I got a son to think about I know yeah hi it's just too much I can't keep doing this little shit are you okay oh oh no I'm not okay I want my life back let my freedom back this little bitches can't do this to me Lucian I'm not Kelly we're gonna get him we are and I'm right next door if you need me okay okay okay is what I want you to do now I want you to put your alarm on once you lock the door all right okay okay all right come on but the alarm won't come lock the door hey hey that you'd be asleep no I had to help Kelly why what happened well she thought she heard something in her back yard was it Travis is he out yeah what damn now who was it it was Eddie Eddie yeah what was he doing in Kelly's backyard nice dumbass was in Alex's backyard yeah probably doesn't want to go back to his place after we got that warrant tossed it pretty good no like Kelly's was mm-hmm worse so how the hell did he get out we couldn't hold him that's bullshit I know a good thing I gave him my gun you did what I gave it to her Natalie look you can't do that you all took the other one yeah that was stolen from a victim of a crime well she has it yeah and I'm gonna go get it no you're not yes I am Lucia when I gave it to her you calmed it down just let her keep it okay it gives us some comfort I don't if justice finds it I'm under I'm gonna take her the safe all right but I'm gonna get it first thing in the morning now you do that you know y'all need to do something about it you learn your lesson what lesson we already gave her a gun from that crazy girl well I'm not talking about this this is my gun my gun is legit legit or not doesn't matter it's not the point all right you know what I'm gonna be good night so we done yeah oh yeah where is it what are you doing I want to see it ah what's in this shed huh Oh infamous huh yes so this is what you did uh-huh that's it yeah so close to the house but bad this is a really good spot though you know yeah you could you could take the chains I have in the car put them on the 2×4 and then if you you are really into this Oh that's crazy don't even look like the time the man you don't even know and people that are in the bondage oh man hey you know we all have to work right mm-hmm it's great so you did all this right into monsters nose yep Wow and this is the house right over here that's it wow man how could you well yeah you you judging me mister S&M well yeah pretty much we really need to talk about all the stuff you've done oh I have done a lot Cheers I think it's something else I'd like to do right now Larry what I get in with that man okay okay you got it no no so what so you want to do Randall what the hell are you two broads about to go on the shed and get it wrong hey get out of my yard I'm not in your yard dumbass but you don't know bow just die do you wait wait wait wait who is this I'm Eddie and who are you ma'am oh that's cute I see we got a wise guy huh you have a real wise guy he likes to talk a lot of shit hey why don't you come over for a drink yeah it looks like ladies night I'll leave you two bitches to it come on over man we'd love to have you Lily hey come on come on come on over hey what are you doing Mike come on over he doesn't know anything about our history let's make new a stir and you ain't making no new history with me boy come on stop what one drink no no no no no no no no what are you drinking you coming yeah I think I will nice what the hell are you doing man I don't know what we did to Michael yeah it's what you ladies drinking it's a killer like I would use a glass should kill anything eat you boys have I hope it'll cure your lives oh wait wait that's no way to talk to a neighbor he's not my neighbor no he's actually just banging my best friend's wife over here she's actually my cousin I've been taking her back there in the shed where you wanted to tie up your chains did you did you hear a lot of what yeah she did yeah especially when you said there's something else you'd like to do oh well I want to do him lewd but he you know he's not into that kind of oh really thought that'd be right up your alley no no probably right up yours though so who are you to him and who are you to him no me what would you say Randolph your nightmare it's that son of a bitch that took me to the woods tried to kill me oh is this the guy you came to see me I'm glad to see you about what I'm I'm a lawyer what's your name Larry oh yeah Larry yeah I looked you up oh did you well soon as we receive the Hall suped you filed okay yeah keep laughing because I looked you up okay and then where did you find all this little shit name do you why for kids home address stuff like that and why so I was gonna do up Larry but he dropped the charges smart guy yeah that that was actually his idea really hmm but dumbass you sure can't be smart sometimes huh I got a question for YouTube weirdos your wife know you're here trying to get him in the shed I mean my wife's share everything oh we've had him – not in the shed but you know what I'm yeah and absolutely disgusted my wife is beautiful shemitah anybody who's been with this thing I want nothing to do with well actually my wife is a dominatrix she's into S&M and bondage and all that kind of stuff you know I have some stuff in the car shall I bring them in for you you know what I really appreciate it Larry but this Tim penis it is the play with you two ladies I think I'm gonna pass I'm just gonna stick to the drink come on you a big strong guy let's let's do this you got anything that's a little higher quality than this here let me get something that's why preciate ya so he's still trying to get it who Alex no now she's uh she's old news I washed up actually got my eye on somebody else right now that's bronzy oh yes yes my kind of woman right there yeah my kind of ass most guys like you like ass like that but she doesn't like your kind what kind is that you are the most sorry racist song bitch I ever met and now I take pride in it look at pieces of shit like you that make it so easy for me in this Thank You Marcy yeah this boxes of practicum see oh yeah I know so where's kaya well you offered and no one to see you you can't do this are you serious yeah I know why can't you help me help you out help me get over you Marcy did you flatten your own tire the other day no you're sure no I wouldn't do that and the sugar in your tank I didn't wreck her I'm not crazy so if Randall's doing this then he is well then you need to call the place with no proof you just just really you can't keep calling me this late but I'm a home with Alex now and I really want to make it work and you think you can do that with Randall next door I'm doing my best he won't let you I know he's trying everything like what red lights on the side of his house going into our bedroom a camera just the unimportance of our porch I mean you name it Wow that's him relentless yep so let me ask you something what am I supposed to do when I miss you it'll pass it's not it's not tonight I was at dinner with a really attractive guy and all I could think about was you how do you smell we make me feel I'm just I'm having a really hard time with this I'm sorry so you're not I love my wife I know but and you you were the one that begged me to save Randall remember did that bother you no I'm just trying to get you to understand I'm saying alright you know what this feels like I'm sorry are you saying that I should go back to Randall like you went back to Alex you love him you do is that her hello yeah I'm on my way back I'll see you in a few minutes I love you too right come on let's go I I can see here and I'm scared hi can I come in okay she's gonna let me come in like this mm-hmm what do you want you take your clothes off now this out let's go to better oh no that's too close to justice right here mm-hmm yeah I missed you I want to see you I'm a you get tired if you want me back yeah I had to do with what are you down yeah you have take your clothes off I want to see you yeah we want to see a sexy aim think upon it all that I hate what do you want to do you you you

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