1. Hello Rock My Bike is Pulsar RS200 and i want to learn to do wheelies in my RS200 i do small type wheelie before in yamaha SZ can u teach me How to do it in a RS 200 Bike …pls a request…pls. accept this……..

  2. Anyone wondering how to wheelie on a smaller cc bike than 125. Get a bigger rear sprocket or a smaller front sprocket. You’re gonna sacrifice your top speed tho but who needs top speed when you got torque to pop some wheelies.

  3. Hi Bro KTM duke 390 is good for me or KTM RC 390 . I am commuting for daily 50 km daily . And also i like to go for weekend over race track

  4. Some info for all the dumb racist cunts . In India people do ride super bikes but the thing is in india fuel is very costly and 2 wheelers is a really good choice for going point A to point B many people who just wants a vehicle just for traveling at low cost buys these 100cc bikes and for college students there are small sports bikes ranging from 150-390 cc and then for riders who wants pure power there are many 600-1000 cc bikes available money and lack of bike choices are not the problem for many people here we indians buy what we need

  5. There's not enough on the clutching. You don't show what your doing with it, letting right out and quickly I guess but I'm not here to guess. A split shot of what your doing with the throttle and and the clutch would have been awesome.

  6. Safety gear my arse, he's wearing a T shirt. Im not bothered if people do that it's their choice but he is teaching safety as a proffessional rider.

  7. I want to see you do wheelie's standing up on the pegs and pulling the bars to your chest! I have always thought those were REAL wheelies and they look the best too! I did it with bicycles and now want to see people do it on motorbikes and I want to get good at it too with my New KTM 390 Duke……

  8. I own a rc390, is it different on that bike to pop up a wheelie

    One more important thing i want to ask
    Am beginner should try to wheel while when my bike is rolling (1 gear with very low speed) or when it's completely stop

  9. Muy buen video . Será q podes poner los suptitulos en ESPAÑOL EN TODOS LOS VIDEOS .SALUDOS DESDE CUBA 🇨🇺👍

  10. 95% top comments -250cc is a super bike in india.
    2%-165 cc is the highest possible in Bangladesh.
    3%-other comments.
    Wtf wrong with these countries.

  11. Tried it at 250cc, reved it to 4k then i slam the clutch. I almost flipped backward, this trick requires patience and practice; don't try to pop a big wheelie on the first try

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