How to Get Your Car to Pass the Emissions Test (Life Hack)

How to Get Your Car to Pass the Emissions Test (Life Hack)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your worried about your car passing the yearly
emissions inspection, then stay tuned because today I’m going to show you how
to prepare your car to pass the emissions inspection, now many places
require that every year you have your car inspected, to get this inspection
sticker, now part of the test is a safety test, checking things like tires, to make sure they’re not bald and brakes work okay,
and to make sure that your headlights work, now that stuff’s pretty cut-and-dry
anybody can check it, but when it comes to emissions inspection, since your nose
can’t really tell what’s coming out of the tailpipe, there’s a few preventative
measures you can do to make sure it passes the emissions testing, now in an
older car like this 93 Celica, they actually measure the gas that comes out
of the tailpipe with a dynamometer test, so you want to make sure everything is
working fine, so the gases that come out of the pipe, are very low and aren’t
polluting much, so first make sure that the oil is clean, change the oil and
filter before your inspection, because if the oil gets dirty, the PCV system can
suck a lot of those dirty vapors in burn them, and pollute more, of course you want to have clean oil anyway, but right before the inspection is the best time
to have the cleanest oil, and the next thing to do is, to make sure the air
filter is clean, because if you have a dirty air filter it’ll block the air, the
car will run lean, and it’ll pollute too much a lean running car makes the engine run
hotter, the exhaust gases get hotter, puts out more NOx, which is a pollutant they
measure, and you can fail the test and of course, check your spark plugs to
make sure they’re in good shape, spark plugs have a gap where the electricity
fires, and when it’s old and worn out, when the gap is too big and they don’t work right,
and even if a car is running okay if the gap is too big, it’ll pollute more and
you’ll fail the test, and of course check the cooling system,
because if the coolant is low the top of the engine will get air in it, make it
run hotter and it’ll pollute more, and here again realize that the engine
doesn’t have to be overheating on the gauge to make part of the engine still
running too hot, so make sure it’s full of coolant and that it’s clean, and of
course make sure that the cooling fans are working correctly, turn on the AC, at the
fan and make sure that it’s spinning like this fan is spinning, because the
test takes place on a dynamometer, the car isn’t moving,
if those cooling fans aren’t sucking air, the engine will run hotter and it
can fail the test, now if you have a more modern car, like this three-year-old mini,
they don’t test them on a dyno they just plug into the computer to see if there’s
a problem, all cars from 1996 on are tested this way, so if you have a 1996 or
newer car and a check engine light is on, you need to fix it before you go to get
inspected, because that means there’s a trouble code stored in the computer and
when they inspect it, their computer will fail it for the test, and there’s over
2,000 separate trouble codes that can exist in a car, so can get really
complicated when a light comes on, but let’s say you’re unluckly and you’ve already
done everything I’ve shown in this video, and your car still fails the emissions
test, well you can try fuel injection cleaner poured into the gas tank, and
drive the car really hard on the highway about 70 or 100 miles, personally I’ve
had very good luck using the shop line solvent, I just pour a gallon of the
solvent to about half a tank of gasoline, then I go on a highway and drive the car
at the maximum speed limit, for about half an hour or 45 minutes, I’ve done
this on hundreds of cars and got them to pass the emissions test after doing this,
of course this is not a magic fix if the car doesn’t run good, it’s got a serious
problem that needs to be fixed, but if the car runs okay this can often let it
pass the test, because the solvent burns really clean, so the gas coming out of
the exhaust can get cleaner and cleaner as it cleans all the systems out, and if
you have a late model code with a check engine light, and it says inefficient
catalytic converter try this first because it will often clean them up, so they’ll
pass the test, so now you can stop worrying about your car passing the
emissions test, and do something about it and remember if your car has any
problems just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel before it’s too late!


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  2. My mechanic learned that a simple cleansing washing on the mass air sensor plate, and and oil change w/ filter will usually make 90% pass first pop.

  3. These emissions test ate nothing but state scams for money nothing more nothing less just like r22 band you have more ozone depleting chemical coming out of chlorinated swimming pools than ac its another money game by big corp amd the government

  4. So how do you get car with modified exhaust through echeck? EPA is a ridiculous government program.

  5. Can you add that solvent to older cars.. I have an older 79 corolla with a webber and want to add an after market cat converter. Puerto Rico does those probe testing in the tail pipe…

  6. I have a question when is the best time to get an emmision. today i received emmission letter up to sept 12,2018 i surely will follow mr. scooty advice to changes air filter and oil also the coolant.

  7. my car passed it on the computer as both tests said pass but the aHole put ''tampered'' on it and wouldnt explain why to me.. i do admit i had old codes that i cleared after a tune up but the light never came back after i took it for a drive or during testing.

  8. Its all about making the poor, poor! Look at all the tractor and trailers trucks or commercial trucks all that smut and smoke that it blows pollution in the air it's all bullsh-t!
    Commercial trucks doesn't have to get emissions boi i tell ya!

  9. You give it a good old thrashing and hoon it down some back roads to clear out all the carbon buildup and other crap that may build up in the exhaust and engine.

  10. so when the check engine light is gone after using a cleaner you go directly to the testing center and would pass?if the light is gone

  11. Scotty,In the Winston-Salem,NC area I called the big auto parts stores and they haven't heard of Shop Line solvent.Will any solvent work?

  12. LPT: stuff the exaust with a ton of rubidium to make it look like your car passes emissions when in reality its totally failing

  13. What if the car passed every test except the electronic malfunction light and the obd II wont read codes. Another problem my car is doing is when the car and key gets fully shut off to the off position the radio fully resets and all my preset radio channels/volume etc… I'm not sure if its a wiring issue or my computer to my car itself.. I have a 99 Ford Escort Sport SE with a 2.0 engine.. I hope this helps so I can get this issue fixed so I can pass smog and not have to keep changing my radio back to where it was prior to turning my car off..

  14. We need to clone Scotty for future generations. Good thing he's already embalmed. Maybe the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders could give Scotty a free pass to procreate as many little Scotty's the World so desperately needs?

  15. Hello Scotty I got 78000 miles on my car, when is the right time to change the timer bell ? I use my car for driving passenger..

  16. Scotty forgot an important one…….make sure the car is fully warmed up. Drive for 15 or 20 minutes to make sure everything is up to optimum temperature.

  17. Hi all,
    Is it possible to turn off EVAP system completely? I drive Chrysler Pacifica 2007 4.0. (besides evap codes it runs great) I'm from Poland, where car checkups are not as advanced as it is in USA. I've small leak info (engine symbol light on) and additionaliti gascap text on dashboard. It iritates me, and It's not necessary to have healthy evap system here, repairing it would be waste of money for me. Can I somehow turn it off? Or maby is there a trick that will send positive info to car computer. Maby some wires cut or conect… Or pipes?

  18. Scotty exists for single mothers ex bfs who don't know why their car is misfiring and then insult the Firestone Techs

  19. Thank you! I was able to pass smog! Changed my air filter and used STP Fuel System Cleaner and my check engine light stopped coming on.

  20. I've driven over 400 miles every year just to pass these dumb emissions tests.
    Is this really good for the environment to have everyone drive thousands of extra miles to pass these tests? Why not just test the actual emissions coming out of the tailpipe?

  21. He meant a 'rich running car' not a 'lean running car' – lack of air due to blocked filter = rich fuel mix not lean mix!

  22. Hey Scotty I’m thinking about buying a 2012 Ford F-150
    Is this a good by I saw your videos on how they are the best so I decided to get one!! It has 4 recalls though and I’m financing it. Will I be able to get it fixed for free?

  23. I saw another video on charcoal canister. My in law has a 2002 Dodge Ram, the truck turns on but after a while it turns off. When trying to turn it in it sounds like there’s no gas. A mechanical recently changed the fuel pump. Problem still there. Today I went under the truck and checked the charcoal canister, right above it there’s a hose, I pushed it and I can hear a hisss sounds like there’s a leak. Could that be the issue( no Engine code on leaks) a little help here, thank you

  24. Holy Christmas, thank you for this wonderful piece of information, I was looking for help like this for a while, you the man!

  25. After doing some math I lost over $150,000 in 20 years of car ownership. Money that could’ve been turned into roughly $300,000 or more wisely saved and invested. I haven’t owned a car in 4 years and couldn’t be happier. Whether new or used a car is a damn money pit to keep you broke while enriching the state, gas stations and mechanics. My advice? Live near where you work, walk for health and take the bus

  26. Good morning Scott, if my car running good and no check engine light on. Do I still need to do the drive cycle or the long distances driving that people take about

  27. Will putting 1 gallon of white spirits/laquer thinner/other solvents help my carburetor car pass emissions test?

  28. I was hoping to hear some tricks that would drop the emission levels on a constant basis not just long enough to pass a test.

  29. I just make sure my vehicles are either pre-1996 or at least 20 model years of age, therefore I don't have to pass emissions at all. It's why I kept my '72 VW, my pre-1968 Chevys and my newly-aquired 1951 Ford. Don't own anything newer than 1992.

  30. Does the State of Texas have emissions testing before having it registered,like California?
    I thought all you had to do is get your car regestered?

  31. The trouble code was the biggest scam in the auto industry. Making you buy parts for a perfectly running car. Throwing money at it only for the light to return. Eventually you’ll get sick of repairing the car you’ll trade it in for next to nothing and buy a more expensive car. Then the dealership ships your car out to a third world country where they get 3 times the value of KBB retail. Yes they really stuck it to the consumer with this stupid check engine light not letting your car pass inspection thus preventing you from renewing the registration. Perfectly planned out scam.

  32. hey scotty i have a 1990 cadillac deville and it failed emissions yesterday. HC GPM & NOx GPM came up i took to a garage and they did a free inspection on her but only checked the catalytic converter saying it needs a new one. but that part passed and that was all they checked.

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