How to Stop a Engine Oil Leak in Your Car (Oil Pump Seal)

How to Stop a Engine Oil Leak in Your Car (Oil Pump Seal)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if you’ve got a Toyota that’s leaking engine oil, and you see the oil right
under the pulley in the front of the engine
odds are you’re going to need to replace the oil pump seal, so today I’m going to
show you how to do just that, now in order to get to the oil pump seal, you
have to take the timing belt off, and I’ve already shown you how to do that on
my YouTube video, how to change the timing belt in your car, so watch that
first, and here it is on YouTube if you’re having a hard time finding that
video, now if you pull off the timing cover, and it’s got this much goo inside
it just sitting everywhere, you know you’ve got some serious oil leaks, and in
this case, both the camshaft seal inside here, and the oil pump seal under this
cog is worn out, now to get to the camshaft seal you have to take the
camshaft pulley off, it’s on tight so here’s a trick, pick up an old timing,
belt then slide it over the camshaft sprocket, then get a pair of vise grip
pliers, and clamp them on, then you can put a socket on the bolt, and while
you’re holding this, you can break it loose, then the camshaft sprocket just
Wiggles and comes right off, and the seals right in here, we just pry it off,
just get a hammer and a small screwdriver, and pop it off, there it
goes, then get your new seal and put a little oil right around the lip, so it
slides on good, then put the socket over the seal, and I use a giant screwdriver
to pry it on, then put the camshaft pulley back on, and tighten the bolt that
holds it in place, then put your old junk cam belt on, to hold it in place with
your vise grip pliers, and put your wrench on the end of the bolt, then
finish tighten it, and now we’re going to fix the oil pump gasket, we just
remove all these little 10 millimeter bolts to get it off, then once you get
the last bolt out, you just pry the pump assembly off, and off it comes, and here’s
the little gasket to cause this whole problem, it’s so brittle it just
snaps off, I’m going to put a new one in, now here comes a tricky part, you can’t
put the gasket on the pump because the groove is on the engine block. so first
you put a little weather stripping in the groove on the engine block. just
squeeze it in the hole. the whole way around, and then press the gasket
into place, so the glue will hold it and let it dry about 15 minutes, then snap
the pump back in place, and put all the bolts in, and then of course, put the new
timing belt on, like I show in my other youtube video that you can watch, and here it
is again if you forgotten where it is on YouTube, and when you done put the timing
belt on, no more oil drips, bone-dry inside here now, so the next time you
have an oil leak, why not fix it yourself, and remember if you’ve got any car
questions just visit Scotty, and I’ll answer them as soon as I get
back from this ride.


  1. Hey Scotty , i have the exact same problem right now. Im a student and I cant afford to have someone fix it. I think i can do it myself.What are the exact tools I need to get to perfor this fix, including the impact driver and also the sockets. thank you again for your help

  2. First let me start by saying I watch your site often and have learned a lot from you. Here's my question, I have a 2000 accord lx with a 2.4 with 270k on it that I have replaced an exhaust valve on FOUR times. I can't figure out what is causing the valve to burn. I have replaced the egr valve and checked for leaks in the exhaust but find none. Its always the same valve on the same cylinder. The one next to
    the dist. Any ideas.

  3. Hi Scott I have a 2003 camry le mi car is burning up my engine oil but does not have a leak the mechanics said there's rasedue of burn oil on the spark plugs what u think its the problem

  4. Are the seals in these engines made out of inferior material that leads to their becoming brittle? If an engine seal additive had been added to the oil on occasion for a high mileage engine been used, would it have softened the seals and made them seal better?

  5. Can I adopt you I'm having to much issue with my Toyota Yaris it's been eating to much oil for years took it to two mechanics who didn't bother sorting the issue out now every month I have to fill her up now my exhaust is making noise when revving and no smoking coming out but my dad put he's hands at the exhaust and he's hands went black

  6. I have a 1998 a4 1.8. While driving at gear 4, the speed was reduced to allow a car to pass. I hit the excelarator and the engine just went dead after struggling to go forward with Jerky movement. I tried starting again and it wouldn't start. I discovered there is no fuel going to the engine. What must be the problem and how do I fix it?

  7. Scotty ( my man)….I really thank you for your honest correspondence with the world…. please tell me something… if I put too much oil in my car,.,, will it damage anything in it?Why I am asking the above?… I got a V6-3L Ford Tempo,,( a great engine) and looked at its recommended oil = 4.3L…. I added 4.3L synthetic oil + STP ( 5 in 1) 473ml  saying that I need to add it to oil ( not replace oil) ,,, so now I got 4.3L + 473ml STP = 4.73L oil in my car.I checked the dipstick and the oil was 30mm above the "FULL" oil line….. Do you think I will damage the engine with more oil in it?

  8. Very good Scotty. This is why I'm a timing chain fan. eg: Nissan SR20. Look after your engine sure, but a rubber belt looking after two cams pushing 16 valves oh so close to the pistons does not sit right with me. Too many variables. Plus there are no external seals in a chain setup. I think the belt was introduced as a cost saver by car manufacturers. A chain may give some symptoms of imminent failure. Does a belt do that? I say no, it's a rubber band under lots of tension. Twang!
    Over to you Sir. Cheers.

  9. Hi Scotty,
    My car is a TL 1999 and I got today the diagnostic from my mechanic about the same problem as similar as in this video and told me he has to remove the timing belt to fix the issue. Can I survive 2 months with it when I just got this problem for a few weeks? Is it possible that a slight oil overfill causes this kind of problem?
    My oil level is the same and I was told to add oil in the meantime if the level drop.

  10. Is it normal for the reading on the oil dipstick to be normal on the marked side, then almost all the way up the entire dipstick on the other side? The engine was cold and the car was on a level surface.

  11. but I have a 95 Honda accord 2.2ltrs and it's using more oil than it should even after I replaced the valve cover gasket and spark plug well gaskets there is no oil on the plugs the car is not puffing smoke it just eats oil like about a quart maybe alil over a half a quart a week what should I look for please help SOS


  13. I want to know to fix your oil pump seals do you gotta change the water pump and how much you think it's going to cost to get it fixed In a mechanic shop. And I have an Acura TL so can I use after market and if I do, does it mess up your cars performance and engine?

  14. Hey Scotty! I am 16 years old and have a 1998 Suzuki X-90. Lately the transmission (manual) is making a whirring sound, (exactly like a bad input shaft bearing) and the car, when warm, leaks engine oil everywhere. Any ideas of how I could fix it or how much a repair bill would cost? The leaks seem like they're coming from the oil pan. It's been maintained good and has about 140,000 miles on it. Anything would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  15. you make look so easy… hahaha I have a toyota rav4 3sge engine with oil leaking that was quoted $900 fo fix it… I am really thinking in fix it myself… any advice for this engine? thanks

  16. Hey Scotty,

    My dad's has a Toyota highlander 2003 2.4L 225K 4 cylinder engine which has a timing change which is leaking oil to the point that is on the serpentine belt and getting all over to the point of see some of the oil in the alternator. My dad's car leak looks like the one in this video. What should I try to do first to fix it? Should I try to change the oil pump seal and what other seal? I actually have never done some serious work on a 4 cylinder engine Toyota everyone in my family used to have a 6 cylinder engine

    Thank you

  17. Hey Scotty , I just bought a 01Ford Focus for my son. I took a risk on it cause it has an oil leak. The oil is on the hood and manifold areas. Any ideas where it is coming from?

  18. Hello Scotty this is a very useful demonstration. I own a 2006 Toyota Wish 4WD. i have that oil leak. secondly, i have a 4WD warning light on can you address that warning light?

  19. hay Scotty my 2001 Ford Taurus is leaking water out from a engine seal on the driver's side I have been told that it's a $10 part but how do you change it

  20. Its not that easy on my Toyota Tercel. You have to pull the timing belt, pull the oil pan off, pull the oil pick up tube, then you can remove the pump oil…..

  21. hi scotty i got 1999 gu nisson patrol an have frnt oil leak (OIL SEAL) JUST LIKE TO KNOW how replace the new one thnks mike


  23. I did this same job on a 99 camry. I just put oil on the gasket to keep it in place and it worked good. By the way if you have an oil leak on the timing belt side in a toyota it's probably the oil pump gasket. Notorious for it. Not a knock on Toyota. They last so long there gaskets and seals dry out eventually.

  24. Hey Scotty my 2004 nissan maxima leaking oil destroyed my alternator where can that be leaking from thanks

  25. Trying to do oil change, on an 95 Volvo 960, 2.5. oil filter is visible from under front of car. Hard time finding info on how to do this. Need to replace the seal on the relay next to my fliter….

  26. I have the same car same problem. what is an easy way to get oil pump gear off to replace the seal i have everything else disassembled or did you use same Trick as the cam with belt?

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  28. I have a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara 4×4 that just got an oil change done today. Although today before the oil change I was told there was leaking down under the engine. Curious of where its leaking from, and how? bc the car is well maintained.

  29. Scotty I love you man you're Hands down my Favorite YouTube Mechanic to watch and Top 3 YouTubers in General I've seen all your videos but man your Acting sounds I.E. your "Grunting" sounds when you tighten things is Comical.

  30. Your a fucking idiot for putting weather strip adhesive inside the oil pump, shit will come loose and plug up the oil galleys and destroy your engine, your much better off using a tacky wheel bearing grease instead which won't hurt anything or even have the potential too! …Shade Tree Kilmer !

  31. What should I do now? the new cam shaft seal is leaking after I did all this on my 97 Honda Accord. Before installing it, I didn't see any scoring on the shaft nor on the outer surface surrounding the seal. As a mechanic, what do you do when this happens on a customer's car? Signed: Sick Of This Oil Leak

  32. Got a video of 1990-1993 Honda accord oil pump sprocket seal and gasket installation? Oil is leaking from the sprocket area. Great and easy to follow videos and I appreciate your time

  33. Turn this bolt UGH!! Turn that bolt HUH!! Put glue on YUH!! I miss the rev your engines bit on the new videos tho 😀

  34. On a 88 Toyota Cressida 6 cylinder 5mge can you advise on how to correct oil leaking from in between the timing belt back plate and the block

  35. Scotty, the camshaft seal has a cap. If you remove the backing plate behind the camshaft sprocket, all you need to do is loosen the cap and the seal will come out. Then the new one will slide right in and the bolts are tightened to 14 foot pounds. I learned this not to get the old seal out but looking at various videos about how to install the new one. I was unable to drive it in, and it is unncessary to drive it in. The purist said, remove the cap and put in a little red silicon where the cap meets the head. That is what I did. This method eliminates the need for prying or drilling and using a screw in a tight space. No risk in this method.

  36. The oil pump bolts are supposed be torqued to 84 inch pounds. This was hard to with my clunky 1/4 drive discount store torque wrench, but I did it. I use petroleum jelly in the channel to hold the oil pump seal in, which I bought at the dollar store for dollar to use during this repair. Supposed to be a pure petroleum product, which should mean that it cannot harm the seal. They call this the spaghetti seal I think due to the little broken-spaghetti like piece it breaks into. Mine sure did.

    The thing people should take away is, if you do not have a torque wrench and you do this repair, tightend the oil pump bolts very gently and evenly. You do not want to overtighten and strip the threads.

    Just completed the job yesterday and I still have two tiny drops in the same area. I think these come from the crankshaft seal. Maybe high mileage oil or a sealer will stop it, but I have my doubts. Oil leaks are one of the most maddening repairs. You often fix one only to find you still have another one. And the rate of outright fails is very high.

  37. Scotty this is a OEM classic video of yours! I wish you could make more videos like these now days! Good old fashioned tutorials! 🤯 Keep up the good work though!

  38. Was $500 just for the timing belt replaced by some mechanic when I didn't know nothing about cars and have any tools 4years ago. This year it cost me around $35 for the gaskets and i've accumulated many tools since then and did it myself from watching these youtube vids.

  39. hey scottie please make a video on this i need your help. i want to change an oil pump on a 08 mercedes c300 can you please show us how to do it?

  40. Hey Scotty, I have an old Lumina 2002 Car and there is a leak in my engine where the Oil filter is located. My friends advised me to replace
    the assembly where the Oil filter is fixed. Would it be possible to replace the gasket ? Thanks I appreciate what ever will be your advise.
    Thank You

    I will hunt y'all down if I work on a car that was done like Scotty method.

    Use a little grease to hold it in place, three spots will hold it. You don't have to fill the whole thing.

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