How to Replace the Sprocket & Chain on a Street Bike : Install the Axle & Brakes on a Street Bike

How to Replace the Sprocket & Chain on a Street Bike : Install the Axle & Brakes on a Street Bike

Hello my names Mario I’m here with Expert
Village and I’m going to show you how to change a chain and sprocket on a sport bike. Alright
now that we put the wheel in place we’re going to put the brakes back on in the track and
show you how that’s done. Alright so we got the wheel in and now you want to take your
brakes, pull it out a little bit, now remember do not pull the lever because if you do these
pads will get together and you won’t be able to fit them over this brake right here. So
we haven’t pulled the lever and it’s got the right spacing. Go ahead and take this arm,
you’ll see the track up here, get this brake between the pads and then line that up on
the track. And then just push it in just like that, line it up so your axle can fit through
there and now we’re ready to install the axle. Get this lined up just like that in that spacer.
Alright let’s get the hammer and now you’ll want this spacer back on. Make sure the sticker
side is towards this tension bracket right here so you can adjust the chain. Put the
bolt back through and you want to tighten that back up with this, don’t tighten it all
the way so that you can still have some play to move the wheel forward and back when you
get the master link on the chain. You want to get it pretty snug though.


  1. Two quick things;
    One, you should never need to hammer the axle through, great way to destroy the threads. Next time prop the wheel up, with your foot or something else to get the right hight, and it will slide right in.
    Two, why can't people use the right tool for the right job. Stop always reaching for the fits all (crescent wrench), and go get a ratchet and right size socket, or wrench.

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