How to Lock a U-Haul Trailer to the Tow Vehicle

How to Lock a U-Haul Trailer to the Tow Vehicle

Hi, I’m Sperry Hutchinson. Securing your
goods during a movie is critical, but that may mean more than simply locking the
back toward your trailer. You may also want to lock the trailer to the tow
vehicle. Today I’m gonna show you a simple way to do just that. U-Haul
trailers use a special coupler that does not allow the installation of a
conventional lock. To secure the trailer to the tow vehicle, install a lock through a pair of
links on one or both trailer safety chains, once they have been secured to
the tow vehicle. Be sure the lock is installed so that chains cannot be
released from the vehicles hitch and that the lock and chains will not drag
on the ground. For more information, visit or refer to the user’s


  1. My trailer, like the one in this video, has the unscrewable links that they could just unscrew and detach the locked chains. Not sure how this is supposed to provide security if they can just unscrew the link and slip the locked chain through it?

  2. That's great except for the quick release links in the chain Just unscrew the links and your trailer is gone. You can see them in the video.

  3. I also call shenanigans. This is not secure at all! The video clearly shows the unscrewable links, and I was just at Uhaul today to confirm what I saw in the video. At least on the 5×8 trailers, there are only 2-3 very weak-looking links permanently attached, followed by the screwable links, followed by the safety chains.

    I don't understand why Uhaul is requiring people to send them private emails to figure out how to correctly secure the trailer against theft.

  4. hey Uhaul, look at (38 seconds in) there are two links that have screw lock links that you can just unscrew and remove the chain from the trailer. I wish you guys had a better way of locking the trailer to the truck to avoid theft when parking overnight on long trips

  5. Seems as if another lock in place of the removable link(s) in the chain would do the trick. Perhaps one lock could serve both purposes depending on the chain length.

  6. What you actually need is a minimum of TWO locks. First lock works has shown. Second lock is used through both links on either side of the quick link and voila!

  7. All you gotta do to bypass the quick release link is remove the quick release link and run the end of the chain through the chain hole on the hitch of the truck and padlock the links together without the quick release link and you’re good

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