I put a snowmobile engine on a motorcycle

I put a snowmobile engine on a motorcycle

Oh you all righty everybody welcome back into the garage today we are doing another crazy little project and that is strapping a 440 CC snowmobile engine onto our little homemade motorcycle here is the heart of our project it is the 440 CC snowmobile engine I bought the snowmobile off of Facebook we don't get a lot of snowmobiles around where I live so it was pretty unique and I had to take the opportunity to buy it all right so as you can see we have the monstrosity on the motorcycle and it looks dangerous it looks crazy and it looks awesome so let me take you to the other side and show you what I have to do next so I have to line up the chain first before I can weld on the engine mount and before I can line up the chain I have to make a support for this side of this shaft here so what I think I'm going to do is get some cardboard and mock up kind of like a mount out of cardboard first and then cut it out of some quarter-inch steel plate [Applause] alright guys here is one side of the jack shaft as you saw I took this quarter inch steel and drilled a hole in it so that I could fit our shaft through and then mounted a brand-new bearing on the other side and fed it through so the next thing I'm gonna do is merge the snowmobile part of the frame with the motorcycle and I was thinking I could just kind of put these little plates of Steel I got from scrap yard weld it weld it cut it you know and then kind of just do that all the way around it's gonna take some time but I think it'll look really cool once it's finished [Applause] [Applause] well guys I just finished up the exhaust finished up some of the brakes put on the oil reservoir I did all kinds of stuff to it it is time to test ride it it's in the truck ready to go oh I'm excited I'm also really scared but let's try it out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] over 65 [Applause] well guys a few things first off that is most crazy thing I've ever built never owned a snowmobile I've never owned a dirt bike like that and I see why people do that is the most I don't want the craziest things ever and once you hit that power band you just fly and I could've easily gone past 65 miles an hour on a completely homemade motorcycle 65 is more than good enough for me I don't think I want to go any faster than that a few things that carburetor definitely needs a tune-up the shroud was hitting the side of the motorcycle for a little bit so I had to bend it up I'm working on getting some stock brakes for it maybe some front disc brakes rear disc brakes on the actual wheel not on the jack shaft because I know some of you gonna hate that on that note I appreciate you watching be sure to LIKE this video took more effort than I expected it to so yeah subscribe like do all that good stuff leave a comment and what you thought and I'll see you guys later peace out


  1. I appreciate all the feedback (specifically about the expansion chamber)! That's why I love youtube! I will put it back on ASAP just have to figure out how/where. In the mean time, submit a video/picture of your projects so I can put them in the next video! E-mail in the description

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  3. Just reduce the end of the exhaust down to a 1" pipe and you need about 12" of that at the tip just to give the motor some back pressure. With the length of that fence post that's enough surface area to where you don't have to build a crazy expansion chamber if you don't want to. But it will make it faster. But on a two stroke you definitely need exhaust backpressure. That's why the engine is breaking up in mid to high rpms. You can also buy aftermarket reed valves and carb jet and needle kit if you want to squeeze a little more power out of it.

  4. I had a go cart with a 440 snowmobile engine in it.. it did over 100. I think you need a new belt, they help alot on snowmobiles

  5. The cut 50 plasma cutter on ebay is $250 you'd like it much better than cutting wheels. Also looks like you're welding flux core wire feed? Try gas you'll be impressed how much better it works.

  6. expansion chamber is NOT THE main issue…trying to ride typicall snowmachine on a warm day may require rejetting let alone 75 degree day;;;nice job…

  7. Hello. Here is finnish army's "Winha" motorcycle with snowmobile engine in it. Made by Polar Metal Plast, Rovaniemi, Finland. It was used in the 1970s. Engine 2-cylinder, 2-stroke, fan cooling, 22 kW (30 hp), 338cc.

  8. Plant a large handfull of wire wool in a restrictive part of the exhaust, maybe wrap it in rock wool, i don't know if loft insulation might work as well, good job tho, you could also fit a sturmey archer gearbox on the back wheel, a lot of early motorcycles used them back in the day.

  9. Strange but pretty cool Oliver. You do put a smile on my face mate, with your builds. Keep up the good work young man, you do your family proud.

  10. You have your handlebars on upside down. They are meant to lay low, not high…otherwise, cool project!

  11. Wow what a beautiful piece of shit. That looks like so much fun. I like your style and how you edit your videos. I just subscribed and look forward to laughing again.

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