how to install a universal engine start stop button

how to install a universal engine start stop button

To start with you need to remove the lower panel by undoing 5 phillip screws and then slide the panel out the way, now you will need a T20 bit to undo the lower steering cover, held in place by 3 T20 screws. gives you more excess to work now to remove the volume control stalk, and lower the steering cover away Get a flat head there is a small section behind it, that will just pop out so you can move it right so that’s put it somewhere safe. and that’s the excess okay all right when you add the box you
know that the main wiring loom. six wires on it black ground red
positive brown accessory two then got your blue which is your accessory one your white
which is another accessory one explain in a moment and then you’ve got yellow
which is your cranking wire. I’ve already tapped into the ends of
these to make it easy and I’ll finish them off
as I’ll show you cool underneath here as some of you know I have had start switch
before by pivot so some of the wiring is already spliced I just got to tap into
the rest of it okay all right I’ll show you how to do this next. okay when
you’re ready to connect I’ve found it easier to UM these little scotch
connectors okay we’re going to tap in the permanent 12-volt first the red wire
go into the red wire under the dash just look around you will find it. using a blue scotch connetor and a flat head to lift so you can get it in a bit more Sorry if hand are in way you slide it over a pair of wire
cutters and then pinch it together both the top over and that’s the first one
connected and you do that for them okay so the next one would take is the blue
one if you accessory one, so when you push button once this will turn your radio on doing the same thing as the red wire
get your Scotch connector and do the other wires using your flat head again in case
you should struggle to just open up a little bit
hook it in and all the way through though let’s make sure it’s sitting so
and then this blue wire goes to the yellow wire and just behind the red one. sorry if the camera keeps moving it’s a bit
fiddly at this angle, lol. as before slide the wire over like so get your wire
cutters simple and hook it over and pinch together And thats connected. Now we want the white one
next accessory two and as you can see it already has a spade time right at the end of it where i had the last switch, so I can just clip
straight to this if you haven’t got anything like that which is probably
assuming you haven’t they look for the so the white wire goes to the green and blue wire needs to be tapped into that the same way as I’ve done with
the others. Then you want yellow wire which is the starting wire and the yellow wire goes to your grey wire okay as you see I’ve cut that glove
exterminated using give me some barrel again I used to have a switch so there
were just a crimp it and connect okay the next is the ground
so getting a tool I’ve got a trim panel tool here let’s
move the camera so you can see we’re both alongside here more light and I’ll
pull the rudder get out put this box back with that before
there you go sleep and you’ve got ten mil over here so with a 10 mil yeah I’m
do it that’s money time all right then from inside you poke it through pull the
slack up that’s your brand and that is all your
wiring connected for your mainland okay then I’d leave that side panel outs and
Alex you might depending where you want to put your switch just poke us back in
and I’ll see if you need to shut the door for everything and I think the
toilet or whatever so be it and that’s the first part of the wiring done okay next in the box the to pin has a brown wire and a green
wire this is for the brake pedal you want the green wire to go to the
positive in a brake pedal I’m gonna put it inside the switch okay you can get
again use one of these Scotch rocks for it and it’s not an easy quick clay I
just move the camera and show you that all right okay I’ve relocated the camera
a set show you where the brake switch isn’t Danny
I might not very clear on the video because you can’t get anywhere close off
and well actually swept that I can do quickly take it over hold on please help
look for this switch right here I need to come to these wise on my left I can
need to tap into wire them to the mat which okay put the camera back and I’ll
show you how you don’t get much while I need to play
with I might help to trim some of the DeSoto take back if this album okay I’ve
repositioned the camera for a bit and you just litter on the left here there’s
a green and white striped wire just tap that one with the green wire here you
can use one of these as well it’s not much as I see as you can see that
there’s not much room for this sort of doing a little bit blind the cameras in
the way so you could say I guess I can use the camera third eye whatever you
want to call it okay even get your white clothes and that’s before I left pinch together nice and tightly close it
up then just connect okay no it’s top one
oh my I’ve just loosened it with the foot you might give me another pinches
of growth because that one’s for you Cruz the drill
that’s break wine lines wire lifter push the pedal to push the bun for the Indian
to start it’s a safety feature all right next is putting all this to the module
and yeah you plugged in and switch plug in the trance trance coder toggle this
in then we’ll see if it works fingers crossed it should right so now
the wiring thing shuts the box you dig out the unit okay
plug everything in please in the description it’ll tell you which was
where but it’s quite simple really your big plug straight in
looks like your brake line wire goes next to it right so then get your your
button little gadget pain and you attach that to the side slide on then you get your transcoder
this big thing you can hide that anywhere you want in the car plug it in fingers crossed
okay you get your keys I still plugged in lamp okay sort of position can again
so you can see a little bit the screen and some of the desk not up and also so
you can see that ignition is actually unplugged okay
alright so again it’s transcoder there’s a key leap get the bone but you want
radio turns on okay again useful clustered on if you read the fuel line
clamp on put them okay now I’ve done this right take that off at the air six this little
chip out the key okay oops sorry as you can see the Alliance clashing
wasn’t registered this understand on there my try against a cliche free and English
it down okay one see you’re the logical flashing that means all the wiring show
your foot pedal push the bomb again and that’s how you install it nice thanks
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  1. Your guide is the best guide I found. I run into one problem. When I want to shutdown the car the button dosen't do anything, no matter if I push the brake pedal or not. What do you think, what could be the problem?

  2. I skipped to the end and I apologize if this was addressed in the video but what did you do about the key needing to be in the ignition for the steering unlock?

  3. did u hook the yellow starting wire to the ignition wire and what about the brown and white wire. connected with the blue brake wire what do u hook it to

  4. Hi Chazz, thanks for your video, it is helping me a lot, while I am waiting to receive my unit. I have a question about the old key and the immobilizer. As I understand, I can even remove the ignition and locking barrel, but where do you put then the immobilizer, so the car can read it? Thanks in advance!

  5. hello great tutorial, I have a question about if I want to remove the completely manual key and the engine will be run only from the button is it possible? what about the original immobiliser which is in the original key?

  6. I want to install such a button in my car only if I will not have a problem with the immobilizer in the original keys if I completely remove the ignition and the key only wants to open the door

  7. hello again I have one more question for you, or if in your Mondeo mk4 change from the ignition switch to the engine start button according to the instructions, this replacement is legal in the UK or I can normally do MOT, can I put the button in the place where there is an ignition switch or must be in a separate place?

  8. Hey i have the same system…but diagram show diferent from what you say…but still urs working mines not…
    I have an insignia and my problem is i cant find crank wire….whichi is intresting…
    Any idea?

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  10. Great video. I subscribed to your channel and left a comment. Sub4Sub. Infact Anyone who subscribes to me I will do the same to their channel. Let's help each other.

  11. I have a problem, connected all in my 2001 fiesta it works like a charm but it crancks it a bit too long, less then half a second too long and i can hear starter ringing

  12. What was you doing at the end with RFID chip from the key ?and is the brown for cars running on a different electric current? Meaning you would use brown as live for AC instead of red

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  14. Hallo,, i shall install the Engine Push Button in my car – Peugeot 307-03.

    How can i do it? Can u help me with it for a good installation?
    I have bay this:

    Is it right?

    Thanks, and have a good day, MVH Jocke From Sweden!

  15. I'v seen on your other video that the push/start button is where the key use to go can I assume you removed the barrel and steering lock guts out before fitting? if you have a video showing the lock removal have you a link, Thanks Chazz..

  16. Great video! I’d like to upgrade my F-150 with some of the installs you do but I’m afraid I’ll mess something up.

  17. Hi Chazz, loving the videos you've put up, I tried to follow the link for the button pack but it "couldn't find page" where else can I get it from?
    Keep doing what you're doing man.

  18. today i instaled to somebody this sistem like you have, on same model car (but in Danmark – right side steer) and i followed your precise and correct instructions…..YOU ARE BEST OF THE BEST.
    FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBED and MASIVE SHARE …. you earned it

  19. So you didn’t connect the brown wire from the 6 wire ignition harness? Which is form ON2 shut off and on with ignition?

  20. good job mate. i've a question for you. does doing this system obsoletes the steering lock/unlock system? thanks in advance

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