HOW TO: Pair iPhone Bluetooth to Volkswagen (all models)

HOW TO: Pair iPhone Bluetooth to Volkswagen (all models)

Hi, I’m Tannis Bachman and I’m here at Bachman
Volkswagen with Drew and he’s going to show you how to hook up the iPhone Bluetooth in
the 2013 Passat. Bluetooth is really easy to hook up in the 2013 Volkswagen models.
There’s a few variations, but with the Passat, this should be a pretty good example of how
to do it. The first thing you want to do is, you have to make sure you do this service
within the first three minutes of starting your car. So, we’ll go ahead and take out
the iPhone. We’re going to open up your phone and go to the Settings menu. There’s going
to be a location for Bluetooth, just make sure your Bluetooth is on. Once we go into
that we’re going to turn the car on or into auxiliary mode. So now your phone is going
to be searching for the Bluetooth device. When it comes up it’s going to come up as
VW Phone. Now all you do to hook it up is on your phone press VW Phone, and it’s going
to ask you to Pair it on there. You’re also going to get on your display something that
says, Connect to Your iPhone. All you have to do is press Pair on your phone and simultaneously
press the Ok button to connect with the phone. It’s going to make sure that’s the correct
passcode, it’s 931447 in this example. You press Ok one more time and now your phone
is connected. Now what it’s going to do is it’s actually going to download your phonebook,
it’s going to download your contacts, and it’s going to download all of your music as
well. So, that’s it. All you have to do to download your phone is a few easy steps. If
you have any questions feel free to ask me or any other Volkswagen representatives and
we’ll be happy to help you.


  1. Hi does this work on a 2008 mk5 gti? I can't figure out how to install my Bluetooth iPhone to my car. I have a picture of a phone on my steering wheel.

  2. How about a seat leon 2011, we have all the same buttons on the steering wheel .. can't get it working tough.

  3. Hi, what if you don't want your phonebook or contacts to sync with the car's bluetooth? Is there an option where you can put just the music or?

  4. I have a 2008 VW Eos and I have the phone button on my steering wheel.  I cannot figure out how to setup the bluetooth with my iphone 6 plus.  Please help.

  5. Hi, I have a 2013 Jetta, since I paired my iPhone 5S, I am unable to answer a call coming in via call waiting….I will see the 2nd call on the car display, but when I press the button to pick up that 2nd call, I get an error…I think the error says "this function is unavailable". Anyone else having this issue,.any suggestions?  Renee

  6. Hi! i have a 2013 CC and my iphone 5s worked well with the car's bluetooth. Now I received a Samsung Note 4 and I tried many times to setup the bluetooth with it…No way…I even unpaired my iphone 5s before that. Please help…Richard

  7. I Use a 2014 model vw Polo. The top end. I tried connecting both my android as well as iPhone 5s with my vw RCD 320 Radio edition 05.2014.
    The phones get connected to the player but the contacts don't sync. It fails to sync contacts on both the phones please help

  8. I have a 2014 polo match my old iPhone 4 worked perfectly with blue up graded to a iPhone 5c cannot conect with blue tooth now ?

  9. Hello I have a passat 2010 2.0 automatic model , with built in bluetooth premium device but doesn' t wanna pair with my Iphone 5s factory unlocked model , I also consulted the VW passat service in my hometown but nobody was able to fix the problem , the car is seeing my iphone , but dont wanna pair

  10. Hi I looked at my car manuals and went into the cars Bluetooth deleted the two phones that were paired on before and hey presto my iPhone 5 works perfectly now thought I would let you know might help someone else 😊

  11. Hey! I have a 2012 Passat S and was wondering if my contacts and music would be downloaded since I do not have a touch screen display?

  12. Hi, I have a problem with the connection iPhone 4s with Passat b6 2007 on the service said that Blootuch of those years is different than the iPhone … anyway, neither the phone can not see the car , or the car does not see the phone … Can you help ?

  13. Hey could u help please vw passat 2006 and when trying to connect my phone it says telephone initializing please wait and nothing happens can't understand…..

  14. Hi, I can connect my phone and make phone calls fine in my 2011 Amarok Highline however no luck with streaming music via bluetooth. Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

  15. Hello, I have a VW Tiguan 2013, I don't have the touch screen and in-car GPS systems. Does my car still have bluetooth?
    If it does, is it the same way to connect bluetooth?

  16. hey I have a 2014 Passat Wolfsberg Ed and I set up my iphone with the bluetooth and it works fine.  However when someone calls me the phone number doesn't display on the radio.  Is there a setting to fix that?

  17. How would I connect my iPhone 6 to play my music, in other words (Bluetooth audio)? My phone book works but not when it comes to playing my music. I have a 2010 vw cc sport.

  18. My phone is on Bluetooth and was connected to the car in the first 10 minutes, but now when I try using it it won't turn on. I use pandora for music and turn Bluetooth off whenever not in the car, what am I forgetting

  19. I have paired mine to the handsfree using the default code 0000 but the stereo doesn't recognize a bluetooth option for music. The only thing that works is answering the phone and hearing it through the speakers.

  20. Hi, I got a Tiguan 2016 & I can't seem to connect my phone to it, it doesn't give me any options and my phone doesn't find it! 🙁

  21. Hi, I have just bough the VW Golf 1.6 TDI, I have successfully managed to connect via Bluetooth and I can listen to music easily through Spotify (where all my music is stored). The problem starts when I connect my phone via USB, the phone only plays songs on my phone (which is mostly alarm sounds) and not from Spotify, is there a way around this? Thanks!

  22. I have a 2007 passat wagon but i don't have al the features at the steering wheel. The radio says it does have bluetooth and AUX on it , can anyone here help me

  23. I have a polo 2012 the radio says it does have Bt radio and when i it shows on my iphone Media Mv but it doesnt contact help me plz

  24. What if I already have a phone paired but have just upgraded to a new iphone. Is the procedure the same and will it redownload my contacts?

  25. I have a 2010 golf, I tried this and it didn't work. I don't have buttons on my steering wheel though. But in the center console it has a button that says phone, but all it does is mute everything.

  26. Hello, I got a late 2010 Touareg, when I push the phone button on the toured it is written "fonction not available". When I look at my phone it detects two devices car and 005 but can't connect to any. Do you have any clue what can fix the pairing? Thank you cheers from Switzerland

  27. Hi I can pair my iphone with the car but when somebody call me I dont hear the person who call me but he can heard me… why ?

  28. Hy I just bought volkswagen up and I can pair my phone with Up over bluetooth but all I can is make phone calls ,but really like to put my music on. Does it matter how big my folder is with my music on phone or what? I dont know why it can't play music

  29. i have a vw golf mk6 2009 and i have that kind of stereo and when i go to media i see BT-Aduio (bluetooth) but i cant connect to my iphone 6s can someone help me please??

  30. Okay and let's say your iphone is connected to your car via bluetooth
    and you're listening to your deezer playlist, is it possible to switch
    songs using the commands on the steering wheel, or do you have to use
    the phone to do so?

  31. Hi I paired my Android to my VW Polo 2015, I can listen to music but when I make a call I can't hear anything 🙁 Could you help me? Thank you!

  32. I have RCD510 from GOLF MKVI 2009, i can only pair my "Samsung S4 mini – android 4.4.2" and use it for calls and phone book but cannot make a "BT-Audio" to work, it stays grayed out all the time. It is enabled in the setup menu of the RCD510. What could be the problem? Are there limitations? Or i have old version of RCD firmware software?

  33. Hey guys, can you please check if 2009 Scirocco with RCD 310 has Bluetooth enabled? I can activate BT Audio within the system menu but cannot start any pairing activities or find the car when scanning bluetooth devices on my iPhone. Help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  34. I have the 2010 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6R Auto MY11 and I can't connect my phone after doing these steps. HELP ME ASAP PLEASE. Thank you!

  35. Hi, I have a VW Scirocco from 2009 and when I try to connect to my iPhone7 it says is not compatible. Any thoughts about this? thanks!

  36. I bought a passat 2011 and it has, RCD 510/Premium 8, please does it have a Bluetooth or not? And how can I connect my phone?

  37. Worked on my Vw tiguan with Samsung S3 – then I bought an S6 edge and that cannot see the blue tooth module. Advice welcomed!

  38. For some reason my Bluetooth does not find my car? I have gone into menu, set up, Bluetooth enabled and make sure that Bluetooth is on. I then turn my car on and off and make sure my Bluetooth is turned on my phone , my phone searches? but comes up with no results… please can anybody help me

  39. Hello friends, i have gti mk6 2010, and i couldn’t figure how to pair the car Bluetooth to my phone (iphone 6s running ios 11) could you please help me. Thank you

  40. Iphone is a shit hole phone, samsung is and will always be the best smart phone ever made
    #fuck iphone users

  41. Hi I have a 2011 Scirocco… I doesnt pickup the car's bluetooth… The name "Car Audio" has popped up before then disappears but that doesnt work as well… Please help

  42. Can you help me i have 2012 jetta and i cant connect my phone dont find nothing in bluetooth serching help me. My car dont have bluetooth ??

  43. Hi I have tiguan 2009. I when I start my car I'm not getting any bluetooth. Please if you can give me some advice. Thanks

  44. good day, I was able to connect my android phone Bluetooth to my 2018 vw tiguan..the problem was there's no sounds when I played music on phone??? can you pls help me to fix this, thank you so much..

  45. Hi, I‘ve tried it so many times. My iPhone5 now is iPhones8 could not detect anything like VW. This is Jetta 2010 model. Any advice? Thanks!

  46. Hi there, and thanks for the video! Should this work for a 2009 Phaeton? I’ve read lots of articles telling me that the iPhone doesn’t support RSAP via Bluetooth. I have an iPhone 8 and sure enough, I can’t seem to connect it to my Phaeton! Thanks.

  47. Hello, we tried it for 2013 VW Beetle, is there a problem or we couldn’t it? There is no action on Phone.

  48. Nothing shows up on my car display when I try to pair my phone (my car shows up on my phone) what’s going on? Do I need to do something?

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