How to put more fuel in Burgman 400 | MicBergsma

How to put more fuel in Burgman 400 | MicBergsma


  1. Here in Arizona and any other hot climate this would not be a good idea, the gas comes from a under ground storage tank at about 56 degrees ground temp and than is put in a 90 plus ? degree situation in your motorcycle and that gas will expand more than there is room for it and go out the over flow tube, gas stations are not that far apart.

  2. Mitch, You are right to do that, Here in England I do exactly that with my Land Rover at the pump, I can get in around three to four gallons more by grabbing the gutter rail and rocking the old 'Landy. I also rock the fuel tanks of my many motorcycles too….Please put higher octane fuel in your scooter….

  3. You should not do this method because it splashes the fuel into the Overflow which fills the evap canister which the 07 and newer Bergmann's are equipped with and it will cause your $2,500 emissions system to fail on your $8,000 bike once you throw a check engine light for a messed up EVAP system on a fuel injected vehicle it will shut down the fuel pump ignition and injectors until the code is reset in the computer and the code will trip within minutes if you just reset it you have to actually replace the EVAP system anyone has been doing this on their bike since it was brand new I would be surprised if the bike has lasted them to their 7500 mile service.

  4. u can fill up the gas tank fully as you showed yes but extra gas you loaded ,gas tank design will discharge of it with drain hose during driving. .that's why please check your drain hose after you loaded gas this way..wish you good trips there.

  5. I am going to try bouncing my car and see if I can do this with it also. Unnecessary? Yes, absolutely, but seems fun to try.

  6. Dude you are one hell of a cheap low life greedy selfish jerk. Dude. If im in line behind you and saw you filling up your bike with gaz like you doing in the video as if you are taking the last gaz tabl on earth there would be a big chance i might smash you and your bike infront of everyone. Just people like you are the factor for stupidity selfishness and the ammount of greed they carry is so huge and nasty. I just want you to know you dump f!!!k that your video reflects your personality cheap disgusting nasty donkey who will probably kill a person for 10 bucks. Know your self idiot
    And oh one more thing: im a bike mechanic and you never ever fill your burgman like that with gaz becausebit seems you are an idiot who does not know what he's doing and does not know how a burgman fuel pump looks like or act. You will suddenly stop in the middle of a highway with a damaged fuel pump and you wont blame fate luck or even god about what happens you can only blame your stupidity selfishness and greed because your cheap mind decided to consider fully filling a burgman gaz tank as a good thing. No dump head. But here you go. Keep being cheap selfish and idiot

  7. A little heads up on fuel – the lowest octane fuel has 10% ethanol – mid range has 5% – Super and Super+ grade have no ethanol. In spite what the environmentalists say Ethanol is not a good thing. Ethanol will cause anything rubber in the fuel system to harden and eventually crack. Ethanol in gas will give you less miles per gal. Ethanol will have a tendency to draw water vapor from the air and put it in your gas so if gas sits for more than a month it is a problem. Since the amount of fuel that a Burgman 400 holds is only 3.6 gals the cost of high octane fuel is a non factor , I recommend buy the best gas available. The motor will perform slightly better.

  8. What kind of monster uses fuel with an octane level that low in their bike?
    I always run 98 octane unless it's not available in which case I use 95, I'd rather push my bike home than use anything lower than that.

  9. that's cool, my vespa has to use the high octane but suzuki, yamaha and honda doesn't need highest octane that's what I heard…

  10. that is true with most bikes even BMWers! I always do this and I always run all bikes on the highest octane!

  11. Funny habit.
    I did same in the beginning, means shaking the bike to get the air out. Now, usually I put my Burgi on the center stand – when it's full, pressing down the seat / rear wheel is enough to remove the air from the tank, and less problems with splatching and overflow …
    But of course: anyhow it is not really required, to do so. Just a bad habit, like filling the glass up to the maximum level, or as some say: make a mountain on top … 😉

  12. Normally I put mine on its side stand when I fill up. I rock it and the air bubbles up while the gas level goes down but once I was in too much of a hurry and I filled the tank up into the neck, and when I rocked it I got gas overflowing and into the overflow pipe. I offered up a prayer of apology to the almighty for polluting the environment and sheepishly pulled away from the gas station.

  13. I fill the tank all the way and run till it shows empty, then I fill it up only half way. Then when I check the gas mileage I show over 120 Miles per gallon and I am really, really happy. And I brag about it to my friends. LOL TIC

  14. 1 Liter = 0.264 gal.
    And 1 liter of 95 Octan gasolin here you have to pay $2.50
    Diesel is almost the same.

  15. I have k&n air filter, dr pulley sliders 23g, leo vince exhaust, iridium spark plug.. those stuff that can help get better mpg..

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