How to Re Bead a Tire | In the Field Vehicle Repair | Tactical Rifleman

How to Re Bead a Tire | In the Field Vehicle Repair | Tactical Rifleman

hi I’m Karl Erik, so we’re out here at
Tier one group I’m with Chad Morman the head driving instructor. Now out here
they do a lot of really really awesome or steer vehicle repairs and one of my
personal favorites because I DB tires a lot while I’m out off-roading is how to
rebead a tire that’s when the teeth when the bead has come off of it. Chad,
you’ve got a neat technique of doing this with starter fluid once you tell us
a little bit about So like Carl was saying we’re going to basically be using
some sort of fluid to reseat the bead on the tire there are other videos out
there that you can see of it but there are some considerations you need to take
into account especially if you’re doing this downrange one of the main ones is
is if we look at the core that goes into the valve stem so where you put your air
into your tire if we have time and if we can’t we want to try to remove it one is
once we do this a lot of the times this will blow out and if you’re not carrying
a spares then you’re going to constantly lose air pressure out of your valve stem
two is if I do it in there once or twice then this red ring that’s on here is
nothing but rubbery to end up burning it up and then will constantly get an air
leak out of the valve stem it can be taken out with a pair of needle nose
pliers or let them in something like that it simply just screws out and
screws in so we already have it out of our tire yep so we’ve done a couple of
different tests on different fluids that can actually reseat it we tried this is
just simply starting fluid which works kind of the best got carb cleaner which
works good we’ve tried gasoline hairspray and some of those other things
they just don’t create enough of a combustion to reseat the beads
especially when you start talking about your bigger off-road thick ply wall tire
and stuff like that but it simply is spraying some in there in a certain way
lighten it and then letting it repeat so we’ll kind of go through that now
so the first thing you need to do is when I come up here you can see it’s
already off the bead all the way around I want to break the bead to make sure I
get some of this inside of the tire now how much is too much if your tire is
bouncing off the ground that’s too much it doesn’t take a whole lot you’re
looking at two to three seconds burst inside for a tire about this size if you
put too much in there it can make a tire jump if you’re standing over it it hits
you get hurt it can mess up the insides of the tire burn the insides of the tire
up if you have too much in there so we’re simply going to break push down on
the bead spray some in there once we do that we’re going to spray a half moon
around and then I’m going to take a tail and lead it out and off to the side
reason being is I don’t want to light it over this if I don’t technically have to
you can do this with the tire still on your truck okay
just jack it up do the techniques we’re about to do and then light it and it
will be seated on the truck that way you’re not taking it off but we got it
off here for simply being able to see it a little bit better so
without further ado we’ll go ahead do the steps. Is that good with you Carl? – Yup, you want me to hold it, though? Go to this side, so the camera can see it a little better. Alright so two three seconds three inside good once you’ve got your
foot off, take your foot off we’re going to Halfmoon it around from there all I’m
going to do is draw a tail out take the cans to the down off to the side light
it if it doesn’t rebead I’m going to come up and step on it rebeads and
now it’s sucking the air in sucking it out you will see it concave here in just
a second and that’s when it’s sucking the air in and a big misconception about
sucking this air in is everybody thinks well I’ll take the core of the bow stem
and put it in there now and I’ll have enough air pressure to drive on. Well
that’s not really the case one is the air dis escaping when you’re trying to
catch it is very very hot burn up your hands a lot of the burn gloves up stuff
like that it’s not worth it once you do this you do still have to have a method
of reinflating your tire alright got anything else? that’s awesome again this
can work anywhere like mentioned you can actually do this on the tire or do this
to the tire while it’s on the vehicle great great technique we’ve done this
hundreds of times yeah I actually have one where we were downrange
ended up getting so many flats in the tire too much stuff in it the way I
didn’t have enough plugs or no amount of plugs I would have had would have fixed
it so we de beaded the tire I filled it full of sand packet full of sand
re beaded it and then simply made my own they provide a run plan that’s awesome
awesome hey now you’ve seen the video you can be one of those internet ninjas
if you want to all right but you’re not going to learn anything just watching
these videos you want to learn these techniques for real you come down to
tier one group and you come through a real course with a professional
instructor that’s how you master this stuff remember knowledge is power
knowledge it can be your best weapon comment to the video and by all means if
you’re interested in the course reach out to tier one group we’ll get you
signed up


  1. How much sand would you need to create a improvised run flat? Is it just filling the bottom half & letting gravity & momentum work?

  2. Karl, how bout a video for flashlight techniques while shooting with pistol which is not equipped with a mounted white light.

  3. If you find that you frequently blow the bead (as you mentioned), then why don't you either air down less or simply get beed lock wheels?

  4. THIS is what sets you guys apart. The shooting stuff is cool, no doubt, but your channel walks through so much more practical stuff.

  5. The last time I did this was on a 252B bobcat. Surprised the shit out of my boss, who had spent an hour with an air compressor trying to seat and inflate the tire. I used carb and choke cleaner.

  6. If the valve stem is in, can you do this to the opposite side of the tire while using a compressor on the other side to pump air in at the same time?

  7. WOW! I m speechless. I do want to thank you for making this.  I had been fighting with trying to reseat the bead on my tire 11/2 hours and was about to throw in the wrench and take it to a shop… your technique worked without a hitch, and you're right, you hardly need any fluid in there at all. it happened Zip Bang! Thanks again x 1,000,000!!

  8. Thxs man i like to drift a lot.and some times i lose control and smack the tire on the wall. And break the bead.

  9. Gas works fine on standard car/truck tires, I do it all the time when changing rims/tires. Just don't add much gas and make sure to have something to put the little flame out before burning the actual tire

  10. Oh boy, this brings back memories. I had to do this a couple years ago. It was interesting. I was at home so it was easier than in the bush. Still I had 16.5" rims and much larger tires so it was a somewhat dangerous operation. I opted to pull some nicrome wire out of a junk toaster and hooked it to a dumb battery charger. Placed it on the tire, sprayed the starting fluid in and then went and plugged in the battery charger. After the boom and screech I needed to fill it with air right away as I discovered that it would seat but would cool and suck the tire back in and unseat. Still, its a good think to know how to do. My only issue is, how many people actually remember to carry starting fluid with them? Not many. Gasoline may work, but I haven't tried it and don't plan to. I suppose hair spray or even propane. If you are desperate you may have to get very creative.


  12. Lol I was a YouTube mechanic before I went to UTI, when I went to the school it's almost like I barely learned a thing lol I actually had a hand up on all the other dudes there from fixing all my own old ass rusty cars. Got student of the course over a bunch of these "car guys" I'm more of a fix it and be done guy. I don't enjoy fixing cars but I get it done

  13. I saw this done on a TV show by people working in the arctic. Maybe it's necessary in that environment, but they were heavy handed on the fluid and set the wheel ablaze. And the tire sort of popped back into place. I think they used gasoline which might explain it.
    Your demonstration showed that it need not be a dramatic task requiring much lighter fluid or other combustible fuel.

  14. I heard a missionary to Brazil tell of fixing a flat in the middle of nowhere. He had nothing to fix the flat, so he stuffed the tire with rotten wood and drove on that. Learn to improvise.

  15. Yea and what if the tire that went flat was the rear left, BESIDE the gas tank ?! Pretty sure doing that wont be a good idea …

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