Hum Paanch – Ek Team (2009) – Johnny, Sanusha, Nishanth | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

Hum Paanch – Ek Team (2009) – Johnny, Sanusha, Nishanth | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

It’s morning. So let’s go. You don’t worry about us.
We will meet you later. You go alone and listen
change the ways and then go. The girl is waiting for you there. What can we do? Our luck is bad. Run. Hey, follow them. Hey, go and find him. Hey, what are you looking at?
What are you looking at? You are a policeman. Haven’t
you ever seen a dead body before? Sir, he is a small boy. Small boy? Do you know
how many cases are there on him? Do you know what all he has done? If I tell you then
you will be shocked. Now don’t think much.
Go and find others. You go, go away from here. – But.. You leave from here.
The girl must be waiting for you. Go. Find them. Find them where they are. You go. I will take care of him. Look, he is running. Follow him. Catch him. Where has he gone? Find him. He is that side. – No. Find him. Look, look.
you had said that he is a small boy. If you hadn’t come then
he would have cut my throat. Run; run as much as you can. Let me see till where can you run. Today you cannot escape from me.
I will not spare you. Rain. I have old
relationship with rain. My mother used to say that. When I was born even
at that time it was raining. I don’t know whether it
is good or bad for me in life. I even do not know whether
it is right or wrong. At this moment I am just thinking that
an innocent girl is waiting for me. And I have to reach her at any cost. Why did this happen
to me at such a young age? So many deaths,
so many sufferings and so much blood. After all what was my mistake? I was also born like
you all in a normal family. I am a common boy. There was no tension in my life. I always used to have fun. I used to roam around with friends. This is my father, Manohar. Everyone loves his father. I also loved my father a lot. He used to work as clerk in PWD. He suffered a lot in his life. She is my mother, Devyani. She was very fond of watching TV.
She was mad after TV. Look, how much he is troubling her? He doesn’t leave her. If something nice was shown in TV serial
then she would be happy all day. And if something wrong was
shown then she used to be sad all day. This is my house. Every house has a dream of its own. In the same we also
saw dream in our house. My dream. The dream of becoming
something in life. My father had studied till 10th std. That is why he wanted
me to become an engineer. And work on a higher
post in his office. But I wanted to become
a football player. Today my result is out. If I take it home
then I will get beating. Shakti, Shakti,
where does this boy go? Have you seen Shakti?
– No, we have not seen him. Vikas, Vikas. What happened? Did Shakti come to you? Just some time back he went from here. Are exams going on? Exams are over. Then where has this boy gone? It is so late and
he has not come home. Did you get result today?
– Yes we got it. Okay, now I understood this
boy must be hiding somewhere. If for half an hour
my mother did not see him. Then in this way she
used to roam in village. Every day I have to find you. I am not able to see any serial. I am not able to watch
any movie and meet people. Let your father come. If you complain anything to father
then I will leave the house and go. Where will you go? You will roam around for 4-5 days
and then you have to come back here. I will not come back.
I will do a job in a good hotel. First I will work as
waiter and then learn more.. ..and become the manager of the hotel. Then I will open a hotel in
front of this house. Remember that. Keep quiet.
I want you to wear good clothes. By taking loan I want you
to study and become engineer. And you are saying that
you want to open a hotel. If this continues then you will
not be able to do anything in life. You will be moving here
and there with a bowl in hand. You do not let me
work properly in office. You troubled me by calling
ten times in an hour. Yes, what can I do?
Your useless son does work like this. First, switch off the TV. All the time crying. It seems as if I have come
in mourning of someone’s death. You are just bothered
about me watching TV. Today your son has got his result. Ask him how much marks has he got? What has he done?
– What is so great about it? He is a little weak in studies. Why do you trouble him? As if you are IPS and I am IAS. And he will become
a governor after studying. My father was uneducated. And I studied till 10th
so for him graduation is enough. Be happy that he is at least studying. What did you say? Be happy. I wish him to become an engineer
and get him a good post in my office. He will study. You stop troubling him. You still want me
to become an engineer. Yes I wanted. Now you do whatever you want to do. I don’t want to study.
I cannot understand maths. So get fail in maths four times and
then you will understand everything. If he cannot understand maths
then beat him and make him understand. What kind of a father are you that
you are giving him such suggestion. Hey, Manohar. Where is the entire
family going today? We just came to buy some books.
– That is good. You continue talking
and I will just be back. Okay go. How are his studies going on? He is a little weak in studies.
– No, no I study well. Brother Chandu has come. You wanted to buy
books so go and buy it. As there are problems in every house.. ..similarly there were
problems in our house also. This is Chandru.
He is a very dangerous man. The entire village is scared of him. Brother Javed and
my father were friends. Brother Javed and Chandru
had some conflict. But men of Chandru
killed brother Javed. My father was witness to that murder. No, he was my best friend.
He was killed in front of my eyes. Now you tell me isn’t this wrong? I agree. But do you
know how dangerous they are. I know that very well. But I will become a witness. Okay but be careful of him. Okay I will leave. I have some work. For last six years
this man is threatening us. We are fed up of his threats. What happened? He is not agreeing, brother. He is not agreeing
so I will see him now. What will he do now? What will he do? I will pay the fine in
the court and get the bail. Mother. Mother, mother how did this happen? Mother. Mother, mother. no, no. Mother. Father, father. Mother! Mother. Everything was over in just a moment. I could not understand
whether I am alive or dead. I was lost but my mother
was not there to find me. My father was not alive to
tell me whether I should study or not. I have become alone
and there is no one of mine. Park it ahead. What is it? Are you hungry? Do you want food? In just two days you have
come to know what life is. Go away. Go home and ask from your father’s
photo that why did he do like this. Go. Brother, he has a knife. Hey, what have you brought?
– No. You.. You got a knife, rascal. You will kill me. You rascal. Enough, enough call the
police and get him arrested. What happened, brother?
– This boy hit me. You rascal. Till the next hearing of the court
you will be in jail for next 15 days. Jail, such a place which I
should have not seen at the age of 19. I should not have
met wrong people here. If I had not come here then all that
wouldn’t have happened that happened. Last year today I
won the football match. My name was announced
in the entire college. I had become famous in the college. And today I am standing
outside the door of the jail. What is your name? Shakti. Remove your shirt. What are you looking at? Remove your pant. Remove it. Quickly remove it. No. – Rascal, are you feeling ashamed? Are you feeling ashamed? I am asking you to remove it. Remove it quickly. Didn’t you hear? Gathe. – Yes sir. He is feeling very ashamed. Take him inside and
make him shameless. Now I’ll teach you lesson. Get inside, get inside. Now I’ll teach you lesson. Come on. Get in. remove your clothes.
You don’t obey. I have set right many people. There was no one in this
world to listen to my cries. But after coming to jail
I found four such people. Who started taking care of me. He has been beaten very badly. The whole night they were beating him. The whole night we
could hear him screaming. They beat him very badly. That rascal Gathe beat him. He is in a very bad condition
because of their beating. When I get a chance I
will not spare that rascal. What are you looking at there?
Go away. Come on hurry up, move. Leave, leave.
I am asking you to leave. Leave. Wasn’t it enough at night? Now you are gone. Hey wait. Today along with your clothes
I will remove your skin also. Wait. If you now touch her I
will finish your entire family. Just remember that
you will not come to know.. ..about your parents’ and children. Hey! – You are showing
power on a young boy. If you are courageous
enough then touch me. Hey, come here. Baldy, get up. You get up. Idiot. Why are you kick me? – Come here. Sir, he kicked me. I will not spare you.
– Hey, why do you fight? Sir, it is like every day for us.
You pay attention to your work. You will never improvise.
– Okay, you go. What are you eating, sir?
– Apple. Yes, this is red. Hey, why are you going there?
They will make you bald. You are on 15 days remand, so when
you go get a stylish hairstyle done. Go and get drinking water. Hey, who are asking to? He, he..go and get it.
– Good, you understood. Hey, don’t remain alone here
otherwise everyone will trouble you. Come on. Come on, Bunty. Come on. I do not know whether
these boys are good or bad. But it is quite common
for them to come to jail. They have committed many crimes. They are not scared of the police. I cannot understand whether
I should be with them or not. But here these people will protect me. Prisoner number 235 Benarasia. He is coming sir.
He has gone to toilet. Call him quickly.
His wife has come to meet him. Sir, my wife has brought food for
me but they are not allowing her in. Outside food is not allowed inside. But if you give me something then
I will do a favor to you. – Take it. Number 961Asit Ramesh. Come quickly. What is it? – Greetings, sir. I had given an application
for the meeting. Has anyone come? No one has come.
If anyone comes then I will call you. Raza Mallik,
some friends have come to meet you. He had also given
the application with me. You are calling him and not me. I told you that if someone comes
to meet you then I will call you. Go away from here. I knew that no one would help. I did all that uselessly..
– Everything happened because of him. I knew that he just moves
at night with the handkerchief tied. Why are you worrying?
He must have gone to the lawyer. He will surely come.
Do not take tension. Yes, he will surely come. He made you a fool
and everyone got trapped. He is making us a fool
in the name of faith. A man named Ramesh raped a girl and.. Hey brother,
give me also once to smoke. Why just once take a full cigarette. Thank you. You are like God. Who put such a nice man in jail? How did you come here? Leave it brother. I am getting irritated because
no one has come to get me out of here. Okay. What have you done? – Murder. I murdered two people. I threw them on the road
after chopping them into pieces. Pick up the newspaper
of last month’s 14 and see. Very hot news about
my case was written. Did you kill? I, my friend and my entire team. You are a fool. You did murder
and are coming to me for cigarette. I have been put behind
bars for smuggling case. Even then I am served so well. You have committed murder
so you should get many things. You are a real fool. Here no respect is given to our work. If you would have done
this work in my city.. ..then you would have
become Don of that place. Brother, which is that city? Chennai. It is a great place. People like you are
really in demand there. You will get a lot of respect there. Have you ever seen an
18 year old girl dancing? Pub, dance, car,
bungalow, fun and so much luxury.. ..that you must not
have even thought of it. They will make you a king there. Brother, does this really happen? Even I wish to go there. Will I get work there? Leave the size.
You should be competent. You have not just given cigarette
in my hand but an idea to move ahead. From today I am not bothered about
parents’ or siblings but only you. Hey listen, believe me that
Pandey will not come to free us. We will die here. Why should we die
here for those rascals? What do you say?
We should go to Chennai. We will get girl, money,
car, bungalow and everything else. Listen to me carefully.
We will have to run from here. And don’t refuse. We are leaving from here. Will you come with us? Chotu, call that Pandey. This number not
available at this time. Kindly call after sometime. Should we have faith on such a person? What happened?
– Why are you asking me what happened? 15,000/- for one murder. 30,000/- for two murders. He
had said that he would give us money. He has still not given us 5,000/- Bunty, I am hungry. So am I. Give me the food. – Take it. You also take. Tell us why were you put behind bars? What happened? He killed my parents.. ..with car on the road. The entire village
was just an onlooker. No one came forward to save them. I went to kill him. But he put me in jail. My mother could not see
a drop of blood but that day.. ..she was drenched in blood. Forget it and eat food. What is it? Aren’t you feeling sleepy? Are you missing your parents? You kill that fellow. You finish his life tomorrow. Brother, you don’t worry.
I will do the setting for him. You go ahead and stop.
I will just be back. I have my setting in police station. I will do that. You do rest of the work. Come home in the evening. Hey, take this. Catch him. Hit him. Push him down. What are you doing? Hit him. Catch him. Hit him. Kill him. What are you doing? Wait. Shakti, what are you doing there?
Come here quickly. Wait. Come here quickly. You all wait. Let him come. Come on, buddy.
Wait. You come fast. What are you thinking? Come fast. Take this and kill him. Hold it. Kill him. No. – Hold it and kill him. kill him Kill him. Come quickly.
What are you thinking? Kill him. Kill him. You idiot. What are you doing. Hold it and kill him. Kill him. Take revenge of your parents. Kill him. Kill him. Leave me. Kill him. Kill him. kill him. Shakti kill him. kill him. kill him. Shakti kill him. kill him. Come on let’s leave from here. Let’s quickly leave from here. Come on. – Let’s quickly. Come on. Shakti. Come on. Sir, someone killed Chandru. What are you saying?
Who killed him? Sir, some young kids killed him. What are you saying?
Young boys killed him. Okay, I will just see. Life is just in a bottle. Its intoxication drives you crazy. Let no one come in your way. Whosoever comes in your
way just don’t spare him. We are intoxicated of life. And will live fearlessly. We will do whatever we want to do. We are not bothered about others. We will not spare anyone
who comes in front of us. We will not spare those
who act smart in front of us. Don’t mess with us. Don’t mess with us. The road is made
from wherever we pass. We are very friendly
and everyone knows that. We have lived on our terms. Why should we get
worried about the future? There is fire in our
heart and light in the world. Don’t mess up with us. Don’t mess up with us. We will not spare anyone
who comes in our way. Our life is intoxicated
and will live fearlessly. We are master of our life
and have nothing to do with others. We have come here to become great. Anyone who acts smart
will not be spared. Don’t mess up with us. Don’t mess up with us. Don’t mess up with us. Brothers,
our photo has come in the paper. What is written? 5 dangerous prisoners have
run away from central jail. Police is finding them at every place. They have promised to
arrest these prisoners soon. Sir, please forgive us. Call him. Hello. Yes sir. You are trying to arrest us.
It is not good. What is it? Hey, sir? Why are you getting angry? You very well know what
will happen if we get angry. It is just a matter of half an hour. After that I will
find your whereabouts. Rascals, let me see
till where you can run. Uncle, if he calls
then tell them that.. ..his son-in-laws
have gone to his place. Trace this call quickly. Hello, your son-in-laws
have gone to your house. Stop the car. What has happened to you? Why are you so worried? Did anyone come here to find me? I don’t know.
I just came back from the market. So, you were being very smart. I made the mistake and
you were supposed to arrest me. Why did you arrest my friends? Hey, you do not know
the power of police. I shall destroy your power right away. Save us, save us. Save us. Make him understand.
We have left him alive for you. What have we done?
– Otherwise we would have killed him. Hey, come on. This life is filled in just a bottle. Its intoxication makes you crazy. Whosoever tries to come
in our way will not be spared. Our life is intoxicated
and will live our life fearlessly. We are masters of our life
and have nothing to do with others. Dare not anyone come
in front our unity. Whoever acts smart in
front of us will not be spared. Don’t mess up with us. Don’t mess up with us. Don’t mess up with us. Come on.
– What are you doing, rascal? What happened? Why are you so sad? Look, he is crying. Hey, you have killed
someone for the first time. But slowly, slowly even
you will get into the habit. He is a young boy and has
got scared seeing the blood. Nothing else. – Really. Father wanted me to study. And I wanted to become
a football player. But everything is over.
I have murdered someone. My life is over. What do you mean life is over? Isn’t all this wrong? Friends,
he is talking of right and wrong. Are we wrong? Whatever the case may
be but we are committing crime. He is talking nonsense
and is teaching us. You were in jail and
we made friends with you. Just for friendship
we did murder for you. If we would have done murder for someone
then we would have got 10,000-15,000 Are you feeling scared? Are you thinking why you came with us? If we would have left you in jail. Then they would have beaten
you so much that you must have died. You have still seen your parents’. My destiny did not even have that. I always thought what
to do and how to live. I was roaming at central bus stop. Anyone would beat
me because I was small. They would beat me double than
the work they got it done from me. I was scared of everyone. I was scared of everything. One day after taking salary
I was sleeping at the bus stand. Suddenly two people
came and beat me a lot. They snatched my entire
money and ran away. The entire night I was in pain. I could not even drink water. I was crying the whole night. Many people came but no one
asked me that why I was crying. After two days.. ..those rascals came again. Seeing them I was out of my mind. Then.. ..I took soda bottle from nearby
hotel and hit it on their head. The entire night I was with the dead
body and till morning I was fearless. Just think that even
fear also died that day. What story are you telling each other? Soon we will go to Chennai. Kill 4-5 people and
earn a lot of money. Concentrate on work. Come on.
– Even you are saying right. Come on let’s go. You also do not go to village.
You will get trapped. Do you have any other acquaintance? Do you have any relative? I could not understand anything. Without thinking
I just went with them. Ticket. Ticket. Show me the ticket. Didn’t you hear me?
Show me the ticket. Okay, even he is there.
You are also with him. Get up and show me the ticket. Get up rascal.
Does the train belong to your father? We have the ticket.
We will not travel without ticket. I will show you the ticket. – Really. Buying ticket for general you
all hooligans are travelling in AC Is train your property? We were feeling hot
that is why we came here. Okay, you feel hot so I
will give you coolness. Take this. What are you doing sir? Don’t beat me. Come on move from here. Get out. This is your AC compartment.
Here you will feel cool air. Take out money.
Come on take out money. You are going for free. Sir, don’t beat us. Sir, the one who has money
is in the toilet. He is about to come. Oh, so there is someone else also. Hey, come out. Come here. So you are their boss. Come on, take out the money. Don’t you have any sense?
Why did you straight away raise hand? If we don’t have ticket then
fine us but why did you beat us. Rascal, he was saying
that we are not worth for AC. Don’t hit me. – You hit me. Hit him more.
– Don’t hit me. Hit him more. – Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me. Police is coming.
– Police, police, police. By giving him money we would
have easily got down at Chennai. What? We beat him and still
would have given him money. Leave it. Which city is this? I cannot understand anything. We will ask someone. Hey, which city is this? Why? Where do you want to go? Hey Buntaya,
tell us correctly which city is this? Rainigunta. Rainigunta. Okay, okay. What is it? What is it? Didn’t you recognize me?
I am Pakkaya. Can’t you remember? We met in Poona’s Yerwada jail. Do you remember? 4 murder case.
You still don’t remember. Hey Pakkaya. How come you are here? Pakkaya, we want to go to Chennai.
Make us sit in a nice bus. You want to go to Chennai. You all are my guest.
I will not let you go so soon. They all wanted to go to Chennai. But they got down here. That time a strange
incident took place with me. Hey. Come. Don’t you like me? Okay, I will not do anything to you. Do you know him? Cheeranjivi. I really like him. He is a superstar. He fights so well. Okay I will leave. If someone asks then
tell that you had a nice time. Otherwise I will not get money. What is it? Did you enjoy? Whom are you asking? Tell me where is he?
– We don’t know. Keep beating them. Hey, where is he? Do you know? Sir, after beating them
so much they are not telling. They are saying that if they
find them then they will kill them. Hey, only I will kill them. Let them hide anywhere but
I will find them and then kill them. I will not spare him.
I will not spare him. Let’s go. Greetings. Hey, cutie. There is no fear or tension here. Not only police even if military
comes will not be able to harm you. You will get whatever you want here. You just have fun. A girl used to stay next
to the room where I stayed. That day I saw her for the time. After parents’ death I
had forgotten what happiness is. But on seeing that girl
I felt happiness again. She used to come in
front of me wherever I went. Seeing her I used
to become very happy. Mother! Did you get hurt?
Get up, son. Did you get hurt? Did you get hurt?
– How do you drive? Can’t you see and drive? Are you driving for the first time? Make him understand? – Go, child. You don’t know how to drive properly. We wanted to say but could not say. I have fallen in love with you, dear. From the time you have met
me new hopes have arisen in heart. Desire has arisen in my heart, dear. This is continuing from
the time I have met you. You are my dear beloved and friend. We wanted to say but could not say. I have fallen in love with you, dear. Without you I cannot
live for a moment now. My life is lonely without you. I am always lost in your thoughts. I used to get wet in rain of memories. Without you my body and heart burns. My heart gets relaxed with you. We wanted to say but could not say. I have fallen in love with you, dear. I am there where you are. My destination is on your way. My world and happiness
is in your arms. I will walk every
step with you my dear. I will give you happiness my love
and take away all your sufferings. Give your hand in mine. I will live with you all my life. We wanted to say but could not say. I have fallen in love with you, dear. From the time you have met
me new hopes have arisen in heart. Desire has arisen in my heart, dear. This is continuing from
the time I have met you. You are my dear beloved and friend. Brother. Come. What is it? I want to talk to you alone. Some young boys have come to me.
They are of great use. For Shiva’s matter they
will be able to kill him. What do you say? They are downstairs. These boys who are eating ice cream. Shall I get ice cream for you? Make them eat more ice cream. They seem to be children
but are master in their work. Listen, you very well know
that our work is not so easy. If we are caught then we are gone. From where have you picked
up these school children? They cannot kill anyone. Send them back. Go, go.
– Okay, brother. Who was he? Satnam, my boss, master.
I just respect him in the world. He is everything for me. There is some problem here. Look, there Shiva. He is strongest man
of the ruling party. For some days there is
some problem going on between us. You had to kill him. That is why I had stopped you. But brother said that
you all are still young. And would not be able to do this work. This city is such that it is common
to play with knife, gun and bullets. Okay bye. We will meet again. What are you saying, brother? Earlier we used to meet in jail. Now we are going
ahead in Chennai jail. Come there we will play coins. What happened? Who is that Satnam? He was saying that we are young
boys who just want to eat ice cream. What does he know about us?
– What should we do? What name was he talking about? Shiva. Shiva. Hey Pakkaya, you had said that
we are ice cream eating children. We have eaten ice cream. Here Pakkaya,
give this stick to that bald man. Who are these boys? From which city have they come?
Who are they? Go, get the bag. I told you that I will not go. Go otherwise you will be beaten. Neither am I Munni,
nor Sheela or Jalebi Bai. When I dance everyone
heart’s skips a beat. This world is crazy about me. I am very youthful. Come into my arms and
be close to each other. You also desire me then
why are you fluttering. Come close to me and enjoy. I am young. Come and love me. I will make you enjoy. My magic will play on your heart,
my dear. The aim of my eyes will injure you. What should I do lovers
are crazy about me. I am beloved of everyone. My heart can kill so be careful. Come on drink from my lips. Come to me and love me.
Understand the signal of my eyes. My dear,
I will make you lose your senses. I am more intoxicated than liquor. Everyone wants to love me and take me. I am young;
my heart is young so see my style. Drink from my lips
the liquor of beauty. The intoxication is of beauty, dear. Come and kiss me and enjoy. Come and have fun
as you are my beloved. Fulfill the desire that
you have in your heart. Come in my arms and enjoy fully. We tried to kill
him 7 times in 14 years. But he escaped. I still cannot believe.
4 strong men cannot hold him. And you killed him. Did you kill him or
someone else killed him? Or you are just boasting about it. How did you kill him?
– Stop the car. What happened?
– Stop the car and I will tell you. Take the car behind. What is this drama? Turn and come back.
Then I will tell you. Hey. Hey, where are you all? Where have they disappeared? Hold him. What is it? Look. You.. Hold him. – Fall him down. Kill him. Hold him. Come here. Come here. Don’t spare him. Hold him. Hold him. – Hit him. Take it. Hold him. Hold him. Come on, catch him. – Fall him down. You.. – Hit him. He is running. Hit him. Don’t spare him. – Kill him. He also screamed this way. Make him eat ice cream. Hurry up and call Jodhpur. Hey Pakkaya, now you have
come to know who killed him. Hello, this is Jodhpur police station. I want information
about a murder case. Murder? Where did it take place? At what time it happened?
Who did it? How do you know? Hey,who is speaking? I am Trihaknanda speaking. Who is this shameless? Hello. – I am inspector
Arun Patil speaking from Mumbai. Tell me sir. Few days ago a murder
took place at Jodhpur border. Yes, Shiva,
a leader of National party. Why? What is the matter?
Why are you enquiring? Five boys have run
away from Mumbai Jail. I am suspicious that those
five are involved in this murder. What are you talking?
They cannot be those boys. We are investigating. Look, I want to say that.. Sir, we are investigating
this case in different ways. The boys on whom you
have doubt cannot be the one. Yes, yes but.. – You don’t worry. We are there. I just said that.. Brother, the boys are going. Just ask them to stop. Those boys are of use. Till now we have
not done any big work. But in future we are
going to do a big job. Make arrangements of
their stay somewhere here. And give them what they want. I will tell about work later. Hey, Pakkaya why
are you irritating us? We want to go to Chennai. Lot of work is remaining.
Try to understand. Don’t waste time.
We are not going to stop here. Hey, brother is a big man.
You will get whatever you want. Have some patience. Now big matters will come up.
Agree to it. Come on. Understand it. I understood what you are saying. Because of you we will
stay here and not go to Chennai. Come on. Is Soni there? Who Soni? – Soni. Whom are you talking about? Are you not from here? – Girl.. No, I don’t know. I am from here and stay close by. My father works in an harbor. We have been here
since last four years. Tell me, from where are you? From Malwan. That day my friend saw you. Today you come to
the temple by 6o’clock. Maybe she wants to
ask something from you. Okay, I will leave. We have bought all the
required things. Come on. Listen. Listen. I.. I.. okay, okay I will reach there. Hey, I have some important
work so I am going out. If boys ask then tell them
that I have gone for roaming. What are you doing here? I have come to the temple. Hurry up meet God
and then go from here. She has come. She is standing behind you. Hey! Hey! Come here. What is all this? Who is this girl? The one in red shirt. Not the one in white shirt. Otherwise we both will have a fight. Go. Is he your friend? Listen, come here. What is your name? Chotu. Hey, you don’t speak. I will tell her. Prem Kumar. From which place are you?
– Mumbai. Okay, I am from this
place and stay nearby. That means we are neighbors. My father works in a harbor. Since last four years we are here. My name is Manisha. Everyone
calls me Meenu lovingly at home. Have you come here
to work in the factory? How much do you talk? Doesn’t she talk? She will not talk. Why? Why will she not talk? She will not speak anything
because she is dumb. Hey, you wanted to
ask him something. Ask. Ask him. Understood. We are getting
late so we have to leave. Come on. Hey, take this. Where is Shakti? He is wooing a nice girl. Are you making fool of us? I am not fooling you. I have seen him. Shall I slap you? I am saying the truth.
Why don’t you believe? Why are you irritating us? I am saying the truth.
Come Bantaya I will show you. Hey, leave the tea. Stop, stop look there.
He is sitting there. What if he is sitting there? Wait and watch. Look, that girl is coming. Look at our friend and
see how his face will change. Look at that girl also. That girl wants to go straight. But see she is doing
time pass with the old lady. Now that girl is going. Our hero will also leave. Hey, she is a nice girl. You have just seen her but if
you see mine then you will go crazy. Hey, don’t spit here and there.
Disease spreads. Spare me, sir. Sir. To find me that policeman
used to torture people. He tried everything
out to reach out to me. Ticket where do you want to go? 4.50/- You. Ticket.. How much should I give? Please, give me change. Ticket. – I don’t have change. How much should I give? 8.50/- Ticket. Ticket. She is asking your name. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. No, no. Give me full ticket charge. Ticket. She is asking what do your parents do. I don’t have parents’. They are dead. She is asking you not to cry. Even his parents’
died in her childhood. Ticket, ticket. Please give me change.
– I don’t have change. God is parents’ to those
who do not have parents. Come on, the stop has come. Hey, master has called. Come. Come on. What is it? Master has come as we did
not pay the installment of auto. I gave you the money yesterday. I spent it on auto’s repair. Go and tell him that
we will give on Monday. If I go then he will scold me. Hey. Sir, the money has been spent.
I will give it to you on Monday. Is your work not going on proper? What are you saying, sir? You can see in how much
difficult situation I am. Have faith on me.
I will give it to you. You have come, son. Are you ready? Come on both of you.
You have to go to school. Sir, she is her sister.
She is very young. I wanted to talk to you
alone so that is why I called you. Initially I was thinking it is a joke. But slowly,
slowly I am feeling love in my heart. Did you understand
who I am talking about? Manisha, the one who is mine. Did she ask about me? No, she did not. She will ask. She will surely ask. It always happens with me like this. When I was in school in
2nd std a girl smiled at me. But she did not fall in love. When my girl sees me and smiles I feel
I will start flying without wings. Really, I start feeling good. Something happens in my heart. Does anything happen to you? Why am I telling all this to you? Because something of this
sort is happening with you. You go and meet your girl. My heart is lost in someone’s love. Uncle, increase the
volume of the song. ..lost in someone’s
love morning and evening. But I am not able to
write her name, oh God. Oh God! Oh God! Did you write anything? – Yes. What did you write? My heart is lost in someone’s
love morning and evening. What happened? – I don’t know. Leave it. Come on. Why are you unnecessarily
troubling me? Whatever you want cannot happen ever? Because I love someone else. I love him from childhood. And he also loves me a lot. He works as a driver
in nearby village. My family wanted me
to marry someone else. But I refused. You tell me.
Does this love happen every day? Love happens only once
and that also with one person. Now you know that I love someone
else and will always love him. Try to understand and forget me. Give some offering for prayers.
– What is it? Give some offering for prayers. Go away. From where do they come? You may go anywhere but
these beggars are always there. Leave it.
Why are you getting irritated? If the beggar will not
beg then what will he do. He would have asked for a rupee or so.
You should have given. Why are you unnecessarily shouting? What is it? Two pillar, caterpillar. Lazy boys. Naughty girls. Sing a song. Ping a pong. Lazy boys. Naughty girls. Sing a song. Ping a pong. Naughty girls. Sing a song. Ping a pong. Naughty girls. Sing a song. Ping a pong. What is all this happening?
We have committed murder. Police is finding us. We have come here to kill someone
and you are sitting and clapping. Come on. What has happened to you? Come on play. What are you thinking? I really like that girl and this city. A trouble had befallen on that girl. Greetings, sir. Take this. Last month’s installment. Okay fine. Hey, what is it? Nothing sir. I was just looking at it. Take the keys. You should always
do what your heart wants. Go and enjoy. Mother, mother. Mother got scared. He is drunk. So don’t worry. He has drunk a lot today.
Should be fine by tomorrow morning. I will leave. If you had drunk so much yesterday night
so you should have slept on the road. Why did you come home? Master gave party so. Party for what? He gave me the car
that is why he gave party. What have we to do with the car? Don’t worry.
All arrangements have been made. We need not pay the installments. All installments will
be paid by the boss. That boss does not
seem to be a nice man. Stop roaming around with him. He is a nice man. I asked you not to once. What is it? Don’t you need the car? No, sir I don’t want the car. After six months I will buy. Did your wife scold you? Being a man you are scared of a woman. Take the keys. No sir I don’t need it.
– Take it. Why are you getting scared? No sir I don’t want it. Take it. Enjoy. I made a mistake. Forgive me sir. I did not do it purposely. I was going properly and suddenly
a truck came in front of me. Accident happened and
the car turned upside down. I will not be able to pay you money.
I am very poor. Have pity on me, sir. Hey, come here. Come here. Why are you crying? Don’t cry. Send your sister-in-law. Mother. Take it. You also eat. Where is sister? Father took sister in the auto. Hello. Forgive me.
The car met with an accident. And the boss is not showing any pity. He is asking for 5-6lakhs. I could not understand
what I should do that is why.. Aren’t you ashamed? Hit me. hit me as much as you want. She is just like your daughter. Shameless. Sir, she is not there.
She does not know anything. So. Give me one week’s time. I will
make her understand and bring to you. I don’t want. I want money. No sir. I will surely bring her. Just give me a week’s time. Come here. I am sorry. If brother-in-law asks
you then don’t go with him. Don’t be scared. Nothing will happen. She is very upset. When she is upset with someone
then she hits the wall in this way. Poor thing,
she cannot do anything except this. I had asked you to give money on time. It has been three weeks
you have not given me the money. The money should come in
a week otherwise just think that. Hey. Hey, wait. Where will you run? Will you hit me? Come on. Hold him. Hit him. Come on, hit him. Hit him. Hold him. Hit him. Hit him. Come on. Run. Hey wait. Where are you running? Hey, what is the matter?
What is the problem? I will not spare him.
I will break his head immediately. Hey, Chhotu. Come here. If you come in between
then I shall not spare you also. Listen to me. Will you argue with me? If you speak further then. Hey, stop him. Hey stop. Come back. If you speak anything
I will hurt you on your face. Do you know what
he did with that girl? I will not keep quiet. What are you doing
in the middle of the road? Hey, stop rascal. What did you say? Hey, if I will not create
nuisance in the middle of the road. Then shall I come
to your house to do it. If you do not support me then I
shall go alone and handle everything. Listen to me.
Not only but we also get angry. It is matter of a girl so we
have to do everything very carefully. We will kill him but
after proper thinking. If you do not kill him
soon then I will kill you. Why did you fight with him? Why do you get angry if
something happens with my sister? You like her. If you like her then
you take her and go. I will give money to both of you.
Both of you go far away from here. You buy an auto and live a happy life. Shall I say something? You are so young and I
am talking to you in this way. I am feeling bad. You know about me. But she is not that kind. Do you know I wanted
to die after eating poison? But because of children. I change my decision. Now after seeing you
I have become courageous. Why do you roam with those hooligans? They are not nice boys. If you want you can
take 1-2days to think. And then let me know your answer. What is it? What happened? Her sister came to me yesterday. And was asking me to
break friendship with you all. She was asking me
to take her sister far. I cannot understand what to do. Why are you giving me so much
suffering? What wrong have I done? God, please do away
with my sufferings. Listen, I have to say something. We are bad people.
We have lost our way. Now it is too late
but Shakti is a nice boy. The time was bad that
is why we became friends. He is a very nice boy. Give your sister to him. He will love her more than his life. And he will never leave her. I promise that we will
get separated, forever. Come on let’s go. Listen, don’t keep friendship with us.
Now are you happy? Look at the photo.
You have to kill him. He is great builder. Everywhere
his site is on construction. You have to kill him.
You will get a lot of money. You all get ready. He has come. Do not spare him. Hello, my sister is coming
there in the train. Take care of her. Get her some job there.
Okay, I will keep the phone. My relatives stay in Surat. Was talking to them. They will take care of both of them. Will they surely go tomorrow? After two days we are going from here. For so many days we were together so. We would be grateful if we
could stay for two days more with him. Okay. Listen, we will keep some
money for our expenses and rest.. ..we will give it to him from whatever
money we get by doing this work. He will not remain happy with us.
At least he will be happy there. Two minutes remain. Today is a very happy day for me. I am very happy.
You all are like my children. And you stay in my heart. Kill him, chop his neck off. I want to
hear his scream at the time of death. I should hear his voice till here. Did you hear? Brother has
asked to you to cut off his neck. When he screams there the
sound should come till here. No, you wait.
We will manage everything. You go and see, brother.
I am busy here. Why don’t you understand? You manage things there
and I will manage things here. Okay, okay I will reach there. Hey, move. I will remove it. Sit down. Where are you going? Sit down, rascal. Sit down, rascal.
– We should help him. Hurry up and get the car out. – Yes. What are you doing? What
are you finding? Take the car out. Hurry up. What are you doing? Take the car out. Hurry up. Stop. Stop for him. Stop! – Don’t stop the car. Move on. Drive fast. – Stop the car. Hurry up, hurry up. Drive fast. Munna. Everything went wrong. What had we asked them
to do and what have they done. Everything has happened
because of you. You were boasting
about things we will do. Why did you leave him there? Why did you leave him there? It was your work. Sit quietly. You all should die, rascals.
– Why did you leave him there? Kill this rascal. He is of no use. Why did you leave him there? Hey, what are you doing? Hey, leave me. You.. Save me. Leave me, leave me. Hey, what are you doing? Hey, leave me. No, no. Leave me, leave me. Leave me, leave me. Leave me. Leave me, leave me. No, no. No, no. Come, come come everyone. Come. Come. Come on, get up. The police is coming. Why did this happen? Why did we meet you all? We should not have
done friendship with you. We are suffering. She became so happy. She had started seeing dreams. Everything is over. Why are you crying?
Now there is no use of crying. Let’s go. Everyone will die.
All of them will die. It is not a big deal to kill. Not just one but we can kill hundred. You have to live for that girl. If you do wrong things
then everything will be spoiled. Just think that nothing wrong
should happen with that girl. That girl is just
like my younger sister. You live with her. We have to live and
should not kill anyone. What will we achieve
after killing people? That man was with you. Where was he born and brought up? And he died like an orphan. You have no one in this life
so that is why you came with us. But now that girl is there.
Go anywhere with her. Start living a good life. Stop lifting weapons. We all will stop doing wrong things. Live happily with that girl. Agree to what I say. Yes, agree to what I say. Whatever Chhotu is
saying is absolutely right. Hello. What have you done? That day you asked
me to take Soni away. Will you send her today? Police is finding me.
Send her to railway station. I promise that I will
take care of her all my life. I am saying the truth and.. Call later. Get inside. Today the boss has come back.
He is staying at Hazari Lodge. He is calling you. Tell him that I will come tomorrow.
I am not feeling well. Now leave these tantrums
and come quietly with me. I told you I am not well. Will you not listen to me? I have told you that boss
has called you. Can’t you understand? Come. Keep this. Wait. Hey wait.
Where are you running, rascal? Hey wait. Catch him. Hurry up and find him. Come. Stop. Get a side. He must be somewhere around.
Go and find him. Hey Where has he escaped?
I will not spare him, not spare him. Now just a little more wait. And then after two stations
I will meet that girl. She must be dreaming of a good life. I will get the one who
understands me and loves me. Today I am very happy. Everything got over. What was my fault? My parents’ were
killed at the crossroad. Everyone was watching the show. So I picked up weapon in anger. Did I do anything wrong? I was mercilessly beaten in
the jail where the boys helped me. And I supported them. Did I do anything wrong? What is wrong? Whose fault is this? Without knowing anything
and without asking me anything.. ..I have been killed today. Whenever it has rained
my life has changed. That girl must be waiting for me. Poor girl. Someone go and inform her
that even her life is incomplete now. Take him from here right away. Go. Pick him up. Come on, come on.


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